Why American public transit is so bad | 2020 Election

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Most Americans have no choice but to drive. How do we change that?
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In the middle of the 20th century, the US government made a decision that would transform American cities: It built a huge system of interstate highways, many of which went right through the downtowns of its biggest cities.
This sealed the country's fate as a car culture, and today we're seeing the results. In most cities, it's extremely difficult to get around without a car, in part due to public transit systems built to serve an outdated commute. And when our politics turn to infrastructure, the government often favors building new roads and highways instead of improving and expanding public transportation.
The result is a system that forces more Americans to drive, at the expense of those who rely on public transit. It's also the biggest contributor to our country’s carbon footprint. Fixing that over the long term will require a reimagining of American cities and towns. But there's also a way that, if we wanted to, we could improve American transit systems, and get more people riding them, in a matter of weeks.
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For Jonathan English’s research comparing Canadian and US public transit: www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-08-31/why-is-american-mass-transit-so-bad-it-s-a-long-story
For research on suburban commutes from the Brookings Institution’s Adie Tomer, Joseph Kane, and Jennifer S. Vey: www.brookings.edu/interactives/connecting-people-and-places-exploring-new-measures-of-travel-behavior/
For more of Vox’s coverage on public transportation: www.vox.com/2015/8/10/9118199/public-transportation-subway-buses
For more historical maps on how the federal highway system transformed cities: iqc.ou.edu/2014/12/12/60yrsmidwest/
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Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga 4 саат мурун
Because everything is the opposite in America
Maximus Gagnon
Maximus Gagnon 8 саат мурун
The person who invents a human teleporter will be a trilionaire in days.
M K 8 саат мурун
It's Trump's fault 😂🤣
america erica
america erica 10 саат мурун
I still remember when I realize how hard it is to take public transportation for my destination in US especially since i don't have a car and cannot afford it. I was born and raised in Japan and public transportation is the part that I miss a lot about Japan....
Ethan Brink
Ethan Brink Күн мурун
As an American, one thing I have trouble understanding is why I should care about public transport. What does it solve? I understand why some people might want it but I don't think it is that big of an issue to worry about. I'd love to know why it's so important to many people.
seqka711 Күн мурун
After moving out of Toronto, I miss the TTC so bad. I know it wasn't perfect, and I know I complained about it a ton, but it is a FAR, FAR, FAR, cry better than Ottawa's public transit.
Vivian Loney
Vivian Loney Күн мурун
I'd like to see more funding for regional public transit in rural areas. My town has a bus system that also connects to nearby towns. It's really helpful for the elderly and disabled populations to get to grocery shopping, healthcare facilities, and government buildings. The regional bus route helps connect the regions towns economically thereby improving my region's resilience. And I live in appalachia. I can only imagine what change we'd see if there was rural public transit investments in other areas of the country. The greyhound bus system could be so much more.
Immanuel J
Immanuel J Күн мурун
I have dual citizenship. Half Dutch half American. It’s such a joy to visit my European family because I can use reliable public transport and good bicycle infrastructure. I live in Denver which for American standards is pretty good. We have frequent bus service but lack adequate rail service and suburb to suburb transport, not to mention that the buses and light rails are getting old. At least we have that and a new push for bike infrastructure. It still pales in comparison to the Dutch travel infrastructure where I never have to step in a car if I don’t want to. Just grab the bike or walk 2 blocks to the tram and off we go and am able to get to almost every city in the country in a comparable or even shorter amount of time than if we were to drive.
Hudson Bakke
Hudson Bakke Күн мурун
Your video would make a lot of sense... if you explained one thing. What is so much better about public transit anyways and why are cars worse?
Aurélien Beauchêne
Aurélien Beauchêne 2 күн мурун
If only DBZ-like teleportation could be real...
MUSTASCH1O 2 күн мурун
Surely this is a business opportunity. Question is, why haven't companies sprung up to offer the service people want to pay for?
matateto 2 күн мурун
Other western countries: Well public transport is pretty alright... Americans: Public transport? THATS SOCIALISM! WHERE IS MY FREEDOM
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Күн мурун
Meanwhile Singapore added ~200% taxes on cars (1 of it is euphoniously called the "Additional Registration Fee") & limited the car population by requiring car buyers to bid for a legal document (called the Certificate of Entitlement) whose supply is controlled. The end result is that an entry-level Mercedes-Benz S class costs close to a Citaro ;)
AlphineWolf 2 күн мурун
We learned from Hong Kong. Smaller buses for short routes that still serve people that commute from those routes
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Күн мурун
HK also has many smaller roads where the buildings are just as tall as on the main roads, since the territory is pretty dense populated, what more with ~70% of it's land being mountaneous. So smaller buses (16 seats each; no standing) are also more maneuverable along those smaller roads.
Jan Roberts
Jan Roberts 2 күн мурун
And no one is talking about how Ford and other rich car makers bought almost all railway companies in the country just to abandon them and instead build more high ways and roads with the help of their politician amigos and force people to buy and drive cars. Look at what USA now compared to Europe. You can't even compare them. lol
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Күн мурун
If only the car makers diversified into the rail business too
Jack Skoskiewicz
Jack Skoskiewicz 2 күн мурун
Part of the reason why cars are so popular though is the freedom. You can drive straight to wherever you want. Im not saying we shouldn't invest in Public transport, but still
Liza Mazalova
Liza Mazalova 3 күн мурун
so grateful to live in London
Lyz Ruvalcaba
Lyz Ruvalcaba 3 күн мурун
Koch brothers anyone?
pigtailsboy 4 күн мурун
It's part of the CTA, you can use your transit pass to connect with an intersecting bus line. There is the Metra and the CTA subway lines and the Amtrak system among others. It is not impossible or all that difficult to range around Chicago it is Illinois residents that are unwilling to utilize near by systems. If you use what systems are available they will further prosper and progressively demand further expansion. This is as good as it gets for suburban based sprawl if you want to balance for mass transit and heavy road and highway networks.
Tom Rosedale
Tom Rosedale 4 күн мурун
I feel like these videos are very one sided can you please show more of the other side of the argument? Love these videos though thank you
Byzo! 4 күн мурун
my city is in the thumbnail I’m so proud!
Louisa Chalarka
Louisa Chalarka 4 күн мурун
America only serves the upper and upper middle class. The rest of us are battered citizens
Louisa Chalarka
Louisa Chalarka 4 күн мурун
Hey that’s what I noticed @ the start of any job
Joe American
Joe American 4 күн мурун
All's dandy until transit workers go on strike.
Eric Wang
Eric Wang 4 күн мурун
Is this video a joke? You intentionally left out US cities that have good public transit NYC, San Francisco Bay Area and focus only on smaller cities where public transit just doesn’t seem sustainable. Also public transit in Toronto is not great either.
Nate Animates
Nate Animates 3 күн мурун
But that's a tiny part of the overall problem. I live in Seattle and the public transport is a joke here. Going from one city to another requires either a car or a long bus drive
Jonathan Park
Jonathan Park 4 күн мурун
Yall need to visit Korea and try the subway/bus/train system here. You can get to anywhere in the city with subway/bus system with a single transportation card and only costs 1~1.5dollars and you get discounts if you transfer.
Dennis Wu
Dennis Wu 4 күн мурун
I can make a cross-country travel with ease using public transport in China. The railway system is really world-class, in terms of size.
Rawbone 4 күн мурун
Just drive
whitefangv 4 күн мурун
Maybe Americans just love the freedom of driving. You get to go anywhere you want any time you want.
Nate Animates
Nate Animates 3 күн мурун
You'll have more freedom if more people took public transport, as less cars on the road mean less traffic. Not to mention, public transport boosts the economy since more people are able to work in cities.
Little Bastard
Little Bastard 4 күн мурун
quebec city is exatly like the first cities you described, they even built un-crossable highways preventing pedestrians and cyclists from going anywhere. all public transits are well over 1 hour travel + 1 hour wait to reach your destination, we are litterally taken hostage. want to go shopping, what takes 15 min using a car, takes the entire day using public transport.
Ethan Pinella
Ethan Pinella 4 күн мурун
Half of detroit just disappear s in the before and after
Harrison Muntner
Harrison Muntner 5 күн мурун
*me laughing in New Yorkian
puytqiggsgf 5 күн мурун
america is the land of wasted potential
wh3resmycar 5 күн мурун
Anyone tried this on cities skyline?
Auno94 5 күн мурун
As a German who lives in one of the biggest cities. It is baffeling to see how little space there is for pedestrians and how bad US public transport really is. I mean I can be faster in paris by train than any other option(messuaring door to door communte)
Nikola Sirovica
Nikola Sirovica 5 күн мурун
ride a bike jesus, it's the fastest, cheapest, healthiest, most environmentally-friendly and enjoyable way to get around.
Nikola Sirovica
Nikola Sirovica 3 күн мурун
@Stephen Robertson Yeah, it's all relative. Literally every single city I've lived in has people claim 'it's too dangerous to bike here'. In the United States I'd argue that you have de-facto bike lanes in the majority of US suburbs that head into the city, because most streets have sidewalks that nobody uses and just stay empty. These could easily be converted into bike lanes, and expanded to have one section for pedestrians too. Even though overall i'm more of a fan of having streets with bike lanes instead of sidewalks with bike lanes.
Stephen Robertson
Stephen Robertson 4 күн мурун
I think you forgot how lazy and obese americans are lol. In all seriousness though, many major cities are way behind with bike lanes and its actually quite dangerous to bike to work. I know several ppl who have been hit. Thankfully only minor injuries, but we cant even support bicycles right unfortunately.
Peter Kuzmin
Peter Kuzmin 5 күн мурун
Electric cars in the mix? Also, cities might be slowly dissolving as real estate becomes too expensive and remote work becomes more accepted
Clem Aloy
Clem Aloy 5 күн мурун
Americans are lazy to use Public transport . Even in India nowadays its becoming the same case . Each and every house has a 4 wheeler
John Leach
John Leach 6 күн мурун
Hold on. The example you showed, Charlotte vs Toronto ignores a couple of basics: The first is density, which, in this case is like 5:1, The 2nd is region: Charlotte, NC is in a historically sleepy area, far eclipsed by Toronto. The second example you chose, Chicago, is where I grew up (3100 North). I remember it as a pleasant 1/2 hour bus trip to the loop for a dime, courtesy a private company, the Chicago Motor Coach Co. As I lived near Sheridan Road, the El wasn't feasible. This was 1939-53.
qwertyuiop 6 күн мурун
Public transportation has two jobs. The first is to get me to where I need to go in a reasonably efficient manner so I mostly don't have to drive. The second is to keep as many cars as possible off the road (because people are riding the bus) so that driving isn't a hassle when I do drive.
ssj4david 6 күн мурун
Sigh* Toronto as a benchmark...... The bar is sure set rock bottom.....
You Know Nothing
You Know Nothing 6 күн мурун
I am 32, and have been living in Toronto since I was 18 years old. I have never had a car because the Toronto public transit system is one of the best in the world. Not perfect, obviously, but still a really good system. :D
Jake McGaughey
Jake McGaughey 6 күн мурун
I take Toronto’s transit everyday, it’s terrible. These cities must be really bad then
Cool sloth
Cool sloth 6 күн мурун
I'm in TORONTO and we use ttc (public transport) all the time
JustMoseyinAround 6 күн мурун
Toronto got a shout out? *What it doo babbbbyyyy*
Tor Bai
Tor Bai 6 күн мурун
The answer to those questions is very simple: the automobile and energy capitalists force you to spend more on vehicles and gasoline by creating inconvinient infrastructures such as the interstates crossing the cities downtown built in the 50s. It's exploitation in capitalism. (But I can imagine people in the US will disagree and defend the capitalists who exploit them...)
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell 6 күн мурун
2:55 add Syracuse, NY to that list. In the late 50's early 60's a prodominently black neighborhood was razed in favor of a highway running through our city.
Terrell Littleton
Terrell Littleton 6 күн мурун
Because the government doesn’t care about us, next
Kartikay Bhardwaj
Kartikay Bhardwaj 6 күн мурун
They want u to buy a car.. that's it
Mabel 7 күн мурун
Sorry I was too harsh to TTC, really should forgive the rush hour shut down after watching this.
Mayangone 7 күн мурун
Build more lines that loop the city like beltways. When I was in Beijing, I could take trains that loop around the city.
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Күн мурун
Singapore's planning to build another rail line (Cross-Island Line) circumventing downtown (though it's semi-circular instead of a circle as it's downtown is around a bay) but a controversy is it's planned route under a nature reserve, with naturists worried about some trees having to be cut to accommodate the soil investigation rigs that're employed prior to tunneling work. The government argues it's more environmentally friendly though as that routing is shorter than one detouring around the nature reserve, so less energy needs to be consumed by the trains. Maybe the routing under the reserve could be adjusted to follow the reserve's existing hiking trails as much as possible to minimise the environmental impact.
space_skeloton 7 күн мурун
All ontario transport is good except London it is worse than all of the states
davidemmyg 7 күн мурун
Whats good for gm is good for USA lol
Crunchy Buns
Crunchy Buns 7 күн мурун
Public Jet Skiis are an under utilized form of public transport
Peng JHP
Peng JHP 7 күн мурун
He only showed the transit for Toronto and not GTA. So that map is mainly downtown areas served by TTC, if you add in YRT, things don't look as nice and gridded
TheZombaslaya 7 күн мурун
This is why I wish we’d abolish zoning laws, they’ve destroyed this country.
Nick Carrter
Nick Carrter 7 күн мурун
A combination of different things I think more train routes also better bus systems with more buses and more stops and more express buses would solve a lot of transit issues in like 99 percent of major cities in the us you could easily link all the suburbs with rail systems
Viraj Voditel
Viraj Voditel 7 күн мурун
4:19 This guy is the real Johnny English
Black Friday
Black Friday 7 күн мурун
I was an exchange student, stayed in SC. I was surprised that I didn't find any public transportation. The only one I found was only school bus 😂
George Henry Jr
George Henry Jr 7 күн мурун
Slow down with Toronto’s transit system. It still has major service issues, that frustrate people who don’t have vehicle access. Don’t be fooled by this video. Toronto is big, expensive, and hard to get around. Even on the best transit day. Toronto transit might look good on paper, but it needs more subways, and less bus routes. Ask anyone who lives here. The Kingston road 12 bus is the worst run bus route on the face of the earth.
Ryo Murata
Ryo Murata 7 күн мурун
Come to Tokyo....Problem Solved :D but one problem....no young people wants cars...ouch Toyota Honda Nissan
Y O 7 күн мурун
I don't understand why Chicago can't build a sort of "north-south" rail line beginning at O'Hare that cuts through multiple existing lines.
Ray 7 күн мурун
Americans: Because public transport is communism, they deprive you of your freedom of driving and dictate where you from where you go
Rey Nolds
Rey Nolds 8 күн мурун
And racist city planners destroyed mostly black families neighborhoods.
Shang Li
Shang Li 8 күн мурун
I think people in these comments don't realize that the US can't simply imitate Japan or European countries. When you don't have the requisite density, it just doesn't make sense to establish a transit system that is similar to those countries. When your average density is 1000-3000 per square mile, a light rail or subway is just a waste of money. This is why this video point to Toronto as an example. You can't build transit with density and you can't build density without transit. Thus, the most practical and the most politically feasible solution would be to promote density along existing transit lines (through rezoning, etc.). And as density increases along these transit lines, you could slowly accumulate enough political support to invest more in their expansion. Meanwhile, buses are easier to expand but must be paired with light rail or subways to become useful. In Chicago's case, there is actually a bus route that leads you from Avondale to Ellwood Park that requires you to transfer once. However, even with a very short layover, it would take an hour and 12 minutes. Compare that to driving and it is very obvious what choices people would make. So unless there is a transit network anchored by efficient light rail, simply funding buses more would not increase transit usage in any meaningful way.
Tora Black
Tora Black 8 күн мурун
As somebody who doesn't have a car or a drivers license I am all for making cities/towns more transit orient.
David Warshaw
David Warshaw 8 күн мурун
Every Vox video- govt sux Every Vox Video - lets make it bigger.
gijs _k
gijs _k 8 күн мурун
Not bigger. Better. If you have a government that isn't influenced by special interests from large companies then good things can actually get done.
Sasha Arugula
Sasha Arugula 8 күн мурун
In Moscow when people have to wait longer than 2 minutes for a metro train they start to complain... We literally have seconds countdown on metro stations. And live minute countdown on bus stops. There's also live GPS tracking of every bus and most buses are EVs in 2020. And you can pay for public transit directly with Apple pay or Google pay. And Russia isn't even a first world country... I love America but I'm not a fan of this car culture.
Max 8 күн мурун
The suburbs don’t want public transit because they think it will bring poor people into them. That’s why Georgetown in dc doesn’t have trains that run through it
The Moon Vibez37
The Moon Vibez37 9 күн мурун
Kanye said this already
LeChienN 9 күн мурун
Looks like Vox haden't more reasearch on how bad USA's public transit to the System in Toronto. Despite it having more destintations than the USA it's equally bad when it comes when it comes to other forms of transit such as buses and LRT systems in and outside its area. Inconisitant schudules and delays are pretty common due to the high traffic or other circumstance may ruin your experance using it's transit system.
Cosmia's Stash
Cosmia's Stash 9 күн мурун
The American railway system is also very bad. Not sure why that's the case, but if the Republicans want to favor rural areas and look back to the good old days, then building a cheap and reliable railway system for the whole country like Americans did back in the 1880s should get their approval?
Jozh 9 күн мурун
Main reason is billionaires who has stakes in businesses who stand to lose billions if not their entire businesses because of public transportation becoming the main form of transit for the population. Simplest solution to fix public transportation is getting money out of politics and actually having politicians working for the people and not corporations.
hasbeendrummer 9 күн мурун
Someone's gotta pay for it. If only it were as everyone makes it out to be.
CommunisThanos 9 күн мурун
For someone who lives in Charlotte and that's not how our transit system works.
Kodi Marius
Kodi Marius 9 күн мурун
would you say the Japanese has the power to make that happen? Afterall they don't even know what a real delay is.
Kik Rothschild
Kik Rothschild 9 күн мурун
I would love to take public transit to work. Instead I have an hour commute in and out of New Orleans. The difference in wages and cost of living causes people to live far from work.
AdamOrnelles 9 күн мурун
I don't ride the bus anymore because half the time I get harassed by someone.
Azul Andrade
Azul Andrade 9 күн мурун
no one: me: hey that's buenos aires (argentina) at 3:14
UA ПЛАНЕТА 9 күн мурун
please help for pasta 1-2 dollars (Visa 5168 7574 1094 8998). I live in a hostel.
Thiago Favero
Thiago Favero 9 күн мурун
"America" is a big neoliberal experiment. Cannot be worked well.
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez 9 күн мурун
The only thing I'm grateful for in nyc
iohin 9 күн мурун
Here in Seattle instead of making it convenient to use a bus we made it inconvenient to use a car: expensive parking and $500 tabs.
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Күн мурун
Singapore has cheaper parking but higher car taxes. So the negative externality of driving is internalised by the government instead of by landlords, which probably also helps fund the country's public transport expansion. Probably road projects have meanwhile been put to the backburner, relatively speaking e.g. the North South Corridor/Expressway was announced in 2011 but parts of it's construction only commenced this year
Toasted Doritos
Toasted Doritos 10 күн мурун
I live in Toronto and I can confirm public transit is amazing
Leandro Gomez
Leandro Gomez 10 күн мурун
1:29 that's Argentina lol
Beck Mal
Beck Mal 10 күн мурун
I lived in Fairfax(which is basically suburb of Washington DC), worked in Tysons and used bus almost everyday. Believe me or not I’m never seen full bus. Average waiting time was 30-40 minutes. So whatever this video proposes is nonsense. Unless it’s convenient enough(like high speed trains in Tokyo) there’s no way people would prefer buses over personal cars
Beck Mal
Beck Mal 10 күн мурун
Paulo Rito
Paulo Rito 10 күн мурун
Because anything public in America is "socialism"
Hudson Bakke
Hudson Bakke 3 саат мурун
@Annu Shankar That is because we choose to, not because we have to. We pay more, and so we get more. America has by FAR the best quality and most advanced hospitals in the world. Also, how do you know we pay more per capita? Many other countries have their citizens pay for their healthcare in the form of higher taxes.
Annu Shankar
Annu Shankar 4 саат мурун
@Hudson Bakke you pay more per capita for healthcare than all developed countries in the world lol. The US is a joke
Kei Nagata
Kei Nagata 5 саат мурун
love this argument
Hudson Bakke
Hudson Bakke 7 саат мурун
@Marcus Åkerman Some very few people do benefit from universal healthcare. But enough people suffer from it that it isn't worth our time. Canadians sometimes come over the border just to get American healthcare just because it is THAT much better. Having the quality option available for those who want it is always better than providing the lower quality option for everyone, and taking away the better option.
Marcus Åkerman
Marcus Åkerman 14 саат мурун
@Hudson Bakke doing things together as a nation betters the national pride also.
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 10 күн мурун
I wish I spoke other languages so I could live in countries that actually have infrastructure
Puneeth Bedre
Puneeth Bedre 10 күн мурун
Brisbane has the same issue
stara Basista
stara Basista 10 күн мурун
1.5$$ trylion MADNES
victor kim
victor kim 10 күн мурун
move to Toronto, got it!
Chico Percebe
Chico Percebe 10 күн мурун
In Madrid happens the same.
likejeppy 10 күн мурун
Suburbs, another american failure
emanuelgoldstein1984 10 күн мурун
Highways were chosen over railways to divide whites from non whites
Roland Owen
Roland Owen 10 күн мурун
When you live in Singapore...
1 2
1 2 11 күн мурун
lol....you expect dem to do something abt this.....dem n rep is just different side of same coin....only capitalist lapdog....usa is so fckd up
Shin Kizawa
Shin Kizawa 11 күн мурун
As a local Chicago resident. I live in the suburbs but we don’t have a problem commuting because we lived 5 minutes of a drive from a train station but a convenient commute to another suburb would be nice.
Diego Hernando Izquierdo
Diego Hernando Izquierdo 11 күн мурун
In Madrid we have great public transit, you can move by blue bus (only the city) or green bus (the whole community/state) the metro you can go anywhere by metro if you are in the city and cercanías train for the whole community/state basically it doesn't matter where you live cause in every town almost there's either a train or a bus to the city or to order parts of the suburbs, plus it's really cheap
Diego Hernando Izquierdo
Diego Hernando Izquierdo 11 күн мурун
What public transport do you have? Us: no
Maximilian Lee
Maximilian Lee 11 күн мурун
reminds me of malaysia before the MRT is constructed.
MrBlueberry 11 күн мурун
The city of Almere, Netherlands, has the best public tranpost in the world. The are seperate lanes for Pedestrians, Bikers, Cars, Buses, Trains and even boats. The city is very well connected with Busses and they come almost every 5 minutes, Never late. They have a big screen in the busses that tells you the 5 next stations, and also at what time it'll arrive there, and they also say the next station out lout just in case you're visionaly impaired or just not looking on the screen. its very easy to get into the bus too, you dont need to physically pay the driver, you just swipe a card and thats it, takes less than 2 seconds to do.
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Көрүүлөр 616 миӊ.
Making a bismuth knife to undo an injustice
Көрүүлөр 736 миӊ.
How XBOX players felt when the system launched with NO EXCLUSIVES!
#Maradona - Why His Death Matters
Russell Brand
Көрүүлөр 309 миӊ.
Welcome to the Fortnite Crew | Announce Trailer
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Impaulsive Clips
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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE
Көрүүлөр 14 млн
YUNGBLUD - mars (Official Video)
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Baby Grizzley Featuring Tee Grizzley “Twin Grizzlies”
Tee Grizzley
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