Who Is Writing The Letters to Luz's Mom?

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It's Rebecca Rose

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Enchanting Grom Fright was an incredible episode, for obvious reasons! But, we got one big twist at the end of the episode where it is revealed Camilla, Luz's mother, has been receiving letters from someone impersonating Luz. I give my thoughts on who it could be. Amity? Eda? The Emperor's Coven? Or maybe even Creepy Luz?
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ARod 5 мүнөт мурун
You probably already know this but I think it was in the ama that Dana said that creepy luz is just when luz is very ambitious and kinda jumpy. I do think thought that the clone theory is most likely correct can’t wait to see
bluebeary bluebear
bluebeary bluebear 13 саат мурун
Wait remember grom what if evil luz IS grom
bluebeary bluebear
bluebeary bluebear 13 саат мурун
What if evil luz is the thing of the myth world idk qween idk how to spell lol
Sarah T. Moore
Sarah T. Moore Күн мурун
I just thought it was a counselor from the camp trying to make it seem like they had everything under control and save face.
Henry Moreau-Smith is a questionable name
Henry Moreau-Smith is a questionable name 2 күн мурун
Loveland Family
Loveland Family 4 күн мурун
They spelled luz wrong too
《•》XxBlueDemonxX《•》 4 күн мурун
wait, if the emperor's coven has a creepy Luz clone, then why does the Emperor want the- oh i am spoiling it- press show more for the spoiler! why does the Emperor want the door to the human world if they made a Luz clone and sent it to earth?
Crunchy Soup
Crunchy Soup 5 күн мурун
Creepy luz is so sickening I couldn’t imagine if there was a clone of me out there!
Addison K
Addison K 5 күн мурун
Amity is a lesbian it was confirmed by Dana terrace
robert mirhady
robert mirhady 5 күн мурун
Could be a Changeling sending the letters, a creature that takes a human child's place while the child usually a baby is spirited away to be raised and changed by the fair folk/demons. A little fairy did try to take Luz's skin in episode 1, could've been some foreshadowing there. The Camp being a place where out of control kids are sent to be replaced by Changelings and the humans kids being sent to various places in the demon realm( maybe even other realms entirely) and current day Witches being descended from humans brought to the Boiling Isles and changed over generations makes some sense. The human parents get a well-behaved child and whoever is in charge of the camp probably give/sell off the human brats for whatever magical folk may need. A child of their very own or fresh meat who knows, though in Luz's case she encountered Owlbert before ever even getting on the bus and wound up with Eda. Anyway I think we'll get a definitive answer depending on when Luz gets back to earth and her mom, If she gets there after the summer break and we see/meet another Luz we got a Changeling or clone. If not then at least we know the camp is lying to Luz's mom for some other reason.
Riley Shelbourne
Riley Shelbourne 5 күн мурун
I don’t know why, but I feel like luz’s father is from the boiling isles. Luz was right about many parts of what this place was like, and her obsession with witchcraft and overall odd things. It would make sense for her mom to not want her to think this way because she doesn’t want luz to know about where her father is from. Also, their house is right next to where the portal opens, which is kind of strange. I’m probably wrong, but oh well lol
Alexa Doodles
Alexa Doodles 6 күн мурун
Crack theory: Luz was supposed to be sent to Camp Campbell, and when David and Gwen realized they were missing a kid, Gwen started writing the letters just to make it look like Luz was there
thicc turnip
thicc turnip 7 күн мурун
I have a theory. Maybe the letters are coming from the camp that Luz was suppose to go. The camp found out that Luz wasn't there and were worried about getting a lawsuit. So the camp pretended to be Luz and began writing letters to Luz's mom.
Mariaelena Hamjiki
Mariaelena Hamjiki 8 күн мурун
Im pretty sure everyone knows about this but "creepy luz" is not real l dont know who would send those letters but it also can just be luz sendind those without us seeing and Diana/creator said that they said that as a joke in the itervew thing
Stig Lapoint
Stig Lapoint 8 күн мурун
Did somebody say Discord?
Peachysophie _
Peachysophie _ 8 күн мурун
Hmmm maybe eda made a clone of luz but this clone is bad she is bad and wants to take over luz life
TRUBLGAME 9 күн мурун
True fact: It is king
MoonChild 9 күн мурун
the handwriting in the letters has to be Luz's, or her mother would have noticed something was up.
kermit the demon *
kermit the demon * 9 күн мурун
I feel like if it wasn't a kid's show it would probably be the camp sending the letters because: a) the camp is a human trafficking ring that "accidentally loses" kids every year. b){way less dark, and more probable for this hypothetical alternative show) kids just go missing from the camp constantly and the camp fakes letters until it's time for the kids to go home, when they blame the kid going missing on the parents because "they were here, we sent them home, and saw them get off the bus. Anything that may have happened after that isn't our responsibility" Anyway, that's just my dark, dark mind.
Noah Trujillo
Noah Trujillo 10 күн мурун
Because the portal to the human realm got destroyed the person is mostlikely in the human realm or has a portal to the human realm to send letters.
YourFujoshiFriend 11 күн мурун
it couldnt be the empereors coven because the empereor asked the key for the human world, knowing without it he can go to other dimension or something
Adrian Ayala
Adrian Ayala 11 күн мурун
Theory: When she went through the portal the creepy luz clone was created
GalacticWolfo 11 күн мурун
Alright so heres a theory from me: What if by going through a portal, she shifted into a parallel universe? (If you dont know what shifting means you should totally do a bit of research!) And if you know what shifting is, Its basically letting your consciousness shift to another dimension. But maybe she didnt shift like normal people, but her entire body did too. If you shift, you leave behind a clone that does everything your were going to do if you dont shift. But since Luz's shifting accidentally had a mistake, maybe thats why Luz's clone or aka "Creepy Luz" cant figure out if she called her mami "Mom" or "Mother" and spelt her name wrong in the letter. Thats just a theory from me.
ACM 118
ACM 118 11 күн мурун
I think the idea of someone in the Emperor’s coven doing it makes a lot of sense because they r trying to get Eda so maybe they want to keep luz so eda can form an attachment so if they take luz eda will come running
puffy bee
puffy bee 12 күн мурун
Okkkkkkk I see~ let's talk about~ star vs the Force's if evil~ isn't that the same as this
stormtrooper 12 күн мурун
Wait you said Luz was bi. Now gay???
the meme stealer
the meme stealer 13 күн мурун
“The gays are wining”
Jackeline Pimentel Jaén
Jackeline Pimentel Jaén 13 күн мурун
The witch Azura is real and the books were her way of communicating with Luz
Courtney Easterbrooks
Courtney Easterbrooks 14 күн мурун
Is it just me or does king kinda look like the Titian like the people say he is a baby demon but then what about parents and he likes to feel like a god to people to worship him like how the people of bones burg and other baby demons are like that but like pets king is shorta a pet but more and the others like look like actual pets more like cats or dogs or animals when king does have paws and stuff but still he has that bone head could it be that king and the Titian have a bond?
Destro 14 күн мурун
Again surprised that Disney put there name on The Owl House
Unlucky Ace
Unlucky Ace 14 күн мурун
just imagine if the creators bring out a you didn't see that coming and turns out luz had schizophrenia and the camp is actually a mental institute cause her mom did send her there to kill her imagination/ cure her. and the boiling aisles are just her imagination with evreything in it I would cry so hopefully that never happens
Emily Compo
Emily Compo 14 күн мурун
It's King. No doubt about it
Kybalion 15 күн мурун
What if King sends the letters .I mean ...he is Luz's best friend as we see at the carnival day too .He always draws and also spent time with Luz writing the book so he could possibly know how to copy Luz's handwriting .
Erica Rosenthal
Erica Rosenthal 15 күн мурун
can't be hooty because he can't write
Agustin Mejia
Agustin Mejia 15 күн мурун
Agustin Mejia
Agustin Mejia 15 күн мурун
I love the owl
Agustin Mejia
Agustin Mejia 15 күн мурун
Marco Ananayo
Marco Ananayo 16 күн мурун
what about the portal? like Eda only have a portal to the realm of human. and the emperor want it. It really is a mystery.
Allyssa swain
Allyssa swain 16 күн мурун
I don't think the person writing the letters is just writing things they think humans talk about. The thing about mortgages sounds exactly like the camp Camila described in the first episode, so maybe it's someone familiar with the camp.
The Kirsten Empire
The Kirsten Empire 17 күн мурун
Creepy luz might be the person who ripped up Amity’s love letter
Julia Marmura
Julia Marmura 17 күн мурун
I feel like it might be King. The misspelling of Luz and him caring about her (even reluctantly) from day one
jbee02 17 күн мурун
If there is a creepy luz its probably not the work of the emperor's coven as its revealed in the finally that they don't have the ability to cross over to the human realm. Only Edalyn has that ability. But i still doubt Evelyn is the culprit as such a plan would had to have been enacted almost immediately after she arrived, and Eda didn't take to her that quickly. My two theories, are one creepy luz is actually natural phenomenon cause by luz crossing over, or there is a yet to be identified 3rd party that played a part in luz's crossing over and they created creepy luz.
Alex's Gaming and Art
Alex's Gaming and Art 18 күн мурун
It's Rebecca Rose
It's Rebecca Rose 18 күн мурун
I said first animated Disney show, friend.
Ryan Bisesti
Ryan Bisesti 18 күн мурун
I’ve heard theories that say that the owl house is luz’s imagination of what she wants camp to be like. The only person who could send letters would be Eda since the emperor’s coven needs Eda’s portal, but she doesn’t have a clear motive to do so.
Seafoam Shores
Seafoam Shores 18 күн мурун
Well this went out the window seeing as the emperor’s coven doesn’t have access to the human realm :/
the gaming knights
the gaming knights 18 күн мурун
It’s easy of course it’s eda she had a portal and went through and out delivering the letters
Aya Kamal
Aya Kamal 19 күн мурун
My theory is that the camp was a really crummy camp and was one lawsuit away from shutting down, so when they didn't find luz they decided to send fake letters while trying to figure out what the heck happened to her.
Purple 19 күн мурун
Honestly, when I first saw the letters my immediate thought was that the summer camp was actually taking kids hostage and sending the parents letters to cover it up. I didn't think much of it at the time, as a summer camp taking kids hostage seemed pretty normal at 2 AM. Now that I'm thinking about it, what if the camp is actually the emperor's coven (or some other yet to be introduced group) taking kinds hostage or something and covering it up with letters. The kids going to this summer camp were creative thinkers, unable to tell fantasy from reality. What if the camp was actually a group of witches trying to keep their world a secret?
titan boi
titan boi 19 күн мурун
I have a theory it could be the small creepy small red lady
PixiGracie8910 :P
PixiGracie8910 :P 19 күн мурун
Is sad that I cant find this show anywhere on tv or Disney+ only on KGpost :(
RoseMarmalade 20 күн мурун
I'm pretty sure they're just from the people who run the camp? They're probably panicking that she never showed up and trying to keep Camilla from getting suspicious lmao
Camellia is portrayed as a sweet and loving mother, so isn’t anyone else surprised that she would sent her daughter to this camp? It’s made very obvious that at the camp they’ll teach kids to abandon their uniqueness, and make them “normal”. Only a monster would do that to their child.
S7 • Lumity
S7 • Lumity 22 күн мурун
Plot twist : Season 2 is coming soon.
S7 • Lumity
S7 • Lumity 22 күн мурун
Plot twist : Season 2 is coming soon.
Shepizoid 22 күн мурун
Finally, I bi character I know of, it makes my bi heart scream... in a good way.. obviously.. jeez
Cassandra Wrenn
Cassandra Wrenn 22 күн мурун
ghost 22 күн мурун
y'all know the blonde character with red eyes that was shown on one of dana's streams? what if it's him and will be revealed in season 2?
Raya Raptor
Raya Raptor 22 күн мурун
Maybe its king?
Zandar Maver
Zandar Maver 22 күн мурун
Any hoot, to add to the parts about the theories now that the finale is out so INDIRECT SPOILERS! While we can't take the Emperor's Coven off the table, their obsession with convergence and getting Eda's portal box makes me think that they either do not have access to sending things to Earth or that it is, in some way, very limited. After all, if they could achieve their ends without the fancy door-case, they would have done so already. Could send a magical clone still, but how these letters reach Luz's Mother and why the camp doesn't contact home are still up in the air.
LionHam 23 күн мурун
How about Gus? he knows more about humans than most people on the boiling aisles and can also create illusions.
Benson Hwong
Benson Hwong 24 күн мурун
I also realised by today
Declan Nangle
Declan Nangle 24 күн мурун
Me watching this after the series even came out on disney plus
Jakub Korba
Jakub Korba 27 күн мурун
In fullscreen autoplay it shows: Who is writing The letters to Luz's Mom? And under it says: "It's Rebbeca Rose". I am new here and I mostly watch youtube on my ipad, so this was quite confusing
Ian Kim
Ian Kim 28 күн мурун
Darn looks like the emperor's coven theory is down the drain because in Young Blood, Old Souls, the emperor tells Luz that he wants the door to the human world to be able to go there I assume, and if they don't have a way to get to the human world, how would they send a clone in the first place This isn't a comment to be mean or to rub it in I just feel like this theory could've been right.
TheGalaxyPug Ай мурун
i thought you said the first disney show not the first ANIMATED disney show and i was like, people have forgotten cyrus already wow
Moonlight Teas
Moonlight Teas Ай мурун
Wouldn’t they need a portal to send the letters through
Emita Ай мурун
👇the amount of gay people that watch the show
Gloomster0 Ай мурун
The emperor's coven is kinda sus ngl
Mikeno WhooseBad
Mikeno WhooseBad Ай мурун
Clearly it's her own summer camp who's realized that she's gone missing and doesn't want her mom to panic. I'm not sure how they know, but my best guess is that when Luz didn't show up, even though she was on their attendance list, they called her mom about it. But maybe she said her bus was probably running late, sooooo to be safe they called the cops and they sent a detective to scour the area to find out what happened to her. 🙂That sounds logical enough an explanation, don't you think?
Malgam likes lemons
Malgam likes lemons Ай мурун
DJ Wendy Rocket
DJ Wendy Rocket Ай мурун
I just want to say, you know how theres a human in the background of one of the first episodes who looks a lot like amity? I've seen bits and pieces of a theory bouncing around about interdimensional counterparts. Adding off that, maybe Creepy Luz is the witch version of Luz? It's a bit of a stretch, but I can't stop thinking about it.
Leeko_Online Ай мурун
Owl house theory idea:Can Luz preform magic in the human realm?
poptart cat
poptart cat Ай мурун
Plot twist: it’s Belos
River Thyme
River Thyme Ай мурун
my theory is the creepy luz is probably an abomination. I just think it would make sense since they did an episode early on where Luz was pretending to be an abomination. I think it could be foreshadowing.
vibinqkiwi Ай мурун
The camp: in terms of luz, we have no luz
Maggie Ай мурун
Yes finally forgave have a representation in a Disney show!!!!
Mon trainer ash D
Mon trainer ash D Ай мурун
The fact that her mom can’t tell that it’s not her is strange. There’s no Spanish, it sounds nothing like how she talks. Both of my parents get suspicious if I suddenly change how I’m talking because I’m in a bad mood.
Christine Lee
Christine Lee Ай мурун
theory Gus is sending the letters and using his illusion spells to make creepy Luz. This is supported by the fact that the letter we see says that creepy luz or luz just figured out what montages are. We know she already knows about montages but gus only figured it out an episode before. This was the most recent because its on top of the pile. Also he is the only character who knows illusion magic (or at least the only one who didn't get thrown out of the show in one episode). Who agrees?
Alejandro Cabrera
Alejandro Cabrera Ай мурун
Why would the emperor's coven send letters to Luz's mom? I'm pretty sure they don't know Luz was supposed to go to camp or that she has a mom or maybe even that humans write letters. Plus, how would they actually send the letters? There were no other portals but Eda's. And seeing as Luz is under Eda's protection and they can't capture her, I doubt they'd do so much effort to keep someone who at most would serve as a small leverage around? (if they even got to capture her, that is).
Morgan Tabor
Morgan Tabor Ай мурун
Theory: What if when Luz went through the door her personalities got split. Which would have her fantasy/creative personality in the Boiling Springs and her lifeless personality in the the human dimension.
Simoji Ай мурун
Gravity Falls: Who wrote the books? Owl House: Who wrote the letters?
Devil.hates_math Ай мурун
I have a theory everything was apart of Luz's imagination, I'll share my evidence: Her mother said she needs to learn the difference between reality and fantasy, possibly a mental illness. And if you pay close attention, some of the characters could be like people or things she knows irl. The emperor (if I spelled that correctly) could be her principal you see in Episode one. Because principals hold great power over their students. Eda (think I spelled her name right) could be a more fun version of her mother. I know Luz loves her mom, but her mom wants her to grow up so fast. Amity could be a popular girl from her school she's met and ended up liking, or even being a more mature side of her she's slowly starting to like. Willow maybe being her love for all things nature, or even her struggles at school. Lilith would probably be someone who works with child custody, or even her mother's work. As you see in Episode one, her mom is a nurse. Which takes alot of time, to Luz, work can be seen as a 'curse' and maybe work is taking too much of her time. As mentioned, lilith wants Eda to leave and join her. King could possibly be one of her imaginary friends she's had at a younger age, or even a pet she had. Because with King's appearance, he looks like rather a cat or dog. For my theory, I think Luz actually went to camp and starting to imagine this stuff to help her deal with a possible mental problem. And for some reason, forgot she was writing letters. Explaining the bird thing she made it art, or even Eda reminding her of a mother figure. And maybe 'creepy Luz' is just another personality, or even the "real" Luz, when she didn't make some hallucination. Again, just a theory. Maybe you can talk about it here?
An Anime Addicted Gamer.
An Anime Addicted Gamer. Ай мурун
what if luz just forgot people. we need to think smarter not harder.
megaman37456 Ай мурун
I'm all for LGBT characters IF they can be done organically and not just for "muh diversity" or shoved down our throats. Owl House pulls the organic LGBT characters off near perfectly, I say near because both are still technically minors despite being fictional characters it is a LITTLE creepy from a writing standpoint. However I give the Owl House itself, a perfect 10/10. As for the eerily creepy letters I have 3 theories: Theory 1: This is Luz writing fake letters to trick her mom. Theory 2: This is Eda writing these letters to make sure Luz's mom doesn't freak out. Theory 3: Alright this one is a doozy so hold on tight. We all know that in the world of magic there is light, and there is dark, and neither can exist without the other, while this show doesn't get Dark Wizzards and Witches as cut-throat as someone like Voldemort, it does show that their realm is still plenty messed up. Which begs the question, can dark dopplegangers be created by magic itself to keep the realm balanced, somewhat like a mirror dimension. What if Luz being the beacon of light in the real dimension, is her polar opposite in the mirror dimension, and somehow managed to break free of said dimension? Resulting in what could be considered the darkest representation of a characters personality being flipped in a Disney show. Theory 3 is basically Luz has a dark clone, the clone is writing these letters to Luz's mother, for what purpose? I can't really tell yet, need to see some season 2 stuff before I can build much more on this theory.
Ryan Ocarroll
Ryan Ocarroll Ай мурун
One thing strikes me "We learned what mortgages are!" The fact that the writer used "mortgage" in a way that would make sense to Camilia shows a significant understanding of the human world. Amity knows very little if anything of Luz's world, so it would be unlikely that she would know what "mortgages" are Eda has more experience of the human world than most folks on the Isle, but the fact she thinks that a clothes hanger is a fashion accessory, it doubtful she would know what "mortgage" is either and would be unable to utilize in a way that wouldn't raise suspicion with Camila. So the "mystery writer" has to be one who's knowledge and insight goes beyond even Eda's experience and has a point of access to the human world on a regular basis to both deliver the letters and do it continuously to keep up appearances.
E G Ай мурун
I believe it’s eda or amidty
Kaity Light 123
Kaity Light 123 Ай мурун
Unlocked opinion: Luz is doing it
Laura The Bartender
Laura The Bartender Ай мурун
Am I the only one who thinks it’s the owl spy??
Agent Umbra
Agent Umbra Ай мурун
As a BI person I actually find this representation really nice
aayan animation
aayan animation Ай мурун
it me im wrtting
journeymanX Ай мурун
It was King *WEH*
Sujal Shakya
Sujal Shakya Ай мурун
Maybe a future luz making sure the dimension thinks that everything is normal
Edwin Alvarez
Edwin Alvarez Ай мурун
It was luz herself sending them.
kyo UwU
kyo UwU Ай мурун
No lmao
Milkaa Ай мурун
I read luz's name as l-a-z, not l-oo-s
sharki Ай мурун
The first lgbtq+ character Alastor,Charlie,Vaggie and Angel Dust: are we jokes to you?
محب الألعاب Games lover
محب الألعاب Games lover Ай мурун
No one's talking about oeL o and Gus.
Star Ай мурун
Whoever wrote the letters knows what a mortgage is
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman
Nightwing4380 Jian Roman Ай мурун
What does lgbt mean
Daniel Montoya
Daniel Montoya Ай мурун
Ok how is no one saying the fact that the emperor’s coven can automatically be debunked do to the fact that the emperor is wanting the doorway to the human world and wouldn’t make sense to look for it if he had one to send the letters and them trying to keep luz in the boiling isles for leverage against Eda would again be debunked because Lilith had only realized she could use luz against Eda Also yes I know this was uploaded before the series finale but there are some people who watched this after it came out and I was just surprised to not see any comments about it
Ana Cardoso
Ana Cardoso Ай мурун
If it was amity well... I- I- dunno
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