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Thanks for watching Where has Rosa Been? *Updated Q&A*
Hi guys, I missed you all SO SO much BUTTT I am happy to be here once again with you all! LMK if you enjoyed this video and LMK what kind of videos you want to see from me! Love you guys
Youre hereeee, you look so pretty!
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Jennifer Pena
Jennifer Pena 11 訄訄 邾郇
Let me find out youre dating lauroooooo 朮云弘
Morelia Hernandez
Morelia Hernandez 玼郇 邾郇
Yea you look skinnier
Francisco Jimenez
Francisco Jimenez 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Consepcion Jimenez
Consepcion Jimenez 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Jamila Newman
Jamila Newman 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Ariana Rivera
Ariana Rivera 4 訄訄 邾郇
You got a dollar its for my slushy歹
Karlee Napier
Karlee Napier 11 訄訄 邾郇
so glad your healthy and okay. i missed you!!! 朮
Ana Salazar
Ana Salazar 玼郇 邾郇
I support you So proud of you! Also do you because you only have one life babe儭
Maria Guzman
Maria Guzman 玼郇 邾郇
I 下 welcome BACK!!!
Marley Rae
Marley Rae 玼郇 邾郇
We love a queen who is healing and working on the higher self.
Carolina Hernandez
Carolina Hernandez 玼郇 邾郇
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan 玼郇 邾郇
Yessss skinny Rosa is coming soon
Taylor Elise
Taylor Elise 玼郇 邾郇
You never explained why the water!!!
Morelia Hernandez
Morelia Hernandez 玼郇 邾郇
You look so much skinnier
Lana Saimeh
Lana Saimeh 玼郇 邾郇
The body positivity vid yes please
Game Queen
Game Queen 2 郕玼郇 邾郇
Can you share how much the surgery cost ?
Anjelica luna
Anjelica luna 2 郕玼郇 邾郇
This is my type of video Im here for the waters
Jacqueline Lemus
Jacqueline Lemus 2 郕玼郇 邾郇
Water is not water there are all different in levels of alkalinity. I would recommend non bottle water because you don't know how long they been where you got them. Also once you open the water bottle you should drink it because once you close it, it releases particles that can cause cancer and other types of problems :(
Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Garcia 2 郕玼郇 邾郇
When u said period A period commercial came on
Ramirez Carissa
Ramirez Carissa 2 郕玼郇 邾郇
The ice is tap
Emely Vibes
Emely Vibes 2 郕玼郇 邾郇
Perioddddd! Yes!!!
Yadi Hernandez
Yadi Hernandez 2 郕玼郇 邾郇
If Rosa gets skinny Rosa will not be Rosa
Yasmin Manzano
Yasmin Manzano 2 郕玼郇 邾郇
I swear i noticed the weightloss in your face when you uploaded a TikTok. I even commented that. God Bless you on your new journey
Axel The King
Axel The King 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
$Gentleflipper queen
Yvette Sifuentes
Yvette Sifuentes 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Sooooooo ...... i still dont know what pronoun he prefers
Angela Alvarez
Angela Alvarez 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Tell me why Im craving water now lol
Giselle Enriquez
Giselle Enriquez 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
yay so happy your feeling so goooood about yourself!!!!!
Irene Escalante
Irene Escalante 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
I love you so much yasss thank you for motivating me do drink water 弘弘弘 but for real as a real San Antonio born and raised I love you and love all your content. You got this bae
Francisco Jimenez
Francisco Jimenez 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Consepcion Jimenez
Consepcion Jimenez 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Daniella Navarro
Daniella Navarro 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Kristaney Sims
Kristaney Sims 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
I saw you on my favorite tiktokers page
Amya Stack
Amya Stack 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Yyyaaassss!! Lookin Snatched btw手
Al繪ns繪 21
Al繪ns繪 21 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Pretty bitch Mia
Pretty bitch Mia 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Do more omegele plss 唐踢
Violet Mendoza
Violet Mendoza 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
When you said shes good to arrowhead I said hell nahhh lmao its the worst water Ive ever tasted lol
Rebeca Vasquez
Rebeca Vasquez 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Ahhhh shit your here , you look soooo pretty
Samantha Navas
Samantha Navas 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
You look so good! I Iove the energy you give 均
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
"No shade, no tea, no pink lemonade" Here for it.
Shyanne Lisette
Shyanne Lisette 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Dude Rosa got skinny let me find out u lost weight with out me
O K 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
*nobody* *not a single soul* *Rosa casually buying water*
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
essentia is superior !!!!
Gisella Flores
Gisella Flores 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Loved to have been able to finish this video but the duck noise is unbearable
J M 3 郕玼郇 邾郇
Cool for the gender reveal lol:). I honestly thought you were female. Your voice totally hits that way. Coolio:). Now the adamray makes more sense:)
Anthony Suarez
Anthony Suarez 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Rosa got caught up in the fame and fortune and is now 甬rrelevant
Michel J Franco
Michel J Franco 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
I had the gastric sleeve on feb 5 2019 i was 325 lbs 1 year later I am 147 lbs it was the bestest decision of my life! congrats on your surgery
Coco DeHart
Coco DeHart 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Good for you!!! I just had VSG!
Francisco Corral
Francisco Corral 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Plz do a Rosa Halloween skit
Breanne Sanchez
Breanne Sanchez 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Arrowhead water is gross
eveny_padilla 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
you should post two or three times a week!!!!!!!!!!
Briana Ortiz
Briana Ortiz 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Period I love you so much your amazing
Renee Flores
Renee Flores 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
You look good girl
elene 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Your personality is glowinggg we love to see it 弘弘
Vivian CG
Vivian CG 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Im getting bypass surgery the next month!! Please please tell me how it went for you I am lowkey scared... The pain and just everything
Jewel Emoni
Jewel Emoni 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
bye because how her waters filled all the way up ??? scamming
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Voss water literally tastes like toilet water lol
Ayat Branch
Ayat Branch 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
essentia is superior !!!!
Gracie Ayala
Gracie Ayala 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
My ass straight up got up and got a ice cold water bottle lol
Savannah Duran
Savannah Duran 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
youre beautiful, love you Adamm 歹
Jilma G
Jilma G 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Love youuuu! $lilbittt0826
Loooveyoouu 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Meeeee when I talk. Always have to talk with my hands and nails. Glad Im not the only one
necessaryshooter 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Ignoring the haters is really the best option; youre unlikely to change their mind AND by arguing it youre giving the notion merit it doesnt deserve.
Lyla :/
Lyla :/ 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Im sitting here drinking my purified grocery store water while watching you drink all these
aesthetically correct
aesthetically correct 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
The intro song is firee !!
Isac Urbina
Isac Urbina 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
You realise that your ice cubes are melting and giving a different flavour to the water.
Jose Cordova
Jose Cordova 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Arrowhead is everywhere too lol.
Jose Cordova
Jose Cordova 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Evian is everywhere girl lol.
v V
v V 4 郕玼郇 邾郇
Essentia is my faveeeee and Bai
Rebecca Flores
Rebecca Flores 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
kimmynaru 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
ugh can I be your skin LOL love you!
Vanessa Estrella
Vanessa Estrella 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
When he said, oh yeah, shes good, shell be served at like an Olive Garden
LA REYNA NENA 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
To Whom in the Comments ; Know your worth ! You are Beautiful like a Queen! Remember to always put yourself first ! Self Love The Best Love ! Know You are Loved ! God Bless You @arizanenathequeen 劾恫
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
It was the I dont know if you can tell for me
ATM STYLE 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
Do it with no ice love to get the real taste! :)
Priscilla Gonzalez
Priscilla Gonzalez 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
Adam: I know youve been drinking soda Me: sipping on squirt
Haynes 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
@soiung toiue I believe you accidentally replied to this person
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
Enjoyed watching your updated video. But damn your editor needs to ease up or get rid of that duck sound annoying as hell lol keep up the positive vibes Adam.
youngmommy It'sDaiSy
youngmommy It'sDaiSy 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
Your ice is tap water you need the try them without ice
Yvette De Luna
Yvette De Luna 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
she back and she better 滕
Tianna_DAndresMommy 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
Hope your recovery is going well for you from your surgery. Love your personality 歹
Natalia Gonzales
Natalia Gonzales 5 郕玼郇 邾郇
Congrats Adam we missed you!
michael_bling 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Does this mean my water has a gender?
Felicia S.
Felicia S. 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Omg 朮 youre back 戊 $felicias589
Danielle Molina
Danielle Molina 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
I could FEEEELLLL the difference in you from the start of this video. I am soooo happy you took this very much needed break. 滕 MISSED YOU BITCH
Jacqueline Martin
Jacqueline Martin 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Everyone from Cali knows that arrowhead is assss!!!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
The queen is back and shes spoiling the teaaaa
Leslie Guzman
Leslie Guzman 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Finally bitch your here tell why I didnt get a notification from KGpost I noticed from TikTok that you posted lowkeyy but high key kinda sad $leslie1450
Andrea Fraire
Andrea Fraire 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Tell me why I thought she was doing a kange water demostration
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Hey beautiful no matter the circumstances i love u the way u r an shout to sa town more blessings god bless besitos
Landon Kennedy
Landon Kennedy 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
bree summerr
bree summerr 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Ohhhhh Sh** You here
Javier Jr
Javier Jr 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
My surgery is on the 18th of December!! Ive been nervous about getting it. Seeing your video makes me feel sooo much better. Im soo happy for you! Im totally opposite of you. I suffer from depression, anxiety. Ive been unhappy for years. Ive let my life pass me by and I havent made myself or let myself be happy in my own skin and I dont know how. This surgery is going to be a tool to get me started. I been trying to lose weight for years and havent made it all the way. I hope you see this and realize you inspired someone to keep pushing for their dreams and healthy life.
Tamra Bear
Tamra Bear 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Enjoyed watching your updated video. But damn your editor needs to ease up or get rid of that duck sound annoying as hell lol keep up the positive vibes Adam.
Torri Renee
Torri Renee 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
core water is soooooo good
beauty 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Dani 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Fiji water tastes the dirt wym ? LMAO
Hailey Muniz
Hailey Muniz 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Emerald & AD
Emerald & AD 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Im staring at his nail omg 抽歹 I love them
Nino Jauregui
Nino Jauregui 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Dude I just came from stalking your page in tik tok
Living 936
Living 936 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Awww Im here 弘
Michele Elehcim
Michele Elehcim 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Ok so I love Rosa but Im here for Adam 朮 a fellow native San Antonian and someone who also had bariatric surgery, I just connect with you so much. I know you are doing to succeed and achieve all your dreams and more! Much love babe
Michele Elehcim
Michele Elehcim 6 郕玼郇 邾郇
Wheres ozarka bby
Yaritza Barrientes
Yaritza Barrientes 7 郕玼郇 邾郇
Yassss BB!! I love your realness. I just went under surgery too! Mini bypass 9/26! And Im loving it. We on the same boat boo keep it upppp
Rosemary Gonzales
Rosemary Gonzales 7 郕玼郇 邾郇
Hey beautiful no matter the circumstances i love u the way u r an shout to sa town more blessings god bless besitos
mel 7 郕玼郇 邾郇
I hate reading all your mean comments I wish I could delete them for u people really be sad with their lives..
mel 7 郕玼郇 邾郇
Im so shook youre talking to a guy I went to college with! 朮
Jasmine Alvarez
Jasmine Alvarez 7 郕玼郇 邾郇
Nobody Adam : Ohh she's good I'm drinking her on Easter 不
Tamra Dennis
Tamra Dennis 7 郕玼郇 邾郇
Tiktok isnt the same without
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