What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?

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Yep! Gonna get questionably gloopy!
Seriously, Don't try this at home. Only use chemicals in ways they're meant to be used. Be good :)
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Technology Connections
Technology Connections 2 ай мурун
Well, no effort was put towards my hair at least. Edit to add: I definitely should have worn safety glasses! My bad.
Charlie Baby
Charlie Baby 15 күн мурун
Love your topics You shoulda seen what I decided to do with my lava lamp. Smh 110v scary
Migol x
Migol x 29 күн мурун
Pure pigments are easy to get - look for "Dry Pigments" they are used by scale modelers for a long while now and avaliable from manufacturers like Vallejo, AK Interactive, Ammo of MIG
mem Ай мурун
its quarantine, haircuts are out of the question & even trying to fix it is pretty pointless. keep up the good work btw your videos are always super entertaining
Oliver van der Togt
Oliver van der Togt Ай мурун
I got hold of a 'dis-functioning' lavalamp (cloudy and not rising). I emptied the bottle and separated the paraffin from the liquid. Re-melted all the paraffin and returned it to the liquid. When I turn off the lava-lamp I remove the lamp from the base and put it on a cool surface to accelerate the cooling off period. This prevents the paraffin from mixing with the liquid. Have been using it for 10 years without problems.
Falkon Nightsdale
Falkon Nightsdale Ай мурун
@TheNextext He made that comment when preloading videos to be published = it was made after upload, but before publication of the video.
Jen de la Cruz
Jen de la Cruz 21 мүнөт мурун
I love your energy.
Silvertarian 15 саат мурун
2:30 Yeah Greg ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༼ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽ ºل͟º ༽
Magic Bambi
Magic Bambi 20 саат мурун
I loved this
Reginald's Blaster
Reginald's Blaster Күн мурун
“Did that cut work, I hope so. Doesn’t matter...”
Ajit Pai
Ajit Pai Күн мурун
Always play with Brake Cleaner. Got a stain? Brake cleaner. Big bad spider? Brake cleaner. Makeshift flamethrower? Brake cleaner. I haven’t tried it as hair spray yet but that may work too
stereosympathy Күн мурун
I'll toss out an odd idea of why your water got cloudy while using certain pigments. I spent many years mixing water-based inks for use in the screen printing world. I would make inks using concentrated pigments, binders, softeners , a very large homogenizer and something we called concentrate. Concentrate was the thickening agent that gave the ink it's printable consistency. The concentrate we used was an ammonia based product that thickened the mixture into a consistency that wouldn't fall through the mesh of our screens. The downfall of this concentrate was that it could be broken down with salt. Leftover inks would be homogenized with pellet salt to break it's consistency back to a liquid state. This meant that the pigment was no longer held in a solution with the pigment binder. There is a different version of the ammonia concentrate that we used during discharge printing (prints that needed a zinc formaldehyde sulfate additive, I.E salt in the ink) mix) and the solution was a gum arabic thickening agent. This natural thickening agent didn't not suffer the issue of salt breakdown and could be used without issue for holding pigments in solution. I'm not sure if I'm right, but it sounds like a similar issue. I assume your brine solution broke down the pigments in your paint and dispersed the concentrate that held the pigments in solution.
YLIA Күн мурун
I enjoyed this video and hearing your journey with lava lamps. Perhaps even more enjoyable were the outtakes at the end. Your personality really shines here and there were moments from the outtakes that would make your videos even better. Your real reactions to mistakes are endearing and allow the audience to be in on the fun with you. You certainly don't need the subscriptions but it was nice to see who you are outside of your meticulously planned script. :-)
E. Betzen
E. Betzen Күн мурун
Kremer pigments in NYC is my favorite place to get raw pigments.
Jenny Rust
Jenny Rust Күн мурун
so something about oil paint, a lot of oil paint pigments are traditionally metal based and very heavy where as cheaper nonmetalic imitations are around now too. The density of the metalic pigment might be causing it to sink to the bottom of the wax and the less dense material might help, but also maybe the linseed oil has a diferent thermal expansion rate that is messing with it also.
jetaimemina 2 күн мурун
Flava flamps!
Jordan Staley
Jordan Staley 3 күн мурун
What is the clear fluid? I desire to make my own ferrofluid lava lamp.
Friso Denijs
Friso Denijs 3 күн мурун
Which oil paint did you use? The cheaper brands often have siccatives added to it that they not always state on the label, that may also have an effect on you wax. Edit: you can also try out encaustic paints, which are wax-based
bobismymom123 4 күн мурун
youre very based
Soukuw 4 күн мурун
I wonder if you could make a translucent blob in a darkly dyed water and be able to see through the bottle on the edges sometimes like a tunnel.
Michael Wilkes
Michael Wilkes 4 күн мурун
did you see that lava lamp installation that was using dozens of lava lamps and a camera to generate random numbers more random than all the seudo random number generators that computers use? well, it works pretty well and is kind of neat.
Lynn 4 күн мурун
just use crayons for the dye lol
Geth270 4 күн мурун
lol it's so funny when you worry so much about "environmental impact" of one bottle of breakclean when clueless mechanics just spray the shit left and right. No, you are not gonna trigger an environmental disaster with one bottle of break clean. Your little one time experiment is literarly miniscule compared to daily emmisions of it by people just casually using the stuff.
David Jones
David Jones 4 күн мурун
Just realized I'm one of the named patrons on this video! Yay!
William Gilbraith
William Gilbraith 5 күн мурун
I might be late to the party, but consider heavy liquids. I'm not sure if they are truly commercial available but the more modern chemicals are considered non-toxic and some are non-water soluble. For example, benzyl benzoate is sold outside of the US as a topical scabies treatment and I believe also used as a matrix chemical in coloring dyes to help incorporate non-soluble dyes in oil paints.
JAW Media
JAW Media 5 күн мурун
This vid made things clear for me. Thank you
1984 6 күн мурун
I've had many friends that have literally bathed in Brakleen for years on end and have lived to tell the tale, don't listen to sissy's in California, that shit is a fountain of youth.
Bo bo
Bo bo 6 күн мурун
My brain: don't say it, don't say it, don't say it. My mouth: Someone died from drinking one.
ThePhilippeBreton 6 күн мурун
This is the 3rd video I've seen on this channel. The lack of research is disappointing butthe use of cancerigenic compound without proper safety mesure is unforgivable. I was on the verge of recommending this channel to my students!
hellcat1988 6 күн мурун
Just to note, you can get some brake cleaning products in non-pressurized containers to reduce the risk of breathing it in when transferring it from one container to the other.
Robert Casas
Robert Casas 6 күн мурун
I can see why someone drank a lava lamp and died now, ITS LITTERALY A BOTTLE
CTheCheese 6 күн мурун
If you haven't found a resolution to your chemical waste that you're satisfied with, I wonder if NileRed would have some suggestions.
Molotov's Сука
Molotov's Сука 7 күн мурун
Stg break clean does practically everything
pheeno barbidoll
pheeno barbidoll 7 күн мурун
Tip: if your lava lamp is still just a blob of wax not really turning into globes and moving, take a blow dryer to it and heat up the sides.
Trevor Morgan
Trevor Morgan 7 күн мурун
Two words: Mustard gas. 50-State brake clean exists to prevent ignorant people from spraying down hot brakes or other hot surfaces and killing themselves.
Ryan Birr
Ryan Birr 7 күн мурун
Is it possible that a "Jet Clean" dishwasher additive work better than dish soap as a surfactant?
Maxterchief 7 күн мурун
Dude that brake clean is fine ive Been drinking that shit for years
SurlyQ Bear
SurlyQ Bear 7 күн мурун
Is brown a standard colour for lava lamps?
Oleg Gorya
Oleg Gorya 8 күн мурун
No idea what they actually use, but maybe chlorinated paraffin would work without being supper toxic and volatile; mrsl.roadmaptozero.com/MRSL2_0/Guidancepdf.php?sheet=7
Source Dasher
Source Dasher 8 күн мурун
Why would they put a bottlecap on top of it? Unless.. they wanted me to drink it!
8chicagotypewriter8 8 күн мурун
Well today I learned Ed hardy makes wine. Lol
Clayton Erickson
Clayton Erickson 8 күн мурун
Dont worry, the chemical only causes cancer in California. If you arent in California, you're good to go.
Tic Tak
Tic Tak 9 күн мурун
I never knew lava lamps have the little caps at the top and I felt my world view crack a little
nochtczar 9 күн мурун
Shouldn't there be some kind of thermal compound between the lamp and the bottle? Otherwise the trapped air will just hinder the whole process
seppe josten
seppe josten 9 күн мурун
The sentence: im pretty pro led .btw is one of my favorites ever it genuisly true and so funny
skippygirl959 9 күн мурун
Brake clean is great stuff
Legofan 98
Legofan 98 9 күн мурун
"Water doesn't do that because it's cheeky." Y'know who else is blue and cheeky?
cool-person1 9 күн мурун
sonic da hedge hog
chris dray
chris dray 9 күн мурун
7:13 "... this lamp's goop has been replaced with my very own." just gonna leave that one here
Spiderlord 2264
Spiderlord 2264 9 күн мурун
short answer, the stuff inside a lava lamp is wax and water
Kenneth Grose
Kenneth Grose 9 күн мурун
Use the wax to start a fire, outdoor fire pit kind of stuff.
Skull Man
Skull Man 10 күн мурун
Just wanted to say I love your content
Chad Bednarczyk
Chad Bednarczyk 10 күн мурун
Gotta love lava lamps, tip, don't shake them or they won't work anymore :) Can you even buy these now? I thought they died out in the 70's? when lsd was all the rage ha..
Cupcake Comrade
Cupcake Comrade 10 күн мурун
This whole video was "it worked! Until it didnt, THEN I MADE IT WORK, till it didnt
August Brown
August Brown 10 күн мурун
Your videos remind me of that iCarly episode where they were paid to do a sponsorship for the really dangerous shoes. Where their voices were extremely cheery will talking about how the shoes would catch fire and you could use them to make hotdogs. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF YOUR CHANNEL!!!
1930sOriginalMan 10 күн мурун
Take a shot everytime he says "clear" or "clearly"
Ryan Vess
Ryan Vess 10 күн мурун
I have a bottle full of tetrachloroethylene pressurized with carbon dioxide and I am definitely not going to use it to make a lava lamp.... or 7.
FranK 10 күн мурун
i wanna eat the goo
H. Celine
H. Celine 10 күн мурун
What a wild ride.
MK Nava
MK Nava 10 күн мурун
such an interesting channel. Congrats in educating us ignorant swines
maarten tool
maarten tool 10 күн мурун
at 21:42 you said to put the toaster oven out door. it would also be a whise choice to not use it for food anymore sinds the chemicals can get stuck on the inside an leak on the food and its just a risk not worth risking. take it from a chemist. i realy enjoyed this video
primoshunter 11 күн мурун
Lol I'm scared by the fact I cleaned my hands with brake clean a couple times
Andrew Dodds
Andrew Dodds 11 күн мурун
I'll save youse some time. Buy a lava lamp. Get an empty wine bottle. Pop cap on both. Dump lava lamp contents into wine bottle. Bam. You made a lava lamp.
Gingi Vitis
Gingi Vitis 11 күн мурун
lol lava lamps are cool are all, but glitter lamps are where it's at. They're like a disco ball but wayyyy easier to setup and they're perfect mood lighting.
sehrgut42 11 күн мурун
The linseed oil is polymerizing, which is why it's starting to separate out.
Joe M
Joe M 11 күн мурун
This still seems like a more responsible use for break clean than my usual task of killing wasps...
ModernCRTGamer 11 күн мурун
Damn you went down the rabbit hole I did 2 years ago and reached all the same conclusions lmfao I hit a wall trying to figure out how to make my own dye from commercially available stuff, especially making glitterball lava. Check out my "Elephant's Foot" video if you wanna see one of my experiments melting down metallic oil pastels
Darren Eggleston
Darren Eggleston 11 күн мурун
These are important questions
Indigo Spades
Indigo Spades 12 күн мурун
Great video
Epetra 12 күн мурун
"This lamp's gloop has been replaced with my very own!"
Dice Blue
Dice Blue 13 күн мурун
"A formula from a 1968 US patent consisted of water and a transparent, translucent, or opaque mix of mineral oil, paraffin wax, and carbon tetrachloride." google: 4 seconds you: 24 minutes i see your game now. the last video was utter BS, stop viewtime grabbing you're just peppering interesting stuff with gamified view-time grabs now
Kraken Ooze
Kraken Ooze 14 күн мурун
Love the Commodore 64 shirt!
xenoblue 14 күн мурун
And just like that I got a New ringtone..... Woohoo turn that down a bit
The purdy channel
The purdy channel 14 күн мурун
gammaray0wn 15 күн мурун
I would recommend storing the old bottles away from direct sunlight as tetrachloroethylene can break down to phosgene on exposure to UV light (which is mega toxic). See here: pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Tetrachloroethylene
Tyler Grandbois
Tyler Grandbois 15 күн мурун
Clear clearly clear clear clear clearly😂
Rob 15 күн мурун
You should see if NileRed can help with this particular conundrum. That would be an awesome collab.
Nick S
Nick S 15 күн мурун
Well, tour video has stewed in my mind, and i broke. I bought a new lava lamp. Its been 17 years since i last owned one lol
Diego Brando
Diego Brando 15 күн мурун
I love the parts when he describes the smell of haloalkanes nostalgically, like it’s no health worry
Roadent1241 16 күн мурун
This was brilliant to watch, now I have to find UK alternatives this stuff. And I'm wondering what the goop is in those... decorative maze timer things, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. Little plastic 'tanks' that had lots of little platforms and/or funnels for the tiny bubbles of goop to squeeze through and collect at the bottom through? Then you turned it over and watched it all over again?
Andrew Flanders
Andrew Flanders 16 күн мурун
Andy Rooney has been reincarnated as an informative, useful person.
Kevin 17 күн мурун
Ok, here's an idea. Melt the wax in the bottle. Put the bottle into the double boiler wish a rag (or canning rack) at the bottom so the glass isn't in direct contact with the metal. Drop in your spring and then add chunks of wax to the bottle and then bring the double boiler to temperature. Get the wax melted, take it off of the heat, and THEN add the brake cleaner. I wouldn't add the cleaner while still on heat because you don't want to evaporate the cleaner, you want it to mix in and as the bottle cools anything in the air inside the bottle should start to condense on the walls of the bottle and fall down into the mix. I would use some sort of rubber stopper or self-sealing cap on the bottle and still inject the cleaner so that you don't have brake cleaner fumes rush out and get you high, but this way you can now swirl the wax around and get the brake cleaner to mix evenly with it before adding the water and without having to deal with open containers of this stuff. Just wrap it in a towel and swirl it around until it starts to solidify. Shaking it would probably work, too, but might coat the inside of your bottle with wax that might take a while to melt off. Swirling it around with the spring at the bottom will probably be enough to whisk it together, though. You might also try adding the pigment to the brake cleaner before mixing it into the wax. This might help get a more consistent color and also might even help the cleaner to mix evenly into the wax. Im imaging that the pigment + brake cleaner mix will work a bit like funky roux for your lava gravy. Then you can put your bottle over a lamp and wait to see if it melts under incandescent temperatures, put back in double boiler and add more cleaner if needed. Once the consistency seems right, then add your water, cap, and then put on your Pink Floyd and take your mollyacid, you goddamned hippy. Get a job cut and a real hair, pinko.
Scott Dobbs
Scott Dobbs 17 күн мурун
Use crayons!! I did this in middle school and had great success.
Jeffrey Black
Jeffrey Black 19 күн мурун
For the density additive, you would likely need a halogenated hydrocarbon. A hydrocarbon with only hydrogen and carbon is quite unlikely to reach the density required. Putting in things like oxygen and nitrogen will make it polar and dissolve in the water. So the only real option is putting a halogen onto it. And in general, iodine is denser than bromine, which is denser than chlorine. Bromobenzene has a solubility of 0.04% in water, and a density of 1.5 g/ml, and a a vapour pressure of 4.18 mm Hg (at least according to wiki). 1,4-dibromobenzene (or p-dibromobenzene) is even less soluble in water and even more dense (1.84 g/ml) and while I can't find its vapour pressure it is likely to be much lower than water. However it is a solid at room temp. However I'm not sure of the solubility of them in parafin wax. As they are non-polar they are likely soluble in it.
James Thomas
James Thomas 19 күн мурун
can I just say that I have set my house on fire trying to recreate the lava lamp with RUBBING ALCOHOL. please do not ever try this, I still have scars from it, but hell am I interested in trying again, this time with non-flammable materials.
Boney Beats
Boney Beats 19 күн мурун
dude most o'does look overheated not to mention the back one
DarthDravvid 19 күн мурун
I'd love for you to do a video on a version you'd deem safe to do at home.
James Owen
James Owen 19 күн мурун
could you use rgb led's and a induction coil to directly heat the coil in the lamp?
pleappleappleap 19 күн мурун
I'd prefer leaving it to evaporate outside, rather than in a garage.
Mario Toller
Mario Toller 19 күн мурун
Today's lamps most likely contain a mix of isopropanol and ethylene glycol as well as water. Basically, instead of increasing the density of the wax, they decrease the density of the liquid. These substances are pretty harmless unless you drink them. But why would you ever do this? Older models did in fact contain perchloromethane (or perchloroethylene) however they stopped using it in the 70s due to health concerns.
Athena Schauner
Athena Schauner 19 күн мурун
If you want to know what's in literally anything look at medical documents because docters have to know what in stuff because health reasons
Brntrogdor 19 күн мурун
"Can't exactly put an LED bulb in an oven can you?" Why yes... yes I can... and did... and wondered why it burnt out so quickly I've learned since then! lol
CzarDeaner 21 күн мурун
I've been quoted as saying on many occasions, that if my house ever is burning down and I can grab just one thing; it's going to be my lava lamp.
dauntae24 21 күн мурун
I broke an old lava lamp when I was a kid. I remember it smelled like the stuff you use to strip furniture.
Ryan'sReels 21 күн мурун
FYI, Kremer Pigments is the place to go for raw micron-sized pigment powders.
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett 21 күн мурун
You could use an aquarium tool to measure specific gravity of water (salinity )
Macintoshiba 21 күн мурун
I love his facial expressions while he adds his chemicals to the lavalamps! "Yup. Wait. Huh?! No..ew!"
Priscilla Grrr
Priscilla Grrr 22 күн мурун
Thanks to #chubbyemu, I know to never drink those things!
nitrousshovelhead 22 күн мурун
It is impossible to over state how important it is to not heat up brake clean. I learned in welding class that using brake clean to clean parts Pryor to welding may produce a gas that can kill you at a concentration of just five parts per million.
Cody Meng
Cody Meng 22 күн мурун
I love the hair
Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis 22 күн мурун
9:35 "brake cleaner is... Probably not *particularly* dangerous" Me, a mechanic, at the end of my shift washing my hands with brake cleaner: *I mean pretty much*
Rhodexa Art
Rhodexa Art 22 күн мурун
7:04 Actually... the first and only lava lamp i had contained yellow wax and clear water. Which makes this video kind of more funny than it already was.
Rhodexa Art
Rhodexa Art 22 күн мурун
7:04 Actually... the first and only lava lamp i had contained yellow wax and clear water. Which makes this video kind of more funny than it already was.
SatanRomps 22 күн мурун
2:08 : a fun frequent phenomenon found in Flava Flamps when they warm up is the spiky tower of wax! xD lol Flava flamps.
Rayne D.
Rayne D. 22 күн мурун
Most candle dyes are going to be the powders (many of the use the titanium dioxide that you're wanting anyways) that you're looking for. That should make the color stay stable.
whatstdiggn 22 күн мурун
Call your trash company. You can take the failed lamps to a chemical recycle center.
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UFC 257: Post-fight Press Conference
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Көрүүлөр 2,7 млн
UFC 257: Pre-fight Press Conference
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Көрүүлөр 3,2 млн
emma chamberlain
Көрүүлөр 4 млн
YOU Need To Learn This Trick...!!!
Brandon Baum
Көрүүлөр 358 миӊ.
Crazy Coincidences You Wont Believe !
Көрүүлөр 567 миӊ.
I've Mastered Art
Көрүүлөр 591 миӊ.
Its JoJo Siwa
Көрүүлөр 562 миӊ.