What are those SPINNING things in the cockpit?!

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If you have been watching ANY cockpit video from the Boeing 737 you would have noticed those constantly spinning little wheels on the side of the pilot. What are they and why are they spinning so much? In todays episode I will explain the Stabilizer trim system on the Boeing 737 and, as always, I would love to hear if you have any additional questions or suggestions in the comments below.
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Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out! Jackscrew operation - Anders Cornelius Olesen

Eduardo Bogosian
Eduardo Bogosian Саат мурун
@2:17 His shirt: "This is how I roll" LMFAO
paul 11 саат мурун
When I read the title , " what are those spinning things in the cockpit" my mind when to somethings but never the trim wheels , at first anyway. I thought of the gyroscope,, Indeed you can't see it spin but in the aircraft I have been in during warm up you can sure hear the gyro spinning up. I have seen a few different models taken apart, one for ship use and one aircraft use gyro. Big , bulky, and very cool piece of hardware. I'm only guessing that aircraft today still all have gyros even with all the back up system like sat nav, etc. still a need for a stable platform on a moving pitching yawing aircraft. How about doing a video about that piece of tech for a video? Thank you, Paul.
mhzprayer 3 күн мурун
That was fascinating. I wish if the pilots ever had to do manual crank stabilizer trim on a flight we could know it, so we could thank them for saving our lives before we exit the plane! But probably we would never see them at landing because they would be in there resting exhausted.
Neil Barnett
Neil Barnett 4 күн мурун
Every time I hear people saying "planes land themselves" I think back to this sort of video and how much the pilots can do to remedy the situatoin when the machinery goes wrong. I have the same feelings about self-driving cars, great when it all works on a wide-open interstate or autobahn, rubbish in a cul-de-sac in Britain or a cycle path in Belgium...
James Hershberger
James Hershberger 5 күн мурун
I love your videos.. Can you post a video of your most difficult flight? 👍👍👍
Johnny Rondo
Johnny Rondo 6 күн мурун
Do they still give the little plastic wings to kids when they board? I never got mine, and I want them now.
Iuri Emanuel
Iuri Emanuel 6 күн мурун
I would be curious to see the video of the simulator. Is there a link for it?
John Airey
John Airey 7 күн мурун
Interesting how no-one mentions the movie flight (not from what I've seen) which shows a very bad trim situation. What you do you reckon of their solution Petter? (Apart from the drinking on duty obviously...)
Speedbird 3 күн мурун
Because in "Flight" its not a bad trim situation, its a elevator malfunction situation😉
John Airey
John Airey 7 күн мурун
Flown a lot, only once been asked by the crew to change seats to adjust the trim of the aircraft before takeoff. I'm honestly not that heavy though!
Boxersteavee 8 күн мурун
I like your videos so much, I am watching even though I know all about the trims!
PotatoPrime 8 күн мурун
Just reiterates further why pilots don't want people up and moving all around while during takeoff I guess, they'd have to keep constantly readjusting trim if that were the case, and they got enough things to worry about at that time already. This is such a good channel even for people that aren't pilots, that just enjoy learning like I do
st bell
st bell 11 күн мурун
So is the aerofoil section of the elevator upside down? In order to generate the counter force down?
Stephane Laframboise
Stephane Laframboise 11 күн мурун
737 MAX... How didn't you mention the elephant in the room?
Speedbird 10 күн мурун
Which elephant? This is not really about the 737 max..
Greg Munning
Greg Munning 12 күн мурун
Great explanation!
Piotr Swiatkiewicz
Piotr Swiatkiewicz 13 күн мурун
Thank you so much for your great video, Capt Mentour! Trimming the stabilizers was one of those things I could comprehend while "playing" MS Flight Sim 2000 (yeah! 20 years ago....) but I quickly knew something was probably off with the simulation. This brings me to the following question: when you say the stabilizers need to be trimmed to "take off forces the pilot needs to apply on the yoke" - do you mean that as the proper trim position is approached there is a feedback on the yoke/stick? To put it another way: can the pilot feel this proper trim position on the yoke (i.e. the yoke does not need to be pulled so much to maintain the required pitch angle) or it must be done with constant monitoring of the appropriate cockpit instruments to make sure e.g. pitch angle is stable without input on the yoke? Perhaps this boils down to the following: I am guessing the yoke is in neutral position when the aircraft is stationary on the ground. While is flight there would be forces acting on it - perhaps somehow proportional to the forces acting on control surfaces, right? So, coming back to my FS 2000 situation: I found it quite hard to trim (e.g. the B737 which I liked a lot to fly). I could feel resistance on my force feedback type joystick (no mechanical centering, everything controlled from the Flight Simulator application) when applying input on it, but trimming was reflected only on the cockpit instruments and the forward view generated by the simulation, obviously. I had no feedback on the joystick no matter the trimmer position. I have been wondering how it feels in a real aircraft ever since. Actually, I even asked one pilot here on YT (Capt TURBULENCJA from Polska ;) ) and got a bit disappointed. Turned out Capt Turbulencja primarily flies Airbus models and he said all trimming was automatic (yeah.... fly by wire, no wonder). Hope you could help me out with this! Thanks!
gatesmw50 13 күн мурун
At 8:03 your explanation just explained a lot for me !
Prakash Ambastha
Prakash Ambastha 14 күн мурун
Very well explained..even a layman like me understood and enjoyed it..Thank you!
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 14 күн мурун
Glad to hear that!!
Paralytic Angel
Paralytic Angel 14 күн мурун
That reminds of the lost 3 aircraft of Alaska Airlines in one year. Three times of the same failure. The haven't lubricated the THS according to the AMM. They have skipped that task every second time. Of course that Airline didn't exists anymore. So it is the best thing when you see that THS wheels are moving. Even when they have a failure and can't hold stable. At that 3 Alaska Airlines the THS were stuck. They have forced it so much that the aircraft broke in two parts. After this episode of yours everybody here should watch that Mayday episode with the flight 261.
Speedbird 12 күн мурун
@Paralytic Angel Your english is really good, I wouldnt worry about that😊😉 I`ll remember to look for it and I`ll bet it will be a giant discovery for the whole mankind😂👍🏻 Of course👍🏻Ive been to Charlottenburg, thats where the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche is right? We are usually there when we are checking out the weihnachtsmarkt there (usually that one and the one at Alexanderplatz). In a non-covid world we are usually 2-3 times in Berlin pr year. Im not much of a viking by the way😆I hate the cold..think I was born in the wrong country sometimes🤷🏻‍♂️
Paralytic Angel
Paralytic Angel 13 күн мурун
@Speedbird Haha, nice to meet ya bro. My English isn't that good, but I think I can argue whatever the topic is. Greets to Norway then, a cold but beautiful land you are living there. You Nordic Viking you :)) Like I said, maybe it is a Manufacturer thing to call it "HS" or "THS". When you got those A320's definitely you must take a look for that in the AMM.^^ And if you really see THS^^, when it must be a manufacturer thing. I hope you don't forget to check it and hopefully write it down here, so I know it too if it is so. It really were nice to know.^^ And you are that guy in the front line who is short before that giant discovery for the whole mankind.^^ 😁😁😁 Wish you much fun on Airbus machines then and I am waiting for a response ^^ 👍👍👍 And btw. Neukölln I know of course. I am from Charlottenburg ^^ You wife knows it definitely, I live 2 Km from the former TXL Airport which is now closed. :((
Speedbird 13 күн мурун
@Paralytic Angel Cool😊Wish I could type in German, but my German isnt very good Im afraid😕 Im Norwegian, so we live in Norway. Nice to "meet" someone from Berlin, I really love that City. My wife is orginally from Neukölln. For me its the opposite, I have a 737NG type rating, and have barely touched the Airbus. But we are getting a few new A320s these days, so I`ll be seeing more of that in the near future.
Paralytic Angel
Paralytic Angel 14 күн мурун
@Speedbird I am from Berlin and I am still here ;) I have worked on A320 family, so maybe it is just a Airbus term for that ? Just one single time I have seen a Boeing 737 for engine swap in our maintenance hall, but the other shift has done the task on it. So greetings from Berlin to you both ✋ And you are living in the US now ?
Speedbird 14 күн мурун
@Paralytic Angel Oh, interesting🙂I`ve actually never heard that before, we just use the term "horizontal stabilizer". Never seen THS in the AMM either🤔 Are you from Berlin, or did you just work there? My wife is from Berlin☺️
EUK007 14 күн мурун
I'm not a pilot student nor involve in the aviation industry but im learning a lot everytime i watched your video. Thank you very much Captain! 👍
STHFGDBY 15 күн мурун
Mentour, Is it possible to land a plane if all the flaps failed ?
Speedbird 14 күн мурун
Its probably possible, but you’ll have back-up system to extend them🙃
bbsonjohn 16 күн мурун
Those things bother me for ages
Jag E
Jag E 17 күн мурун
What happens if someones shirt sleeve or tie gets entangled? Is there some breaker switch? Snacka om att fastna med skägget i brevlådan...
Speedbird 14 күн мурун
Cut-out switches😉👍🏻
ThatFlightSimGuy 24
ThatFlightSimGuy 24 17 күн мурун
Short answer: trim control
Dean Massrer
Dean Massrer 17 күн мурун
Flux capasitor
Sim Racing Veteran
Sim Racing Veteran 17 күн мурун
The spinny things are space time continuum regulators. Everyone knows that.
Jesus M. Goiri
Jesus M. Goiri 19 күн мурун
There was an Alaskan Airline flight of bad memory that could`t fix the problem!!!!
Speedbird 18 күн мурун
Flight 261
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas 23 күн мурун
No disrespect, but i think your videos would be more enjoyable if you can condense the content to sub 10 min.
Alfred Stephen
Alfred Stephen 24 күн мурун
This might sound stupid but since you mentioned "bicycle" I wonder why don't airplane manufacturer make the trim wheel operable by legs? Even The Rock's gigantic arm surely can't match the power output of his legs.
Speedbird 24 күн мурун
Thats because it is😆🤭 There are rudder/brake-pedals operated by legs.
Radann Khügerclaus
Radann Khügerclaus 24 күн мурун
The last thing i imagined in the cockpit that pilots have to pedal that thing sometimes manually lol
HouseGurke 26 күн мурун
Ok, an unbreakable cable is good - but what if the threads strip out? Is there any backup to that screw? Like a brake that locks the horizontal stabilizer in place to stop it from moving around loosely?
HouseGurke 25 күн мурун
@Speedbird You are right, modern planes are hopefully a lot safer than tech from the 80s. Also, there was a complete lack of maintenance of that screw assembly. So i guess one could argue it was an one-off human error.
Speedbird 26 күн мурун
@HouseGurke That was a maddog tho (MD80-series) with a T-tail, those were more exposed to hor.stab issues.
HouseGurke 26 күн мурун
@Speedbird I was just thinking about Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which had this failure. I can't recall them having some kind of braking system on their horizontal stabilizer. But maybe I'm wrong.
Speedbird 26 күн мурун
It has brakes, it will not go anywhere😉
Elli P
Elli P 27 күн мурун
If they're Dervishes, land ASAP.
Ficon 27 күн мурун
National Airlines 102: improperly secured MRAP rolled back during takeoff rotation and broke the jackscrew.
Zeck 27 күн мурун
Perhaps you should just do videos a huuuge series of teaching us everything a pilot needs to know, and by the end we can just take an exam, pass and be pilots hehe. wink wink
Zeck 27 күн мурун
I remember in Spartan College (aviation school) Instructor told us a story in class, of a prank they did to the pilot. They had a crew in back of the plane move back and forth from back of the plane to the front. Pilot was like wft is going on!!! I have to change pitch/trim all the time.
Sancho O'Dell
Sancho O'Dell 27 күн мурун
Mentour Pilot! Where are your two dogs? Did you fire them for sleeping on the job?
Agrim Kohli
Agrim Kohli 29 күн мурун
Thanks for the very informative n intresting vdo. Due to Covid my air travel has completely stopped. But still curious about planes I started watching vdo's about planes and got attracted to air crash investigation's, but didn't knew the technical details. This video cleared me about trimming the aircraft. subscribed!
Marius Costel
Marius Costel Ай мурун
Fake, as a pilot myself I can confirm that that is for the amount of chemtrails needed to be released to control the mind of people 😂
Ed Jo
Ed Jo Ай мурун
You're very patient and informative. Thank you mate!
Mário Belo
Mário Belo Ай мурун
that's a very interesting video indeed. very good explanation. thanks. great YT channel :-)
Walid El Hed
Walid El Hed Ай мурун
thank you for this great episode. i have a question to ask. since the jack screws are threaded rods connected one side to the electric motor and to the stabilizer arm on the other side. Considering that in case of failure the motor is jammed and can't rotate, how this link is released in order to control the stabilizer manually by acting on the wire attached to the rotating trims ? warm regards 🙏
Walid El Hed
Walid El Hed Ай мурун
@Speedbird thanks for the info 🙏👍
Speedbird Ай мурун
@Walid El Hed There is no lever.. This is how it works on the 737NG..The cables from the cockpit goes to a cable drum in the tail compartment. The cable drum moves the jackscrew via a gearbox, the cable drum can also move the jackscrew via a electric motor called the stab trim actuator. The horizontal stabilizer is directly connected to the jackscrew. The gearbox has two internal brakes and a mechanical clutch. Both of the brakes are ratchet type brakes. The clutch lets the stabilizer manual trim wheel input override the stabilizer trim actuator input.
Walid El Hed
Walid El Hed Ай мурун
@Speedbird i mean by arm the lever on which the jackscrew is attached and rotate to pull it up or down. anyway i'm asking about how the link is released when manually pulling the wire using the trims to change the stab. angle of attack
Speedbird Ай мурун
Uhm..where did you find this info? On the 737NG there is one jackscrew which is directly connected with the hor.stab (no stab arm...)🙄
Gregory Griffeth
Gregory Griffeth Ай мурун
Half the vid is an ad?
WATCHER 359 Ай мурун
Although you already talked about 737Max accident in a seperate video, it might have been good to talk a little about that since the pilots were having trouble with the trim wheel.
Gil Marriner
Gil Marriner Ай мурун
When I did my initial upgrade training in the 737 we were told that in order to stop a runaway trim just reach over and pull the FO‘s leg into it. Preferably with the handle extended.
Jörg Ahrens
Jörg Ahrens Ай мурун
Can't this moving part also become dangerous so could get hurt or the fingers get pitched if it suddenly starts moving?
Elisabeth Smith
Elisabeth Smith Ай мурун
Nice shirt 😂
David Wilmott
David Wilmott Ай мурун
I wonder why the MD 80/717 has that annoying stabilizer motion alarm during climb out and approach?
Joseph Rood
Joseph Rood Ай мурун
It’s the clacker that helps the pilots awake lol.
MrSaemichlaus Ай мурун
Incredible how the trim wheels are connected to the stabilizers all the way along the aircraft!
MrSaemichlaus Ай мурун
"If you're not clacking, you're slacking." - 74 gear
Wayne Flanigan
Wayne Flanigan Ай мурун
I knew they were trim controls. The one time I had a flying lesson when I was 12 (way back in the 60s) the pilot showed me how to fly level without using the yoke by trimming the elevators for level flight in a Cessna 150.
Geo Heath
Geo Heath Ай мурун
Mentor Pilot, As a Boeing 737 training officer, do you think that the crew performance, regarding the two MAX8 accidents, which presented as runaway trim was satisfactory? Forgive me if this has already been covered and direct me to the discussion. Thx.
Charlie Horse
Charlie Horse Ай мурун
Why not install scales at the gate, separately for front and rear gear? This would give total weight, center of gravity. Of course, the data would be used differently for every aircraft design but this would seem to be a time saver. (i.e. labor saver and in the long run, a money saver.)
Paul Gingras
Paul Gingras Ай мурун
As a student pilot (many, many years ago), I was also taught to use trim for take-off without yoke input. So if you're in your take-off roll and you lose yoke input, you can take-off using just trim and rudder input. After take-off, we flew for almost an hour without any input from the yoke.
Paul Gingras
Paul Gingras Ай мурун
The way the flight instructor explained it was the technique was only to be used in an emergency. For example, you're about to rotate and you lose control of the yoke. In a Cessna 172 that would consist of a cable breaking. Now you have a choice. Do I abort? Or continue to fly and come around and attempt a landing. Well, it depends on how much runway you have left. I did some flying at Burke Lakefront in Cleveland, Ohio; the end of the runway was Lake Erie. No need to go for a swim.
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot Ай мурун
Cool. In the 737 we specifically teach our students to never trim during rotation as it has a delayed effect and can cause tail-strikes.
Višnja Musa
Višnja Musa Ай мурун
Great video, lots of explanations. Maybe you could make another video explaining how aircraft adjusts lift force during the flight. As the aircraft becomes lighter during flight (having less and less fuel on board) lift force must be lowered to keep level flight, right? How is that achieved?
peter kay
peter kay Ай мурун
What airline do u fly for..
Speedbird Ай мурун
That information he is keeping for himself.
MLU8811 Ай мурун
Here only to comment... why did you do cover this topic again? It seems like the "SPINNING thing" has been covered to death on this channel.
CJ mech
CJ mech Ай мурун
What will happen to auto pilot if the trim is jammed? Will the auto pilot engage?
CJ mech
CJ mech Ай мурун
@Speedbird what if the autopilot is already engaged and then trim jams'?
Speedbird Ай мурун
The autopilot will not automatically engage on a 737NG
John Jacob
John Jacob Ай мурун
Are those port & starboard running lights on the sofa?
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot Ай мурун
Indeed 😉
Mashaallah !!
josh c
josh c Ай мурун
9:21 that is what she said
impetiousdoom Ай мурун
Thank you for the education. 😎
jt Ай мурун
He has turned this into a for profit site, hawking products.
msromike Ай мурун
Why are there two auto stabilizer disconnect switches?
Speedbird Ай мурун
To prevent uncontrolled stabilizer movement if one should have a short circuit.
Jake Jacobs
Jake Jacobs Ай мурун
I have permanent dents in my right tibia from the handles flying out of the wheels on 727's and 737's. I was so happy to get to the 757/767 with no wheels!
GreenFace Vault
GreenFace Vault Ай мурун
So you mean the vertical steering doesn't work like horizontal steering? I mean, in horizontal steering, we have to turn the plane to the heading that we want, level it back, then the plane would stay on its new course (like on boat or car). But in vertical, if we wanna climb, we have to keep pulling up along the way until we reach desirable altitude, therefore we need the trim to release us from fatigue of that constant pulling up. Am I taking it right?
Robert S.
Robert S. Ай мурун
I was always wondering how those health hazards are considered acceptable. I mean there must be a lot of force applied to them and risk of injury rather high isn't it?
Tomix1980 Ай мурун
thanks a lot. really enjoy your videos. would it be a crazy and maniac idea in a stall after takeoff to use all ressourcess by "using" passengers as moveable center of gravity asking them to run to the front of the plane ? just came to my mind. :-) Greetingz and i also hope you have an absolutley fantastic day :-) Marius
What Now?
What Now? Ай мурун
He said "with me so far" Me: still here but not understanding anything 😂🤣
robert tran
robert tran Ай мурун
Why don't we move the center of pressure in front of the center of gravity, that way the tail can produce lift as well and still balance the moments
Captain Curle
Captain Curle Ай мурун
After watching your channel, I know more about the 737 than the cessna 152 that I actually fly, and I feel like I pretty much have a 737 type rating 😂 Keep up the great work 😃 👍
Eric Cabus
Eric Cabus Ай мурун
Ihx Mentour Pilot for sharing your knowledge. I have an engineers hearth and mind, i do not have the degree D Nevertheless, enjoying your video's explaining the fascinating tech involving commercial airplanes and infrastructure. Subscribing on your patreon channel now, be safe and keep those goodies coming ::D
Blazing Bhaskar
Blazing Bhaskar Ай мурун
You are an amazing teacher ... I love to listen to you
Roza Pavlova
Roza Pavlova Ай мурун
Please review the Alaska Airlines flight 261 accident. It was caused by a damaged jackscrew and a jammed horizontal stabilizer.
Juan Fonseca
Juan Fonseca Ай мурун
But the control yoke does not require any force to move it, it's all hydraulic in a commercial big jet; in fact it would be impossible to move such a huge surface in flight against the tremendous forces of wind plus the mechanicsm (gears, rods, etc) friction
Speedbird Ай мурун
The yoke doesnt move the horizontal stabilizer..
Tekkx_Avery Ай мурун
These Trim Wheels are Boeing specific? And why there are two Rockers (and also two switches at center console to deactivate Trim)? Do they work independent for left and right Trim-Tab? BTW: Good Video. As usual. :)
Sue Townsend
Sue Townsend Ай мурун
If it's yammed . . . I love them roasted.
Slyze33 Ай мурун
(19:36) "... if the trim keeps spining, that means you're flying a B737 max" ^^
Hot Memphis Music artist and cars
Hot Memphis Music artist and cars Ай мурун
Wait where’s the dog
Compte google
Compte google Ай мурун
You also loose alot of finess from the horizontal stab when you need to use a big elevator angle. That's why the first way to fix the trim is to move fuel forward and backward to keep a neutral elevator angle. That's also why it's more efficient to keep the entire profile streamlined by pivoting the entire wing.
Speedbird Ай мурун
You cant move fuel forward and backwards in a 737NG tho😉
I have a question at that point sir, from our ATPL lessons we’ve learnt that if angle of attack increases then center of pressure moves forward. Is it possible to reach a point due to the increasing angle of attack that center of pressure exceeds and goes forward of center of gravity and then suddenly all the balance of the aircraft which was trimmed for pitching up,change?
LuisQ7492 Ай мурун
NAV light pillows in proper orientation. I wonder if this was intentional or accidental?
Enrico Montanari
Enrico Montanari 2 ай мурун
It's strange that there's not a mechanical locking system to lock the trim wheel in place when it's needed, especially being a Boeing!
Speedbird Ай мурун
When it is not moving it is locked in a way tho😉
rex69832 2 ай мурун
Excellent explanation as usual.
Mark Shoemaker
Mark Shoemaker 2 ай мурун
That was a much more thorough explanation on trimming the horizontal stabilizer, than the earlier video. Well done.
Peter Davis
Peter Davis 2 ай мурун
Since these devises are directly linked to the issues on the 737 MAX (which I'm sure you're tired of discussing at this point, sorry), I wonder if you've discussed the angle of attack sensors that failed. It seems to me it's not just issues with the MCAS that needed to be addressed, but also why the angle of attack sensors failed. I understand the new revisions has the MAX using both attack sensors now rather than just one, but still the failure of the sensor must be fixed, yes? Has Boeing fixed or redesigned the faulty angle of attack sensors?
Jacko5do5 2 ай мурун
Damnnnn cool intro!
Joel MacDonald
Joel MacDonald 2 ай мурун
It always blows my mind how many redundancies are built into aircraft. I get why it is, and I am so thankful it is, but you guys work work with so many safeties built in. It’s really cool. No human is perfect and I know at the end of the day, if you keep you alive, you keep us alive. Much respect.
RUSLexplorer 2 ай мурун
Interesting ! Learnt many things !
Nathan The aviation enthusiast
Nathan The aviation enthusiast 2 ай мурун
woah new intro???!🇺🇲
D Heyes
D Heyes 2 ай мурун
Petter, the trim wheels would drive me insane. Maybe if different "tones" could accompany the stabilizer's various positions, it would spare pilots from that rather annoying, almost gritty sound.
Oreste Chiodo
Oreste Chiodo 2 ай мурун
A very articulate pilot. A master who is an amazing instructor. As I'm more a visual and hands on learner, great instructional video!👍👍. Only if I were in my early 20's again! Always respected the art of flying!
Oreste Chiodo
Oreste Chiodo 2 ай мурун
@Mentour Pilot Thank you! Happy Holidays!
Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot 2 ай мурун
Thank you!
Greg Sullivan
Greg Sullivan 2 ай мурун
As a simulator tech in the Air Force, I was assigned to a KC-135 (Boeing 707) simulator. During some of the practice "missions", the instructor pilot would cause the trim wheel to run away. Although crude, the solution to that situation was to grab the wheel and prevent it from spinning. That wheel is turning with a fair amount of torque and the co-pilot would have to stop it with his bare hands.
Booboobear2388 2 ай мурун
While getting my private pilot's license, my instructor had me let go of the yoke. He then landed our Cessna Skyhawk with the trim wheel only (but use ailerons also). This to simulate the loss of pitch control (such as an elevator cable break). Then taught me to do it. It was difficult but I did it.
Booboobear2388 16 күн мурун
@Matthias Lipinsky - This was not the way one should normally fly. It is an emergency procedure in the event pitch control is lost because of a broken cable or something else. It is not easy but it is better than putting a crater in the ground.
Matthias Lipinsky
Matthias Lipinsky 16 күн мурун
My FI always said, "do not fly with the trimming"
Steven Stevensen
Steven Stevensen 2 ай мурун
This was very interesting. Thank you very mich for this. And have a merry Christmas
ROBERT R Penny 2 ай мурун
MP great vid in fact close to AF. But I am still hung up on prior comment where I said I thought rear mount engines should require less pitch trim changes than under wing engines since the thrust and drag forces are coaxial rather than offset. So there would be a resulting torque around the CL or pivot point in the second case. I guess talking to pilots who have flown both types such as 737 and MD80-90 or CRJ could confirm if this is correct. I know Mad Dog pilots love the way those planes fly and are sorry to see them go to the boneyard. Any AF ideas on this?
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 2 ай мурун
I was hoping to see a Christmas video from you by now, Petter, but still, thanks for these latest two videos! And I noticed that you say "You're very welcome to another video..." more clearly now (probably in part due to my confusion with it before). Happy Christmas!
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 2 ай мурун
"What we _call_ a runaway stabilizer"? Oh, so that's not the _real_ term? You have to disclaim that as only what you _call_ that but it isn't the real term (in other words, just "the _____" without "what we call...")?
Xtariz 2 ай мурун
Anyone know if you can fly an aircraft without electricity... if something short circuit and you have to land it the old school way...
Douglas Cooper
Douglas Cooper 2 ай мурун
If you get spinning things and a message saying "Please wait Windows 95 is loading" you are in real trouble.
Johnny J
Johnny J 2 ай мурун
I knew it had to do with trim but not this level of involvement, excellent video.. Merry Christmas
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