We Bought a Vlogging Camera!

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The Eadie Family

2 ай мурун

Since we are going to keep doing these longer Vlogs for you guys, we needed to upgrade our camera. Blaire, Brooklyn and Dad went to the store to get a new camera, check in on the PO Box (PO Box 73415 North Chesterfield, VA 23235T) and came home to play around with the new camera! Join us as we learn the ins and outs of using a high end camera for Vlogging! Let us know what you want to see next! Thanksgiving Day Vlog will be posted on Monday!!!!
TikTok Account: www.tiktok.com/@4kidscallmedad?source=h5_m
Family Instagram Account: eadie_family?hl=en
Music: www.bensound.com

Madelyn Warren
Madelyn Warren 8 күн мурун
Blaire wanted to share her gummies omg you’re raising them right!
Muriel Huke
Muriel Huke 11 күн мурун
We want more KGpost videos,pleaseeeee
Subhan Muhammad
Subhan Muhammad 17 күн мурун
Rode video miro
Subhan Muhammad
Subhan Muhammad 17 күн мурун
Get a microphone for good sound
Edward S.
Edward S. 18 күн мурун
kicko devett
kicko devett 29 күн мурун
Bryson arent you the cutest!!!!!
Natalie Matthias
Natalie Matthias Ай мурун
At 4:47 there so happy
It’s like Blake is constantly drunk and Bryson is as high as a kite 24/7
Kiwi_ Squad
Kiwi_ Squad Ай мурун
im not ready for them to grow up ;c
PresentBison 210
PresentBison 210 Ай мурун
Lisa Kithya
Lisa Kithya Ай мурун
The editing was so good keep on the good work guys lots of love from kitengela in Kenya
Dessa Alyanna T. Teves
Dessa Alyanna T. Teves Ай мурун
love y’all!♥️♥️
Yusby Balcazar
Yusby Balcazar Ай мурун
That moment at 2:32 when Blaire reaches for Brooklyn's blanket melted my heart, she's so kind🥺💕
Hails C
Hails C Ай мурун
i love how everyone else is all abt blake but he doesn’t just show him. he shows everyone and that’s really cool!!
Julie McKenzie
Julie McKenzie Ай мурун
The blanket Blair has I have the same one!
d11 Ай мурун
I know this seems like a given, but it’s so great how you let Blair know how good of a big sister she’s being
Jaden L
Jaden L Ай мурун
Why was 9:24 so funny
deliaza hernandez
deliaza hernandez Ай мурун
The way blake got close to the camera was my fav part 🤣🤣🤣☺️
ever siapco
ever siapco Ай мурун
You guys are adorable 😘😘😘 Hello from the Philippines!
Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis Ай мурун
Try the ty brand masks. They are amazing. My almost 3 year old wears them to school and they stay put
prince presto
prince presto Ай мурун
soooooo close to boss baby blake
GrecoTheGod Ай мурун
Markis Addison
Markis Addison Ай мурун
Y’all should do car tours
Carlo Urbina
Carlo Urbina Ай мурун
Blake is my favorite
Cailin Wallace
Cailin Wallace Ай мурун
You gotta move Brooklyn’s hair then put the mask on her ear!!🤣
Traineats Ай мурун
Its much better quality, i love the new camera
Sillykingpat Ай мурун
At 1:22 it says Blair's name but it is spelt blare is it supposed to be spelt wrong
Ariami Ambriz
Ariami Ambriz Ай мурун
you guys should make a family intro!!! like introducing you all with some music and such a cool family intro!!
Lina :D
Lina :D Ай мурун
These videos give me so much serotonin and I love it ✨
Aurelia Scalia
Aurelia Scalia Ай мурун
Me and my mom watch you guys on tiktok every day
Melissa Rojas
Melissa Rojas Ай мурун
They are so cute omg
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor Ай мурун
He is so cutt
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor Ай мурун
Can I have Blake
hyoli Ай мурун
I have the same dress that Brooklyn has
Legbone 2010
Legbone 2010 Ай мурун
Bro they live in virginia no way
Art Hill
Art Hill Ай мурун
You should put pool noodles on the edges of Bryson's walker so it won't eat up your toes and it won't break stuff.
Chris. vibing
Chris. vibing Ай мурун
Make Blair her own channel
Chaseyboy Ай мурун
Blake is the best!!
Krizcel Versoza
Krizcel Versoza Ай мурун
I love watching Blake....
L3G1T-_-JF0M Ай мурун
ezel Ай мурун
blaire is a great sister
Hannah Beck
Hannah Beck Ай мурун
Blake is your twin omg
Matheo Jose Leal De Leon
Matheo Jose Leal De Leon Ай мурун
Blake is so cute
Storm Morgan
Storm Morgan Ай мурун
Love your vlogs!!! Kids are super cute
brUh barlit0s
brUh barlit0s Ай мурун
Instead of “wE LiKe FoRtNiTe wE LiKe FoRTNite” it’s” WE LIKE GUMMIES WE LIKE GUMMIES”
Jonas Bolinder
Jonas Bolinder Ай мурун
What do u work with?
Rachel Murchie
Rachel Murchie Ай мурун
What age are all the kids.
Manas Cruz
Manas Cruz Ай мурун
i started to laugh when blake was hanging on chair 😂😂
Rachel Murchie
Rachel Murchie Ай мурун
Yous have the happiest family 🤗
Phatma99 Ай мурун
😍😍 I wish for u to be happy always 💗
Harrison Cowx
Harrison Cowx Ай мурун
Getting better and better each time with these guys really enjoyable
Sophie gabbard
Sophie gabbard Ай мурун
You should put fuzz on the edges of Bryson's walker so it doesn't hurt your toes
Lily Stepp
Lily Stepp Ай мурун
For Brooklyn mask just twist both of the sides
Ijaz Jaylo
Ijaz Jaylo Ай мурун
Please do more vids your children are so adorable. Watching over from the philippines 😊😊😊
Joshua Agdanowski
Joshua Agdanowski Ай мурун
Looks great keep it up
Ruthless Killa
Ruthless Killa Ай мурун
Love the vids man. Hopefully later you will be able to do daily uploads. Your vids are really entertaining
Carter Carbullido
Carter Carbullido Ай мурун
Blake just holds on the chair for dear life LMAO
Koby Cabatuan
Koby Cabatuan Ай мурун
I swear it god whoever disliked this video Is a weirdo
Annika Campbell
Annika Campbell Ай мурун
you guys should do a Christmas morning and Christmas Eve vlog! so we can watch the kids open their gifts!
Jiya Sachdev
Jiya Sachdev Ай мурун
Love this family!! 🥰
jack stueckrath
jack stueckrath Ай мурун
Congrats for getting the vlogs up and running love the kiddos
Malek Alnemer
Malek Alnemer Ай мурун
The most beautiful family ever
Darrein Salazar
Darrein Salazar Ай мурун
yo im from tiktok hehe
ela joy
ela joy Ай мурун
my new favourite family channel!! ughh the kids are so cute 😭💕💘 i’m so glad i found you guys on tiktok!!😍
Ruthless Killa
Ruthless Killa Ай мурун
This is such a cool family. When I grow up I hope my family will be similar and cool like your family
Nemo Staxkz
Nemo Staxkz Ай мурун
honestly blake just needs his own show because he is a character! i love him 🥰
Shaina Kate Frias
Shaina Kate Frias Ай мурун
Dang i dont want blake to grow upp
Shrish Ай мурун
Came for Blake. Stayed for Brooklyn, Bryson, and Blair.
Jay Castillo
Jay Castillo Ай мурун
Blaire is indeed the greatest big sister . Brooklyn just wants to ho home. Lol!
T ljones
T ljones Ай мурун
what camera did you guys buy ?
Nicolas Treviño
Nicolas Treviño Ай мурун
blake is the goat 😎
Kent Jr Montgomery
Kent Jr Montgomery Ай мурун
Blake hanging off the chair killed me.
Liliana Morales
Liliana Morales Ай мурун
the 25 dislikes are blake’s different accounts bc he’s a different breed 😈😈😈😈
Iced out Alman •_•
Iced out Alman •_• Ай мурун
Blake is a legend
Mason Karp
Mason Karp Ай мурун
Try cutting a pool noodle to put on bryces roller to when her hits your toes it won’t hurt. Hole this helps
Merel Jonker
Merel Jonker Ай мурун
The look Brooklyn gives Blaire when they walk out of Best Buy together 🥺🥰
Sniper_Playz !
Sniper_Playz ! Ай мурун
Blake’s my favorite 🤩
Paloma Pagliari
Paloma Pagliari Ай мурун
can you do a room tour?
Datuk azmy
Datuk azmy Ай мурун
i love you all guys❤️❤️
Avery Axford
Avery Axford Ай мурун
Awww I love these video both on here and TikTok keep it up guys! These always make my day :)
adrian valentin
adrian valentin Ай мурун
That’s much better on tiktok because Gavin said do 1% better everyday I love u gyus so mcuh with all my heart I like ur videos so mcuh there so funny and just as u know I shared copy link 54 times on tiktok and I follow like and shared three friends
ZHYAR Ай мурун
Bro blake is cuteeeeee
sam olsson
sam olsson Ай мурун
Im from Sweden and a watch you videos ever day
Eoghan O Donnell
Eoghan O Donnell Ай мурун
Can Blake reply to this
krrysral firai
krrysral firai Ай мурун
blake is so cuteee i love him sm
Isabella Muñoz
Isabella Muñoz Ай мурун
I really like to see parts of your daily life as a family! It makes me feel part of it!! Btw i love the twinkled twins, and Blair is an awesome big sis 🥰❤
Joey Sharpnack
Joey Sharpnack Ай мурун
You might be able to get a Hello Fresh sponsorship
The Eadie Family
The Eadie Family Ай мурун
Now we talking!
Elly Kopyto
Elly Kopyto Ай мурун
wait till they start fighting over the front seat in the car
Hanna Du Plessis
Hanna Du Plessis Ай мурун
Hi I love your tiktok and youtube
Micke Botes
Micke Botes Ай мурун
You guys have the potential to get much better🙂 You should do more nap time clips and trips please😂
Darcy DeSilva
Darcy DeSilva Ай мурун
my new favorite youtuber!! so glad you decided to post youtube instead of just tik tok
word up
word up Ай мурун
your kids crack me up lol
Jada Ross
Jada Ross Ай мурун
Brooklyn: Hasn't left the house for two weeks cause she's been quarantining and finally gets to leave the house Also Brooklyn: "I wanna go hoooommmmmeeeeee" 😂 so meeeeeeeeee 😂
The Eadie Family
The Eadie Family Ай мурун
Hahaha I didn’t even think about that. Too funny
John Louis Baniqued
John Louis Baniqued Ай мурун
I dont want blake growing up🥺
Anna ._.
Anna ._. Ай мурун
You should do a day rotunine
Sleepy Avocad0
Sleepy Avocad0 Ай мурун
I recommend if ur going out somewhere unless u know u can film there u should use ur phone bc they might kick u out if they see u vlogging
The Eadie Family
The Eadie Family Ай мурун
Great call!
Elijah Lovell
Elijah Lovell Ай мурун
Not hating just trying to help but if you could make it a habit it of looking at the lense instead of the screen on the camera it will help the vlogs out a lot. love your guys content!!
The Eadie Family
The Eadie Family Ай мурун
No hate at all. Need to see it to get better! Thanks!
Josh Holden
Josh Holden Ай мурун
u should get them pet fish
Letícia Periard
Letícia Periard Ай мурун
I’m obsessed with you guys. such a loving family 🥰 yours kids are so sweet and smart love them
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