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MaxiPaddy 666
MaxiPaddy 666 Күн мурун
Guaranteed 20 kills.... .....In a private practice match.
N Rod
N Rod Күн мурун
Ksp better than aug
Shawn Күн мурун
The sequence of Nick dying from stadium and PK "how does he see meEEeeeEe" had me dying
C4 Visions
C4 Visions 4 күн мурун
Tim you have to run the kar98k and the aug for it to be good
George Ortega
George Ortega 11 күн мурун
One of the best Aug in cold war is midnight express
Static gaming R
Static gaming R 17 күн мурун
Anybody remember in Lodi was a AK
sam hagger
sam hagger 21 күн мурун
ivan ramirez
ivan ramirez 21 күн мурун
What skin is Swagg using?
SuperDuty Zack
SuperDuty Zack 22 күн мурун
This is gonna sound weird and random. But Tim sounds like Jim Gaffigan when he played a hockey announcer in The Love Guru. Idk, what do y’all think 1:02 ?
Salvador Ortiz
Salvador Ortiz 27 күн мурун
@salortiz231:Can u guys go follow my Twitch plz xd_sniper123
Salvador Ortiz
Salvador Ortiz 27 күн мурун
@salortiz231:Can u guys go follow my Twitch plz xd_sniper123
GHOUL 28 күн мурун
Ring of Elysium is better
Gothgeta SSGSS
Gothgeta SSGSS Ай мурун
6:00 literally knocking people with 6 bullets from a gun and gets upset that he gets 1 shot downed bokay
Joshua Rowles
Joshua Rowles Ай мурун
Tim that mp5 always shreds what’s the build?
Become Elite Hockey
Become Elite Hockey Ай мурун
Tim looking skinny
macdabeast10 Ай мурун
HIT3C BadNews
HIT3C BadNews Ай мурун
hey Guys Im looking for a COLLAP get in my channel and sub !!! Lets grow together! DONT CLICK HERE!!!:
Christian CeQu2
Christian CeQu2 Ай мурун
God loves you and died on the cross for your sins. Put your faith in him for eternal paradise.
Xmagma Ай мурун
this guy just makes my day better
Kameron Feliciano
Kameron Feliciano Ай мурун
That gun is so ass lol
Filipe Andrade
Filipe Andrade Ай мурун
#TimTheTurkey 🦃🦃
James Grant
James Grant Ай мурун
I find it a little ironic that they complain about campers in solos and duos, yet in squadsthey died to a full team camping a building
Sinan Shkakhwa
Sinan Shkakhwa Ай мурун
Hahahaha, dude you just got a new Sub because of the look at me in the shit
亗THØMAS亗 Ай мурун
A verdOnsk a day keeps the boredom away
KnottzFPS Ай мурун
need that mp5 build timmy!
FatherRyan Ай мурун
TIC toc on the clock but the party don't stop oh oh whoa oh
Sam Salsa
Sam Salsa Ай мурун
They got 67 kills that last game most of us get 6 to 7 kills a game.
HeatVision48 Ай мурун
I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee
Corey Reece
Corey Reece Ай мурун
Is it just me, or is Tim better at this game now?
Dingbat Joey
Dingbat Joey Ай мурун
Timmy the T was frying today
ITONIC Ай мурун
01:17 Join the folk alalalalala
master g
master g Ай мурун
i feel like we need a sound effect or animation everytime tim says GOOD AFTERNOON. i was thinking something like a bomb dropping or an explosion. just throwing it out there
ZachCoward Ай мурун
Smoked queso is fire 😂
xxxJuiceWrldxxx Ай мурун
Is tim hacking look at the flick at 10:45
Kian Burns
Kian Burns Ай мурун
Tim try the akimbo m19’s all u need is the mono suppressor, lightweight trigger, 5mW laser, 32 round mags, and the akimbo perk THEY ARE NUTS NO JOKE
nandoughs Ай мурун
everyones mean to mr fortnite compilation
Nicholas Echeverria
Nicholas Echeverria Ай мурун
Tim you the Best you make my day
Kaleb Fosberg
Kaleb Fosberg Ай мурун
Wow that was a weak verdonsk
S Ай мурун
Y’all already have all these guns maxed out with camos and attachments before someone tells you to try it?
Perfect 363
Perfect 363 Ай мурун
m16 way better
Cosepi Ай мурун
FrostX_LC On YT
FrostX_LC On YT Ай мурун
What’s the mp5 class
Lando7507 Ай мурун
What is the Aug attachments😩😩
krys spears
krys spears Ай мурун
imagine having a minute and a half intro jk love you tim
whiskey jack
whiskey jack Ай мурун
I'm comment 556, my b
Xerobrine_High_Elder Ай мурун
The m16 is still better.
Mark McGarvey
Mark McGarvey Ай мурун
It's not it
Cole Rodabaugh
Cole Rodabaugh Ай мурун
I’ve seen this game on three different channels 😂
GhostFret7 Ай мурун
24 kills in the two games. Only 6 came from the AUG. With that said it looks sturdy
Landon Shiley
Landon Shiley Ай мурун
try the bullfrog
Brentin Strydom
Brentin Strydom Ай мурун
I just saw a vid where your wife roasted you 😂😂
Gregalos6 Ай мурун
I haven't unlocked the full gunsmith load out yet, but this Aug FRIES
Ayden Barrett
Ayden Barrett Ай мурун
Tim I got a Milano build for you if you would like to try it it’s like the hip fire mp5 and it does a lot of damage I’ve been trying to get nick to try out my DMR that makes it the old one but still nothin so if you don’t want to try this out I understand
John stubing
John stubing Ай мурун
“I was frying with the Aug, then I took an arrow to the knee...” hahahahaahhaha
KakarotPlays Ай мурун
stoner scope:visiontech2x barrel:17.8 cavalry lancer underbarrel:field agent grip Ammunition:fast mag or 120R Muzzle this changes everything agency suppressor it says more vehicle damage but its glichted it acctually 2x the bullet vellocity thekoreansavage made this built
Zachary Chick
Zachary Chick Ай мурун
That AUG setup is cheeks but the AUG is a BEAST when you get it’s play style down.
Effei Hhhhg
Effei Hhhhg Ай мурун
Today’s VURDANSK rating 10/10 perfect delivery
Donos Productions
Donos Productions Ай мурун
Tim can you do another as val build
Pravesh Bridglalsingh
Pravesh Bridglalsingh Ай мурун
I am sad because when the new map come we wouldn't hear verdooonnsk anymore
Tom Lubbock
Tom Lubbock Ай мурун
You should link the Tiktok vid or mention the creator name or something
sxtic on ig
sxtic on ig Ай мурун
tbh but this is my opinion, you should put muzzle brake, same barrel, front grip, same mags, and instead of 3x use 2x scope
Lucas Konis
Lucas Konis Ай мурун
You gotta swap out the stock for an agency supressor and then use the bruiser foregrip instead of the field agent 👌👌
OTRshade Ай мурун
Y’all realize Tim and lupo and ninja split up
I’m having a lot of trouble pronouncing “Verdansk” like TTT. I’m pretty sure it’s my arm placement. 😆
Hunter Hartzell
Hunter Hartzell Ай мурун
Wat Ай мурун
If you don’t subscribe after Tim says “Join the flock *goose noises*” then idk what to tell you.
Big Shrek
Big Shrek Ай мурун
cesar valenzuela
cesar valenzuela Ай мурун
You should try the krig 6 👌🏻
Adam Yochem
Adam Yochem Ай мурун
Me watching this instead of my teacher
Matt Sobey
Matt Sobey Ай мурун
Introductions like this make me wonder how much time our generations’ young adults like Tim spend on fucking TIK TOK... doesn’t this guy have a fucking kid? Streaming all day isn’t enough you hop off and rip TIK tok bruh go be with ur kid you troglodyte
ger mc kenna
ger mc kenna Ай мурун
Tim is on the path to the dark side, pain and suffering
RattleSnakeSZN Ай мурун
Jagger Jaw
Jagger Jaw Ай мурун
I love watching these vids and then watching Nicks to see both sides of these Split games
Meekyy Ай мурун
Swaggs comms is basically repeat every single word 3 times
Labi Is a goat
Labi Is a goat Ай мурун
The audio seems a bit scuffed
Nitro Ай мурун
The Skyrim reference 😂
Jack Toner
Jack Toner Ай мурун
Bow built pls 16 strand Ads stock Explosive bolt Slight of hand Tac laser
Alex Kane
Alex Kane Ай мурун
Tim gets screwed a lot . No cap
Moises Lorenzo
Moises Lorenzo Ай мурун
Nooo i was really hoping nobody made a video on this gun 😭😂
Patrick Navarro
Patrick Navarro Ай мурун
Trying to make his voice all deep in the intro is stupid af
EZ Joker
EZ Joker Ай мурун
Krig 6 and a bullfrog for your next video please Mr Tat sir
Simon Markham
Simon Markham Ай мурун
StepSis hath returned
Ciaran Potter
Ciaran Potter Ай мурун
it makes my heart warm seeing tim destroying innocent people :)
futbolfan27 Ай мурун
Deadass just switch the stock for an agency suppressor. Absolutely shreds
Tommy P
Tommy P Ай мурун
I was poppin off with the Aug, then I took an arrow in the knee 😂😂
Mieki Saulsberry
Mieki Saulsberry Ай мурун
That “ Join the flock alahlahlahlahlah 🕊” hits different
rose jade
rose jade Ай мурун
I quit my 9-5 with the help of 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗮𝘀𝘆𝗽𝗮𝘆 .𝗰 𝗼𝗺 #great 1:81
Heber Perez
Heber Perez Ай мурун
Sometimes I forget I watched the stream then I’m always like did I already see this video?
bigtexas7947 Ай мурун
Smoked Queso is FIRE bro... DO IT!!
Jake Parker
Jake Parker Ай мурун
Sound effect at the end of the intro was a bit sus..
MattyMatthew Ай мурун
Like the mp5
King Dre
King Dre Ай мурун
Anybody else jump anytime Tim gets in a car I think he’s dead every time 😭
Connor Wells
Connor Wells Ай мурун
Verdansk was an 6/10, no editing
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez Ай мурун
Y’all be mean asf to syfer when he be saving y’all
Dillon Chavez
Dillon Chavez Ай мурун
This dude just playing dmr and aug all boring af over and over
Nate Ай мурун
No echo with Verdansk...
Future Hendrix
Future Hendrix Ай мурун
I miss Tim’s beard
Cooper Callister
Cooper Callister Ай мурун
Thanks Tim for the throwback to the Skyrim days that was funny you sit down comedian
zaidan ahmed
zaidan ahmed Ай мурун
nooooooooooooo i hate this good after noon i like the one thats goes like AAAAAAAAAND GOOOOOOOD AFTERRRR NOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valcor Ай мурун
12:26 😂😂 like a fucking Rhino 🦏
Conan Gray - Overdrive
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Көрүүлөр 838 миӊ.
Conan Gray - Overdrive
Көрүүлөр 1,7 млн
Who Knows Me More - WINNER gets $$$
Bretman Rock
Көрүүлөр 1,1 млн
Honest Trailers | The Simpsons Movie
Screen Junkies
Көрүүлөр 838 миӊ.