This Episode Will Make You HATE Mordecai

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Alpha Jay Show

4 ай мурун

Lift With Your Back is an episode of Regular Show. Here we have Mordecai and Rigby fighting over self-worth with Mordecai being at his worst. He's hypocritical, unlikable, and is giving all of his time to CJ, a new girl in his life relatively, at the public detriment of his friend.
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Alpha Jay Show
Alpha Jay Show 4 ай мурун
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Victoria Dodds
Victoria Dodds 2 ай мурун
Get google lol
DuffieDonalds 2 ай мурун
oh shut up lol
rizalyn jamito
rizalyn jamito 2 ай мурун
mordecai is kind you knoe
G A D 2 ай мурун
As soon as i saw the intro i knew this is a terrible channel
Brandon Myers
Brandon Myers 3 ай мурун
Someone please send this to JG Quintel😂
Hi Күн мурун
Also listen yah Rigby is lazy but like the amount of times he has help Mordecai with his relationships is insane like every other 4 or 5 episodes its Rigby Mordecai with his personal problems
Jared 19
Jared 19 Күн мурун
5:44 D-D- DARWINNNN???
Jared 19
Jared 19 Күн мурун
2:19 in summary: SIMPPPPPPPPPPPP
Vurko Күн мурун
too late, can't hate the guy that raised me
Joe Elliott
Joe Elliott 3 күн мурун
I hate Mordecai and Rigby
ivy big flabs
ivy big flabs 4 күн мурун
5:44 darwin¿
Multiverse666 4 күн мурун
Mordecai the Simp
DOPEST VLOGS 5 күн мурун
I literally just watched this episode
Rusty Fence
Rusty Fence 5 күн мурун
How are you able to make videos like this with out getting copyrighted?
Declan Harding
Declan Harding 5 күн мурун
5:45 i do love darwin from regular show
Narancia Ghirga
Narancia Ghirga 7 күн мурун
Every episode where mordecai is a simp is the episodes where u will hate mordecai
Lucia Anton
Lucia Anton 7 күн мурун
im sorry, but I never really liked mordecai. i mean yeah, he is good sometimes, but he could be so selfish sometimes. and also what made it even worse is that Rigby ones he started dating eileen he became a better person, so now he wasn't that annoying friend. mordecai was. same with Margaret (sometimes) and cj. but I loved Rigby and Eileen (my otp😛). but well, that's my opinion. please don't reply saying you disagree, cause i don't care if you disagree
Crap Island.
Crap Island. 8 күн мурун
i been rewatching the show and couldnt pinpoint why this ep was so uncomfortable. but you nailed it.
AKBees 10 күн мурун
i also hated mordecai during the rigby's graduation special--when he was being a lil bitch and whining that rigby graduating from HS doesn't make him look as superior as he would normally, basically being a self centered jackass. and the one thing that rigby would possibly want as a present gets thrown out by him once he reaches maximum piss baby levels. it was insulting and left a bad taste in my mouth.
Ruzh 精英
Ruzh 精英 11 күн мурун
I love how when people try to justify Mordecai literally committing a murder by saying Rigby was an asshole. That's like saying the is guy was being a jerk so I stabbed him straight through the heart.
Saša Kovač
Saša Kovač 12 күн мурун
can u not use simp like that lmao
Reviewer2016 12 күн мурун
1-what would have made the episode better would be in the Rigby working montage we see mordecai having to pick up his own slack as well as having to blow off CJ . Plot wise it's debatable if it would have given mordecai some idea of how useful rugby is, if not just to give him a taste of karma for "hanging rigby out to dry". 2-That is legitimately sad of mordecai. He absolutely refuses to acknowledge rigby having any traits better or at the least equal to him. It also explains his issues with dating. He tries to keep up some image he has so he fears of making an idiot out of himself if the girl says no. Rigby doesn't have that conviction since he has nothing to prove to anyone. Mordecai feels like he has everything thing to prove. Heck looking back I wouldn't be if he thought he was like skips thinking he's overqualified for his lot in life (skips has decades of experience and knowledge yet works as a ground keeper for a city park when I wouldn't be surpised if he was borderline college level educated)
Necros1s 12 күн мурун
LetsComplain 13 күн мурун
5:44 Did you say Darwin?
Gerald Bemanaro
Gerald Bemanaro 13 күн мурун
It's actually crazy to me how Mordecai's brain has developed fully and he still can't man up and give a sincere apology to Rigby after everything they've been through, after everything Mordecai put Rigby through.
Britney Thomas
Britney Thomas 15 күн мурун
Mordecai is the embodiment of that one friend that would leave you quickly for their partner no matter how toxic the relationship... I've had friends do that to me multiple times and they never realized they were in the wrong no matter who tells them they wouldn't even listen to their family. I hate friends like that because we all know that their relationship will end and then they'll come back to you like nothing happened. The worst part about it is that they'll keep doing the same thing over and over again in almost every relationship that they're in and they won't feel bad about it which sucks
Catsaint 15 күн мурун
I never liked Mordacai, he seemed like my brother... He was verbally and physically abusive...
Sypheur27 15 күн мурун
I also don't like that episode where mordecai was jealous of rigby passing high school
\\ 17 күн мурун
Wow Mordecai is really gross
Johnny B. YT
Johnny B. YT 19 күн мурун
Look, if you remove the girl from the equation, wether that be Margaret or CJ, Mordecai and Rigby are like Bread and Butter, Hall and Oates, Sugar and Spice, and Michael and Scottie.
Johnny B. YT
Johnny B. YT 19 күн мурун
Girls bring out different sides of guys and that’s the bottoms line. So next time Alpha take a step back and look a the different perspectives of people.
Johnny B. YT
Johnny B. YT 19 күн мурун
And that’s a fact and there is no denying it. Their chemistry with no girl involved is like no other. Just look at Kobe and Shaq, on the court they’re best of all time, but off the court girls are what got them in trouble and separated just like Mordo and Riggs. Kobe getting mad at Shaq for not working out in the off-season was like the weird and shitty writing for Modecai and Rigby’s dynamic in “shitty season 7”. And if it was real life that wouldn’t have happened because no one writes our stories😂😂😂. Even if they did though there’s no such thing as a perfect friend or relationship or perfect anything as a matter of fact. Even with my best friend we argue occasionally and that’s fine.
Jesus Cortes Ruiz
Jesus Cortes Ruiz 20 күн мурун
Mordecai is just a simp
RprSonic 21 күн мурун
Mordecai doesn't deserve a friend like Rigby. Sure, Rigby can be lazy and has his own fair share of flaws but Mordecai treats him like garbage alot and barely even gives him any sort of respect.
Comic Strider
Comic Strider 21 күн мурун
Rigby kinda owes it to Mordecai to cover his work... Y'know with the whole college thing
Twixy Pixie
Twixy Pixie 23 күн мурун
AllFather Foop
AllFather Foop 23 күн мурун
This entire episode can be summed down to two words *The Audacity.*
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 25 күн мурун
Twenty One Tortas
Twenty One Tortas 25 күн мурун
just one episode? I thought the series was just showing Mordecai's descent into being the most problematic one in the group
Christian Cardenas
Christian Cardenas 26 күн мурун
Mordecai is such a morally bankrupt bastard in this episode.
Ying yang Yong
Ying yang Yong 27 күн мурун
This sounds like you just identify yourself with Rigby too much, it's a cartoon, theres no reason to be so offended by mordecai, you dont mention that Rigby constantly ruins everything mordecai builds up. Both charactors are shitty and that's what makes the show good
Ying yang Yong
Ying yang Yong 27 күн мурун
Okay but Rigby ain't good either? 90% of the show is about these broken individuals eventually growing up
All Mike
All Mike 29 күн мурун
Lmao the back puns!!! Bro i hope you bring this joke BACK into other videos 😂
Rudy King
Rudy King Ай мурун
Mordecai simp?
NJG Ай мурун
Mordecai is just a simp.
Mordecai vs Greg Heffley... The greatest anime duo of all time.
Ryan Levin
Ryan Levin Ай мурун
5:44 uhh... where did Darwin come in?
Thee Mikelmo
Thee Mikelmo Ай мурун
That fact that you speaking and your character mouth is not is honestly by far the worst moment of the video... Aside from that I love the video...
TheKisj Ай мурун
The simp king, apart from the belle delphine fanboys
Danny Morales
Danny Morales Ай мурун
1:07 the movie will make you hate Rigby for that point
Random things happen
Random things happen Ай мурун
Mordecai is kinda of simp
Kurt elizander alintanahin
Kurt elizander alintanahin Ай мурун
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar Ай мурун
mj91212 Ай мурун
Jeebus, I knew Mordecai was bad but, cripe man, he’s an outright pretentious dick.
Rhrbfnf Fhrrfh
Rhrbfnf Fhrrfh Ай мурун
dIIb II 🔒
Tara Faller
Tara Faller Ай мурун
Tara Faller
Tara Faller Ай мурун
foreign swagger
foreign swagger Ай мурун
honestly now eileen is my favourite character
VeggiePun Ай мурун
The episode where mordecai decks Benson for shit talking his Best friend is my favorite. It felt real. I would do the same thing if my friend was on his death bed.
Max Payne
Max Payne Ай мурун
Called my mans Darwin
PRIME10K Ай мурун
*S I M P*
GreenOx 2000
GreenOx 2000 Ай мурун
I feel like Mordecai and Rigby went opposite ways in their development, when the series starts Rigby is admittedly very annoying since he causes most of the conflicts in the first few seasons BUT what I like about his character is that he didn't stay there instead he found a very supportive and non toxic girl who helped him change into the best version of himself, Mordecai on the other hand, the first few episodes he's a tolerable character, but as more and more women get involved the scummy side comes out more, the fact that he murdered Rigby over a temporary girl that never even liked him or acknowledged his existence, and again in this episode he thinks that because their dynamic has always been him being a fake and manipulative piece of $!#% that it's okay to continue the dynamic, that gets me heated, however it's nowhere near as bad as the Rigby graduation episode in which he refused to attend because 'Oh now everyone's gonna be talking about Rigby more and I'll lose my power in this dynamic I've built because Rigby took it upon himself to grow as a person boo hoo' that was the episode that actually made me appreciate Rigby way more than Mordecai because while he started off a nuisance he slowly matures into a better man... Mordecai tho? I never see him grow as a person in fact in the final episode I'm sure the creative team was so tired of his simpy @$$ that they just gave him an offscreen wife to avoid having to explain how it would go down that honestly makes me feel like Rigby is personally my favorite character, he starts off as the conflict instigator but with time he grows into one of the best supporting characters in the show and that is what makes a good plot imho
1NFERN4 . S0Ul
1NFERN4 . S0Ul Ай мурун
Mordecai is SIMP
OOps-Brawl Stars
OOps-Brawl Stars Ай мурун
Bruh mordecai would’ve went to college if rigby didn’t lie about it but okay lmao
KnuckleCracks 2.0
KnuckleCracks 2.0 24 күн мурун
Yeah that was Rigby’s fault. Mordecai still went to art school and dropped out.
Ruffus Goodman
Ruffus Goodman Ай мурун
I just wanna make a quick reminder that Rigby falsifies Mordecai's application results. Mordecai is still in the wrong here, but nobody's perfect. Rigby sucks sometimes, but he works on himself through the end of the series...
Maniecko Ай мурун
man was taking a cartoon wayy too serious
Rainbow Lama
Rainbow Lama Ай мурун
Mordecai is a simp
Ali Mansour
Ali Mansour Ай мурун
Come on Mordecai, what happened to Bros Before Hoes?
Tj Jons
Tj Jons Ай мурун
Didn’t make me hate him tho .
coolvideos5113 Ай мурун
I honestly never hated Mordecai even after watching this episode.
Abdul Azeez Harees
Abdul Azeez Harees Ай мурун
i wish there was a rigby irl, he'd literally make our lives sooo much better
Abdul Azeez Harees
Abdul Azeez Harees Ай мурун
soooo basically.... Mordecai is a simp.
Scrumdiddlyyumptious Ай мурун
Mordecai is the only cartoon character I know that will put the WORSE girls before his own friends. Now, dating a good girl in his case wouldn’t be a worry, just him putting girls before his friends, but the fact he puts Margret and CJ before rigby is just plain simping, that’s honestly what I hate about his character.
brandon sammons
brandon sammons Ай мурун
Really, Mordecai didn’t even need to admit to skipping out on work. All Rigby wanted was for him to tell everyone that he was helpful. He just had to say “Guys, Rigby may be lazy at times, but he has been more productive as of late. He’s been helping out more so that I can spend more time with CJ. And yes Benson, he can in fact replace a lightbulb on his own.” Boom, all that needed to be said. And he couldn’t even do that. I’ve been disappointed in Mordecai before, but this was just a brand new level of low for me.
Hypez bangerz
Hypez bangerz Ай мурун
Mordecai is a mega SIMP
Pizza was here
Pizza was here Ай мурун
The huge difference in my mind between Mordo and Rigby is their growth throughout the series. Rigby is a pretty awful guy at first - lazy, stupid, causes trouble a lot. But as time goes on, he really grows as an individual. Eileen inspires him to become a better person and he becomes a great partner and goes back to get his high school diploma and it's really heart warming. Mordecai never learns. He makes the same mistakes he did with CJ that he did with Margaret, he prioritises women he likes over his best friend. So many episodes are dedicated to helping impress Margaret whom in the end didn't care, while Rigby just wants to hang out with his best friend. In the end, Rigby is the one in a stable and loving relationship because he didn't try to force anything and go simp mode, while Mordecai pushed too far with women and ended up ruining two friendships he had with them.
Diamond Ай мурун
Mordecai be like: *Hoe's before bro's.*
Camque The Blue Turkey
Camque The Blue Turkey Ай мурун
*_B A C C_*
Saddest Panda
Saddest Panda Ай мурун
0:23 Rip the homie
Eric Gabriel Alves de Carvalho
Eric Gabriel Alves de Carvalho Ай мурун
Soo...this episode tries to make you stay by Mordecai side and this episode fails! Seriously I Stayed with angry of Mordecai when i see this episode the first time
Eric Gabriel Alves de Carvalho
Eric Gabriel Alves de Carvalho Ай мурун
Look well, mordecai is a jerk with Rigby somethimes making him feel dumb and make him lose self confidance more than he loss, Rigby family is problematic and he is low and fisicaly weak, so yeah he is kinda jerk somethimes
Elizur Guzman
Elizur Guzman Ай мурун
But it a cartoon
TheBInCT Ай мурун
I feel like you get into this a bit too much. Almost as if the characters are real
tempest Ай мурун
Technically the second example wasnt a question
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf Ай мурун
Mordecai hardly ever tells the workers at the park that Rigby is useful and helps around the park but he never ever sees the fact that IF Rigby wasn't there with him working at the park with him in season 1 then 1) Mordecai would have maybe never gotten with Margret and still would be the same shy simp stuttering at his crush and 2) would have never met CJ because Rigby was the one who made the dating account that actually brought Mordecai and CJ together
ITS AYN Ай мурун
He's a SIMP!!!
Saenz _13
Saenz _13 Ай мурун
Lmao eww it sounds like youre mad at a cartoon character
Mari Animates
Mari Animates Ай мурун
I already hate Mordecai
Gasoline Sleeve
Gasoline Sleeve Ай мурун
Back doesn’t even sound like a word anymore
Tornadoboy Ай мурун
I personally identify closely with Rigby, I left high school without graduating, never got a license, but I always do what I can for my friends even though I screw up sometimes. He's not stupid or lazy necessarily, he just sees himself as low so he never tries as hard for himself. But no matter what, he always stands up for his friends and people he cares about.
Xavier Perez
Xavier Perez Ай мурун
I'm here for this Mordecai bashing
Yum Yum Yum And A Liverwurst A La Mode
Yum Yum Yum And A Liverwurst A La Mode Ай мурун
But that’s the thing. I already do.
Cristopher Hernandez
Cristopher Hernandez Ай мурун
They both might’ve screwed up but they’re still best friends and the coolest dudes out there and that’s all that matters to me 🦝 💛🐦
Typo number 893
Typo number 893 Ай мурун
The show was ahead of it's time
Micro-k Ай мурун
You deserve 800k more subs
My favorite character from My Hero is Bakugo. Nothing can make me hate a character at this point.
The Tea King Axl
The Tea King Axl Ай мурун
Wow what a frickin' simp
I drink a lot of wate
I drink a lot of wate Ай мурун
Mordecai was a simp before it was cool
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0
Christian Darius Stevenson 2.0 Ай мурун
I thought it was the time episode where mordecai accidentally destroyed Rigby
Epic7Ate9 Ай мурун
I’ll never hate mordecai or rigby no matter what since I’ve grown up with them as characters in the show
Andia On Youtube
Andia On Youtube Ай мурун
Alternative title : Panda Gets Angry because of a simping Blue Jay betraying a Racoon.
I like to draw
I like to draw Ай мурун
B R U H Ай мурун
The worlds first simp
Ashley Dillow
Ashley Dillow Ай мурун
Did you see the movie.
Rileydiger GD
Rileydiger GD Ай мурун
5:45 Darwin?
Yooshie Man
Yooshie Man Ай мурун
It's Time To Cover THAT Mordecai Episode
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