Things Only Adults Notice In Sky High

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Disney's Sky High is a charming superhero movie about growing up, getting through high school, and saving the world. If you only ever watched it as a kid, however, you're missing a lot of the movie's best puns, details, and dynamics. These are the parts of Sky High only the grown-ups get.
Sky High's protagonist, Will Stronghold, has multiple Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny posters on his wall. This R-rated 2006 stoner comedy focuses on a pair of slackers on a quest to become the greatest band of all time - not exactly the kind of thing the kids watching the PG-rated Sky High would tend to notice. But that's not the only interesting bit of memorabilia in Will's room. He also has a poster of the Aquabats, a celebrated real-world superhero rock band, known best for their costumes and sense of fun. Not only does that put Will's tastes in line with the coolest nerds of the '90s; it works in-universe - perhaps the Aquabats are actually superheroes in the world of Sky High?
Beyond this, Will has sketches, a lot of space-themed window stickers and posters, and even a guitar leaning up against the wall, behind a weight training bench. At a normal high school, he probably would have actually been cool, with or without superpowers.
Watch this video for more things only adults notice in Sky High!
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Will's room decor | 0:00
Layla's leather bag | 1:09
"Not Wonder Woman" | 2:01
Superpowered politics | 3:00
Clever references | 4:11
Spongebob and Karen | 5:47
Costumes with character | 6:40
'80s influences | 7:34
Clueless adults | 8:26
Caped crime-fighters | 9:13
Double puberty | 10:30
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Spawn 1960
Spawn 1960 19 саат мурун
If you are super hero standing on a mortal house to catch a school............
Tony White
Tony White Күн мурун
You forgot Tonic Avenger. lol
Rusty Von Hammerdown
Rusty Von Hammerdown Күн мурун
There's a lot of punk and emo band stuff going on in that room: Get Up Kids, The Misfits, The Hunns, etc...
James White
James White 2 күн мурун
Someone actually managed to make up over 11 minutes of nonsense. Except for some of the posters at the beginning that you would have to pause to see in the first place there isn't a single surprise or overlooked clue or story idea. Anyone over the age of 10 would have caught most of it
aciarduce 3 күн мурун
"....who played the titular character from...." Gotta love it when the words pun themselves :D
Gregory Kiernan
Gregory Kiernan 9 күн мурун
R.I.P Kelly Preston.
King Kang
King Kang 12 күн мурун
Never saw this but isn't this movie "XMen meets the Incredibles"
Cailean Morrison
Cailean Morrison 13 күн мурун
Actually Pink is “Traditionally” a masculine colour it’s only in modern history has the colour become feminine
Gideon Ocholi
Gideon Ocholi 14 күн мурун
Wow. I watched this as a kid, so I guess am going to watch it again!!!
EmoAce Art
EmoAce Art 18 күн мурун
Layla’s bag is probably pleather, I don’t think it’s real leather
kiznaive 28
kiznaive 28 20 күн мурун
Not gonna lie but Gwen Stacy is for the street
Disney's Little Einsteins Fan
Disney's Little Einsteins Fan 24 күн мурун
I bet after Will and his friends defeated Royal Pain and her gain and saved Sky High they will become the Sensational Six. Like the Fantastic Four but with six superheroes with different powers. If Disney were to ever make a sequel of Sky High they need to use that Sensational Six super hero name.
matthew slonaker
matthew slonaker 24 күн мурун
Up up and away. Hahaha tin foil funny weekines
Kenton Reynolds
Kenton Reynolds 26 күн мурун
Sky high came out in 2005 how did he have movie posters for something in 2006? Am I missing something?
IggyP 26 күн мурун
Anyone else notice Gwen Stacy's outfit in the Amazing Spider-Man resembles the same color scheme as Spider-Gwen?
Cori Bratcher
Cori Bratcher 26 күн мурун
Warren and Layla shod have ended up together
Chris Emptage
Chris Emptage 26 күн мурун
I love that movie
slojoe58 27 күн мурун
We need a sequel where the cast comes back as teachers!
꧁Spice Princess Art꧂
꧁Spice Princess Art꧂ 26 күн мурун
there was supposed to be a sequel! AND a tv show. But it all got scrapped :/
Patrick Rowe
Patrick Rowe 27 күн мурун
Surprisingly good movie too bad it didn’t have a good box office
Paul Davis
Paul Davis 28 күн мурун
Actually there is a separate cut where Royal Pain has a costume that is pink. They redid the colors to the gold and silver for the final cut.
MittenMade 74
MittenMade 74 29 күн мурун
Mary Jane over Gwen
da Bunnyman
da Bunnyman Ай мурун
By all rights Sky High should have been a typical Disney disposable teen movie. The adult cast saves it along with a clever script.
ParaVet Ай мурун
I don't think the striped sleeves are a hint at prison stripes. I think it's more based on an optical illusion effect. Having horizontal stripes on his arms when they stretch out would make it harder to track the depth of them. It's hard to describe.
I would be happy if the girl who clones herself would be 10 of her I would be ok 👍🏾👀🤤🤤🤤🤤
Dimithar Dimitrov
Dimithar Dimitrov Ай мурун
I'm surprised you never mentioned the coming out allegory when Will's parents were coming to terms with him not having any powers.
TheFikri136 Ай мурун
Man, I'm glad this movie exist in 2000s. Because it would fail terribly if it came out today. Back then, we didn't have a lot of live-action superheroes.
DEATH111183 Ай мурун
ok, the whole "lash's striped sleeves are like an old school prison theme" while kind of sort of make some sense...... they served more of a tactical purpose. the vertical lines on his sleeves for an optical illusion when he's say, punching, or reaching for someone. making it harder to gauge their distance. it's one of the many reasons boxers haven't worn arm bands since 1912. and it's been proven multiple times over. so this is more practical than it is a nod to old timey prison uniforms.... which had more a matching vertical stripe around the body with the arms now.... not when the arms are horizontal
DEATH111183 28 күн мурун
@Jory only in the movies. but if you think otherwise...... we'll let that continue to be your history
Jory Ай мурун
the stripes have always been horizontal but okay
Haris Phares
Haris Phares Ай мурун
Am I the only one laughing realising she's Killer Frost from the Flash
Mr. Chapel Wolfwood
Mr. Chapel Wolfwood Ай мурун
Shouldn't Ron Wilson be a reference to Toxic Avenger and not Joker?
Go Hawks
Go Hawks Ай мурун
Never noticed the bus driver was Farva from Super Troopers
Bonehead1710 Ай мурун
Ah. Hero Academy USA
J Johnson
J Johnson Ай мурун
I liked the aquabats it was good not bad but great as well
Patrick Flomo
Patrick Flomo Ай мурун
They should make a sky high 2
Prakash Rawat
Prakash Rawat Ай мурун
0:55 Will would've died even before the movie would've begun if his dad hadn't intervened in time to prevent Will from lifting that without supervision.
Oghenetejiri Imieye
Oghenetejiri Imieye Ай мурун
We need a sky high series on disney plus
David Savage
David Savage Ай мурун
1:19 Leyla's leather bag...and leather jacket.
Ese ikuku
Ese ikuku Ай мурун
what is that amazing beat at towards end and where can I get it?
R Nation
R Nation Ай мурун
This is by far my favorite Disney movie
David Kirby
David Kirby Ай мурун
Kurt Russell (hero dad) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (popular girl/villain) are the protagonists of The Thing (1982) and The Thing (2011), respectively.
Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson Ай мурун
This live action "My Hero Academia" movie looks pretty good. They even got the girl from the Flash
Patraic Ай мурун
I love the bit where the Commander gets upset his son is a sidekick, grabs a wireless phone, crushes it because he's upset, then reaches into a drawer filled with replacements.
zadegets faded
zadegets faded Ай мурун
Why they never made a sequel I’ll never know
Trader Jeaux
Trader Jeaux Ай мурун
The neighborly quill ultimately gaze because message gradually grin aboard a jumpy softdrink. melodic, venomous wren
Kelly Parish
Kelly Parish Ай мурун
You missed that the principal also ‘spun’ ;)
Rob Senzig
Rob Senzig Ай мурун
Interesting. I had always compared Sky High to the animated Saturday morning cartoon Hero High that came out in the early eighties that was also about a high school for superhero teenagers who was dealing with regular teenage problems.
Sam S
Sam S Ай мурун
Just think this movie was the starting place for Danielle Panabaker (Layla - plant woman) who now plays Killer Frost on the CW's The Flash. Probably they looked at her performance here realizing she could pull off the green screen work pretty easily, since she did it as a kid. Being a decent actress, it made her casting easier.
ed bauer
ed bauer Ай мурун
Lynda carter.. Wonder Woman Ha Ha titular Ha Ha
ArtGBralick Ай мурун
I do like this movie a lot.
Karl Royale
Karl Royale Ай мурун
I think you completely underestimated the intelligence of the audience for this movie ..
itdadof3 Ай мурун
RIP Kelly Preston
benkenobisgirl Ай мурун
Principal Powers still wore gold bracelets. You even showed it!
Neri Hawks
Neri Hawks Ай мурун
The obsequious lunch corroboratively employ because bomb interstingly moor worth a oval beech. brief, savory appliance
Dennis Lim
Dennis Lim Ай мурун
Didn't know that spongebob's & karen's voice actors were in this movie
dbzgal04 Ай мурун
"I went through puberty twice, for this?!" I wouldn't go through puberty a second time for a million bucks! In fact, I'd rather sleep with the Grim Reaper!
DethroneME Ай мурун
Tenacious D and the POD was released in 2006. Sky High was released in 2005 so its not referencing the movie but the band.
Heave Ай мурун
Boku no Hero Acad-
Nightengale NoxRose
Nightengale NoxRose Ай мурун
Sky High is my favorite Disney movie by far and among my top 5 favorite films EVER!
Eric Seitzler
Eric Seitzler Ай мурун
Why is this a list?its not like this was a huge hit,I mean I liked it a lot but its not such a big hit that it deserves its own list.go Bruce Campbell!! Groovy!
DTD110865 Ай мурун
Even as Sue Tenney, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was pretty. FYI, Claire Standish was not the nature lover that Layla Williams was, and she wouldn't have been caught dead with flat hair and braids.
Shijio Hirojima
Shijio Hirojima Ай мурун
I'm a 2000's kid, why did I get most of these references?
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez Ай мурун
I am sorry, I didn't knew Linda at that time :(
Matthew Writer
Matthew Writer Ай мурун
1:08 Maybe you only think it is real leather, maybe it actually is fake leather? 5:00 Yeah, I think we all saw this one easily...even before it was revealed who the main villian is.
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Ай мурун
They forgot the most adult joke of all during the Cafeteria fight when Coach Boomer convinces Science dude to have a foursome with two evil twins and after agreeing he says "aww you dirty dog."
Angel Perez
Angel Perez Ай мурун
A double date probably
R C Ай мурун
Trash video
MarioM45 Ай мурун
Kelly Preston was such a beautiful woman...RIP dear lady.
woodrobin Ай мурун
Wonder Woman . . . "titular heroine" . . . I see what you did there.
Timothy Norville
Timothy Norville Ай мурун
When I watched this, I thought they kept calling him “War and Peace” thinking it was his “hero/villain name.” It took me awhile to realize they were saying Warren Peace
chris-n -sallyjo
chris-n -sallyjo Ай мурун
when ron willson the bus driver fell in to the vat of toxic waste mentioned at the end I always thought of "The Toxic Avenger" just cause it shows him using a push broom and the toxic avenger used a mop.
LaGataRusa Ай мурун
Layla's leather bag was probably found in a thrift store. Also, the instances of her using her powers... with the apple, she was trying to cheer up her crush, so in her teenage mind, that was a worthy situation, and with the flower... I think she couldn't control it, as her powers seem to be in sync with her emotions.
cliff rayner
cliff rayner Ай мурун
I can see where Kohei Horikoshi got his inspiration for My Hero Academia
Joey M
Joey M Ай мурун
Kelly Preston is such a babe in this!!!
Movie Game Dude 2021
Movie Game Dude 2021 Ай мурун
Sky high had the original Wonder Woman and Frost
Annabelle Land
Annabelle Land Ай мурун
Ok, but can we get a spin-off of how Warren's parents met. And Will's parents ig too
jeremy lemings
jeremy lemings Ай мурун
We kinda do, only they changed Warren's name to Shoto Todoroki and told it in anime form.
Frank Bingham
Frank Bingham Ай мурун
The sky high powers were amazing and the film was good.
Gatorkid365 Ай мурун
There was with rumor that there was supposed to be four movies. Following Will and his friends though each year of high school, not sure if this was true but that movie had a special place in my heart
꧁Spice Princess Art꧂
꧁Spice Princess Art꧂ 26 күн мурун
And a tv show! There was talk of them also making a whole freaking entire tv show but it all got canceled and I'm STILL bitter about it.
Great U.S. Treasure Hunt
Great U.S. Treasure Hunt Ай мурун
Why wouldn't she sport a leather bag? Her powers are entwined with plants, not cows.
Haq Amar
Haq Amar Ай мурун
The MHA before MHA
trikami Ай мурун
Mr. Krabs gotta worrie about spongebob and planktons pillow talk...
theluffy99 Ай мурун
My hero academia copied this.
duvett ramos
duvett ramos Ай мурун
as a little girl i always though the kids mom and the brunette were fine asf still are tbh
Skoora Ай мурун
This was a good movie. It’s hard to qualify why but every now and then one of these types of movies just has a certain charm or chemistry where it has staying power even as we get older. Can still hear Bruce Campbell yelling “Siiiiidekick!” Great supporting cast.
Danny Perez
Danny Perez Ай мурун
I loved sky high! 😩
avg joe gaming
avg joe gaming Ай мурун
Even spongebob has to have some adult content
Heatwave619 Ай мурун
They make a sequel for Shark Boy and Lava Girl, but not for this movie?
hydrolito Ай мурун
Linda is a common name and so is Carter so probably someone else with that name. There is also more than one Ronald McDonald and John Smith also.
Brandie Lee
Brandie Lee Ай мурун
Fun facts, leather bags are more environmentally friendly.
cbwroses Ай мурун
I guess I missed something because I don’t understand how being a pacifist prevents her from having leather items. Did pacifist = vegan when I wasn’t paying attention and it’s just that no one told me?
krlitos Ай мурун
that was a good movie, loved it.
Tabatha Carruthers
Tabatha Carruthers Ай мурун
Probably faux leather
Lily Hawk
Lily Hawk 2 ай мурун
This needs to be a show 💯
Brandan Miller
Brandan Miller 2 ай мурун
Imagine if Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman gone to The Homecoming Dance and we seen them being Pacified and turned back into babies again to be raised up to be evil villains!!???
Harley Laufeyson
Harley Laufeyson 2 ай мурун
"I went to puberty twice for this!" Five:*coughs*
Arkaka Baraq
Arkaka Baraq 21 күн мурун
jacob drolet
jacob drolet 2 ай мурун
Amazing I love sky high and funny that warren peace end up with the ice girl at the end of movie at the dance because he fire 🔥 starter.
Junior Rivas
Junior Rivas 2 ай мурун
Lol hero acadamia before hero acadamia
ShreadTheWeapon 2 ай мурун
When first I came around to Sky High the year after it was in the cinema, I was peeved that Disney decided to include covers of all these awesome classics, instead of licensing the original tunes. (At first, it wasn’t helped by the Bowling for Soup cover of Modern English.) I’ve since changed my mind. The covers aren’t bad at all, especially including the female fronted versions of “Just What I Needed” and “Lies”.
Zeffen Thurow
Zeffen Thurow 2 ай мурун
Loved this movie.
j cole
j cole 2 ай мурун
Dear looper, less adds
Marcos Nonato
Marcos Nonato 2 ай мурун
Steve Stronghold - Ego (Guardians of the Galaxy 2) Gwen Grayson - Huntress (Birds of Prey) Layla Wiliams - Killer Frost (The Flash)
Jack Bits
Jack Bits 2 ай мурун
Very underrated movie.
MrGonzale09 2 ай мурун
so this was elizabeth winstead first super hero movie?
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