The worst thing that's ever happened to me

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Jaiden Animations

7 ай мурун

lol december wasn't great

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Don't get too stressed or you might get itchy

FRANKIE I Miss you
FRANKIE I Miss you 54 мүнөт мурун
The word that can describe the itchiness is SUPERCALIFAGILISIC
Tiny_Red_ Fox
Tiny_Red_ Fox Саат мурун
Cool thing about owning lizards is that Its impossible to develope an allergy to them. >:3
Amber Powell
Amber Powell Саат мурун
I had hives it’s got in my eyes :(
Henk idfk
Henk idfk 2 саат мурун
♡Dawn_UwU♡ 3 саат мурун
I was just playing video games... *literally playing goose virus*
Koala Demon
Koala Demon 4 саат мурун
When it comes back Jaiden: well we meet again
Amy Andrade
Amy Andrade 4 саат мурун
Amy Andrade
Amy Andrade 4 саат мурун
I had poison ivy before and tried to avoid itching it or moving where it is cuz that it will burn
It's Guff Time
It's Guff Time 7 саат мурун
Ok she is like me cause I had to go to the hospital since I had have.
azi reign
azi reign 7 саат мурун
rotten tomato
rotten tomato 7 саат мурун
who else just felt really itchy during this video
sour apple
sour apple 8 саат мурун
Haha... I-
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones 9 саат мурун
My. Granddaughter has a allergic reaction to things that sting she has the epipen on us at all times so thanks for the vid just found you one day on KGpost and intensity loved your channel
mohammed noor
mohammed noor 9 саат мурун
roadworkahead isurehopeitdoes
roadworkahead isurehopeitdoes 11 саат мурун
jesus: *fails at curing hives* there’s nothing we can do ! steroids: im about to ruin this mans whole career
awamleh Abdul
awamleh Abdul 12 саат мурун
The nasty tanker biomechanically pull because multi-hop sadly grin amongst a delirious rhinoceros. juvenile, spiffy sack
FaZe Arvid
FaZe Arvid 12 саат мурун
I have also have hives and i got it after an alarcic chock
EliteAir72 17 саат мурун
I know someone who actually died from a allergic reaction
oliver john
oliver john 18 саат мурун
Made me laugh like so much
Jia Wei Ye
Jia Wei Ye 20 саат мурун
Omg same I had eaten a shit Ron of chocolate and I had hives from my head to my legs it traveled through my body then I ate some more chocolate ice and it just built up. And it SUCKED OMG ain’t was like migraines
Zayne Bahls
Zayne Bahls 20 саат мурун
honeyxtae 20 саат мурун
me having hives rn: 👁👄👁
Zenia Cero-Soler
Zenia Cero-Soler 22 саат мурун
I feel what you feel jaiden. Literally i have itches. It got worse but healed. Then when i was 9 or 10 it was back. Then i know what to do, i just need to do is not touching the infected area.
Mayali Sanchez
Mayali Sanchez 22 саат мурун
When she said knuckle sandwich I thought of an idiot sandwich 😂
Byron Myers
Byron Myers 23 саат мурун
im allergic to peanuts and i've needed an epipen and i hated it (I think i was five)
``Furry`` ``Sans`` •w•
``Furry`` ``Sans`` •w• 23 саат мурун
*for some reason I got a little itchy watching this.*
xXPandaLillieXx 23 саат мурун
Zertyc, aloe vera works for hives.. I have somthing similar to this. It's a random form of algeladema where it's not caused by anything you are or did. Just your body going wonky. Mine happens now mainly if my skin was irritated for too long. Normal zertyc an some aloe vera makes em go down.
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma Күн мурун
The hives look great for shadow
Zion Meier
Zion Meier Күн мурун
Sweetie Reece
Sweetie Reece Күн мурун
You:PAIN AHHHHH Me: look at you strawberry cow~
Gilly Savard
Gilly Savard Күн мурун
Yo I had hives over the summer... but... see they were on my eyelids... I agree. Literally the worst thing ever
kacper 24
kacper 24 Күн мурун
make the likes 666 on this video!!
Nielsjen Күн мурун
Justin Y's Family
Justin Y's Family Күн мурун
anyone notice in the thumbnail she has the same character pose as her best/worst videos thumbnail
The gamer And friends
The gamer And friends Күн мурун
I actually am growing an ant colony from a queen ant. Very interesting 🧐 actually. Also not one of these gel farm things like a real colony.
L!zard Күн мурун
I get hives a lot. ytuyiuhyivgjh vn
Jose Cedillos
Jose Cedillos Күн мурун
I Have Never Had Hives
Beholden ツ
Beholden ツ Күн мурун
I go what you went through in this video everyday:(
Jay Pee
Jay Pee Күн мурун
i had hives but my mom wouldn't take me to the hospital. when you finally think its gone 2 hours later its back 100000000 times worse its stupid
Mia the moon dancer Moon
Mia the moon dancer Moon Күн мурун
When I was three or four I had a huge Hive on my back
ItzElina Cookies
ItzElina Cookies Күн мурун
Does epipen hurt?
Jayanti Shankar
Jayanti Shankar Күн мурун
Awhh she suffered this much cause of stress 😭
i._duke_.i Күн мурун
I’ve had hives before it’s terrible
Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza Күн мурун
1:40, I wish dat I hav a Nitendo Switch........
My sister's channel
My sister's channel Күн мурун
lol reminds me of the time i got one of those ant glass things where they dig tunnels and then guess what happened? I SPILT THE WHOLE DAMN THING ON MY CARPETED FLOOR AND WAS BIT LIKE HELL
Dang That's A Long Name Abby and Ally
Dang That's A Long Name Abby and Ally Күн мурун
i had hives one time and i was 3 lol
indiana ingberman
indiana ingberman Күн мурун
Um, I've been stressed lately, and when I get hot or embarrassed, I get an itchy feeling. I think its good I saw this
fanf guys??
fanf guys?? Күн мурун
Chets nuts LOL
the top notch one.
the top notch one. Күн мурун
May God be with you Jaden
Toast Is Great
Toast Is Great Күн мурун
I have had hives when I was in kindergarten and I had so much pain it hurt so much,we tried to see if I was allergic to anything but we couldn’t find anything I was allergic to but it wasn’t as severe as yours.
Kyle N Valerie Messick
Kyle N Valerie Messick Күн мурун
Aaliyah Prudent
Aaliyah Prudent Күн мурун
Im about ded
Left 4 dead Style
Left 4 dead Style Күн мурун
I'm 8
HarleyQuinn5510 Күн мурун
I pray and hope to God this never happens to me, my worst fear is needles pftttt💀
SoftsGoneWrong 2 күн мурун
fun fact : my hives made a smiley face on my arm
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia 2 күн мурун
her father to get milk that's something i want
Fruit salad let's go!
Fruit salad let's go! 2 күн мурун
Jaiden: wishes i had an allergic reaction Me: *gets hives* Yes it is as bad as jaiden says
Ellyana R323
Ellyana R323 2 күн мурун
I just got hives, it's only on my arm and my mum said that she got it at my age to, IM 12 AAAAA
Help me reach 10k with no videos!
Help me reach 10k with no videos! 2 күн мурун
sushi kitten
sushi kitten 2 күн мурун
i'm just 8 :l
Jack Mccausland
Jack Mccausland 2 күн мурун
You sound like @odd1out sister
Abbie Whitehead
Abbie Whitehead 2 күн мурун
I cut my hand I have medical tape now
snowycat 2 күн мурун
1 month after see this video i got hives
Floofy Dinoz
Floofy Dinoz 2 күн мурун
My wish: *wanting to get every video game possible*
lovers moon with a coockie
lovers moon with a coockie 2 күн мурун
My dentist is quit nice and when it Pulls my teeth but it dosent hurt
Adelaide Plank
Adelaide Plank 2 күн мурун
Maybe she’s allergic to beds!
Ayona Dutta
Ayona Dutta 2 күн мурун
When Jaiden started to talk about hives, I felt itchy on my neck. I saw there was a literal blob on my neck. I went to a mirror to see what it was and to my suprise *it was just a mosquito bite*
Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai 2 күн мурун
im allergic to dust but just some sneezes
DracoRen 2 күн мурун
so that last one you can describe it as "painfully agonizingly unpog anguish"
Shenaraine Cambel
Shenaraine Cambel 2 күн мурун
Jaden needs help
Thidarat Chang
Thidarat Chang 2 күн мурун
Zac Urquhart
Zac Urquhart 2 күн мурун
She is allergic to beds 🛌😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you really might be allergic to beds lmao 😆
Zac Urquhart
Zac Urquhart 2 күн мурун
I watched every odd 1sout vid and he talks a lot about maiden animation so I came here AND IT IS AWESOME 😎 I HAVE ONLY WATHED 2 vids and it is amazing 🤩
Wertipe Batix
Wertipe Batix 2 күн мурун
You mean HIV?
Science done right
Science done right 2 күн мурун
I feel the hives came fr your bedsheet/bed cuz why not... DEMONIC BED
I have Control
I have Control 2 күн мурун
The hulk is life anymore
Josiah Wang
Josiah Wang 2 күн мурун
Well I almost drown
A. Animations
A. Animations Күн мурун
sklandog 2 күн мурун
“And I haven’t even been stabbed!” Hey Jaiden about that...
Woomy master
Woomy master 2 күн мурун
Bro I’m flexin’ on these nerds I’m not allergic to anything not even poison eve
FirestormGamer94 2 күн мурун
OK so I have a peanut allergy and I have had to use an epi-pen around 3 or 4 times in my life. And I can confirm that it is the instant solution. Like seriously I had this one really bad reaction once, and had to use it. I could (this part is a little graphic) physically feel my throat swelling up so a could not breathe, We had to pull over and use my epi-pen and let me just say, the moment I got injected with it, everything was fixed. I would have probably died if I had forgot it. I've never had hives that hurt that much though, it could be that its because I'm having a reaction whenever I get really bad hives, and I'm just too preoccupied, but who knows? Also love the videos!
jem dunn
jem dunn 2 күн мурун
A table nearly fell on me thats the worst thing that ever happened to me
Aidric Conroy
Aidric Conroy 2 күн мурун
do you like cats
tiny._.willow 2 күн мурун
1:38 holy jesus its ultimate goose game
Winter Strum302
Winter Strum302 3 күн мурун
as a person who gets horrible hives from just touching my arm with a toothbrush this is shockingly accurate.
Chainfire 3 күн мурун
Chainfire 3 күн мурун
Do you use wool blankets?
Cassandra Uligan
Cassandra Uligan 3 күн мурун
My mind that must’ve been pretty painfully jade
Linnea Clifton
Linnea Clifton 3 күн мурун
I’ve have hives before but they weren’t as bad as Jaidens. Good thing my mom was a doctor. Stress was my reason for it too
Specitmental 3 күн мурун
Alternate title: Jaiden gets infected with SCP-610.
Jaime Nava
Jaime Nava 3 күн мурун
We never got to now if he got the ants
Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly 3 күн мурун
Jaiden: I totally hope you have an allergic reaction. Me the next day: finds a random red itchy spot on my leg that's been there for about 2 days I hope it's not hives I've been jinxed XD
Rotate Throttle RBLX
Rotate Throttle RBLX 3 күн мурун
Who here got hives before? (Me)
Vanessa Laina
Vanessa Laina 3 күн мурун
i never realized how many jokes you made in your videos back then
MoonSin25 3 күн мурун
Are hives really that bad
A. Animations
A. Animations Күн мурун
Hell yes
Ali Reda Elhage
Ali Reda Elhage 3 күн мурун
i allmost died in choking but i am lactosian intalerance
Agheel Ahmed
Agheel Ahmed 3 күн мурун
i never had allergic LOL
ayden the skylanderchild
ayden the skylanderchild 3 күн мурун
i am alergic t o cinomin :|
txliptxwn ii
txliptxwn ii 3 күн мурун
8:02 PETT!! 9:43
Melissa Yilmaz
Melissa Yilmaz 3 күн мурун
This is why Jaden hates December :)
Ginger R
Ginger R 3 күн мурун
Ugh welcome to chronic eczema land 🙃
Army Gaming Studios
Army Gaming Studios 3 күн мурун
pan pan
pan pan 3 күн мурун
Tee hee I have chronic idiopathic urticaria which is a long term version of what jaiden had
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