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We may not have a fatal cutie, but Terry Bogard is here to face the fury.
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Any drawn thumbnails / outro art are made by Nova1Duke!
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Swear to my Bones from Persona 5 (Outro):

The pokemon dude
The pokemon dude 6 күн мурун
Who knew this was a combo f tilt power geyser
MuzzleDoof 3 күн мурун
Yes I knew that the week he came out, when did you learn this
Toby Tribbitt
Toby Tribbitt 10 күн мурун
I am now slightly ticked Mai isn't in the background or a spirit
PFSnypr 11 күн мурун
0:43 in chat someone said "inb4 byleth is added"
Bradley Pearl
Bradley Pearl 15 күн мурун
I honestly can't believe that Sakurai actually showed the bread-and-butter combo. He didn't realize the monsters he released.
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz 16 күн мурун
Down throw combos into chop to up smash at 0
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz 2 күн мурун
Nope, down throw to chop
MuzzleDoof 2 күн мурун
Do you mean up b instead of up smash
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz
BeyBlade Cringey b0iz 2 күн мурун
It works
MuzzleDoof 3 күн мурун
Huh, I don't think so. Down throw-Nair-Upsmash definitely isn't something I've seen.
code1snoring snow
code1snoring snow 21 күн мурун
I know how terry is he is from King of fighters and is very cool in it
CaedaV 26 күн мурун
Something Sakurai didn’t mention: at 0%, Power Charge combos into True Strong Input Power Dunk. This is a reference to Terry’s T.O.P. Attack, Max Dunk, from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.
everyone :
everyone : Ай мурун
I'm the 26'000th like
Hayes Odom
Hayes Odom Ай мурун
Lol Steve is in smash
JTK ALLDAY 2 ай мурун
I just realized that Terry says all his moves
AnonyMist Ай мурун
@Zeke Patford haha
Zeke Patford
Zeke Patford 2 ай мурун
He's helping the blind with their reads.
SwiftBlade4 2 ай мурун
I just want to know what the legal process is to getting a new fighter in Smash Bros.
Popbomber 2 ай мурун
I don’t think people realize that Sakurai is probably a god at random And then got destroyed by Toby Fox
VOx_ _Ama
VOx_ _Ama 2 ай мурун
He thought f tilt was f smash this whole time
Nintendope .
Nintendope . 2 ай мурун
12:34 people who never played smash 4: what was that mess
Nintendope .
Nintendope . 2 ай мурун
There's s many comments I could make cus if all the stuff that would make good comments but I can't be bothered and I don't just care about likes but I do care about my hands lol, so I won't comment no matter what because I want to spare your souls from the not good boys and girlsno matter what even though I really really want to
Nintendope .
Nintendope . 2 ай мурун
Alpharad : I want buster wolf side b, sakurai: well hold on there pal
Nicolas Pokusa
Nicolas Pokusa 3 ай мурун
You know I wish I could show off my smash skills but it’s so hard because it’s smash online plus my Terry is fuckin fire and Terry even got me into traditional fighting games like KOF and Mortal Kombat frickin sucks ass man :’(
Homemade Ramen
Homemade Ramen 4 ай мурун
Sakurai said “no titty”
Cody's Dumb Channel
Cody's Dumb Channel 4 ай мурун
Ken gameplay is revealed: IT'S GOOD RYU Terry gameplay is revealed: IT'S GOOD RYU BUT AGAIN
Superti Superti
Superti Superti 4 ай мурун
Why dose terry look kindof like mario
Sir Jeffmuhammed
Sir Jeffmuhammed 4 ай мурун
Superti Supertispaghd
Topyio 4 ай мурун
The real Adventure was the good boys and girls that we made along the way
Ryan Hero
Ryan Hero 4 ай мурун
“He didn’t call you young he called you a casual.” Alpharad, 2019
NITIKA somal
NITIKA somal 4 ай мурун
Super smash bros ultimate is for *good boys and girls* God that cracked me up soo hard
SuperBrainz Gaming
SuperBrainz Gaming 4 ай мурун
JWalkin 660
JWalkin 660 5 ай мурун
You seemed so scared of him. Honestly he looked like such a threat before he released
IvanY YvanI
IvanY YvanI 5 ай мурун
0:43 "inb4 Byleth is added" Is he from the future? Because I also renember someone saying "Piranha Plant!" Before the reveal in one of Alpha`s streams...
Conway from Wii Sports
Conway from Wii Sports 5 ай мурун
Shouldn’t have showed us the Jab jab power dunk
LikeGarlic 5 ай мурун
What’s the music at about 17:00?
Rylan Lutzko
Rylan Lutzko 5 ай мурун
Jab 1 jab 2 power dunk
Renee Rivers
Renee Rivers 5 ай мурун
Back b
Yuki 6 ай мурун
Echo bayonetta
Sahil 7 ай мурун
Terry has three final smashes tho
Sahil 7 ай мурун
Hey they added that guy from that one Nintendo Direct into Smash!
Soith 05
Soith 05 7 ай мурун
17:58 literally the entire article summed up lmao
K.K. Slider
K.K. Slider 7 ай мурун
Oh mai.
mobbr 7 ай мурун
"Did you know who he was?" I DID DAMMIT
Joe Hawaiian bathtoba
Joe Hawaiian bathtoba 7 ай мурун
Wait...all of the first dlcs were jostars
Lokiofasgard 7 ай мурун
I did know Terry but I knew another “certain” character better
Echo Knight
Echo Knight 7 ай мурун
Sakurai unleashed hell on on us with Jab jab POweRDunK
CallieBestGirl 7 ай мурун
Smash Bro’s is for Good Boys and Girls
swinn 7 ай мурун
some dude in the comments at the beginning said "inb4 Byleth is added" LMAO
Rathalomaniac 7 ай мурун
King of Fighters '98 was the first game I got for the Switch, and Terry was my main in that game. I love this.
Nosagames Nosagames
Nosagames Nosagames 7 ай мурун
Are you ok?
Dum&Rolly 7 ай мурун
I did actually know who Terry was. I played a lot of KOF 12
TheBreakFast 7 ай мурун
at 0:47 you can see people predicting byleth in smash
Isha Boi
Isha Boi 7 ай мурун
I love the progression of alphas realizing how powerful he is
Marquis de Lafayette
Marquis de Lafayette 8 ай мурун
jokes you on alpharad i played him on KOF 2012
Teh Whaffle
Teh Whaffle 8 ай мурун
Dude I'm the same i need a beat to go with for any traditional inputs. By the way does anyone else know that sakurai plays four player matches all with different characters BY HIMSELF team games to like dude he can do whombo combos alone like DUDE sakurai's insane!
emprah the rocket
emprah the rocket 8 ай мурун
Sakurai:Mai shiranui is not included Me:*laughs in ganondorf*.
Splat 3.0
Splat 3.0 8 ай мурун
I knew who he was solely because of Death Battle
Easton Tao
Easton Tao 8 ай мурун
17:28 i see bounce girl, i like
Rodrigo L Ramírez
Rodrigo L Ramírez 8 ай мурун
I was introduced to terry and king of fighters in general as a young age thanks to my father he’s a fan of the games and so am I personally my favorite is king of fighters 97
Neighborly y
Neighborly y 8 ай мурун
What moves do you want to put on terry Sakuri: yes
GachazGamer Online
GachazGamer Online 8 ай мурун
What About If You Just Do What the Final Smash Do Power Geyser Power Dunk And Buster Wolf XD
reconnick13 8 ай мурун
Someone in the chat predicted the future around 0:45.
dougpouncey 8 ай мурун
r u ok?
Vinny Gaeta
Vinny Gaeta 8 ай мурун
11:10 a good pun lets not get terryed awayed
Mr. IDK670
Mr. IDK670 8 ай мурун
Sakurai: Mai Shiranui will not be in the game because it's for young boys and girls. Bayonetta: Imma act like nothing happened
Kentucky Fried Frick
Kentucky Fried Frick 9 ай мурун
only good boys and girls punch each other.
Ace 9 ай мурун
At the time of me seeing this this video is at 666k views For your information :)
Hisoka's Seduction
Hisoka's Seduction 9 ай мурун
15:48 oh alpha just came 0_0
Pedro Landeros
Pedro Landeros 9 ай мурун
"He fights in jeans? Dude's wild!" I'm not the only one who flexes on others by playing sports or fighting in jeans right?
Linard Gascon
Linard Gascon 9 ай мурун
17:08 Alpharad: ok cool, oh mai. do you get the pun
keaton shepard
keaton shepard 9 ай мурун
KGpost messed up as soon as he said uh ohh
Foamable 9 ай мурун
His Forward throw is buster throw, his Backward throw is buster through, his Downward throw is buster throw, and his Upward throw is buster throw
Random_ Dude
Random_ Dude 9 ай мурун
Terry: exists Ocirina of time players: pushes up glasses
Trepu San
Trepu San 9 ай мурун
Some people came here for Mai's tiddies, I came here for Terry's instead
Doct Joe
Doct Joe 9 ай мурун
Uh, I did
Adan Flores123
Adan Flores123 9 ай мурун
I just had a commercial of terry in it
Denise Adnitt
Denise Adnitt 9 ай мурун
I know him and I'm 13
Tru Noom
Tru Noom 9 ай мурун
denise adnitt weird flex but okay
SEEYA_LE 10 ай мурун
remember when sakurai showed us jab jab power dunk
Nmac 10 ай мурун
When they first see the stage: walk off After: NO WALK OFF
Marko 11 ай мурун
Robert Wall
Robert Wall 11 ай мурун
Sakurai: Super smash bros is for good boys and girls, for many different ages. Bayonetta: * dies of laughter *
jokebuddy 11 ай мурун
No Mai November
Killian the gamer
Killian the gamer 11 ай мурун
Killian the gamer
Killian the gamer 11 ай мурун
Killian the gamer
Killian the gamer 11 ай мурун
Doggo 11 ай мурун
Smash Bros is for good boys and girls so we I'll not be adding Mai 😏
Fwog lover 6969
Fwog lover 6969 Жыл мурун
Imagin Tim and moby in smash, and the reveal trailer
O KINGS O Жыл мурун
2:26 burn!,!,!
It’s ok T-V
It’s ok T-V Жыл мурун
I actually did my aunt gave a plug and play with it from china
Erick LeMaster
Erick LeMaster Жыл мурун
“Something nutty is gonna come out of this” *clears throat* Upair-dair-nair-ftilt-buster wolf
llama_1969 Жыл мурун
r u "okey"?
xblaze20o9 Жыл мурун
God bless america!
Rainbow Yoshi989
Rainbow Yoshi989 Жыл мурун
Alphard: I knew he would have special moves Me an intellectual: you didnt know he had special moves, you only could have known if you helped make him in production. We never actually know anything, we only make a guess that would be reasonable as truth. However, in truth it may not have happened
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
Captain Coolz — CT-3001 Жыл мурун
Sakurai in 2030: Obi-Wan Kenobi uses all of his moves from Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith, a game released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 Xbox And GameCube. For example, his combo attacks are all exact replicas of those attacks.
Evangelion Addict
Evangelion Addict Жыл мурун
Sakurai is the fucking best
Liggliluff Жыл мурун
(7:05) I've been thinking of having back special for smash for a while. It would be like a smash special; you hit it backwards and special. You can still make a reverse forward by tilting the stick instead of smashing it.
Grantonator Жыл мурун
they can include Mai by making an alternative outfit for Jigglypuff
Tjmm3Akatyler Жыл мурун
Down B does spike. You have to hit him with the last hit box of the down B. It requires good knowledge about spacing.
Quick Man
Quick Man Жыл мурун
Smash community is the only community that gets angry when the new character is cool
Fgbgob Жыл мурун
When they don’t put Mai in smash because of good boys but it’s really there to help us beat No Nut November Me :D
lycanroc plays
lycanroc plays Жыл мурун
It sound like bust ur balls
Lev Greenberg
Lev Greenberg Жыл мурун
ALL I FRICCING WANT IS MAGNUS (kid icarus uprising) OR SORA (kingdom hearts series)
Lev Greenberg
Lev Greenberg Жыл мурун
Hero: am I a joke to you
Necrotix Жыл мурун
Princess flower
Princess flower Жыл мурун
I did all the way from 1993.
Smustang Жыл мурун
Oh no, it's Scary Terry! ...I'm sure everyone has made that joke already
Dragontamer 767
Dragontamer 767 Жыл мурун
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