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Corpse Husband

2 ай мурун

And it was beautiful
Listen 2 my new song:
Edited by: nogooddavis
Thumbnail by: chryseuswitch

S C Houston
S C Houston 13 мүнөт мурун
Bobbyboy is right corpse does have a very nice voice me and my friends aren't scared of his voice we love it, very nice voice welcome corpseヽ(゜▽゜ )-C
S C Houston
S C Houston 20 мүнөт мурун
Hi corpse how's your day, Please reply back to me I'm your biggest fan please. If you don't want to I respect that, but please and thank you
Sabrina Butler
Sabrina Butler 34 мүнөт мурун
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Carlos Alejandro Guerra Rodriguez
Carlos Alejandro Guerra Rodriguez 59 мүнөт мурун
Honestly, props to the editor he's a master of what he does
Aaron Duncan
Aaron Duncan Саат мурун
Ik corpse hands were sweating after that second game 😂
Demon_Fox Саат мурун
I just realized when Corps kills when turning the lights off, they can't see because the lights are off. But we can see the other people. (I hope that makes sense)
I̶N̶o̶t̶L̶u̶n̶a̶ Саат мурун
My friend sounds exactly like Corpse ngl
Crimson TricksterX *The Small Gamer*
Crimson TricksterX *The Small Gamer* 2 саат мурун
after watching you and jimmy playing this think i'm going to start playing haha :')
rxzor chxp
rxzor chxp 4 саат мурун
TabbyPlayz 4 саат мурун
Me realising this was uploaded on my birthday: *omg*
Funny Føx
Funny Føx 4 саат мурун
When bobby was swearing his head off sykkuno looked shocked 😂
TELMEN 6 саат мурун
Just randomly checked on Corpse cause he is so popular these days. And i watched over 2 hours of Among Us. It's really addictive.
Haylie Price
Haylie Price 8 саат мурун
He’s playing with the rapper logic omg I just realized
fox love 11
fox love 11 8 саат мурун
20:26 me being a sothern woman that hit different 😹
Mysterious bat Dislike all the videos
Mysterious bat Dislike all the videos 8 саат мурун
Corpse and sykkuno I love them but not in a romantic way it’s just I just want to hug them and chat with Tea 🖤💚🖤💚🖤
fox love 11
fox love 11 8 саат мурун
Am I the only one that noticed that karl looked scared when Mr Beast said are we having a three-way?
Aaryan Plays
Aaryan Plays 8 саат мурун
Love you
Epic gamer Makayla
Epic gamer Makayla 8 саат мурун
I am ćörpśè 👹
Darth Bricks
Darth Bricks 10 саат мурун
When Poki died I thought I heard Karl screeming like
Paige Zinicola
Paige Zinicola 10 саат мурун
personally, CORPSE is like the best he’s got a pretty voice, the best personality (honestly i’m not even lying-) and I honestly don’t like he has to deal with the “stans” that try to force him to do stuff he doesn’t want tk, but I love his songs!
Amish abdussalam
Amish abdussalam 11 саат мурун
Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that Rae died the same way both rounds Corpse call lights in security, vent in and Rae goes to fix lights and BAM she's dead
Tori Turner
Tori Turner 12 саат мурун
Copose as a deep voice and It's jady sovin
Armando Gonzalez
Armando Gonzalez 14 саат мурун is corpse's voice so deep in real life I mean.....what!?
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean 14 саат мурун
drino zhao
drino zhao 17 саат мурун
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Abdul Hadi aqeel
Abdul Hadi aqeel 19 саат мурун
please corpse i love your channel and your voice and i want you to play a horror game like slenderman,granny etc
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz 19 саат мурун
Why so many fucken ads holy shit
leatherhangman 19 саат мурун
i love corpse!
Raelynn Ells
Raelynn Ells 21 саат мурун
I love that his voice is so deep but it is soothing at the same time
Sara Buck
Sara Buck 21 саат мурун
Bobby is not interested in this at all
Intan 22 саат мурун
Corpse nailed the Simon Says impression
Norzehan Mat Lazin
Norzehan Mat Lazin 22 саат мурун
I play with my brother in among us lol
Marianne Navidad
Marianne Navidad 22 саат мурун
Smoothee 23 саат мурун
I barely recognized Dream was there, he was so quiet 😂
Henwy Murphy
Henwy Murphy 23 саат мурун
Your missing markiplier :(
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez Күн мурун
The little animated part😂😂 Corpse when he got imposter with pewds:fuck...NO Pewds:YEEEEEEEEES AAAAAAA LETS GO among us is in our favor today Me: *W H E E Z E*
JP Multimedia
JP Multimedia Күн мурун
Love the songs corpse also on dads acount :D
Jordan Costales
Jordan Costales Күн мурун
Corpse face reaveal pls
Aafreen alianie Diocolano
Aafreen alianie Diocolano Күн мурун
Hi corpse i just wonder what does ur face looks
Michael Raad
Michael Raad Күн мурун
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9- TWIX Күн мурун
Why didn’t poki say anything?? About corpse venting?
hope asmr
hope asmr Күн мурун
im so sorry ur dad was not with u
Leanne Haas
Leanne Haas Күн мурун
did anyone notice corpse sounds exactly like batman
Daniela Arias
Daniela Arias Күн мурун
why does sykkuno always coverse his face when his laughing?
molikeur Күн мурун
edit is on point dam
Elécrtix Күн мурун
make dream do a face reveal or else
MikexKenshin Күн мурун
GrayWolf14 Күн мурун
Corpse is now my favorite KGpostr.
animeboi in da cut
animeboi in da cut Күн мурун
31:35 All their reactions are so funny lmao
Georgie Ward
Georgie Ward Күн мурун
*ladies and gentle man, welcome to Simp Nation.*
samantha rivera
samantha rivera Күн мурун
i hope you know corpse that we love you not just for your voice, or your face, but for youself.
The Sun
The Sun Күн мурун
27:18 🤣🤣
Jacob Conover
Jacob Conover Күн мурун
I love to listen to logic
shreksbigbootycheeks Күн мурун
I'm sorry people are sexualizing your voice corpse
M RZ Күн мурун
BobbyBoy when talking to Rhymestyle 27:37 : "YOU A**HOLE, and I went to weapons and did the little f***ing thing that looks like a PILL AND I CLICKED IT" BobbyBoy when talking to toast 27:54 : "no I did the little pill thing that goes like 'boop!' " LMAOOOO
Christina Kottmeyer
Christina Kottmeyer Күн мурун
No one: Jack: *I want death to happen to me this round*
009 009
009 009 Күн мурун
Most of the viewers here are girls (;-;(his voiceee what nofap day is he on
NovaProjects Күн мурун
Choke me like you hate me but you love me
NovaProjects Күн мурун
Baby I’m not the right one you should wait OOOON
Mashiat Rodry
Mashiat Rodry Күн мурун
O oda oda oo🤣🤣🤣
ʀᴀʟsᴇɪ ᴅʀᴇᴇᴍᴜʀʀ
ʀᴀʟsᴇɪ ᴅʀᴇᴇᴍᴜʀʀ Күн мурун
You Got Yourself A New Subscriber
Cassidy Phantomhive
Cassidy Phantomhive Күн мурун
Me waiting for Dream to talk. Also me: listing to Corpse to say something hot oh wait- everything he says is hot.
Stacey Smith
Stacey Smith Күн мурун
I love copres
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 2 күн мурун
31:36 look at all those reactions lol.
DesGesh 2 күн мурун
i love how corpse keep dream face is secret.
Leen Bean
Leen Bean 2 күн мурун
LOL i got an among us ad whilst watching this vid XD
N1ckboss 2 күн мурун
Why is there 11 mid role ads.....
My Melody
My Melody 2 күн мурун
the dog xD
Anibanani 2 күн мурун
I just noticed everytime i look in the comments atleast 2 big youtubers are in the comments
Jameson Perry
Jameson Perry 2 күн мурун
I don’t think you care but Corpse I was born in San Diego to and I’m half irish
Viv South
Viv South 2 күн мурун
i love corpses voice
Dragon Dog DBZ
Dragon Dog DBZ 2 күн мурун
this is the first of his vids i watched and he has demon voice
Alexa Mac 'n' chese
Alexa Mac 'n' chese 2 күн мурун
De get'n way wit merdord
Jen Sorensen
Jen Sorensen 2 күн мурун
1:00 sykunno knows corpse is impostor (says he wont kill him) 1:07 even corpse said it himself
Ladarius Bogisich
Ladarius Bogisich 2 күн мурун
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When Evan Does This
When Evan Does This 2 күн мурун
Logic has no chill
Laina 2 күн мурун
Sorry but I don’t like you somehow
Lily UwU
Lily UwU 2 күн мурун
Me: opens video, oh mai gawd how many ads-
Jamie Rain
Jamie Rain 2 күн мурун
I’ve watched Bobby “vent” three times already and every time I do I’m dying watching him.
Sarah Montgomery
Sarah Montgomery 2 күн мурун
damn bobby got mad...
Jamie Rain
Jamie Rain 2 күн мурун
Ok, question. If poopi saw corpse vent. Why didn’t she report him?
comefindmedraws Күн мурун
She only saw the vent open, crewmate vision and all, so she didn't know it was corpse that vented
butter nj
butter nj 2 күн мурун
14:57 pewds ahhhh ahhhhh AHHHHHHHH yes
Stevie Boi
Stevie Boi 2 күн мурун
lmao im new subscriber
sara gascon
sara gascon 2 күн мурун
gg corpse husband
johnrobloxfan68 2 күн мурун
BRO 2020 IS SO NICE TO CORPSE TODAY, atleast its 2021
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 2 күн мурун
In the 1st round nice job sabbing o2
supernot999 you
supernot999 you 2 күн мурун
Rhymestyle:im the best at caching the imposters :rhymestly guys bobby dint go down to weponds to do his last task i def dimt see him :Bobby wtf i did my task i dumb ass whats wromg with u i just fucking did it
Clapzy Fn
Clapzy Fn 2 күн мурун
Everyone is scared to say corpse is the imposter
Lydia Donnor
Lydia Donnor 2 күн мурун
Kenneth L. Erispe
Kenneth L. Erispe 2 күн мурун
my friend loves your voices
Paulina G
Paulina G 2 күн мурун
Corpse: *kills everyone np* Mr.Beast: *kills one person INFRONT OF ANOTHER PERSON*☠️🤌🏼
Adelia Zara
Adelia Zara 2 күн мурун
i like corpse sound...-
Glenn Aiutami
Glenn Aiutami 2 күн мурун
That was a funny video
Bābý ýøđā Płůśhìē
Bābý ýøđā Płůśhìē 2 күн мурун
I have never seen to pretty best friends always one gotta be ugly
Diệu Linh Đàm Nguyễn
Diệu Linh Đàm Nguyễn 3 күн мурун
I will comment when i watch this video :) I've seen it 3 times
Nicole Amaro
Nicole Amaro 3 күн мурун
the part where he vented.... was the part he knew he fvcked up
Jada Cochrane
Jada Cochrane 3 күн мурун
You're voice it's so deep🌀👄🌀
I'mN0t4PR0 3 күн мурун
Add a like on this if you want Corpse to do a face reveal...
Joseph 09
Joseph 09 3 күн мурун
The problem with playing this with corpse is that he plays it like he’s a crew mate
TSViper 777
TSViper 777 3 күн мурун
31:33 The face reactions!!!😂😭😭lol I’m dead😂😂😂😂😂
Aidentityme 3 күн мурун
Corpse with Pewds as Imp: Are you fucking kidding me 😂
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