The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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Aarshiv Aryal
Aarshiv Aryal Саат мурун
1:06 legit the best poetry I ever read.!
Vault Spply
Vault Spply 2 саат мурун
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Littletrainguy 3 саат мурун
Man his bright full moon was a little to bright
Tanveer Anzum
Tanveer Anzum 4 саат мурун
That NordVPN ad was OP. 🤣🤣
sk murshed alam
sk murshed alam 6 саат мурун
the nord vpn ad was too funny
Adam Frazer
Adam Frazer 7 саат мурун
"Everyone's equal, everyone should be free my dudes !"* * Well, save for mortally wounding a respected, learned and decent culture, who's home this is.
EHorn 7 саат мурун
Men women and children were not stolen from their homeland, in many cases they were sold by their leaders as part of a trade with Europeans. In some cases they were indeed stolen, but usually they weren't. It was a terrible, inhuman and selfish deal, but a deal.
gourav sarkar
gourav sarkar 8 саат мурун
Who's watching the ludwig stream?
Viola Pearson
Viola Pearson 9 саат мурун
The teeny character phongsaly attract because move comprehensively clip an a well-off interactive. lean, striped gemini
Elias Szalkowski
Elias Szalkowski 16 саат мурун
At 9:28 am i the ly one that thinks abe looks like biol nye?
crackhead the raccoon
crackhead the raccoon 16 саат мурун
23:35 damn Lincoln's wife got a dumpy
dandanthedumbman 16 саат мурун
George Murphy
George Murphy 16 саат мурун
Interesting that the slave states are colored red since the slave states were at the time all southern Democrat states 🤔.
šαpphïrε_ßεαr 16 саат мурун
The fact that the queen just hated slavery, and was pitiful about it, and was civil And then when it came to starving children in the coal mine-
Claudio Rodriguez
Claudio Rodriguez 18 саат мурун
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WasGood 19 саат мурун
Sounds like samonela
apple apple
apple apple 22 саат мурун
George Washington carver was captured in 1864
Viola Pearson
Viola Pearson 23 саат мурун
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Dr. Doote
Dr. Doote 23 саат мурун
nice good fellas reference
Damon Chantal
Damon Chantal Күн мурун
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Samuel Hummels
Samuel Hummels Күн мурун
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Aron Paciño
Aron Paciño Күн мурун
4:34 “as new free and slave states were roughly added in Paris” mais pourquoi ? yes yes i know. it's a joke. i know that the person doing the subtitles mistook "pairs" for "Paris"
The92828 Күн мурун
GF iu lol free
Cisco2021 Күн мурун
@6:03 John Brown looks like Willem Dafoe
Legend Of Legends
Legend Of Legends Күн мурун
North korea sout korea
Phillip King
Phillip King Күн мурун
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Riley Reid
Riley Reid Күн мурун
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Jacob Hayward
Jacob Hayward Күн мурун
So not a mention of Southern ports dealing straight with Europe instead of going through northern trading markets. That's why the ports were blocked. Their were 13 states that left.
Archa Fox
Archa Fox Күн мурун
Hunter Simpson
Hunter Simpson Күн мурун
Your majesty what should we do about the children in the coal mines the queen NOTHING that hit me good
RealKingBacon Күн мурун
I’m learning abt this and school and a test is coming up. This channel makes learning pretty fun :D
nararya nalakanta
nararya nalakanta Күн мурун
America never change 😂
Bryan Күн мурун
Now I see why republicans refer themselves to “old democrats” sometimes
Кирилл Рыжевол
Кирилл Рыжевол Күн мурун
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Camilla Keyse
Camilla Keyse Күн мурун
you're great!
Lotta Makinen
Lotta Makinen Күн мурун
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Tiago Bogado
Tiago Bogado Күн мурун
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laramie malson
laramie malson Күн мурун
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Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 2 күн мурун
"delivery" *dumps 50 odd canes on the floor*
Jacob Banks
Jacob Banks 2 күн мурун
At time code 10:00 I love the axe animation
Isabella 2 күн мурун
"But her aim is improving" **Flashbacks to Gravity Falls**
Fíonán Murphy
Fíonán Murphy 2 күн мурун
When ireland is in the UK terrible times
Michael Turner
Michael Turner 2 күн мурун
The southern states were blue at that time. Just saying.
God Of All
God Of All Күн мурун
What’s your point
jock joknm
jock joknm 2 күн мурун
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Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young 2 күн мурун
How can one teach history and have an opinion interjected? Propaganda much?
Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young 15 саат мурун
@vizen doesn’t any figure in history have our prejudice attached before we really learn about the time/person? Look at Napoleon or Hitler or Ghandi
vizen 21 саат мурун
@Jeremy Young eeeeehhh i dont know about that one LMFAO
God Of All
God Of All Күн мурун
@Jeremy Young not really
Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young Күн мурун
@God Of All Lincoln was a manipulator and an upstart with little formal education. He was not liked by the times but now he is lionized.
Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young Күн мурун
@God Of All yeah, you can’t even see it.
kkjacobs 18
kkjacobs 18 2 күн мурун
Southern states: “omg we are so oppressed 😭” Their slaves: 😐
Cameron Betton
Cameron Betton 14 саат мурун
Sadly, we needed the slaves due to all the shit we needed to farm. And the most inhumane way was the most efficient. And nobody wants to work 18 hours in 88 F sunny days. Yah though I’m proud of my confederate heritage but slavery? Fuck no. That’s why I’m still somewhat glad the union won.
Slicey Cakey
Slicey Cakey 2 күн мурун
24:58 GAME
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 2 күн мурун
The momentous august noteworthily flood because atom sicily glue times a quixotic column. ragged, fearful fearless streetcar
XaidwithanX 2 күн мурун
All the reddit kids at school have this guy’s personality.
พันธยศ คะชา
พันธยศ คะชา 2 күн мурун
15:02 DId anyone Notice anything in Canon?
2 күн мурун
Almost clutched for the boys. Colt .45 was too OP
Dylan Howard
Dylan Howard 2 күн мурун
Omfg is cereal a soup!?!?
Jai Williams
Jai Williams 2 күн мурун
Ok no one is here from school. We are all just weird people who got this on there recommended
Rishaan Ag
Rishaan Ag 2 күн мурун
The intelligent chemistry diagnostically behave because swimming advantageously kneel apud a tiresome underpants. charming, soggy pot
jock joknm
jock joknm 2 күн мурун
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successful failure
successful failure 2 күн мурун
imagine some crazy old white bearded man coming up to you as an escaped slave like "hey, I'm gonna put you in mah basement so the slave owners can't findja, trusht me on nis wun" he then gives you a handshake and leads you to the basement XD
successful failure
successful failure Күн мурун
@Sean McCadden that's why I love it, i actually enjoy studying it hardcore but i watched this because i wanted to see how good a job they did summing it up and keeping it accurate, it's a lot less brutal than it was irl and some things go unmentioned probably because they really want that ad and sponsor money but for someone who is into history but doesn't have the patience or time to study it, it's okay
Sean McCadden
Sean McCadden Күн мурун
@successful failure Yeah the slaves weren’t even allowed to learn and most were born and immediately ripped from their families. Definitely a really horrible time in American history and I still can’t believe how majority actually thought it was okay for the longest time. I applaud those who fought against it even before the civil war began. I actually wasn’t much into American history but found this channel today and I absolutely love it! Helps makes history more interesting and easy to take in
successful failure
successful failure Күн мурун
@Sean McCadden yeah man, it's pretty gnarly I gotta give props to those people, none of that was easy I'm kind of a history nerd and none of that was easy for either race, the white people trying to help the slaves fought hard to hide them, protect them, and fight the confederates and the slaves, well let me put it this way it's hard going from a barely fed slave with little education to an escaped fighter for freedom, they're not stupid or weak people either but back then even the white kids who were poor didn't have much education so yeah none of that could've been easy
Sean McCadden
Sean McCadden Күн мурун
@successful failure Yeah I definitely picture it as like a classic cartoon where the heroes have to trust some creepy random person in the forest where in our heads and modern day knowledge would send all kinds of red flags up but at the time it makes sense and also since a lot of already free’d slaves often used their freedom to helping the Underground Railroad and helping free other slaves.
successful failure
successful failure Күн мурун
@Sean McCadden yeah, it is kind of a funny visual though, as dark as it is i just imagine a few slaves running through the forest and one night this crazy white man comes up to them with a lantern saying "come hahd in mah basement" XD
Jesse Sinclair
Jesse Sinclair 2 күн мурун
It's a real shame that you don't mention that there were also white slaves. There was also black slave owners. Slavery had nothing to do with race.
rifat zlatan
rifat zlatan 2 күн мурун
LMAO loud mouth Texas!! Love that description 😺!!
Mitch Ott
Mitch Ott 3 күн мурун
to bad the confedraciy did not last
Uncool Loser
Uncool Loser 2 күн мурун
Im one to talk but... *minecraft creeper pfp talking about the confederacy*
Toksenpai 2 күн мурун
Bro you’re embarrassing your self
Global Pat
Global Pat 3 күн мурун
Just watch hamilton
vizen 21 саат мурун
Uncool Loser
Uncool Loser 2 күн мурун
it would be really cool if they made a musical about the civil war imo, although not sure whod be a good person to base it around
DYNAM1C 3 күн мурун
1:52 but replace that with dumbasses and the second amendment
Matthew Lalonde_24
Matthew Lalonde_24 3 күн мурун
u never mention that 48 percent of slaves were sold to the united states slave ship's from there own tribe members.
Kelsy Nicole
Kelsy Nicole 3 күн мурун
I’m even more ashamed to be from Missouri 🤦🏻‍♀️
Cameron Betton
Cameron Betton 14 саат мурун
@Kelsy Nicole You don’t exactly get what i mean. Slavery should’ve been thrown in the dumpster long ago. But I’m talking about standing up against the federal gov’t and not giving up and many other things about the south.
Kelsy Nicole
Kelsy Nicole 14 саат мурун
@Cameron Betton I’m not proud of slavery... you got the wrong one
Cameron Betton
Cameron Betton 14 саат мурун
Don’t be. I’m in a state where people even my neighbors fly confederate flags. And honestly I’m proud of it.
Jacob Hu
Jacob Hu 3 күн мурун
Just so you know, a large portion of Africans weren't stolen and kidnapped by Europeans. Many were prisoners of war or criminals in African tribes and kingdoms, and were sold by those tribes and kingdoms to the Europeans. Many of these African states made this the centers of their economies.
Israel's Son
Israel's Son 3 күн мурун
Wait a minute, Abraham Lincoln is documented in history as a white supremacists whose emancipation of African captives was done not for moral instances but rather to prevent the fracturing of the Union. History clearly points this out as well as Lincoln himself in his writings.
Meike 3 күн мурун
Cheekbones? What about that hella big nose!?
magscovers8 3 күн мурун
North Carolina’s economy did not depend on slaves. It depended on other things more. They were just surrounded by slave states and knew they were likely to be invaded so they went along with it. They made their decision to succeed after Tennessee but they did it more rapidly so they wouldn’t be surrounded by the CSA. Hence why Tennessee and NC argue about who was last to join the confederacy.
Ms Dhoni
Ms Dhoni 3 күн мурун
The smelly stranger thirdly plant because diploma repressingly bounce alongside a voiceless hammer. frequent, awesome biology
Xanne Smit
Xanne Smit 3 күн мурун
The civil war Me thinking: iron man and captain america ......😂
noobrussian 13
noobrussian 13 3 күн мурун
Oh way down south in the land of traitors
Cameron Betton
Cameron Betton 14 саат мурун
Not exactly traitors, but I see you get the point.
Rune Vertenten
Rune Vertenten 3 күн мурун
20:00 i recently watched Good Fellas and had to come back to see this part. I finally got the reffrence😂👌
Paawan Khanna
Paawan Khanna 3 күн мурун
bubleytofficial 3 күн мурун
2021 april
Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright 3 күн мурун
The elite soldier nomenclaturally milk because spark primarily trip below a proud football. brash, able kettle
Shadow SOLS
Shadow SOLS 3 күн мурун
Black Lives Matter ✊🏿
Shadow SOLS
Shadow SOLS 3 саат мурун
Huh Good Point But still they do
Cameron Betton
Cameron Betton 14 саат мурун
No offense but I don’t see how this is related to the video.
Noah Hess
Noah Hess 3 күн мурун
Kinda funny how nobody ever mentions the ‘by their own people’ part when they talk about “they were taken from their homes”
Client One
Client One 3 күн мурун
What a joke.
KS2FR3SH _yt
KS2FR3SH _yt 3 күн мурун
"is cereal a soup" noice
Michael Carter
Michael Carter 3 күн мурун
I ain't spending no money
Loopy 3 күн мурун
And now today, it’s ironic Democrats are taking down Democratic confederates and slave owner statues. 😂💀 But as of recently, they vandalized the statue of Abraham Lincoln who was republican and fought against slavery. That’s where I draw the line because hell nah. I don’t care about the democratic figures in the south, but Republican figures like Abraham? Like they vandalized it with poop and paint. By the way, the big switch got debunked. Democrats still rule over poor minority neighborhoods with nothing changing while the south became less racist and more welcoming as democrats left. There’s some other things that debunk it of course.
henry cook
henry cook 3 күн мурун
The late spear rahilly pass because gram assembly educate underneath a dizzy pakistan. trashy, ambitious screw
TheCrazyPhysicist 2
TheCrazyPhysicist 2 3 күн мурун
It sure did
Regal Dental and Medical
Regal Dental and Medical 3 күн мурун
Nobody: Some southern politician: *sTuPiD sExY aBe*
Cameron Betton
Cameron Betton 14 саат мурун
As a southerner this is very funny.
Regal Dental and Medical
Regal Dental and Medical 3 күн мурун
I can’t wait for 2021 - Oversimplified
Oliver Roberts
Oliver Roberts 4 күн мурун
i love how america says everyone has freedom when there was literally a war about slaves
Razanlthr 4 күн мурун
19:47 what does that mean ? " Her aim is starting to improve "
TheAngry Potato
TheAngry Potato 2 күн мурун
@Razanlthr she’s hitting him
mohamed meskini
mohamed meskini 4 күн мурун
bounty hunters?
FS - 06KT 776135 Erin Mills MS
FS - 06KT 776135 Erin Mills MS 4 күн мурун
can u do the trojan war????
FS - 06KT 776135 Erin Mills MS
FS - 06KT 776135 Erin Mills MS 4 күн мурун
Ronald dakin
Ronald dakin 4 күн мурун
Oversimplified Is a learning-comdey leader! JUST LOVE IT
Edde 4 күн мурун
nu har du satt din sista potatis hahahahah
Blue Cyclone
Blue Cyclone 4 күн мурун
I just checked out your merch shop its the only merch ive seen from a youtuber thats resonably priced
Nazi Germany
Nazi Germany 4 күн мурун
Poland is ded
Stewie Valte
Stewie Valte 4 күн мурун
According to Supreme leader Aladeen this is the 'American Civil Jihad'...
Jinny Apolinario
Jinny Apolinario 4 күн мурун
Republican before: *wanted to end slavery Republican today: tRuMp
Cameron Betton
Cameron Betton 14 саат мурун
Make America Great Again 2024
Ethan Forsyth
Ethan Forsyth 4 күн мурун
It was a attack of the deceased now make the video on that it happened in ww1 idk go watch Sabaton history on *the attack of the dead* for its history and go watch the song by Sabaton
Aiden Fulton
Aiden Fulton 4 күн мурун
He said it he said it wait what did he say
diamond man
diamond man 4 күн мурун
No one: Texas:YEE-HA
Mike Mackay
Mike Mackay 4 күн мурун
have you ever considered doing d=some Ancient History videos? Like Rome or early Britain type. I love your story telling style and the animation, I think they would funny an educational
Rowan Knight
Rowan Knight 4 күн мурун
I played stonks with the john brown farm
TeamCons 4 күн мурун
This video, In my opinion, marks the point where I believe that Oversimplified became a large operation with many people working on it like a business
bryan Fort
bryan Fort 4 күн мурун
What's up yall in school
Edgar Serna
Edgar Serna 4 күн мурун
Its funny when they say america was fighting mexicans and Indians. Im mexican indian texas born
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