The 8 Flights That Show How COVID-19 Reinvented Aviation

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Data sources include FlightRadar24 and the Air Current
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling
EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling Күн мурун
jalabi99 4 күн мурун
0:57 "the century's first pandemic"? Maybe you meant "the decade's first pandemic", because SARS and Ebola both peaked in the early 2000s and the mid-2010s respectively.
G 546
G 546 4 күн мурун
United is only flying to get a stimulus pack from the feds
Just your everyday static
Just your everyday static 5 күн мурун
I love how the music is the same as the Lore podcast by Aaron Mahnke
midnight teapot
midnight teapot 6 күн мурун
re-invented ?? you mean ruined don't you . Quantas is the first airline to have announced their intention disallow any person who can not show proof of CV vaccination (after it is released obviously) from flying .
D O Double G
D O Double G 8 күн мурун
WOW, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT MITSUBISHI MANUFACTURES THE CRJ SERIES OF AIRCRAFT?!?! Really Wendover?? How can you be so spot on with all the other content of the vid but botch a minor detail like saying Mitsubishi rather than Bombardier?? It really hurts the credibility of your channel.
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 9 күн мурун
13:36 The airport's name (天河) is actually pronounced as "tee-Ann her"
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 9 күн мурун
0:57 You forgot SARS, Zika, Ebola, H5N1 & H1N1 (& maybe H7N9 too?)
UFCMania155 9 күн мурун
But how does this relate to a toyota corolla? 🤔
Men Guarding Their Own Wallets
Men Guarding Their Own Wallets 9 күн мурун
Easy way to get people flying again = have individual clear plastic head helmets (sort of like space-suit helmets) that each person wears, and it has fresh air pumped into it from the outside (via a small tube that comes down from the ceiling of the cabin) so that there is no risk of breathing in someone else's breath that might contain virus particles. This would work on short flights where there is no need to use the bathroom or to eat any dinner.
Aidan Castle
Aidan Castle 9 күн мурун
Nothing much to do with this vid directly, but I did see the very last Qantas 747 leave Australia for the final time, drawing a Qantas Kangaroo in the sky with their flight path bound for LA, then Mojave. It certainly shows how the virus has impacted aviation, forcing them to bring future retirements forward drastically
Dudes Assemble
Dudes Assemble 9 күн мурун
6:10 “From desperation comes invention,” Kronika (MK11)
EET FUK 9 күн мурун
The 737 Max is back bby
Biponacci 10 күн мурун
There was also the Lufthansa A380 repatriation flight to Auckland, A350 to Fiji and Nepalese A330 to Brisbane
Massimo Bosco
Massimo Bosco 10 күн мурун
Define "forever".
MRTiGzoruA 10 күн мурун
all i care about is will it become cheaper litrally nothing else
deer hunter
deer hunter 10 күн мурун
I would take the CCP's "miraculous" COVID recovery numbers with a huge grain of salt. It's more likely that China has tried to suppress the real numbers and try to continue as though nothing is wrong. They need to do this b/c they have a huge cash flow problem right now with investors being wary of their markets. Let's also be honest, the CCP could care less for the safety of their constituents and more for their bottom line while their undesirables suffer.
Ivor 11 күн мурун
13:32 what's that swirl on the route? Or was it just added in the FX and does not represent the approximate actual flight path?
magnus4g63 11 күн мурун
Politics: the art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism and fear-mongering to dupe average people into accepting--or even demanding--their own enslavement. Larken Rose
Soumitra B
Soumitra B 12 күн мурун
Why don't wendover make this video offline 😦
Joey Poppyseed
Joey Poppyseed 12 күн мурун
Annnnndddd We’re back on lockdown. 🙃SoCal USA.
fighter5583 12 күн мурун
Many A380s are getting stored or retired earlier than expected. Kinda sad, but not surprising. Quad jets are always the first to suffer when passenger numbers go down. Also, WN is pushing into major airlines hubs like Miami, Houston-Bush, and even O'Hare. And United is also looking to go back to JFK.
Samtember 14 күн мурун
"You See--"
SaSpursfan 15 күн мурун
14:04. Listen up every trump supporter
ziploxian 15 күн мурун
You should talk about how more people died of starvation in 3rd world countries due to the lockdown of first world countries.
Well There Isn't Your Problem Podcast
Well There Isn't Your Problem Podcast 16 күн мурун
Some airlines in Europe are offering sight seeing flights. I was on one of them on a A220.
Neus_Samoht 17 күн мурун
how disgusting that China ruins everything everywhere in this world
Klaudia Staudinger
Klaudia Staudinger 17 күн мурун
I would love longer videos. The complexity of the most interesting topics requires lengthy explanation to fully understand them. My favorite videos on KGpost are at least 1,5 hours long. Hopefully humans attention span will increase from this ever shortest and worst in history.
Adam Withers
Adam Withers 18 күн мурун
Why are people still flying??!?!?!! This is why we haven't beat covid :(
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah 19 күн мурун
Covid=nonsense. Thre test isn't saying much
XLNemo 19 күн мурун
Good video but showing the same 3 headlines while trying to make the point that all headlines were about COVID seemed silly
Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang 20 күн мурун
I recently had a chance to ask the COO of Southwest about the PHX to Cabo flights. He told me that Southwest plans to keep the PHX to Cabo flights going even after COVID-19, and as you have deduced correctly, they are adding destinations to where leisure travelers go such as Denver, Palm Springs, etc. (but I assume that's only if the demand is still there).
GroovyVideo2 20 күн мурун
creepy donald
Clarence 20 күн мурун
powerful conclusion!! i fear a lot of governments are underestimating the potential long term damage caused by prolonging the health crisis for the sake of short term economic benefits
SwordQuake 20 күн мурун
>century's first pandemic Even in the first minute it's evident you're taking out of your ass. Ever heard of bird flu or swine flu?
BonBonAdios MiaEVERGLOW 20 күн мурун
Didnt mention the Taiwan flight to Japan that doesnt land
BonBonAdios MiaEVERGLOW 20 күн мурун
Did this guy really take China's covid recovery news as authentic?
Polish Guy
Polish Guy 21 күн мурун
0:56 first?
Ignas Petrauskas
Ignas Petrauskas 22 күн мурун
Wendover, when he accidentally sees a picture of a plane: [Unzips]
Runnin' down a dream
Runnin' down a dream 22 күн мурун
Please do a video about the logistics of the US election mail ballots
Angelchildxx 23 күн мурун
well but COVID is still anywhere everywhere, November 2020...and expect to be like so at least until 2023-2025. We will be very lucky if several vaccines will be available in one or two year time.
Abdul Rahman Thattarukudy basheer
Abdul Rahman Thattarukudy basheer 23 күн мурун
AA playing chicken witn US government lol
Jason Allen
Jason Allen 24 күн мурун
You know, for the longest time I thought that Half As Interesting and Wendover Productions were different people
Ambergris 25 күн мурун
Very interesting, I just wish you included a more diverse range of airline nationalities. Although America is a very peculiar airline market, there are interesting things to consider also from a European, South American, Asian, Middle East and African perspective.
Sean in London
Sean in London 25 күн мурун
Best voiceover narration voices : Wendover, Company Man, Real Engineering.
Jakub B
Jakub B 26 күн мурун
People dont understand that flying is very safe during, the chances of catching corona on a flight are one in the milions.
TL 26 күн мурун
This is highly informative. Thank you Who else thought the aircraft at 10:38 had no left wing? 😁
Josh Buxbaum
Josh Buxbaum 28 күн мурун
can we get TWL number 11
Iamtop 28 күн мурун
It isn't just airlines. A lot of industries are going to have to review their risk assessment. We know pandemics are only more & more likely. I hope everyone can be better prepared next time.
Reevee 28 күн мурун
I don’t trust Chinas numbers
Sebastián Martínez Díaz
Sebastián Martínez Díaz 28 күн мурун
Hi, please do videos abogue metro systems
Vikash K Thakur
Vikash K Thakur 28 күн мурун
I literally came back from nebula to watch this video here, as the app wasn’t running in dodgy internet I have right now. You guys need to optimise the app, content is superb though.
Ryu Fitzgerald
Ryu Fitzgerald 28 күн мурун
Why are you publishing obviously false CCP propaganda on your science channel? China did not recover quickly from Covid-19. They had a long term problem with it.
B P 28 күн мурун
5mins in I’m still trying to figure what the bloody point he is trying to get at
dri3s 29 күн мурун
Drinking game: drink whenever Sam says "therefore".
Rashad Arbab
Rashad Arbab 29 күн мурун
I think the executive that came up with the idea of playing chicken with the US government needs a raise. Although it sucks that routes are being closed and leading to people losing jobs and a whole host of other problems, from a strictly profit point of view this is quite brilliant. Ain't nothing like big companies spreading out business over all the states in order to push the government to bend to their will.
Raghavendran T B
Raghavendran T B 29 күн мурун
Mr. Sam, Hi I am Raghavendran from India. Make a video on impact of covid19 on real estate.
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson 29 күн мурун
Comment for algo
Nickolai Ай мурун
Can't believe USians are already travelling that much again.
iHave NoName
iHave NoName Ай мурун
the tone of your narration has become kind of weird, very aggressive and robotic.
John Johnson
John Johnson Ай мурун
0:55 “the centuries first pandemic” was the swine flu, not COVID
sgedlund Ай мурун
Great video! Can't wait for a Wendover Productions to make a video about herd mentality when it comes to mass panicking and fear based, corporate-owned news network coverage. COVID-19 was the media and like a 13 year old boy would yell, "FIRE" in a dark and packed concert hall....sure there was a fire but it was backstage and some people got badly burnt, a few died, but most recovered. However, most people died from getting trampled by fellow concertgoers trying to make an exit (i.e. mental health issues, suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, lost jobs, broken unemployment systems, and the upcoming foreclosures and other credit defaults). You're still an selfish asshole if you think that the coverage of the fire backstage was too excessive so please hold off on that idea until mid-2021, at least. People need time to come to their senses, the stars predict that after November 3rd the groundhog might show his shadow.
0MindSwept0 Ай мурун
3:44 I assume you mean because of covid...for a second I was thinking you just meant in general and I was gonna start saying stuff, but I guess given the circumstances it's not the only possibility and not as likely either SuperVinlin You had to keep it between 10 and 15 minutes? Looks like you passed that anyway LUL
Radialez Ай мурун
They employed scrum masters
The Coastal Cardician
The Coastal Cardician Ай мурун
This guy’s great.
Trev Bermi
Trev Bermi Ай мурун
lockdowns shouldnt have happened.
Joseph S
Joseph S Ай мурун
Whenever I see this channel I think of Bendover Productions
reactive Ай мурун
Please start putting your videos on 18:9 aspect ratio the black bars are killing me espeically with all the important text
Yosef Robinson
Yosef Robinson Ай мурун
Covid has done much more damage to the aviation industry and economic sectors connected to it than airborne ash from even a large volcanic eruption (think Tambora or Krakatoa, transposed to this year) would have done.
সৌম্যদীপ ঘোষ - Soumyadeep Ghosh
সৌম্যদীপ ঘোষ - Soumyadeep Ghosh Ай мурун
I just watched a HAI video before this. And HOLY CROP... Hi Sam
সৌম্যদীপ ঘোষ - Soumyadeep Ghosh
সৌম্যদীপ ঘোষ - Soumyadeep Ghosh Ай мурун
Sam be like: "𝘏𝘰𝘸 𝘥𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘦 𝘚𝘢𝘮?"
Qman7 Ай мурун
Woah guys I have a totally unique thought that no one has ever thought of before. This guy sounds like Half as Interesting
Amnon T
Amnon T Ай мурун
If this video was about 2020 and aviation I'd add the Etihad flight from AUH to TLV too, it worths the mention
Joseph Ай мурун
Genuine and Chinese government don't go together
fuckfannyfiddlefart Ай мурун
We need to STOP air cargo and really reduce air travel. The externalities are UN PAYABLE This is TAX ON working people to kill our children! #NoAirlineWelfare
Alex Jacobson
Alex Jacobson Ай мурун
I’m surprised he didn’t talk about the flights to nowhere AKA sightseeing flights that takeoff and land in the same airport and fly around landmarks and serve special meals so passengers can experience flying again. Several airlines have done them including Singapore and ANA
gc1709 Ай мурун
"China's airlines, along with New Zealand's, Australia's and all the other countries that have successfully curbed the virus demonstrate the economic crisis cannot begin until the health public health crisis does"... Mate what an utter load of rubbish that statement is. Australia's aviation industry is in tatters. 1000s out of work, 1 major carrier liquidated, another reduced to 1/4 of its former size, and no end in sight despite having "curbed the virus", and our friends in NZ aren't faring any better, with virgin NZ gone, and Air NZ largely grounded... Your videos are generally great, but that statement was WAY off, and misleading to those who might be watching elsewhere thinking that we have some kind of recovery going on.
PIERRE Ай мурун
wear a damn mask!
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Ай мурун
China has recovered from the virus? How much did the CCP pay you to say that?
doliio volay
doliio volay Ай мурун
"I saw this getting uploaded to the wrong channel"-gang rise up
Namgyu Ho
Namgyu Ho Ай мурун
11:05 "these will be useful skills for airlines" My head: and you can be the owner of these same skills, using Skillshare.
Dum Neptune Bacon
Dum Neptune Bacon Ай мурун
Does this guy have more than one channel? Cause I swear most videos I watch that are semi informative have his same voice!!!
Jody Young
Jody Young Ай мурун
Cathay Pacific Group dissolved Cathay Dragon and fired 8500 employees for survival
Jody Young
Jody Young Ай мурун
@doliio volay No.. The group announced such decision last week..
doliio volay
doliio volay Ай мурун
before COVID-19.
Salt Service
Salt Service Ай мурун
Providing a vaccine is out by the end of 2021, then it will just be a matter of 3 - 5 years before the airline industry will be back to pre-2020 standards.
Charles Moeller
Charles Moeller Ай мурун
@14:09 Taiwan is still locked down.
Cheesy chio
Cheesy chio Ай мурун
Every single dang video about planes! It was funny at first, but now I'm getting irritated....and worried. You okay dude?
Jake Swartz
Jake Swartz Ай мурун
I just got an email this morning that Southwest is now flying into O'Hare. What could this mean when it's historically only flown into smaller airports like Midway in Chicago?
John S
John S Ай мурун
Pls talk about Turkey! I think you'd do a lot of justice to the country
nickolassaakov360 Ай мурун
0:34 are you sure about that?
need4speed Ай мурун
Airlines starage planes because nobody would buy it now.
Eric Cable
Eric Cable Ай мурун
Airline employees here in the US are waiting with baited breath for business travel to return... but will it ever?
Shivam Krishna Pandey
Shivam Krishna Pandey Ай мурун
I am surprised as to why Wendover didn't think of adding the special "Flight to nowhere" scheme launched and operated by many big airlines such as Qantas.
splitalterego Ай мурун
11:00 I thought the video was over and he was transitioning to his sponsor.
Amit das
Amit das Ай мурун
TY ☺️
ACElicious Ай мурун
And there i thought the change was Masks and covid tests forever. Like it was with 9/11 that changed the check in process forever.
Build Indian
Build Indian Ай мурун
Covid 19...,made in China...marketed and distributed in the USA
zakiducky Ай мурун
This video was made possible by COVID-19.
mikebri527 Ай мурун
In case anyone is curious, the airport terminal shown at 5:36 is Newark Liberty Terminal A in Newark, NJ. Arguably one of the worst in the country as I flew out of there quite often before COVID-19.
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell Ай мурун
Suspending flights in swing states in the run-up to an election sounds very much like blackmail...
Jeffrey Moritz
Jeffrey Moritz Ай мурун
Cathy Dragon just shut down, so dig further and you just may see that China lies.
minami kotori
minami kotori Ай мурун
Cathy Dragon is Hong Kong's, not Mainland China's. Hong kongers enter China should face 14 day quarantine just like other foreigners, unlike you fly inside mainland China, which is free of restriction.
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