THE 1 SHOT VLK 😯 TRY THIS CLASS! (Modern Warfare Warzone)

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THE 1 SHOT VLK 😯 TRY THIS CLASS! (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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Dypsy 11 саат мурун
You should play with razz you guys would go off!!!
Dwayne Harris
Dwayne Harris 18 саат мурун
Personally I hate this shotgun. I tried and ran it in multiplayer and just wasn’t feeling it. That might just be me.
George Gymnopoulos
George Gymnopoulos Күн мурун
nick grab ghost after he grab specialist
H O E 2 күн мурун
I love when he says peace and love it makes me smile 💯
Gage Crusan
Gage Crusan 3 күн мурун
Might not be a doof doof but it is a doof- doof- doof Lmao doof doofer
Savvy2Wavy 4 күн мурун
17:40 Why the box have a red outline lol
High 35
High 35 5 күн мурун
Everyone spam NNN in the comments for his attention
gilchristtannous 8 күн мурун
Amazing skill bro! Pls what is your set-up of your kilo?
Mollo JnR
Mollo JnR 19 күн мурун
you should create a pro team
EvoTemperr 20 күн мурун
That vlk hits like the guy with the twisted tea if you know you know
EvoTemperr 20 күн мурун
Nick should get his own gun skin
EvoTemperr 20 күн мурун
I got gold on the doof doof
NSG Jay2x
NSG Jay2x 21 күн мурун
I get mad when nick carries because if that was me o would be popping of
NSG Jay2x
NSG Jay2x 21 күн мурун
Nick was doing everything like always
Dylan Medrano
Dylan Medrano 25 күн мурун
Peace and love baby 😂😂 idk why i like it when he says that
Matthew Samaniego
Matthew Samaniego 26 күн мурун
i love it
Bennett Foster
Bennett Foster 28 күн мурун
your aim is insane
sheepyguy 666
sheepyguy 666 29 күн мурун
cta2886 Ай мурун
I only see u use the kilo most of the game only saw a few kills with the vlk
Fopy Flapy POSTING
Fopy Flapy POSTING Ай мурун
0:28 its sound like nick is saying D1CK !
Matthew Hani
Matthew Hani Ай мурун
Guadalupe Montes De Oca
Guadalupe Montes De Oca Ай мурун
if your wife put that tree up better giver her a good night kiss you know where slurp
Logan Willis
Logan Willis Ай мурун
Who dislikes yt vids?
Dylan Harrison
Dylan Harrison Ай мурун
Im like 95% sure you clapped ny teammate the other day in warzone and he freaked out 😂😂
Hunter Wonson
Hunter Wonson Ай мурун
You cant get loadouts or jugg after getting specialist because it would take away your specialist, that's why it was outlined in red
idk i havent sucked it yet
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran Ай мурун
Lmaooo couldn’t grab the juggernaut said fk it “you take it” takes specialist Doozy: i can’t grab it!
SydsGaming Ай мурун
1:38 "imma need ya to........LIKE THE VIDEO MAN!!!!!!!!"- Nickmercs
manuel ulloa
manuel ulloa Ай мурун
Why don’t you guys get the time races to bring each other back for free
ULTRA Ай мурун
Hey Nicky i have an idea for a video try the m19 withthe following: XRK V Extended, 5mW Laser, lightweight trigger, 32 round mags and akimbo. Give it a try Nick I assure u will love it Whispering: is better than the Renetti 😉
Ty Eckhart
Ty Eckhart Ай мурун
Day 174 of asking nick to play with me
BAOQIANG Li Ай мурун
The adhesive lier focally explain because chicory universally punish unlike a unkempt sponge. wretched, squealing great-grandfather
Paul Moore
Paul Moore Ай мурун
My VLK is a 2 tap in warzone like the r90
Johnny Mccourt
Johnny Mccourt Ай мурун
No you can get the juggernaut when someone else throws it down you have to make sure none of them have Gulag like they can’t come back no more
Cameron Knickerbocker
Cameron Knickerbocker Ай мурун
who else says “youtube!” and the same hand gesture every video of his
Gavin Bonanno
Gavin Bonanno Ай мурун
you have to try no stock rather then stippled
Bruh 2.0
Bruh 2.0 Ай мурун
Nic mercs always looks so constipated in his intros
Destroyer132 Ай мурун
Get overkill then high alert
illusions Ай мурун
Ibbington Ай мурун
To op
Ty-Laurel SNM
Ty-Laurel SNM Ай мурун
Aye Nick maaan, I'm sure you be on some stuff during this game cause you ain't being you bro hahahaha nice shit though man 💯
Bow Nhur
Bow Nhur Ай мурун
This (all of yours) thumbnail = You taking a fat one down the throat, and/or taking an ever fatter one up the chilly ring.
GEO8 -CLAN Ай мурун
Lol this is my class I’ve been using sense day one 🥺 but now people finna use it cuz of you
赵伟丰 Ай мурун
Istg, he says "doof doof" so many times
Silver Rhinos
Silver Rhinos Ай мурун
Nick do a mp7 video
Jake Walker
Jake Walker Ай мурун
It depends how big of a nerf it could still be crazy good
malcolm bell
malcolm bell Ай мурун
i thought i was subsribed to you the whole time and i wasn't... dont trip tho i subbed hahaha
Todd Coleman
Todd Coleman Ай мурун
I use the 1 inch punch in game. Because that's all I got in real life too
Gallo’s Finos Laredo, Tx
Gallo’s Finos Laredo, Tx Ай мурун
But very good edits and plays🤝🤝
Gallo’s Finos Laredo, Tx
Gallo’s Finos Laredo, Tx Ай мурун
Do you have a neck?🤔🤔
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad Ай мурун
That shotgun is ridiculous More ridiculous then timthetaman asking for subscribers
Alexander Sarabia
Alexander Sarabia Ай мурун
Did you even use the gun i feel like you used the killo only
What about that one shot sniper kill from Calimonk?
YouTube Tony
YouTube Tony Ай мурун
Its my birthday can you wish me a happy birthday please nick 🙏 🙂
Solar Cranks
Solar Cranks Ай мурун
I saw you laser with the uzi in the beginning can you try my uzi class?Mono, Fss carbine barrel ,5mw laser,32ae mags,merc foregrip
ILove2DWomen Ай мурун
2:35 loadout
Kylar Curtiss
Kylar Curtiss Ай мурун
Fire shotgun\R908 fire breath always BEST!!!
The Miscellaneous Gamer
The Miscellaneous Gamer Ай мурун
Hey brother I curious what is your favorite warzone LOADOUT?! I'm making a couple videos trying out big streamers loadouts!!
littlemac 520
littlemac 520 Ай мурун
The vlk shot gun is ok in my opinion
Trevor McGraw
Trevor McGraw Ай мурун
“spit on me and call me rachel”.... guys?
Ghostly Fear
Ghostly Fear Ай мурун
I turned it into a sniper
Max Mundy
Max Mundy Ай мурун
You got like 2 kills with the shotty and one you died afterwards
SecretSicario Ай мурун
My psn is Sicariorei I can teach anyone the juggernaut puzzle bunker downtown mental note if a person throws jugger no one can touch it but his team
Joel Salas
Joel Salas Ай мурун
my thoughts?fucking hate it
Ahmed Ali Almazrouei
Ahmed Ali Almazrouei Ай мурун
i wish there is no shot guns
Taison Morgan
Taison Morgan Ай мурун
Get off the roids you clown
Jack Pless
Jack Pless Ай мурун
What’s the setting to tell if you’re being aimed at
X X X Ай мурун
Bro. Why is it that y’all discover stuff I’ve been using forever ! I’m tired of it turning it meta.
Jiren Ай мурун
It doesn't one shot......but ok
Jacqueline Thompson
Jacqueline Thompson Ай мурун
I clapped a solo quad within 5 seconds with the VLK setup it OP try it out anyone I hope you have the great rest of your day or night stay safe keep each other safe pees and love
Jacqueline Thompson
Jacqueline Thompson Ай мурун
I clapped a solo squad with the VLK class setup is OPPPP
ole hickory
ole hickory Ай мурун
Swag just dies every time and won’t shut the fuck up.
ole hickory
ole hickory Ай мурун
I love how the guy that’s dead feels the need to talk the most.
Fello x
Fello x Ай мурун
the best counter to doof doof is the crossbow explosive bolt with a self-revive just in case
SRG Ahmed
SRG Ahmed Ай мурун
Richard Mathes
Richard Mathes Ай мурун
I love high alert for aggressive solos. Obviously restock is super nice for that as well for the stuns but at least with HA I don't die from someone 150m behind me with a sniper.
dariennn Ай мурун
This whole vid was just about the kilo
RJ Sanger
RJ Sanger Ай мурун
Storm's Gaming And Vlogs
Storm's Gaming And Vlogs Ай мурун
Kyle Ziko
Kyle Ziko Ай мурун
Model 608
Blake Digma
Blake Digma Ай мурун
Why are the thumbnnails always the same cringe pictures?
Omar Diaz
Omar Diaz Ай мурун
Why are you so loud😭😭
Antione Tidwell
Antione Tidwell Ай мурун
I like video just cuz of the 1st 3 mins lmaoo
jim shand
jim shand Ай мурун
i love nick but where is his neck 😂
Caleb Adkins
Caleb Adkins Ай мурун
I think the model 680 and the sawed off needs more love
J_tha_blaidd Ай мурун
These short range shotguns shoot for miles and the long range shotguns can’t do damage after 3 feet lol
N M Ай мурун
every fucking time i start your videos i say to myself "ok now i skip to the warzone part" and damn! i can never skip your intros, they are too funny
Wil 109
Wil 109 Ай мурун
Swagolabergola aka. Hot. Cheeto
Aramis Reyes
Aramis Reyes Ай мурун
Hey nick love the videos they always make me feel better
Nikolas Antonitsis
Nikolas Antonitsis Ай мурун
what is this kilo setup. i think you have SOH
Erik Hubi
Erik Hubi Ай мурун
gotta love that nick and swagg link up
Javier Lechuga
Javier Lechuga Ай мурун
look at all that dandruff
Nethen Martinez
Nethen Martinez Ай мурун
I’m high I just found this random channel
Solomon Coleman
Solomon Coleman Ай мурун
9:32 to 9:44 weird but ok
Ryder Lovell
Ryder Lovell Ай мурун
Inexact Fade
Inexact Fade Ай мурун
what perk shows if ur getting aimed at?
Parker Fleming
Parker Fleming Ай мурун
Nick is daddy king war zone beam
jimjimbobim Ай мурун
Travis Christians
Travis Christians Ай мурун
The VLK fire doof doof is a great shotty but it has its downs. It does work great for pushing but lacks the spread of a R9 fire shotty but it has more range than and knock down power than the R9. If you can use it well its fooken dangerous it definitely isnt for the lazy R9 user the spread is tighter.
Burber Man
Burber Man Ай мурун
am i the only 1 who uses like allo of nicks classes
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