STUNNING Singer! Willie Spence Shines Brighter Than Any Diamond - American Idol 2021

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American Idol

13 күн мурун

Willie Spence has conquered many challenges this past year and his American Idol audition wasn’t about to be one that he didn’t absolutely SLAY! After performing Rihanna’s “Diamonds” for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, Lionel gives Willie a standing ovation. Luke was all smiles during Willie’s audition, telling him that he didn’t want it to end. Watch here to enjoy Willie’s breathtaking performance, and to hear the vocals that Katy referred to as “a voice that stops people in their tracks.”

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American Idol 2021
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Makala Berford
Makala Berford 28 мүнөт мурун
I am so glad he did this he is aa very talented young man
Game Maker
Game Maker 29 мүнөт мурун
Jorge Cruz
Jorge Cruz Саат мурун
Diana Felix
Diana Felix Саат мурун
He’s GOLD through and through! So gifted 💝
Collel Hogg
Collel Hogg 2 саат мурун
Tyneille Knighton
Tyneille Knighton 3 саат мурун
He’s on KGpost 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sharyana Gull
Sharyana Gull 57 мүнөт мурун
Sunshine Fuze
Sunshine Fuze 4 саат мурун
I know him from TT
Chewy1yum2yum 5 саат мурун
He needs to give the world zero reasons to deny him his rightful spot as a star. That's all he needs to do, and it isnt an easy task, but it's certainly achievable.
jonathan aguirre
jonathan aguirre 5 саат мурун
My boy willie spence follow him on Instagram...he is awesome!!!.....dale hermano!!!
PineappleDayz 6 саат мурун
1 week ago?! Dude has been a hit years ago, its great to finally see him take leaps and bounds to his goal, AMAZING
x MaGiK x
x MaGiK x 6 саат мурун
It's like this guy has auto tune in his throat lol.
rangkuty hanafi
rangkuty hanafi 9 саат мурун
Your voice like a diamond❤️❤️❤️
Tameka Harris
Tameka Harris 10 саат мурун
Willie tell Redd n lil Bit I said Wzup n ur voice is amazing 🙏🏾💯💋💜💘🥃🤞🏾#Blessing🙏🏾💯🤞🏾💋🎶
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson 10 саат мурун
This dude WOW!! Man he has to win this dude is gonna cause some problems for everyone with that tone and control I’ve never heard anyone like this
Food And Tea With Ms. Vee
Food And Tea With Ms. Vee 13 саат мурун
American idol
Joseph Guillory
Joseph Guillory 13 саат мурун
The truculent british expectedly tempt because whiskey coincidently worry past a learned noodle. modern, alleged nut
Coldwire 13 саат мурун
this deserves more views
Samsung Samsung2
Samsung Samsung2 24 мүнөт мурун
Ben-Hur Villegas
Ben-Hur Villegas 13 саат мурун
Shoutouts to Phredley though.
Chris Dioag
Chris Dioag 14 саат мурун
Luther Vandross❤️
Ashton Colby
Ashton Colby 14 саат мурун
I believe him. Can’t wait to see his Grammy acceptance speech. Praying for him.
TigerLilly’s Mystical Union
TigerLilly’s Mystical Union 14 саат мурун
TigerLilly’s Mystical Union
TigerLilly’s Mystical Union 15 саат мурун
Wow 😳 the first audition this season that I instant felt and liked
Shervyse Smiles
Shervyse Smiles 15 саат мурун
When you thought he has reached all that was in the breath... he had more and more and then made it like sweet peace in the morning sunrise 🙌🏽 Child! Sang!!
Nicholas Nguyen
Nicholas Nguyen 16 саат мурун
I saw him actually before this show. He’s really amazing 🤩
Lynda Czika
Lynda Czika 16 саат мурун
What a voice and so much passion.
Krispy Mane
Krispy Mane 16 саат мурун
That dude range is insane!!
dh r
dh r 16 саат мурун
'I just want my voice to reach the world' It will sir, it will.
Samsung Samsung2
Samsung Samsung2 46 мүнөт мурун
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 16 саат мурун
TALENT, TALENT, TALENT. I pray he takes good care of his health so can GIFT the world for many years to come!! You're AWESOME!! God bless you.
skooby135 18 саат мурун
He needs to be signed not try out he has it I remember when he was singing in the Churches be giving me chills God bless for your success
Sharyana Gull
Sharyana Gull Саат мурун
guyonthecouch007 18 саат мурун
brandon rogers
brandon rogers 19 саат мурун
What a powerhouse
Alisha Morrison
Alisha Morrison 19 саат мурун
Olivia R. Black
Olivia R. Black 20 саат мурун
waiting for his r&b album to drop !!
PSL llukele
PSL llukele 18 саат мурун
Sophía León
Sophía León 20 саат мурун
Indra Maratti
Indra Maratti 21 саат мурун
Indonesia ❤️
Shawn Scott
Shawn Scott 21 саат мурун
This is a DIVO
truth hurts
truth hurts 22 саат мурун
God sent voice like I can just imagine crying to this song sang by him damn that run 😭😭👏🏾
Axe punisher ax
Axe punisher ax 22 саат мурун
Wowwwwwww,this guy is the legend!!!!!!!!!!!
Nas X
Nas X 22 саат мурун
A M A Z I N G! He is out of this world. What is he doing on American Idol anyway, he should have already been signed and making records left and right. I can’t wait to see more of him live, I’ve been watching this audition over and over. Best one this year.
Luis Miguel Moreno
Luis Miguel Moreno 23 саат мурун
I saw this man in a viral video singing this song
Teresa McCabe
Teresa McCabe 23 саат мурун
So Beautiful!!!
tawanda Walker
tawanda Walker Күн мурун
Voice of an Angel .Yes Willie brought me to tears
Ana Starling
Ana Starling Күн мурун
He has given his soul, like 100%!
Amir Mirza
Amir Mirza Күн мурун
this viral willie has come
Natalia McAfee
Natalia McAfee Күн мурун
Sang Willie
Jovi Trailers
Jovi Trailers Күн мурун
Oh my
Mr. Montgomery Driesell-McSmitten
Mr. Montgomery Driesell-McSmitten Күн мурун
Willie been singing this song for years 🤣🤣
Music & Soul
Music & Soul Күн мурун
He’s good ;p more breathe support
Cedric Gravely
Cedric Gravely Күн мурун
397 miserable people
Carnage Phoenix
Carnage Phoenix Күн мурун
Bruh finally his talent is shown to the world on national tv lets go #Willie Spence
VergiliusCZ Күн мурун
This is the best audition in a longe time.
John Licious
John Licious Күн мурун
thats one big man FILLED with talent ! oh myyyy!
kerrmann Күн мурун
Amazing right there friends...
Geovanie Guevarra
Geovanie Guevarra Күн мурун
wow this is not a contestant this is a pro!
Tracy Stokes
Tracy Stokes Күн мурун
That was great Willie.
SunRae* **
SunRae* ** Күн мурун
Seriously exquisite! Bro' we need you. Good Luck.
00 Cooper
00 Cooper Күн мурун
Why do people dislike this
Saajan Bhatia
Saajan Bhatia Күн мурун
Watching his performance I wasn't watching an Audition, I was watching a Grammy Awarded Performance. Simply Breath Taking
Mohammed Alla
Mohammed Alla Күн мурун
Oh I remember this kid.. From a video that went really viral.. I guess two years ago.. He sang diamand by Rihanna so beautifully..
Mohammed Alla
Mohammed Alla Күн мурун
Esther Heward
Esther Heward Күн мурун
Beyond perfect 💯💯💯
Hope Adams
Hope Adams Күн мурун
Where have you been all this time . You have a beautiful angelic voice ❤🥰😘
Samsung Samsung2
Samsung Samsung2 37 мүнөт мурун
Christian Jhonas Bismonte
Christian Jhonas Bismonte Күн мурун
Sebastian Montes
Sebastian Montes Күн мурун
Is this the only song he knows lol
Anobel Khoushabeh
Anobel Khoushabeh Күн мурун
David Jensen
David Jensen Күн мурун
Without a doubt he is a diamond that the worlds needs ... Absolutely wonderful voice
Jerick Cabello
Jerick Cabello Күн мурун
Game over.
Lilly & cupcake Channel
Lilly & cupcake Channel Күн мурун
I know it’s terrible to say but I see him being someone’s backup singer , although he has a great voice I don’t think it’s unique enough to market
xolile diya
xolile diya Күн мурун
He is so amazing
Mimene Bou
Mimene Bou Күн мурун
Omg it’s so so beautiful❤️
Robert lee
Robert lee Күн мурун
Goose bumps....ohh man!!!
jameka robinson
jameka robinson Күн мурун
He's gonna win american idol this one is my favorite but let's be honest the white girl is going to win I hope he wins please vote they have real singers at least almost not all of th are. Good but him I'm going to vote to the end
Yo Yo
Yo Yo Күн мурун
Wow what an amazing voice!
Nicholas Harry
Nicholas Harry Күн мурун
He's gona win this no doubt
Skylar Coffey
Skylar Coffey Күн мурун
1:43 is pure 🔥🔥
Vonn Baybee
Vonn Baybee Күн мурун
Finally getting recognized
Joe Ramsey
Joe Ramsey Күн мурун
Love when someone’s voice gives you chills
Andre T
Andre T Күн мурун
I think Katy was saying "where do you see yourself in 5 years" because he needs to think about his health and let his dedication be as strong, as it is for music. Determination to make it in that industry. Luke and Lionel are hearing his voice, as do I. She just a bit more realistic.
Sera Dipp
Sera Dipp Күн мурун
Take my money cause I'll buy the album and tickets to his show! It's just natural like it comes from his soul! If he doesn't win he's definitely getting a record deal!
Sharyana Gull
Sharyana Gull Саат мурун
Dillon Areheart
Dillon Areheart Күн мурун
Going to be just like Kane Brown except I knew who this guy was. He was on Steve Harvey a few years back. I thought he did another singing competition but regardless this dude has some pipes.
Eric Gurley
Eric Gurley Күн мурун
He ready now...!!
Gully Күн мурун
XII XXIX XC Күн мурун
Wow! Just Wow!
Anthon Something
Anthon Something Күн мурун
Wow so beautiful voice
plain jane
plain jane Күн мурун
He’s a diamond 💎
NI TheJokester!!
NI TheJokester!! Күн мурун
Yesss I remember that KGpost video in class you go WILLIE 🥰‼️
Chris Balsamo
Chris Balsamo Күн мурун
Dude got him some pipes!!
Jacob Nolan
Jacob Nolan Күн мурун
The way katy went right in for the deep questions. She saw stardom. 😭😭😭😭
Samsung Samsung2
Samsung Samsung2 32 мүнөт мурун
Flora Bynum
Flora Bynum Күн мурун
I love it! Yes...
Christian Valencia
Christian Valencia Күн мурун
I come back once or twice a day to hear his amazing voice
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Күн мурун
beautiful soul and sound
Ayy Double Uu
Ayy Double Uu Күн мурун
the best version of this song i've heard so far ❤ those runs just wowwwwww 👌🏼❤
Sharyana Gull
Sharyana Gull 58 мүнөт мурун
allen pierson
allen pierson Күн мурун
Oh wow! Gave me chills all the way through! I could only shake my head at how good this guy is. Definitely has my vote when he makes it in Hollywood
FAITH Always
FAITH Always Күн мурун
OMG..Just A Few Words The Hair On My Arms Stood Up..The Next Luther.. Amazing.....WOW...
Roger Alfonso
Roger Alfonso Күн мурун
I see u!!!! 3yrs u will get what u deserve!!! Grammy and you sharing ur Gorgeous voice with everyone in the world!
Mardey Castle
Mardey Castle Күн мурун
Top 10 all time on idols
Roger Alfonso
Roger Alfonso Күн мурун
Beautiful beautiful human,voice,soul!!! Pure!!! God Bless u!!!! Woooooooowwwwww!!!! That’s a voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
acay Күн мурун
He didn't even need the piano 😩
Shanice La'sean
Shanice La'sean Күн мурун
Gave me chills all over my body
Christina Masden
Christina Masden Күн мурун
Love it
Christina Masden
Christina Masden Күн мурун
Hey guys what’s up can’t wait for my story to be on tv
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