Something About Pac-Man (Loud Sound and Light Sensitivity Warning)👨‍🚀👻

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In the far reaches of space, mysterious abandoned solar mining vessels are littered throughout the Labyrinth Cluster. Let's follow the journey into one of these derelict ships, with a Photon Aerospace Control engineer, also known as...

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Art, Animation, Sound Design and Writing by Jeremey Chinshue
Production Assistant - Vanessa Chinshue
Backgrounds by Chris Hernandez
PAC TERROR remix by MyNewSoundtrack! Check his channel out and consider supporting him on Patreon!

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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello

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Michael Bolden
Michael Bolden 2 күн мурун
Adding onto the pinned comment’s lore: It seems as if,after the failure of the solar mining vessel lead to the death of it’s entire crew,the man we know as PAC was sent as recon to make use of the precious material the late crew members managed to excavate,but obviously was not prepared for the “Ghosts” we see. Now,where MS-PAC comes in is confusing. Though,it is possible that both were sent on this mission,considering there was only one ship docked near the vessel,and they separated to expedite the process of recovering the material,or,rather,that MS-PAC was the seemingly sole survivor of the ghouls’ slaughter,and escaped with PAC. Though I highly doubt that,since she looked to be adequately equipped to engage the hostiles herself.
Fluffymation Саат мурун
@Son yah same
Cianitrihs Khour
Cianitrihs Khour 18 саат мурун
It so far feels accurate, too!
[GHOST] tropics_yt
[GHOST] tropics_yt Күн мурун
Man the lore is getting D E E P
nah no
nah no Күн мурун
god i could never compile lore dis good
AidenDaMep Күн мурун
MS-PAC may have been a soldier frozen in cryo-sleep, she was supposed activate when the crew started dying but couldn’t fulfill her duty to protect the crew due to the the ghost’s electromagnetic waves interfering with the ship’s parts. she was only activated once the ghost moved its position and then MS-PAC’s systems were finally alerted of the deaths of the passengers and then sent to destroy the cause. Idk seems like an ok idea to me
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 16 мүнөт мурун
This Is death space
ZK791 18 мүнөт мурун
I love this guys content the hidden details in every video is amazing
Red Of Culture
Red Of Culture 19 мүнөт мурун
Deadspace gun
Ulie Craig
Ulie Craig Саат мурун
No Joke this actually a really cool concept for pacman.
Subject_Changed Саат мурун
Heh.. plenty of lovely references
X Vendevion
X Vendevion Саат мурун
when is the next vid coming out? its been FOREVER!
Spider Саат мурун
Ok so basically this makes Pacman a super duper early version of singleplayer Among Us
victor gael
victor gael Саат мурун
Pac man x dead space
Collin R
Collin R Саат мурун
I wish you kept the title as it was really cool when you eventually figure it out
Kaczka 2 саат мурун
If 2019 was a normal pacman game then this is 2020
Maria silvia Barron chumacero
Maria silvia Barron chumacero 2 саат мурун
ep 2 xd?
Gypsy-Tongue 2 саат мурун
Its just one big thing relating to dead space
Bryce Pullen YT
Bryce Pullen YT 2 саат мурун
Do crash bandicoot next
mary shanahan
mary shanahan 2 саат мурун
The mosters: Show up. The space Station: Time to cos-play as a gaming PC Edit: I appreciate the way pff blending the colour of the creatures with the lighting off the ship, cool detail. : )
mary shanahan
mary shanahan 2 саат мурун
Viewers: See a guy roaming around a creepy space station or something. : Old gamers: Sees ' Cut off their limbs' It's nostalgia time.
Jamal Josecite
Jamal Josecite 3 саат мурун
This is better that the regular game.
Flaming Fire
Flaming Fire 3 саат мурун
Where is the funny. All I see is horror film. I demand a refund
Smoke Thurber
Smoke Thurber 3 саат мурун
My man, I believe you're the first person to genuinely combine Pacman with Deadspace. You should be proud of yourself that was actually amazing.
ItsQball 3 саат мурун
when I think of your vids I think of funny stuff but this is different
Isaiah Tso
Isaiah Tso 3 саат мурун
I loved this, and im sure you're gonna do a something about Galaga soon or hell even a something about Dig Dug or Mappy, but i would definatly love to see Something about Pacman world 1 2 3 but with your humor and comedic direction simply cuz their my childhood but would love to see more of this dark tone in other animations too, it was great. You keep doing you Dude
Atay Erdem
Atay Erdem 3 саат мурун
Among us..s..s?
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 3 саат мурун
or pac girl
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 3 саат мурун
pac woman
Mat's 3 саат мурун
Excellent !
Xenokidd999 official
Xenokidd999 official 3 саат мурун
Can u do something about sonic Adventure 2
aiman haziq
aiman haziq 4 саат мурун
Why do I have among us and dead space vibes?
BREAD 1 4 саат мурун
1:44 :O jason mask.
Shep Brinegar
Shep Brinegar 4 саат мурун
You did not have to make this so good!!!!
Harrison Smetana
Harrison Smetana 4 саат мурун
Wait the title changed?
dontscrewtheworld 5 саат мурун
"Pac-Man was truly the first survival horror game." - Dunkey
Fabian Perez
Fabian Perez 5 саат мурун
Something About Henry Stickmin
Flaucinola 5A
Flaucinola 5A 5 саат мурун
We can make a horror movie out of this.
Hunterfan456 D2
Hunterfan456 D2 5 саат мурун
This is mor of Dead Space
Szarastro 6 саат мурун
0:27- Amungus
obamium •
obamium • 6 саат мурун
P.A.C Stands for P-layer's A-fter C-all
obamium •
obamium • 6 саат мурун
Oh, you like terminalmontage? Name every secret hidden on the videos
Tormenzo 6 саат мурун
;-; Terminal Montage made pacman and dead space at the same time me cri
Diss DIZskoff
Diss DIZskoff 6 саат мурун
Looks like dead space
Aldeadlox l
Aldeadlox l 6 саат мурун
I was expecting a joke in where the sun in the background would just be a large pacman and eat the facility. Like the kirby planet joke that's frequently made.
Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty 6 саат мурун
This made me look at Pac-Man so different....
ღ Starfire ღ
ღ Starfire ღ 7 саат мурун
Among us :>
Kirby Jason9000
Kirby Jason9000 7 саат мурун
This makes Pac-man look like Metroid.
FireFidget 5
FireFidget 5 7 саат мурун
rEally cool : )
Captain Chips Ahoy
Captain Chips Ahoy 8 саат мурун
AUDIO LOG #3 Found in Lounge #3, on the coffee table. “I’m pretty sure that the research team was running tests on the ghosts, so that’s probably a reason they were covered in slime sometimes. They did run an experiment on the red one though, about the “power pellet” or so they called it, to see what could damage the ghosts and what bounced right off em. It didn’t go as planned however, for when a member was getting the next set of tools for the 4th test, the ghost escaped from its containment through the door and set the others free. There were so many body’s that day, god. We had some escape pods left that were still working, there were two that successfully made it back to the station. The third was reported missing but we saw it take off with us, so I’m guessing it was caught and destroyed before it was in a safe distance from the place. Now Ethan and Emily are heading back to salvage what’s left of the place. I hope they make it back safely. This is Ben, signing off.”
pomeranian de nieve
pomeranian de nieve 8 саат мурун
Gruszkers 9 саат мурун
cool animation e
sans50's animations
sans50's animations 9 саат мурун
so you changed it?
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 10 саат мурун
Dang lol kinda wish the thumbnail didn’t change so I could prank my homies
Gamer Boy 07
Gamer Boy 07 10 саат мурун
Something about among us?
NacoPeto 10 саат мурун
2:49 he should have gone for the hands grabbing him
ZiggyDoes 12 саат мурун
Dead spaceeeee love it 😍
Arthur, the Kyogre
Arthur, the Kyogre 12 саат мурун
It went from a horror game teaser to an epic action movie trailer real quick
phantom bew
phantom bew 13 саат мурун
Something about luigi's mansion 3
D3vlock 13 саат мурун
R B.
R B. 13 саат мурун
Ok, that's Dead Space, not Pac Man.
Carla Kadijevic
Carla Kadijevic 13 саат мурун
LoL plis Something about Mega man X 2
rolliepollie54 13 саат мурун
Alex Afton
Alex Afton 14 саат мурун
You can se withered Bonnie at this time 1:46
Christian Infante
Christian Infante 14 саат мурун
That feels like how mat-pat would describe the lore of pac-man
Socially Acceptable Meme
Socially Acceptable Meme 14 саат мурун
PAC man is also known as EAT man. Hmm
Gamer Eevee
Gamer Eevee 14 саат мурун
I’d like to see a little series of this. The adventures of the two traveling the galaxy to find a place they can call home but only seeing 80’s games telling the story. This would be very interesting seeing the games in the perspective of the characters with a bit of creepy pasta in it. It would be such a nice series and I would support it Edit: Also this music is really good
Pilot scorpio
Pilot scorpio 14 саат мурун
Nom nom 🤤
rivia_jr 1
rivia_jr 1 14 саат мурун
Something is wrong, ever since the 24 second video was released. There would be a new one each month. Tomorrow is the last day of November and we still got nothing. Something big is going to happen. Yahoo (Possessed Mario) will be found soon
Saul 14 саат мурун
Buen video sigue asi.!! :) la arma me recordo a la de isaac en dead space
Weeb Station
Weeb Station 14 саат мурун
Can I say. That was epic? This video was really epic. Like REALLY EPIC!!
Weeb Station
Weeb Station 14 саат мурун
No seriously it was epic believe me.
adam mikail
adam mikail 15 саат мурун
Your classmates:what’s your nightmare? Me:pac man the horror movie
Drvm614 15 саат мурун
Oot part2????? Roladinio I so excited
KENIX MIX 15 саат мурун
Now ur going to have to make a Pac-Man 2
Maria Almaguer
Maria Almaguer 15 саат мурун
Wait thats anong us
Karlos Gamer
Karlos Gamer 15 саат мурун
terminalmontage make one video initiates pokemon battle royale
MK1MonsterOck1989 15 саат мурун
Please do F-Zero GX next!
slash8228 !
slash8228 ! 16 саат мурун
Pac man but with rtx:
Jasmine Ghotra
Jasmine Ghotra 16 саат мурун
Why does this remind me of Among us
ROWAN BROWN 16 саат мурун
0:27 I saw that among us body.
Rombo Loyo
Rombo Loyo 16 саат мурун
Loved the Galaga reference❤️❤️❤️.
Rombo Loyo
Rombo Loyo 16 саат мурун
Loved the Galaga reference ❤️❤️❤️
StudPlays 16 саат мурун
video now has the same amount of views as the amount of subscribers he has
Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien 16 саат мурун
Someone check on TM... This was... Yeah
[REDACTED] [REDACTED] 16 саат мурун
EpicPwu™ 17 саат мурун
Wow, that was amazing.
Sottof 12
Sottof 12 17 саат мурун
*O H S H I T H E R E C O M E S P A C M A N*
Emerald ConureToons
Emerald ConureToons 18 саат мурун
Omg this is so cool
Colton Hughes
Colton Hughes 18 саат мурун
That video was like if pac-man and and an among us imposter had a baby... AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Maxi Gamer 20020
Maxi Gamer 20020 18 саат мурун
Pacman + dead space give's this great combination
Cianitrihs Khour
Cianitrihs Khour 18 саат мурун
I didn't watch this at first because I thought it was for a game I had not seen. After being aghast by the intro, I mistakenly saw ahead trying to verify. One way or another, whenever or however this was found, Photon Aerospace Control Engineer is a shockingly creative and unique creation. To go this far out of your theme may have been tough, but I don't think anyone would disagree on it being worth it.
Cianitrihs Khour
Cianitrihs Khour 3 саат мурун
no way!
Cianitrihs Khour
Cianitrihs Khour 18 саат мурун
The galaga was clever too, but is that another rabbit hole? A little unsatisfying..
Beau Jones
Beau Jones 18 саат мурун
At the beginning of my sentence I did not mean to say “sorry”
Beau Jones
Beau Jones 18 саат мурун
I believe I have a comment on this. But if I don’t have a comment, classify this one as the first comment I have sent. Okay, so, sorry Pac-Man literally took a solid glare a the ghosts for about 4 or 5 seconds and then rushed to the escape door but he got knocked over by the combined ghosts when he was heading to the door so if he would not stare at the frozen ghosts he would have escaped safely.
Matteu 19 саат мурун
Dude, i just had a nightmare just like this
ZeroGacha YT
ZeroGacha YT 19 саат мурун
Something about Among us?
ZeroGacha YT
ZeroGacha YT 16 саат мурун
I wanted me to create a video of among us7-7
ZeroGacha YT
ZeroGacha YT 16 саат мурун
@Jasiel Cruz i know:v
Jasiel Cruz
Jasiel Cruz 16 саат мурун
Bruh this is dead space not among us
temptitle 19 саат мурун
fucking hell
John Gross Estrada
John Gross Estrada 19 саат мурун
and do baby pac man and i beat donkey kong contrey on nitendo switch and almost beat donkey kong contry 2]
god 20 саат мурун
Pin me pls UwU
Davi 20 саат мурун
Você sabe fala português, se sim me escreve uma frase.
Emi 787
Emi 787 20 саат мурун
Ta chingona la animación (nose si alguien able español XD)
Aidan Campos
Aidan Campos 20 саат мурун
Pac-Man X Among Us
Aidan Campos
Aidan Campos 14 саат мурун
@Jasiel Cruz oof lol sorry
Jasiel Cruz
Jasiel Cruz 16 саат мурун
This is dead space guys
Sean R.
Sean R. 20 саат мурун
1:44 I haven’t seen anyone point out the Jason mask here
mudkipsonic1055 21 саат мурун
When was this uploaded what
Interesting way of looking at Pac-Man, and I love it!
Isac Chavez
Isac Chavez 21 саат мурун
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