simon having issues for like 9 minutes [infinity train spoilers]

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i just wanna mow hay

3 ай мурун

this is so sad alexa play megalovania

RoR 10 саат мурун
This video should be renamed to "Simon having a horrible character development and being a crappy villian for 9 minutes"
Фокс !
Фокс ! 15 саат мурун
Heey.... I would like to make russian subtitles for this vid..Can I make them and post them as a separate video?I'll leave a link to you! (sorry for my bad english (@^@)
Luz Noceda
Luz Noceda 21 саат мурун
*my guy Simon got vibe checked after this*
Viixxen Күн мурун
Of all characters I had to simp over this dumbass 🤠🤠
Hristian Tenev
Hristian Tenev Күн мурун
"I'm not responsible for your problems" You literally convinced him to form a cult.
Manuel Cordoba
Manuel Cordoba Күн мурун
I only saw a few seconds of the video and i already hate this guy
Celestine Buendia
Celestine Buendia 2 күн мурун
People out here dissing the train for the wrong reasons. DON’T: Call the train problematic because Amelia made it so no one knew what they were supposed to be doing, leading to the formation of a cult ideology that encouraged people to do the opposite of what they were meant to (I mean, blame Amelia, not the train) DO: Call the train problematic because it abducts people and puts them in potentially traumatic situations
cartoonclimax 2 күн мурун
Simon doesn't just need to get off the train, he needed a therapist.
Adam K
Adam K 3 күн мурун
sign the petition to renew the series on
ItzLucas 7 күн мурун
1:40 * wHeEzE * ehuhehuheheheh.. *move*
ItzLucas 7 күн мурун
2:00 he do be making the ">:0" face tho
caroljr4 8 күн мурун
Tubas death is why I hate simon
Rexthedinosaur 12 күн мурун
The last part made me face palm so damn hard 😔
philly_sports 13 күн мурун
This is some quality meme editing.
Vayne Arior
Vayne Arior 14 күн мурун
I didn't know about this show earlier at all, and I can't watch it, but when i saw the thumbnail i immediately knew I'll love this guy and yeah i did.
Jake Sandland
Jake Sandland 14 күн мурун
A *F U N E R A L*
MegaBox 58
MegaBox 58 17 күн мурун
Rest In Heck Simon, you're a good written character but you're peice of shit.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 19 күн мурун
this is wonderful, great editor
lettern clnovi
lettern clnovi 19 күн мурун
Word of God says he's diagnosable with NPD. I find that very satisfying. Good for folks with the disorder to see their behaviour reflected back at them.
lortorc 21 күн мурун
6:41 I wish :')
Law 21 күн мурун
Where are y’all watching this 😭 I can’t find it anywhere
Bianca A.A
Bianca A.A 22 күн мурун
All the things he went through bro. No wonder he ended up like that.
Bianca A.A
Bianca A.A 22 күн мурун
look bro, thanks. Now i can laugh instead of cry lmfao
Luke Aumen
Luke Aumen 22 күн мурун
2:44 wow just wow he just straight said I killed your best friend and smiled as she ran off crying. What a dick
Michelle Balogun
Michelle Balogun 23 күн мурун
simon was a absolute dickwad but an amazingly written character
Sans From FNAF
Sans From FNAF 23 күн мурун
It’s insane he was more distraught over the fact that Grace lied to him over the fact that a CHILD was scared that he would literally MURDER HER. like bruh wtf
Azarath 25 күн мурун
6:34 Pretty sure he’s more upset over Grace telling Hazel that she won’t tell Simon about her true-identity rather than feeling sad for what exactly he’s done
Benz Paul
Benz Paul 26 күн мурун
Kyle McCarley sounds a lot like Yuri Lowenthal Or rather, Simon sounds a lot like Sasuke
Grace 27 күн мурун
NothingCanYouSeenThere Nope
NothingCanYouSeenThere Nope 27 күн мурун
old jasper and simon seems similar.
Seokjins Wife
Seokjins Wife 27 күн мурун
Why is he soo violent
RADU Radu 28 күн мурун
Grace:Hazel's with me Simon:visible P A I N
Huson Schneider
Huson Schneider Ай мурун
Where can I watch
Finlay T7-C601
Finlay T7-C601 Ай мурун
I don't get it, why does he/she think that death is funny. DEATH ISN'T FUNNY.
Pastel and Mochi's Awesomeness
Pastel and Mochi's Awesomeness Ай мурун
#Soundrod #Deadceptor
DatYoyoBoi Ай мурун
hazel should have killed grace to make them even
DatYoyoBoi 28 күн мурун
a random guy well killing simon would hurt more then getting killed
a random guy
a random guy Ай мурун
Nooooo, grace cared for hazel, even if she did messed up
DeFacto Faulto
DeFacto Faulto Ай мурун
*NOOO you can't just turn 9 minutes of the most serious and sad moments from the series into a fun video!* i just wanna mow hay:
Dom G
Dom G Ай мурун
1:49 is she stepping on hazle?
Xxbloomsxyxx Ай мурун
Simon is the new lars
Shabby Sarmiento
Shabby Sarmiento Ай мурун
This is like almost an episode long
Blue Fang
Blue Fang Ай мурун
*inhale* I dont like the fact im slowly starting to kin simon. Help.
secretagentman Ай мурун
"There’s no body left to bury kid". *gets disintegrated and dies in a horrific fashion later on*
tempest Ай мурун
I loved simon Or rather, I loved to hate simon. He was such a well-written villain for book 3.
ᴅᴀ ᴊᴏᴊᴏ ᴅᴜᴅᴇ
ᴅᴀ ᴊᴏᴊᴏ ᴅᴜᴅᴇ Ай мурун
im saying everytime: ''everybody loves * a character *'' but this time i say: everybody hates simon and thats all
Swirlshine Ай мурун
I feel like an accurate way to describe Simon is "* bratty groaning noise *"
Ian Mahawan
Ian Mahawan Ай мурун
Narancia with issues
Ale _37
Ale _37 Ай мурун
Jajaja no entendí nada pero igual me dió risa
senabecool Ай мурун
where is One One
Hải Huỳnh
Hải Huỳnh Ай мурун
Off fixing the damage to the train.
Wish2BLucky _
Wish2BLucky _ Ай мурун
And that kids is why you deal with your problems and dont be a prick
Charlie Sullivan
Charlie Sullivan Ай мурун
Simon actually reminds me a lot of jack from lord of the flies (it’s a great book that I totally recommend). The basic story is that a group of boys are trapped on an island and they slowly turn to violence with Jack, being the soul manipulator and leader of their destruction. I don’t know wether this was intentional or not but there’s actually a boy in the book called Simon, who ironically was the pacifist of the group and knew of the harm that their actions were causing.
Jason Ringhofer
Jason Ringhofer Ай мурун
I don’t even watch this show. But Damn he’s an asshole
Juan Pablo Molina Clavijo
Juan Pablo Molina Clavijo Ай мурун
I never seen this Cartoon, and i have a question, what mean the Green numbers on the body of the people?
a random guy
a random guy Ай мурун
Yes, more numbers means you are more of a douchebag you are
-_Keraψn_- Ай мурун
Numbers that will increase and decrease depending on what you do
Arika Koski
Arika Koski Ай мурун
What kind of mental disorder does this character have? PTSD? Dementia? Narcissistic personality disorder?
Rain star flower Droplets
Rain star flower Droplets Ай мурун
He sounds afraid when he doesn’t want to admit he doesn’t like changes and accept the truth
Mon trainer ash D
Mon trainer ash D Ай мурун
*Simon you bastard*
Tristan Moorehead
Tristan Moorehead Ай мурун
7:33 do you want to know why people lie to you It’s because you can’t handle the truth Your nothing but a huge piece of filth that doesn’t care about anyone and has nothing better to do than hurt others
Monika Monika
Monika Monika Ай мурун
When they say you can’t have a funeral for Tuba because there’s no body like literally there is something called a memorial
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams Ай мурун
Simon: it's like another weght on my chest! Ghom: Allow me to introduce myself.
Queen Of Memes
Queen Of Memes Ай мурун
The Cat :* leaves Simon* Simon: *becOmEs NarCiSsisT*
The Target fox
The Target fox Ай мурун
5:15 i love the fact how disrespectful Simon is i mean he doesn't even look her in the eyes 😌😂
Cobalt Prime
Cobalt Prime Ай мурун
He’s been on the train for 10 years? Yeah, he was never going to get off the train.
The Target fox
The Target fox Ай мурун
Varian from Rapunzel right now.... Finally a worthy aponent our battle will be legendary
a random guy
a random guy Ай мурун
He got redeemed, he needs to square of azula, right now, AGNI KAI
Kwabzy Ай мурун
He was such a good villain. You know you have a good villain when the entire time you wanna just shove his Shaggy from Scooby-Doo lookin ass face into a blender.
Betito117 Ай мурун
I wanted Simon to get better :(
TUbA🎺🎺 It’s a horn not a tuba I couldn’t find a tuba. Anyway TUba TUBa TUBA
Asher Pfanku
Asher Pfanku Ай мурун
God, I'm really fucking glad this guy died. He was irredeemable.
Lilynn Zacheo
Lilynn Zacheo Ай мурун
"oh god it's happening again" I CAN'T BREATHE BRO
Rica Mora
Rica Mora Ай мурун
Midnight Thoughts
Midnight Thoughts Ай мурун
I was really hoping for that redemption arc but then he just up and killed Tuba 😤
King Loser
King Loser Ай мурун
Do I need to watch Infinity Train?????
King Loser
King Loser Ай мурун
Dont worry everyone, i just finished all 3 seasons. I cried way to much
Lol it's me and my family in the background just vibin at 7:21
God fucking dammit Simon - The Season
Amazinglance 2018
Amazinglance 2018 Ай мурун
Simon is sich a jerk
Señor Pingüino
Señor Pingüino Ай мурун
1:37 It is nap time.
CoolRicky2103461 Fire
CoolRicky2103461 Fire Ай мурун
The way this is edited... *chef’s kiss* G o d t e i r
Richard Espino
Richard Espino Ай мурун
Why didn't show his death. Would have been my favorite part
Areana Gwen
Areana Gwen Ай мурун
7:74 Parents be like
Moved Ай мурун
Simon is a such an asshole.
Rica Mora
Rica Mora Ай мурун
We all be talking about Simon as a character, yet I’m focusing on the memes.
Midnight Thoughts
Midnight Thoughts Ай мурун
Same. "SoMeBOdy oNCe ToLd mE-"
K High
K High Ай мурун
Daddy issues
jim forburger
jim forburger Ай мурун
Does anyone else find it incredibly irritating how Simon is so obsessed with being in control of everything like it’s a set of miniatures and can’t admit it when he’s wrong. He basically acts like a baby throwing a temper tantrum whenever proof that he’s wrong pops up. What makes it more pathetic is the fact that he just rejects the truth just because he doesn’t like it. Talk about a dude with issues. If you ask me, I think one-one should set up an emergency ejection system for the train to get rid of passengers who are irredeemable and only cause trouble for the denizens and other passengers.
a random guy
a random guy Ай мурун
@ItsSomeDeadGuy grace made a literal cult, and effected on how jesse will later enter the train for a SECOND TIME, so..... Simon just got the highest number
ItsSomeDeadGuy Ай мурун
That does make sense, but, in the larger scheme of things? Simon barely made a dent. As Amelia mentioned, One One barely cared that they existed. Jesse, Lake and ESPECIALLY Tulip all made infinitely more of an impact on the train as a whole than either Simon or Grace.
Xx MidnightDiamond xX
Xx MidnightDiamond xX Ай мурун
0:12 and 0:50 I would like more details about this please
WolfieGamerHowls 2 ай мурун
2:44 3:20 3:35 4:33 4:54 5:10 7:26 8:26 3:50
A D D I C T 2 ай мурун
Simon just wants to throw the cat
Tsundere Trash
Tsundere Trash 2 ай мурун
in season 3 Simon has gone from little shit to r/niceguy in a couple of episodes
ProFLNS 2 ай мурун
Simons problems: He needs to tell him what to do and requires that they live up to his expectations. He doesn't take personal responsibility for things and blames others. He has a petty, childlike, mentality with no sense of compassion or awareness of others. He solves all his problems with aggression and violence. He refuses to adapt, grow and forgive. Did I miss any?
Paul Rippcord
Paul Rippcord 2 ай мурун
My favorite part is how he acts like a “Nice” Guy, when Grace saves him, when he says “you saved me, why?” And Grace says “idk” like he was expecting her to say that she loves him and that sends him over the edge.
Sebas G
Sebas G 2 ай мурун
That ":)" proves he´s Chara tier.
Atumnplxz _
Atumnplxz _ 2 ай мурун
I feel kinda sad for him I mean,it doesn’t justify his actions but ,if you see it as it is ,grace and him have the same problem,they didn’t want to be alone ,but in the end we see the 2 paths that you can take with a problem,simons path or grace’s path,and the message of the season it’s supposed to be that everyone can change,like grace ,that’s why it’s so sad to see someone with the same problems take a dark path that lead him to being dead
Darla Bugayaji
Darla Bugayaji 2 ай мурун
He’s a terrible man
Andicornia the Unicornio
Andicornia the Unicornio 2 ай мурун
Just say something about her and pretent a bunch of annoying neighbors brought cazzerole 🤣
magical crossiant
magical crossiant 2 ай мурун
Lol I'm glad other people noticed this, it's pretty ironic when Hazel wanted to host a funeral for Tuba, Simon resented against it because there was no body to bury. Yet when he died, there was NO BODY LEFT to bury. You could argue that they can put his ashes in an urn or container then bury it, but seriously it's pretty hard to pick up dust from the floor without a broom and dust pan especially if it's on a moving windy area.
Mariellen Oliveira
Mariellen Oliveira 2 ай мурун
The sad backstory time made me laugh so hard
Laysie Selvin
Laysie Selvin 2 ай мурун
I DID NOT expect to laugh as hard as I did at 0:56 and 4:03 😂😂😂 Also his voice is /fabulous/ at 7:57 😳 “you’re an inFECTtion! A RRROT!
AJ Gameguy
AJ Gameguy 2 ай мурун
Simon was just a big bowl of Uh Oh Spaghetti-Os.
HawkyPlays 2 ай мурун
Samantha was so done with this crap
Avgysta SSO
Avgysta SSO 2 ай мурун
Please tell me what this cartoon is called? I'm just curious
a random guy
a random guy Ай мурун
Watch it in order, s1 hints s2, s2 hints s3, my personal fav is s2
Sameday 09
Sameday 09 2 ай мурун
It's called infinity train, it currently has 3 seasons and you can watch it on HBO MAX, you don't need to watch in a specific order because it's an antology series.
Aries Thezodiac
Aries Thezodiac 2 ай мурун
World's tiniest violin here dude.
Tikki 2 ай мурун
He was a good character, but I'm glad he died. He had every chance to change like Grace did. He had so many choices to change and grow as a person, but he didn't want to. His death was his own fault.
Lola 2 ай мурун
How is it call ? Cann I watch it on Netflix ?
caden tentser
caden tentser Ай мурун
its called infinity train and you can watch it on HBO max
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