Sen. Whitehouse Gives Presentation On 'Dark Money' Influence On Supreme Court Nomination | MSNBC

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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse used his time at the confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to give a presentation about how "dark money" was playing a role in the Supreme Court nomination process. Aired on 10/13/2020.
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Sen. Whitehouse Gives Presentation On 'Dark Money' Influence On Supreme Court Nomination | MSNBC

Henry De Paz
Henry De Paz 6 күн мурун
I think 🤔. Sick Republicans
Alesia Simmons
Alesia Simmons 20 күн мурун
This is what it gets them... Nothing dammit now!
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
New congress chair
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Fdc congress
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Poor 100 billion bribe
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
I will bribe 100 billion
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Screw over Facebook
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Men take women
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Texas ranger reform
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Manhattan kills
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
New Bill for statue of liberty. Time square
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Ar 15 fails. Zip code
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Electric chair fbi
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Ak and knive for chapo family for congress
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Lunar Calendar.
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Talk of pyramid
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Nasa lawyer Mars solar eclipse.
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 24 күн мурун
Schumaker law firm.
“S’thufferin’ thuckatask!” This Sylvester the Cat guy is a joke, lol! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maggie Faragher
Maggie Faragher Ай мурун
"Over and Over and Over Again" I do watch this video "Over......"..Love it. Thanks.
Henry Adams
Henry Adams Ай мурун
I sure hope she listened as much as I did.
Jack Soxman
Jack Soxman Ай мурун
This guy lives in a fake world. This guy is THE SWAMP.
Don R. Fitzpatrick
Don R. Fitzpatrick Ай мурун
Don R. Fitzpatrick
Don R. Fitzpatrick Ай мурун
SouthProduct74 Ай мурун
Hey uh, make sure all your friends see this video, and make sure they show their friends
Bryan Stober
Bryan Stober Ай мурун
A real man. How rare.
Joe Wisniewski
Joe Wisniewski Ай мурун
America has been sold and here we are squabbling among each other, just how monied interests want.
Engineered Mind
Engineered Mind Ай мурун
The politicization of SCOTUS
Martha Ай мурун
Senator Whitehouse is a ROCK STAR ⭐️ .... if only anyone would listen. Finally someone actually said what we all feel is true.
Ann P
Ann P Ай мурун
Barrett's father was a lawyer for Dutch Shell oil company so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
Apple Knocker
Apple Knocker Ай мурун
Like this guy!!
DesertPortal Ай мурун
I'm glad I watched the whole presentation by Whitehouse. Here:
Terry Fadden
Terry Fadden Ай мурун
Trump is the beginnings of his acting as the Anti Christ Just because he does things in broad daylight doesn't mean he Is not guilty the law for Collusion is what the Republicans kept saying because it is not a punishing offense of treason.High Crimes, Putin has been directing Trumps family all Judus to America to obtain success, creating a new world order.Trump aided and abided Putin in opening the gates to our election.That what treason charges they could of won.all else the President could block investigation scope all day long.
Reuben Christie
Reuben Christie Ай мурун
If those old decisions were robust and based on the constitution, these dems wouldn’t be so scared of those being overruled in future
Dragonz Bay
Dragonz Bay Ай мурун
Big industry polluters hiding behind dark money and religion to fund the courts to do their bidding!
perf b
perf b Ай мурун
it is reassuring to know there is at least one smart person in the Senate.
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce Ай мурун
This guy👦 is so on point. Look @ her face. She knows he knows what's going on. HE GOT MY VOTE!!!2024 🗳
Jordan Price
Jordan Price Ай мурун
kodilee lmfao tornado frozensongs ellamai
Holly Patterson
Holly Patterson Ай мурун
Whitehouse should run for president
Steve Beutelspacher
Steve Beutelspacher Ай мурун
Wonder who is getting all that money that is being spent by these wealthy special interests? Do SCOTUS judges doing the bidding of these special interests have secret off shore bank accounts? Thank you Senator Whitehouse for shedding light on this alarming situation.
Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford Ай мурун
if the democrats allow this garbage and don't pull this on the republicans their in bed together whites want to hold power both powers lets watch and see if the democrats get in to change the law's and help all
Thomas O Roarke
Thomas O Roarke Ай мурун
This is the real story .
dirk vansyckel
dirk vansyckel Ай мурун
Acb the death nail !
allison tison
allison tison Ай мурун
Thank you for exposing the abuse of the mineral land abuses. Look back at Neil and his mother Anne Gorsuch Burford. She clearly was involved with mishandling the EPA and used her husbands connections as he was in charge of the bureau of land management. Her son has to have knowledge of it. Please connect the dots! You are on the right track!
Maggie Faragher
Maggie Faragher Ай мурун
Great Senator!! Really.
craig wainwright
craig wainwright Ай мурун
He highlights how laughable American democracy is and it is just getting worse
Pat Hacker
Pat Hacker Ай мурун
No dark money on the left side? I think there is. I think this is a partisan oversimplification of the evil that money equals speech. If you don’t agree with it don’t accept pac money but dems do too don’t they? This lady is not yet a justice so why is she being held liable for the actions of previous courts?
Mike S
Mike S Ай мурун
I love this man
Star Observers
Star Observers Ай мурун
They killed Ginsburg
Sevag Yaralian
Sevag Yaralian Ай мурун
Brilliant discourse on the corruption of the courts.
Walter Benjamin
Walter Benjamin Ай мурун
Amy showing phony concern because of the cameras, but also, he's embarrassing her with the fact that she's going to become a judge who has never tried a case. What in the world is she doing on the Supreme Court if she's never tried a case? The people who pushed her nomination through were paid with dark money. If we overrule Citizens United by Constitutional Amendment, then we can get unlimited dark money out of the political and judicial processes.
Dennis Keena
Dennis Keena Ай мурун
Her expression never changes .Like a painting of a zombie.
Kevin B Willson
Kevin B Willson Ай мурун
Shame on Barrett for excepting this new setShame on the Republicans too
Thomas Hayes
Thomas Hayes Ай мурун
Amazing how much more intelligent Whitehouse is than Barrett. She knows very little.
maria tomasi
maria tomasi Ай мурун
Now that’s some interesting smart disquisition! Applause to sen W. Speech
Randy McCall
Randy McCall Ай мурун
I am with this criminal fighting America guy
Maggie Faragher
Maggie Faragher Ай мурун
You are Truth to Power!!
Nathan Weber
Nathan Weber Ай мурун
Awesome. Whitehouse killed it .Thank you man
Idania Mitchell
Idania Mitchell Ай мурун
What is this is Daddy Trump little girl
Lynda Henderson
Lynda Henderson Ай мурун
Janie Lynch
Janie Lynch Ай мурун
Wow how can I JUST put this lightly, ACB very uncomfortable And SUSPECT. She's not right 😂 as in something not RIGHTEOUS as she will not do anything to help what RBG ACCOMISHED IS AS WELL AS A REAL woman holds get on. God bless this amazing 🙏 woman. Praying 🙏 they keep her And her awesome work's for all people alive.
Janie Lynch
Janie Lynch Ай мурун
Instead of get on
Janie Lynch
Janie Lynch Ай мурун
Got done
bccron Ай мурун
I love you Mr Whitehouse
Ciescape Ай мурун
I love the truth! It will prevail. He is showing us the receipts.
anonymous Ай мурун
Again, we have to give Donald trump credit for "draining the swamp" like he said because it sounds like what Sen. Whitehouse is saying is this has been going on for years - before trump got there. Had he not been unqualified and inept to do the job as President, we may have never known some of the things Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and the Republican party have been doing for years. That goes for democrats as well. Every day we learn more and more about what's happening in the halls of leadership in this country and Donald trump thought he was something special but he just walked right into it. Proverbs 16:4 says, the Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble (some translations say day of disaster). Sounds like trump. Wouldn't wish that on anyone. God bless.
Lori Squier
Lori Squier Ай мурун
I have heard there is a connection feeling that we are all joined. Thanks for sharing the love
Patricia Ray
Patricia Ray Ай мурун
she looks very stoic. I can't wait till all the dirt comes out on Amy Barrett. The only reason she was a Appellate Court judge if he tries Trump put her in appellate court. When someone is to Trump they have dark money usually attached to them and I don't believe that she's any different than the rest.
rephill54 Ай мурун
Isn’t it extremely sad, and troubling, that we have two useless presidential candidates running for office instead of someone of this caliber? Our political system is a joke. (My British wife says he sounds too intelligent to be American.)
T B Ай мурун
Amy has the look of someone who just stepped onto the wrong ride at the theme park.
John Swanger
John Swanger Ай мурун
Dear GOD wow. I will admit. I'm not THE most informed voter. I'm not deeply familiar with all topics. This is something I knew NOTHING about. This is crazy.
jamie oxenreider
jamie oxenreider Ай мурун
Abortion is murdering your own kids-what could be more lowly. Turning your vagina into a cemetery makes me puke.
jamie oxenreider
jamie oxenreider Ай мурун
If people elect politicians that are against abortion and they put judges in that elect to make abortions illegal then that fair-that how we got many laws including the abortion rights in the first place. Politicians lying saying theirs something dark or illegal is ridiculous. We have different views and we have the votes and that’s democracy.
JPN 55
JPN 55 Ай мурун
America, the best government money can buy!
acejohnson81 Ай мурун
I'm just happy this has 600k views, this is what everyone needs to see, I'm spreading links of Sen Sheldon Whitehouse's various talks all over youtube and twitter. The more who know about him and his work, the better our country will be.
acejohnson81 Ай мурун What they don't want you to see, watch in order. Everything you need to know about what is destroying our country, and who is responsible for doing it. Don't be lazy, invest the time to learn. Spread this everywhere you can. It's one hour of videos explaining in full detail the level of ownership corporations have over our country by controlling the supreme court. It's an hour of video, but if you care about yourself, your friends, your family, your country this will be the most important hour of your life. This is what you don't learn watching news, or reading papers. It's all designed to keep you from watching what really matters, and that's what happens in our congress, our senate, and our supreme court. Is it exciting or riveting or shocking from an entertainment perspective? No. It might seem boring, but watch it. It will make you understand what is truly going on behind the scenes, the extreme severity of it, and who is the guilty party in allowing it to happen. One of the greatest Senators ever to exist, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, will explain in detail the puppet show that is going on in our country in these videos!.!
acejohnson81 Ай мурун
Senator Whitehouse has been working over a decade since citizens united was enacted to expose and overturn this destruction of our government. This is what they need to teach in schools. Everyone spread his name, watch his various senate hearings and in a day you will learn more than a lifetime of media news.
Lofoten Ай мурун
Excellent but terrible, thanks 🙏
Admiralty86 Ай мурун
And then republicans laughed it off as nonsense or irrelevance and literally just did it anyway.
Craig MacKinnon
Craig MacKinnon Ай мурун
In the immortal words of Konstantin world's most dangerous frog...nailed it!
marrob357 Ай мурун
She looks like she's be busted!!
Kim Amrine
Kim Amrine Ай мурун
Wow. He is good. Organized, well informed, and great communicator. I would vote for him definitely
G C Ай мурун
Why on earth didn’t this guy run for president. I like him. I have to do some research on him.
Preacher Man 101
Preacher Man 101 Ай мурун
If, eh-hm excuse me, when Judge Amy Coney Barrett gets confirmed the first thing America needs to do is first take the blindfold off of lady justice's eyes then take the balances out of her hand and replace them with dollar bills, in one hand trillions for the rich and $1 in the other hand for the people because that's what justice has become.
Kirt Williams Williams
Kirt Williams Williams Ай мурун
Anthony Alston
Anthony Alston Ай мурун
This is very very disturbing!!!
Dee Em-tee
Dee Em-tee Ай мурун
If the Dems grab back the senate in a big way, here is Biden admin’s AG.
Dee Em-tee
Dee Em-tee Ай мурун
My cherished fellow Dems, wanna get the blue voter that has given up hope and sits out cycle after cycle after cycle? Follow Sen Whitehouse’s example. Grow an effin spine. Enough with being polite. Expose the GOP with a firm proud voice. Your constitution and country depend on it. Sheldon, a truly brilliant classy BADASS. Btw, Sen Whitehouse’s opening statement: pure gold. A dream come true to see Cornyn exposed on national tv looking like the game playing child he is ....taking a scolding pained and mute with not a peep of defense. Not a peep. Hats off to you Sen Whitehouse,sir.
Jannette Berends
Jannette Berends Ай мурун
I always get so depressed after hearing this kind of information about the hold of the the couple of rich holding the USA in its choking grip. And I’m not even an American. My god, where do you start to clean this mess?
Rage Ariz
Rage Ariz Ай мурун
Republicans are morons
Ryan Hebert
Ryan Hebert Ай мурун
If true, this is wild
lacroix6323 Ай мурун
WOW!!!!!! Excellent 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
fmagic2000able Ай мурун
I expect this video will be on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight show.
PrimordialMeow Ай мурун
Beautiful! Good job Sen. Whitehouse. 💙
perf b
perf b Ай мурун
great use of his time to educate the public on just how judicial corruption works, instead of wasting time playing Lindsey Graham's game of fawning and flattering and conveying zero actual information
Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips Ай мурун
He probably gets more dark money than anybody
Christopher Floyd
Christopher Floyd Ай мурун
Why isn't this man running for POTUS?
B. Stoned
B. Stoned Ай мурун
All the Democrats have or lies, hate, and deceit. On the other hand we have love, understanding, compassion, happiness, optimism and a sense of humor. Vote in person and vote for the Grand Old Party and have some fun. Thank you so much. FYI As a former NBC Warfare instructor which stands for nuclear biological and chemical I have some info you might be interested in. Biological is a fancy way of saying a germ or virus which are around us by the thousands every day in nature the only way for a virus to die is to let it run its course. When you wear one of these masks all you are doing if you have the virus is constantly reinfecting yourself which keeps the virus around that much longer. There is no magical cure for a virus all you can do is have Therapeutics to help you get through it and minimized the problems. Vaccines are a joke they are only effective 25% of the time if that much. So please, if the government or the media will not tell you the truth. People must go out without a mask and do everything that you would normally do. They can't arrest all of us. Not yet...?
tuhanpham Ай мурун
All politicians were toxic and corrupted
Richard Brown
Richard Brown Ай мурун
Why on earth isn't somebody of this calibre a presidential candidate?
perf b
perf b Ай мурун
the political campaign/media/money selection process guarantees demagogues rise to the top
Hamhead Ай мурун
This is the real swamp
Hamhead Ай мурун
I didn't even know there was a guy named Mr. Whitehouse. Shouldn't he be president?
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