SECOND time playing Kerbal Space Program (Gopnik Gaming RE-UP)

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Life of Boris

2 ай мурун

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This video is a re-upload from Boris gaming channel Gopnik Gaming. The channel is now closed.
Originally uploaded on Gopnik Gaming on: April 27th 2017
It had 1,823,948 views, 1835 comments, 41,704 likes.
Migrated to Life of Boris on: February 13th 2021
Fast forward music:
End music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Murka

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uamee 2 ай мурун
2017 Boris : SEND JAR OF PICKLES INTO SPACE! 2021 Boris : MAJONEZ THERMAL PASTE! 2025 Boris : VODKA POWERED SUBMARINE, PROBABLY This man is clearly living in the best timeline.
Lugga _yt
Lugga _yt Ай мурун
First off. *The pickle*
Din96x Ай мурун
2030 sending boris into space
COD Mobile Gaming
COD Mobile Gaming Ай мурун
@AxxL and ur channel is horrible
COD Mobile Gaming
COD Mobile Gaming Ай мурун
@AxxL WOAH WOAH WOAH did you mean that you have nothing to do but be a karen wid ur karens
Just Being Normal Studios
Just Being Normal Studios Ай мурун
M.S. playz
M.S. playz Күн мурун
Boris can into space
Space Күн мурун
MercurialCorsair 2 күн мурун
It seems Boris has reinvented the MIG
türk oyuncusu
türk oyuncusu 7 күн мурун
Matthew smith
Matthew smith 14 күн мурун
Hit it woth bass this will help
Flóki 15 күн мурун
What happened to the WeSlav store?
Memelover006 15 күн мурун
Oi Will you do ksp again or is this last time
Flora Rodriguez Lopez
Flora Rodriguez Lopez 19 күн мурун
Eiteiei 22 күн мурун
Ah, my favourite game, Cerebral space program
Roma Шайдулин
Roma Шайдулин 22 күн мурун
Я когда сел грох
TobiNightcore 24 күн мурун
Alternative title: Boris tries to make nuclear bombs in KSP
Oscar Marchante
Oscar Marchante 24 күн мурун
You're doing too bad blyat!
Mateo Ojeda
Mateo Ojeda 25 күн мурун
Boris can not go to outer space he can only go to inner space lol I respec him tho
PresovskyBall 28 күн мурун
8:50 the funniest part ever
titanfall fun!
titanfall fun! Ай мурун
*puts air engine* oh no *Takes it off because its too small* oh thank god
ThatIsRealGood Ай мурун
3:48 disappointment
Jaclyn Uyang
Jaclyn Uyang Ай мурун
It seem u make KAMIKAZE plane
Saagnik Das
Saagnik Das Ай мурун
Best content 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
StringerHero1 Ай мурун
These videos are so funny lol!
dd dd
dd dd Ай мурун
LOL! you have the best channel on youtube Boris
NinjaAdorable Ай мурун
Boris: Calls someone Person: Alyoooo Boris: Mama, send help Me: DEAD
Vig Ай мурун
Halo odst music starts playing
TheChitakus Ай мурун
oh when he figures out struts. a new day for soviet engineering.
Piotr Borowski
Piotr Borowski Ай мурун
3:47 Congratulations, you have made a floating steel snowflake
A Scoutly
A Scoutly Ай мурун
Ah yes, Ringo's new drum kit
Mahkus Ай мурун
boris transcends into the 13th dimension: "shit, it's happening again"
Joshua Sandretto
Joshua Sandretto Ай мурун
Me: Makes normal rocket Boris:uses fuel tanks as slingshot for little pod.
Judge Mortis
Judge Mortis Ай мурун
"A normal person would have given up by now. But, you see, I am not normal!" Yeah...I think we all realized that a while ago. Keep doing you Boris :)
BMuraaz Ай мурун
wait, i've seen this vid before... But i don't remember when..
XDSDDLord Ай мурун
I laughed very very hard, but I kept wishing you would take it seriously for just enough time to get to the moon.
Jose M. Perez
Jose M. Perez Ай мурун
His ksp rockets are 4667865775778879998977554 times better than mine
Sean Rollins
Sean Rollins Ай мурун
Needs more Buran... or some R-7 goodness 😁
Scott Castle's Channel
Scott Castle's Channel Ай мурун
4:10 Нет Борис не Водка Колесников и Водка No Boris not vodka Kalashnikov and vodka
Jeremy Sitorus
Jeremy Sitorus Ай мурун
Aerodynamics: *exists * Boris: *drum kit*
A Person
A Person Ай мурун
Kerbal: How much delta v do you want Boris: *D A*
guiguinofake Ай мурун
USSR testing rockets,1958,colorized
random person
random person Ай мурун
Gerbil space program
Kou Kou
Kou Kou Ай мурун
12:16 dude go work in spacex
James Nicholson
James Nicholson Ай мурун
has Boris been told about BDArmory mod for KSP? I get the feeling he would make the most slav plane ever, a lada fighter if you will
Osome wolf gamer
Osome wolf gamer Ай мурун
This is a video of when a god meets another god - perfection
AMVious Ай мурун
*NASA: "The first step when designing a Space shuttle is to........"* *Boris: "MORE ENGINES BLYAAAAT"*
D C Ай мурун
This was removed? WHYYYYYYYY
MajesticDemonLord Ай мурун
Sputnik design Bureau - 1956 - Colorized
Tomás Santa Clara
Tomás Santa Clara Ай мурун
Shades of Robbaz
Vadim Blyat
Vadim Blyat Ай мурун
This video has the best thumbnail ever
Zaebok Kun
Zaebok Kun Ай мурун
архангельский пацан запускает бабушкины соленья в космос. Ну, я даже не удивлен
Тридог Найт
Тридог Найт Ай мурун
Мужик! Не астронавт а космонавт ! Как ты мог, Борис ?! (It’s cosmonaut not astronaut )
Green Marine Productions
Green Marine Productions Ай мурун
Hello comrade, I just want to ask you to watch my videos, I do stuff. SEND BABUSHKAS PICKLES INTO SPACE
David Hahn
David Hahn Ай мурун say you want to go to Mun, but do you have your прописка?
Yosef Zaner
Yosef Zaner Ай мурун
This video remains one of my all-time favorite videos on all of KGpost. I just start watching, and I can't stop laughing. Not except for to breathe. Thank you, Boris, your majesty, king of the Shashlik and all Slav kind, for making stupid pointless content that we can't get enough of. Life would not be the same without you. Thank you.
kala kim
kala kim Ай мурун
Astronaut? You mean, Cosmonaut?
can't think of a name so
can't think of a name so Ай мурун
am i the only one that feels like he already watched this a year or two ago
Ilmari Kinnunen
Ilmari Kinnunen Ай мурун
Some day Boris will discover struts, but it will not be today.
Light Fall On The Head
Light Fall On The Head Ай мурун
hey now you're russian not polish
TenAte108 Ай мурун
that was fun
Holly Brynjar
Holly Brynjar Ай мурун
"-cough- Okay, attempt number seven!" *explodes immediately*
Siamese1001 Ай мурун
best part
yaba doggo
yaba doggo Ай мурун
3:52 - What you're all here for
Leomeodeo Ай мурун
0:58 Boris: And achieving spaceflight is no simple task! Me who has about 100 hours in the game: IL FRICKING DO IT AGAIN
rj frame
rj frame Ай мурун
someone get him the budget parts mod
Salt4life Ай мурун
Ah, good old Boris videos.. always bring me back to nostalgic moments.
Revi Raven
Revi Raven Ай мурун
Deja vu
Alexander Maurer
Alexander Maurer Ай мурун
You Need to make a Part 3 it was to good
Klaus Fitzgerald
Klaus Fitzgerald Ай мурун
Already watched, but watch again :)
Meyson Ай мурун
Your designs make my head hurt x3
Overdrive Ай мурун
Boris, 2021, made tschernobyl great again
ubirajara R
ubirajara R Ай мурун
The gopnik two takeoff, is like my old niva morning start
Slav_111 Ай мурун
Boris: I don't need sleep, I need answers
wafiy wahidi
wafiy wahidi Ай мурун
okay...OH СУКА
Anvilshock Ай мурун
New video by -Danny- Davai2462!
Sureya The Mage
Sureya The Mage Ай мурун
This is why bears in Russia are addicted to huffing jet fuel.
Mikhail Gmaing
Mikhail Gmaing Ай мурун
"I think we stumbeled into the 5th dimension by accident." -Boris 2021
Herr Eins Zwei Polizei
Herr Eins Zwei Polizei Ай мурун
10/10 would like tot see full game attempt
D J Ай мурун
Best intro 🤙
Captain Smith
Captain Smith Ай мурун
Yah see, they taught chemistry all wrong, iron chlorine and mercury can go backwards. Then they said there was was no overunity. But current travels better in a conductor than in space, so a capacitor both actively charges and discharges. A battery is yet an uphill battle, but you can cut the weight down significantly. Like wifi, why not take Boris?
SuperSuccessfulTroll Ай мурун
the kerbals will have a happy christmas after all
Captain Crispy
Captain Crispy Ай мурун
Pleeeeaaase plleaaaase more boris ksp!!!!!!!
Rairikky The Espeon
Rairikky The Espeon Ай мурун
did he seriously call Mamushka?
Atomic Apex
Atomic Apex Ай мурун
ok boris, ive got a question. would you rather the soviet union or just russia?
Nicholas Diehl
Nicholas Diehl Ай мурун
larry the gas mask man
larry the gas mask man Ай мурун
ok ok get matt lowne on the phone
Islovakproductiouns Ай мурун
Moar boosters!!!
Hit Me Onii Chan
Hit Me Onii Chan Ай мурун
whats the song played at 0:49?
Donat Misini
Donat Misini Ай мурун
BRO im fucking laughing so hard,... i love you no homo
Arthurizando Ай мурун
That's some gopinik rocket design
Zombieslayer 16
Zombieslayer 16 Ай мурун
Ah yes the game I use to make manned ICBMs. I mean explore space
супер жаба[ссб 2]
супер жаба[ссб 2] Ай мурун
Зделай видос на русском будет интересно
The imagined order
The imagined order Ай мурун
Feels good seeing a Slav play a game where you can get a mod that can get you mini guns
Rimyvald Bellows
Rimyvald Bellows Ай мурун
Kak tebe takoye, Ilon Musk?
AngryMobsNeedAttention Ай мурун
now i know what UFO's are. those are just the rockets from comrade Boris
Gariepdammer Le Clerq
Gariepdammer Le Clerq Ай мурун
Ah Boris this is a great video and a pleasure to watch. Thanks for making it. Enjoyed your comentrary and it was very entertaining
the lifted dutchman
the lifted dutchman Ай мурун
Boris plz make video on how to make chernobyl sunrise cocktail.
AtomicJay Ай мурун
As someone who plays Kerbal Space Program, this is painful to watch. I still believe in you though, Boris.
Δ C17 Δ
Δ C17 Δ Ай мурун
TokeTooMuch 420
TokeTooMuch 420 Ай мурун
I fucking LOVE this guy, watch his other videos but I am even more excited to watch him play games
Arkadeep Kundu
Arkadeep Kundu Ай мурун
This guy just flexed over the whole of Poland.
Steven Lee
Steven Lee Ай мурун
We do the same things! Haha
A Lifeless Rock
A Lifeless Rock Ай мурун
Boris enters the space race
Gravja Ай мурун
Akshay koyili
Akshay koyili Ай мурун
Boris u pidr.... wheres the intro?
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