Roseanne Barr with Jim Breuer

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Roseanne Barr

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Megan Pizzitola
Megan Pizzitola Күн мурун
Pain is coming. Have faith in god. We are woke as fuck now
The Mystic With Lipstick
The Mystic With Lipstick 5 күн мурун
I STILL watch reruns lol I have my favorites recorded seasons 1 through 4. I had the DVD collection but it got damaged during a move 😭 omg im geeking out @ 2:45, two most iconic laughs on the same screen! Life is good ❤
James W
James W 6 күн мурун
how do you do it, Roseanne? GORGEOUS!
Rhonda Lizama
Rhonda Lizama 6 күн мурун
He has the greatest laugh...
dlm3679 10 күн мурун
Such a train wreck. 0% genuine. Nothin but fake laughs. And the crazy lady smoking in the video asks him questions like hes a lil boy
0 11 күн мурун
I love Roseanne
Spooder 12 күн мурун
Love love you both y’all have been very very missed, enjoyed every word, stay with us, keep it up 👍🏻 you guys
Megan Veronica
Megan Veronica 13 күн мурун
Norm has the power to reunite us all.
Marjorie Henry-Lawrence
Marjorie Henry-Lawrence 13 күн мурун
Love that - thought theories.
Julie Clark
Julie Clark 15 күн мурун
I got stoned just reading the title of this video.
Moriah Moore
Moriah Moore 17 күн мурун
Love your locs Roseanne!!!
Amanda Morton
Amanda Morton 19 күн мурун
Jimmy Hinrich
Amanda Morton
Amanda Morton 19 күн мурун
Know All of you have left that shit of of a liar;) Good looking
Amanda Morton
Amanda Morton 19 күн мурун
You said you wont love to hear what you want
Amanda Morton
Amanda Morton 19 күн мурун
What if you not goggle your entire body into
Amanda Morton
Amanda Morton 19 күн мурун
You did 2 on smoking
Amanda Morton
Amanda Morton 19 күн мурун
You did a bit on smoking
M E 19 күн мурун
❤️ Roseanne and how real she is
PurpleUnicorn 601
PurpleUnicorn 601 20 күн мурун
@1:13:35 The Pearl Clutchers
Foo Manchu
Foo Manchu 22 күн мурун
Natalie Hollaway is mentioned EVERY time something is coming or is being hidden. I would hear something on t.v or radio New info on the Natalie Halloway case. I tell my husband you notice every time shit is going down they say her name? It is like mass MK ultra.
Melek Taus
Melek Taus 23 күн мурун
I know it's superficial and a bit late but: I love that hair on you Roseanne!
Suzanne Marie
Suzanne Marie 25 күн мурун
A whole lot of water & funyuns yeah 😁
Tanya Alder
Tanya Alder 28 күн мурун
Hi Roseanne, This is third live I’ve watched. You of all people knw bout the Hollywood horrors & u were tots f over by them. Still love ur humour sooo dammed much. Grew up watching ur show, u were f hilarious in that. My kid has seen new/old eps & also lol it too. All the best from Oz🙏❤️Like Jim too
Lady Justice
Lady Justice 28 күн мурун
Lori Halker
Lori Halker 29 күн мурун
I agree. It's astonishing how few "think".
Abbie Abbie
Abbie Abbie 29 күн мурун
Yea make her fix it good for you
Abbie Abbie
Abbie Abbie 29 күн мурун
Yeah my dad has dementia and Alzheimer's and bipolar so I got to take care of him and he drives me nuts...
Abbie Abbie
Abbie Abbie 29 күн мурун
Yea Roseanne You the Best ...
Norman Grandy
Norman Grandy Ай мурун
"The change of mind and rhe change of heart! All through America and Canada as well" YES !!
Norman Grandy
Norman Grandy Ай мурун
Holy shit I needed this!!! I feel like I was at a personal standup show that I have needed so badly!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! WWG1WGA "TAKE A FUCKIN BREAK POEOPLE"
Norman Grandy
Norman Grandy Ай мурун
Does anyone know if Jim has the same wife!?!? Because his wife(mother of his kids) had terminal cancer a few years ago!! The same time his parents were losing their shit!! I felt so bad for him!!! This is the first I've heard of him a a couple of years!! Love them both sooo much!!!
ronda burton
ronda burton Ай мурун
Most people have no idea... The vast majority of elites - the 1%; politicians, celebs and msm, are satanists. Its never been about politics. When Trump says “drain the swamp” he’s talking about the lucifarians. The cult of the elites. The church of satan has been able to infiltrate every part of society... cloaked in disbelief ~ Mariah Carey’s sister accuses their mom of satanic ritualistic sexual abuse during childhood ~ Project Runway contestant named Kovid makes an outfit with a matching face 2019! ~ Out of Shadows, a stunt man’s recent documentary on satanic ritualistic abuse in Hollywood ~ Bishops asking for a vax sans aborted fetal tissue ~ NCJRS = National Criminal Justice Reference Service (federal) “Satanic Cult Awareness” literature. 49 pages. Written in 1993 ~ Article on the origins of satanism ~ Interview with Wilfred Wong who’s been investigating satanic ritualistic abuse for 27 years. He’s a london barrister (atty). He talks extensively about celebs and politicians involvement. ~ Documentary “Everything is a Rich Mans Trick” ~ Project paperclip. The CIA brought 1600 Natzi scientists to America after WWII ~ Haunted castle bought by the Natzi’s in 1933. 3 AND 33 ARE IMPORTANT NBRS TO THEM! 3 to mock the trinity. Jesus was 33 when crucified ~ Quora answer to “Do musicians and celebrities really sell their souls for fortune and fame?” ~ Jon Wedger, london detective, bullied out of his job for investigating child prostitution rings and found higher ups were involved Satanists/lucifarians/illuminati are the same cult, all worship satan and lucifer but have sects with varying specifics. However, all branches perform CHILD SACRIFICES. They have to, ITS PART OF THEIR RELIGION “DO AS THOU WILT AND THAT SHALL BE THE SUM OF THE LAW” “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS” These are the mottos they live by. Btw, all “services” end in an orgy. Every - single - one. Every - single - time. These are the people telling us to forego hugging gramma this holiday
Lorna Spencer
Lorna Spencer Ай мурун
The great awakening! I have watched it too!
Terri Beiter
Terri Beiter Ай мурун
Rosie first time I saw you was at The funnybone. Early 80s I believe, have never been without you since! 💖💖💋💋oh I was young then too! Teens!
Kat B
Kat B Ай мурун
Amazingly beautiful woman. Inspirational. 💕❤
Katt Franklin
Katt Franklin Ай мурун
You are real 💯❤💙
Katt Franklin
Katt Franklin Ай мурун
Did you hear the latest from Julian Assuange and Project Veritas? You will find out Julian is a true Patriot
Facts Over Feelings
Facts Over Feelings Ай мурун
Wait, are they saying Trump is going to find a way to stay in office? This 3 week old interview hasn’t aged well.
Sylvia Whitney
Sylvia Whitney Ай мурун
I can’t believe I found this! Rosie, I have been a fan ever since I heard your “uterus is a tracking device” joke. It never occurred to me that we would end up at this age (I turned 68 in September of this year) with the same attitudes and beliefs. I have to say thank you for all the laughs through the years and for winding up with the same mindset with me.
WMR Ай мурун
wwg1wga Great conversation here. So many of us have been awakened, red pilled this year.
LjBlueSkies Ай мурун
Love your hair! How/where did you acquire it??
Kimbo Slice
Kimbo Slice Ай мурун
I loved this interview or visit😉 I haven’t seen jim in a while and it was really cool to see y’all vibe and visit🥰
er mer gerd
er mer gerd Ай мурун
Jim is still one of my top 3 favorite comedians of all time. Plus he does the funniest impersonations and imitations.
C XoX Ай мурун
Jim Breuer with the factssss as always!
Keep The Spirit
Keep The Spirit Ай мурун
Love Roseann she is special lady
Fred Ай мурун
Give Rosanne her show BACK!!!! We miss you ♥️💯
Archie S
Archie S Ай мурун
conspiracy REALITY
Dawn Carr
Dawn Carr Ай мурун
I agree. Head low and mouth shut. TRUMPS got this.
Shauna Rock
Shauna Rock Ай мурун
Daaaaaaamn, you look good!
Queen Thrift
Queen Thrift Ай мурун
These two were so good together. They never interrupted each other and their chemistry was great. I hope they do it again.
Dawn Carr
Dawn Carr Ай мурун
I love Rosanne lol she is great.
John van Mil
John van Mil Ай мурун
I live in Germany, a lot of people believe the msm & scared shitlis for the Covid lies. The are lost, no way to transform thees brainless sheeps. Europe msm & Merkel is rotten to the bone.
Nancy In Florida
Nancy In Florida Ай мурун
Sell me your dreadlocks Roseanne, I will pay you for them when we get another stimulus check (rofl)... I want dreadlocks like that. I am 62 and look like shit with my hair. And you look awesome in them. I need something that is easy to attach and make me look awesome too! I looked all over the internet for one like that, I can't find one. :( LOL :)
Ran Ай мурун
Ask her on Cameo she's there but you'll have to pay for a chat.
Paula Grateful no end
Paula Grateful no end Ай мурун
Seriously, I would lick a covid mask on the ground. For a laugh! Watching you cringe.
Aslynne Caron
Aslynne Caron Ай мурун
LoL, actually felt like doing that. People freak out when I have to announce my last name, its pronounced the same way as the virus, So I say CARONA) and yes I’m the virus, wow so many bowing before me?! In mosques LoL
Sunngrl W
Sunngrl W Ай мурун
Two of my favorite people that make me laugh !! Believe it or not, both of you have brought me out of a hard time I was having back in 98 to 2000's. Some really heavy stuff happened and I was in shock for a few years, but the only thing that saved my mind was the laughter. I love ya both !! I really missed you over the last few years and never realized you had a You Tube channel. It's my go to now and yeah the Peacock channel on my cable, the only place I have found your show. I started at the beginning and binge watch. It really is a classic. I'm 60 and we know the classics, All there is on today is crap. I will always be thankful for your talent and you can say whatever you want, I still love ya !! My most favorite Jim standup was the Party in your stomach !! Too F'in funny, but I love all of his stuff too. Thanks for keeping it real
The Layla Bean
The Layla Bean Ай мурун
Your so right. Go to the hood and there are liquor stores every where. The biggest words on every sign are LIQUOR AND LOTTO. The two things that the gov hands out the license for. And how the more kids you have the more you get, but only if you stay single. Once you get married you lose it all??? Crazy that people dont see this.
The Layla Bean
The Layla Bean Ай мурун
I can go all day without a cussword til someone pisses me off then every other word. Freaks people out that don't know me. I feel ya man
LadyScorpio39 Ай мурун
Roseanne is great....but this Jim Breuer guy seems like a total idiot. He talks sporadically while not really contributing much.
depletable Ай мурун
This is awesome.
Sarah M
Sarah M Ай мурун
10:50 connecting with nature, even walking in the grass barefoot for 15-20min if you can, can offer YUGE amounts of stress relief. Humans are electrical. Electricity literally makes our heart pump. Rubber soled shoes were the worst invention because they disconnected our exchange of electrons with the Earth. That’s why someone who connects with nature barefoot, or is somehow touching the Earth, will feel better, especially after hours of it. It’s Science:).
Shay Perry
Shay Perry Ай мурун
Conspiracy theory was coined by the CIA
Nara Ай мурун
Thanks Roseanne I didn't know he was such a legend, I follow him ig now thank you!!
Bitter Butterfly
Bitter Butterfly Ай мурун
Good show!
bigalbass Ай мурун
Watching this was a treat. And I’m sure many appreciated the confirmation of things are gonna be alright. Thank you both for being funny as hell, and sharing some great stories in the biz. Bless you and we’ll see you on the other side.
Super Star
Super Star Ай мурун
This explains a lot from a stuntman
David Pritchard
David Pritchard Ай мурун
This is better than anything on the telly. love from England.
Lisa Uzalac
Lisa Uzalac Ай мурун
I just adore you Roseanne
Little Mo
Little Mo Ай мурун
Little Mo
Little Mo Ай мурун
Conspiracy theory was a clever phrase to shut us up. When anybody says that to me, I say 'NO, I'M A CRITICAL THINKER.
Sean Anon
Sean Anon Ай мурун
God love ya Jim🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼
Ms Mai Tai
Ms Mai Tai Ай мурун
Roseanne I saw you do stand up with Louie Anderson in Vegas back in 1987, and you were awesome, to this day I remember you shredding a heckler and laughed so hard I cried, so much respect for you! And Breuer, keep being real and don’t let all those tards, tell you what’s funny!!! Freaking love you both so much!!!
Anonymous Ай мурун
D.R.H 860
D.R.H 860 Ай мурун
Sue DeSimone
Sue DeSimone Ай мурун
I’m not a Trump supporter, but I don’t like Biden either. Trump was put into power for many reasons. I agree with SOME of his policies, but he is clearly a damaged person, and I feel badly for him. I can see right through the media, and it does hide the news. Have you seen the video of the Google whistleblower? Oh man. Google it. They deliberately hid Trump from searches...AND they REMOVED the word , “covefe” which was Trump using an Arabic word after a visit to the Middle East! They removed it from Google translate. So, it IS a word, but they are in cahoots with the media in painting him as a moron, which he clearly is not.
Sue DeSimone
Sue DeSimone Ай мурун
You look so cool, Roseanne. I watched this video, and support for you in the comments is overwhelming for you! Love you, my dear. I agree with you about PC ruining comedy. Cancel culture needs to end. If it continues to exist, we will NEVER be a UNITED States. Hollywood is so evil.
Dilip Patel
Dilip Patel Ай мурун
Dilip Patel
Dilip Patel Ай мурун
Dilip Patel
Dilip Patel Ай мурун
Dilip Patel
Dilip Patel Ай мурун
Open Letter To The 45th President Of The United States Of America Donald J Trump (THE GREATEST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME) God Bless You Donald Trump and give you the courage, strength and wisdom, to be on the right side of destiny, to be the greatest president the USA has ever had!! Sir you have achieved more in your 1st term in office than all the previous presidents combined. Once people realise and really wake up, and see your hand in the down fall of the cabal, the global elites, the corrupt bankers, mainstream media,politicians, the various royal families in the world and their insatiable thirst for adrenochrome and other nefarious activities. To gain the fountain of youth they have needlessly enslaved young children and trafficked them like disposable goods. All In the pursuit of their own insatiable greed & vanity, they have sacrificed their humanity and are pure evil and satanic to the core. Once people realise your great military war against the deep state, and all the 5 million children that you have rescued from dumbs (deep underground military bases). You will become a national & international hero. Posterity will confirm and history will record. That You Sir, will be remembered as the Greatest President of The USA. Who has actually given the power back to the people, aswell as their liberty & freedoms. May the sun always shine, on the glorious New Republic, that you have newly created, once the US goes back to constitutional law and away from corrupt marine law. Most importantly though Sir you will be remembered as the greatest peace maker and humanitarian. I can only reiterate that Donald you are an amazing man and inspirational in your vision. I can only wish you a very long live, aswell as your incredible family. God bless the USA and the rest of the world. MAGA!!!!
KSDVLmom Ай мурун
I had the same exact Trump journey as Jim
Keyome DT
Keyome DT Ай мурун
My lord. He turned out awesome. Didn't he?
Bret Allard
Bret Allard Ай мурун
Jim, I am disappointed in you. You can't support this crazy ladies self indulgence. You are in Scott bayo territory. Only crazy trumpers support this show
Makkaru112 Ай мурун
Uhhhh no. Her whole energy has always emitted AND REPRESENTED all of us in the middle and tackles the hard topics that always get censored. Oops.
Mary Rendon
Mary Rendon Ай мурун
bleigh8793 Ай мурун
Wow! This was great, and I do hope to see the both of you talk again soon! Love and Happy Holidays!!
Steven Matzker
Steven Matzker Ай мурун
Im Fucking in tears! I absolutely love the two of you ! Thank you Roseanne and Jim !!!
Christina Thom
Christina Thom Ай мурун
Rosanne, Hell isn't very funny girl!
Laroid X
Laroid X Ай мурун
Great conversation. Thanks Roseanne and Jim. People really need to hear this stuff.
Richard McPhee
Richard McPhee Ай мурун
I love how honest Roseanne is
Justin Kerbyson
Justin Kerbyson Ай мурун
Anyone here familiar with the similarities between C-19 and “Chronic” Lyme disease? Look into it. 🤔
Steve Carter
Steve Carter Ай мурун
Roseanne and Jim are good souls and this was a great conversation.
d c
d c Ай мурун
Wow Jim Breuer hasn’t aged a bit.....I love his goat laugh lol.....I use to love his Metallica skit
1Proud American2021
1Proud American2021 Ай мурун
I walked away from Hollywood because I couldn't get past the gay mafia. Between the casting directors, agents, manager, I couldn't get work because I wouldn't have sex with them. Now I'm not talking a couple times, I'm talking over a 100 times easy. I have to admit it was disheartening, disappointing, etc. But I kept my morals and honor. Did manage to be 10 films, 7 with a starring or co starring role. But now that Hollywood has been exposed, I know now why God told me to walk away. Anyone interested in watching my films, most of them are on Amazon Prime now. They're Action Martial Arts B films from the 90's. Keep you expectation low, have a drink, get some popcorn and you'll be pleasantly surprise. Cheers. Oh, by the way, my name is Ken McLeod, just put my name into Amazon Prime and all the films I'm in they have come up. Peace.
Alyssa Rogers
Alyssa Rogers Ай мурун
You two together is fucking awesome!! I wish I could talk to rosanne, she is seriously an amazing woman
Jas Catt
Jas Catt Ай мурун
1Proud American2021
1Proud American2021 Ай мурун
It's really simple folks. EQUALITY demands that EVERY is a target for humor. Context is EVERYTHING. People just need to grow up and stop being so offended.
1Proud American2021
1Proud American2021 Ай мурун
If Jim is funnier than hell, is that really a complement? Hell just doesn't seem to be that funny. Okay, maybe on Tuesday, I hear that's open mic night.
Not going For it
Not going For it Ай мурун
She’s one of the lucky women who aged really well, so pretty and love her attitude ❤️❤️❤️
Dilip Patel
Dilip Patel Ай мурун
Great show Roseanne!! Jim is so funny and zany and crazy!!
myohmy451 Ай мурун
The first time I saw Roseanne was during a monologue she did back about 1985-86, on TV, maybe The Tonight Show? Her comedy was clean enough for TV which had much stricter guidelines then. She was reminiscent of Phyllis Diller with a bit of Dangerfield and Joan Rivers thrown in. The jokes that stuck with me were her complaints about how men get riding mowers for the lawn, and until they came up with something equally comparable for women to vacuum with, it wasn’t getting done at her place. Hah! As a young mother with 3 children and a clean freak, tendency toward being a people pleaser, I could still relate to her conventional defiance, and her hilarious job description as not a housewife, rather a domestic goddess.
stephfarah1 Ай мурун
My dying wish is to spend a day with her just cooking and drinking and sharing a meal She's a mother Goddess. Oh and a big hug. I just love her so much!
Donald FRAZIER Ай мурун
Thanks Roseann for allowing us to see you and sharing your thoughts always love your talks!
brian collins
brian collins Ай мурун
" am i in the sick or just srinking"
brian collins
brian collins Ай мурун
I fou3 a pack of cigarettes
brian collins
brian collins Ай мурун
In the bathtub behind the shower curtain
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