Quick Vid: Clone High (Review)

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2 ай мурун

How did I miss out on this show?! It totally lives up to the hype
Watch the show: kgpost.info/will/video/pHvM3KdswKalgJ4
Nicktendo's Vid: kgpost.info/will/video/upmutaV_m5aVpc0
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Saberspark 2 ай мурун
Fwuit Snacc
Fwuit Snacc 3 күн мурун
lolanavin2 3 күн мурун
Keighen Snavely
Keighen Snavely 5 күн мурун
It's in depth btw, not in dep
Mega_Olivia_Y 7 күн мурун
Duck Duck
Duck Duck 11 күн мурун
Brandon Layman
Brandon Layman 13 саат мурун
More historical figures like Michael Jackson George hw bush Tupac whitney Houston Kobe Bryant Richard Nixon Eartha kitt spiro Agnew ernest Hemingway Albert einstein leonardo da vinci Mozart rasputin Olga of Kiev George Orwell Amelia Earhart harry Houdini Jack kirby Alexander Hamilton Joseph stalin Jackie ormes maude fealy gg allin David Bowie William hanna Joseph barbera Fidel Castro Robert e Lee yukimura sanada dmitri mendeleev dr Seuss niccolo machiavelli caligula Adam weishaupt Jeffrey dahmer Ted Bundy zodiac killer Jack the ripper molly pitcher Alan Turing William Wallace Charlie Chaplin Plato Alexander Graham bell fred astaire ada lovelace al Capone Billy the kid Franklin d roosevelt James dean hugh Hefner jd Salinger karl Marx and ray Bradbury
Maso-Kun 22 саат мурун
Did you improvise this script? You sounded very scattered and you kept back tracking on the things you said over and over. The well written sentences in the video are just repeated word for word later on in the video and it gave off the feel of a 9th grader writing their first essay and restating their thesis in their conclusion word for word. Overall, the quality in this video, writing-wise, was quite disappointing.
making noodles
making noodles Күн мурун
Saberspark confirmed voice actor for JFK
V 2 күн мурун
Exhausted Idiot
Exhausted Idiot 3 күн мурун
Reginald Copperbottom
Reginald Copperbottom 4 күн мурун
Nothing bad ever happens to the kennedys
Vesna Kuzmanović
Vesna Kuzmanović 4 күн мурун
I like your funny words magic men
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy 4 күн мурун
i’m mildly disappointed of jfk
Beetlejuice 4 күн мурун
let's hope they give van gogh more screen time
Ninjagurl 2465
Ninjagurl 2465 5 күн мурун
I see “i like your funny words, magic man” guy, I click.
This is Jerry
This is Jerry 6 күн мурун
Er...U h
VVGirl 6 күн мурун
Apparently Abe Lincoln was a wrestler/boxer (don't remember which) before he became president. Not as weak as you think.
Maria Lara
Maria Lara 6 күн мурун
Furry Joseph Stalin
Furry Joseph Stalin 6 күн мурун
Clone High SLAPS- thats all i can say its just amazing XD
Purik 6 күн мурун
i got an A dooing a school project bout clone high and my teacher now said she wants to watch this show
Blue Spaceman
Blue Spaceman 6 күн мурун
Oh, I really dug this show. It was already cancelled by then, but I liked it.
Codename: Xelda
Codename: Xelda 7 күн мурун
I slept on it too, nothing to be ashamed about
Ms.Queen O Crustaceans
Ms.Queen O Crustaceans 8 күн мурун
*saber trying to do JFK’s “accent”* Me: ADD SOME MORE ERS AND UHS
Ms.Queen O Crustaceans
Ms.Queen O Crustaceans 8 күн мурун
I believe one of my friends told me that total drama island based their style off of clone high
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy 4 күн мурун
they did
Aztecgod Huzluiospd
Aztecgod Huzluiospd 9 күн мурун
For the reboot they should have more & older historical figures & the opposite(but none from the last three/two years though too close to home) in the background I.e prince, Michael Jackson, Gilgamesh, tsar nick whatever his numerical title was(the last king of Russia) or “RA! RA! RASPUTIN!” & a bunch of others.
Kristi Martin
Kristi Martin 10 күн мурун
I have a weird flex: I can speak like Clone High JFK.
Shaun R
Shaun R 10 күн мурун
It’s a good show
Pawloski,Cassius 11 күн мурун
I like your funny words, CARTOON MAN
I like your funny words Magic man
I like your funny words Magic man 11 күн мурун
"Ringadingding" - best cartoon chad baby kennedy boy
satanic punk gabby
satanic punk gabby 11 күн мурун
At first Abe was a likable character then when he started dating cleo, I HATE HIM NOW this is my opinion so be nice
Büg 6 күн мурун
I mean i never liked Abe even before he dated Cleo lol
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 11 күн мурун
Something important ; who is your favorite character ? Mine was-surprisingly- Cinnamon J. Scudworth ngl
Sandra Lucius
Sandra Lucius 13 күн мурун
Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys
Goldenglare_thewindeater 13 күн мурун
Apparently clone ghandi is actually pretty close to the actual ghandi during adolescence. Because it was only later in life did he become that pacifistic non-violence promoting virtuous Saint like character.
•Twinky Toons•
•Twinky Toons• 13 күн мурун
Ghandi: G spot *Gets a Subway foot long ad*
BriannaDraws -
BriannaDraws - 13 күн мурун
"I like your words magic man."
Ed B.
Ed B. 14 күн мурун
I hope one day I'll happen upon one of your videos on a cartoon that was on YTV (Canada) at night. It was this creepy paper maché animation, not meant to be scary I think. All I remember is the girl had 2 different eye colours, and the boy had blue hair? And they were jumping from portrait to portrait to comic books etc.
Lizzifer 14 күн мурун
Someone may have written this elsewhere (the specific bit I am about to write, not just the teenage part) but I can't see it from scrolling down a bit. Bit of history/biography for yas: Ghandi actually was a pretty self absorbed sex obsessed party boy until he missed saying a final goodbye to his father on his deathbed because he was too busy "getting busssaay". He thought he would have more time and could squeeze in one more lay. It made him look at himself and his ways through guilt, subsequently looking at the whole world in a different light. He totally WAS like that and I'm surprised India wouldn't want to embrace the person he was to the person he became, we all go through personal growth!
simply one hell of a neko
simply one hell of a neko 14 күн мурун
I finally watched it thanks to this
Diamond Studios
Diamond Studios 15 күн мурун
Just so you guys know in spider man into the spider verse when Gwen teleports to the other dimension there is a clone college ad on the top left and it has jfk and Abe. It’s at 55:59 in the movie
Angela Hollerich
Angela Hollerich 15 күн мурун
No one: literally no one: jfk:I LIKE YOUR FUNNY WORDS MAGIC MAN
Subservemoth 15 күн мурун
Ashlley Powell
Ashlley Powell 16 күн мурун
I remember watching this a few months ago and at the time I have never heard of it, I'm surprised to see it has such a big following. Will give it another run.
Killswitch the Clown
Killswitch the Clown 16 күн мурун
I er ah like your cut g
Evan Sturgill
Evan Sturgill 17 күн мурун
How the hell does South Park get through so many insensitive episodes
Dodge SRT Viper GTS from Forza games
Dodge SRT Viper GTS from Forza games 17 күн мурун
I like your funny words magic man
RocRolDis 17 күн мурун
I find it funny how they depicted Cleopatra as being egyptian when she was super super greek. XD
Shylar76 18 күн мурун
It's kinda sad some people can't just take a joke, like with the Ghandi thing you mentioned earlier it's just sad, this show just looks like it's for fun and laughs and it's animation looks really nice
c 18 күн мурун
Ghandi is da best
Secret Shadow
Secret Shadow 18 күн мурун
Wait how is Thomas Edison a douche?
Joan Bernstein
Joan Bernstein 19 күн мурун
dude im sorry but talk normaly that cool suave voice your doing is annoying as hell
Uma Chan
Uma Chan 19 күн мурун
This show, along with a couple others on Cartoon Network, really got the shaft when it came to getting a second season. This was some funny stuff. And now it's continuing but I'm not looking forward to it. Rarely do reboots or continuations years after the original show went off the air come off as being worth it. They just feel like hollow examples of how they used to be.
Alys Lowell
Alys Lowell 20 күн мурун
Is it bad that I'm 13 and this is my favorite show 😂
Mateo Demicheli
Mateo Demicheli 20 күн мурун
The joke of Sigmund Freud when it watch the Joan of Arc movie hahaha, that was a perfect and an awesome example of what you can make with a famous figure, also the jesus jokes are hilarious at least
The Cool Axolotl Logan
The Cool Axolotl Logan 21 күн мурун
The India thing was the main reason it got canceled
Alyssin Williams
Alyssin Williams 22 күн мурун
Absolutely loved clone high, I managed to catch it during its original run, and have rewatched it numerous times since. Cannot wait!
TwistingGears 22 күн мурун
My day be so fine. Then boom Horny
The Falcrom Show
The Falcrom Show 22 күн мурун
I bought clone high on DVD for $100 AUD not cheap but worth it
jamyboi y
jamyboi y 23 күн мурун
Without memes this probably wouldnt be getting a reboot
LIL LOSER 23 күн мурун
Is it ok to say clone high is just the slightest, just the tiniest bit overrated?
La Nguyên B Tòng
La Nguyên B Tòng 23 күн мурун
I like calling him Mr. B.
Tyson W
Tyson W 23 күн мурун
in a JFK voice: nothing bad ever happens to the kenedys! WAAAAH!
Luis Garduno
Luis Garduno 23 күн мурун
This show made me feel whats it called feeelings
Oscar Garciarey
Oscar Garciarey 23 күн мурун
I don't think a reboot is a good idea because we saw how the teen titans and the powerpuff girls ended up
Steph The GOAT
Steph The GOAT 24 күн мурун
I like your funny words magic man
I’m A General Smile
I’m A General Smile 24 күн мурун
I like when Mr.ButlerTron said Wesley
razor dad
razor dad 24 күн мурун
Don't forget litter actually kills and always drag race when your tired. Also, Gandhi and Joan of Arc are great. JFK: I wish for my friend back. Comes back as a subconscious JFK: Your a Genie !
Jeff Brady
Jeff Brady 25 күн мурун
wasn't marilyn manson on it too?
Александър Гочев
Александър Гочев 25 күн мурун
Not gonna lie i also really love history
Thunder Marchmello
Thunder Marchmello 25 күн мурун
Wasn't Cleopatra not actually historically beautiful? The OG historians just couldn't believe a female figure in history could be powerful for any reason other than looks.
Randz Streams
Randz Streams 25 күн мурун
I like your funny words magic man
Mediocre Pilot
Mediocre Pilot 26 күн мурун
JFK better make a bo2 reference in the reboot
Skrelemor 26 күн мурун
Total drama island vibes
ZippiestJet19 27 күн мурун
DedGuysRule 28 күн мурун
Your JFK impression could er uhm, used a bit more ers and uhms.
Colin Moore Studios
Colin Moore Studios 28 күн мурун
If this reboot or continuation, whatever, actually happens, they need to make Hitler an actual character instead of a background character
Just Zseeo
Just Zseeo 28 күн мурун
The robot was called Mr. butlertron
Just Zseeo
Just Zseeo 28 күн мурун
Image if jfk was a real person, that would be a bad idea
Thumper Boi
Thumper Boi 19 күн мурун
Logan Allard
Logan Allard 28 күн мурун
JFK: Are, uh, you drunk enough to sleep with me yet? *gets roundhouse kicked* JFK: *ANSWER THE QUESTION!*
Аня Томова
Аня Томова 28 күн мурун
Im a huge history buff, but I felt like this show was being shoved in my face too much, and I have never heard of it before, and then I realized some of these characters are actual historical figures, but I was still like “nah it’s going to be dumb and inaccurate” but saber, you really “sparked”my curiosity on this one... *badum tss* anyway, it looks funny and I’m going to have to check it out now. I hope they have some famous people from Eastern Europe, besides Catherine the Great, although she was a German princess originally. 😆 :)
Birb of wisdom
Birb of wisdom 29 күн мурун
thatmagicmutt 29 күн мурун
Yo, I watched every single episode and honestly I think Van Gogh should’ve gotten more screen time 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Dorothy Goodell
Dorothy Goodell 29 күн мурун
i like your funny words magic man
Melon Wolf
Melon Wolf Ай мурун
Is that the leace sign on the armband of Oh no there goes my breakfast 🤮🤮
Razzbeariツ Ай мурун
The whole point of Ghandi's character was that he was the opposite of the real Ghandi because he couldn't live up to his legacy and was put under too much pressure. Same with how JFK wanted to be a womanizer to be like the real JFK, but didn't have any of his good qualities. They are also highschoolers, they aren't perfect. They put these characters into classic highschool tropes, and while some characters may have similar qualities to their real life counterparts, none of them were a fully accurate portrayal of them.
Quatia Stokes
Quatia Stokes Ай мурун
I’m excited I can’t believe I didn’t know they were finally continuing
Max Maier
Max Maier Ай мурун
Saberspark: *does anything* Me: I like your funny words magic man!
Amelia Ай мурун
I REALLY hope this reboot doesn't hurt Phil and Chris's reputations. They've had a pretty great rep, especially with the lego movie. I'm hoping they'll do great with the reboot *(EXCEPT HOOPS BUT WE'LL FORGET THAT)*
1968 Ford Mustang California Special
1968 Ford Mustang California Special Ай мурун
Caleb Maldonado
Caleb Maldonado Ай мурун
the funny thing is that i also watched it for the first time on retro run
h o n e y d e w Øof
h o n e y d e w Øof Ай мурун
I like your funny words magic man!
KEI Ай мурун
Just remember, "Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedy's"
agentofxehanort Ай мурун
I finally watched the full show last year and it is wild. I'm cautiously optimistic about the continuation.
WillieManga Ай мурун
I thought that was made by Gendy Tartakovsky when I saw the Dexter's Lab animation. That may not be true, but they do have the same artist.
Andy Blanton
Andy Blanton Ай мурун
Clone High: *Is pretty good* Clone JFK: Hold my funny words, magic man.
American Pichu
American Pichu Ай мурун
Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys . i~~O~~=~O-~ . ° ==~~=->^^. °
Honey Kazoo
Honey Kazoo Ай мурун
Show is so good that they made a the character’s real!
Jordan Fox
Jordan Fox Ай мурун
I know is this isnt about the show itself but tell me that the pic of abe at 5:49 doesnt look like bill nye.
Lexythecute 12
Lexythecute 12 Ай мурун
Me when I finish watching a fresh Saber video: So uh, when are you gonna upload? Saber: Me: *ANSWER THE QUESTION*
Adderz Ай мурун
I er uh really like this uh show! Kennedy approved
JFK from Clone high
JFK from Clone high Ай мурун
Er uh thanks
J F Studios
J F Studios Ай мурун
i watched the whole series on youtube, wish india didn't found out about gandhi
Todd and Jerry
Todd and Jerry Ай мурун
Rose Mali
Rose Mali Ай мурун
[Dolphin noise]
Mad Sponge
Mad Sponge Ай мурун
Check this out, G spot what’s philo?
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