PSA: Don’t Shave Your Pomeranian

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melissa the groomer

Ай мурун

Sure, the Boo cut is cute... but at what cost? Double coated dogs need both layers of their coat. If it is properly maintained (which isn’t easy!) they can stay looking great.

rayne playz
rayne playz Саат мурун
Yeah shaving actually makes them shed more i think you have to brush the d9gs for maybe hours
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! 3 саат мурун
( ・ิ..・ิ )‎ᐡ ߹𖥦߹ ᐡꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)ヶラヶラꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)ヶラヶラꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)ヶラヶラꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)ヶラヶラꉂ(ˊᗜˋ*)
Gargi Pathak
Gargi Pathak 8 саат мурун
however pomeranians look cute I have one baby boy😊
K Church
K Church 11 саат мурун
I say she still cute tho too
Emma 11 саат мурун
We have a pomeranian that comes into our salon and looks a lot like this girl - unfortunately the owners have been shaving her all her life, so her coat is far beyond repair, but she's a sweetheart. Thanks for the PSA - it's so important for double coated dogs to be maintained properly!!
J Davis
J Davis 16 саат мурун
This isn adorable and happy little doggie. I hope her coat grows back soon!!
Sarah Price
Sarah Price 18 саат мурун
You can shave hairy dogs (think non shedders), but this is a furry dog!
Haha P
Haha P 19 саат мурун
What a cute doggy! I love her fluffiness
Rebekah Күн мурун
I had one but she died on January 8 she was a fur breed Pomeranian
algae Күн мурун
THANK YOU! I see so many people who shave their double coated dogs...
Dachdog Күн мурун
What an idiot! If you're groomer you should know that! I'm not. I don't know much about grooming at all. But I know that. How sad!
Katrina El'mena
Katrina El'mena 2 күн мурун
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*Miley devol*
*Miley devol* 2 күн мурун
My dad shaved out dog and I was mad to it because he is a border collie and he had a really nice coat he stoped shaving him because our neighbors asked if he had cancer and our dog looked like a cow
stacy frazierbauer
stacy frazierbauer 2 күн мурун
Awe cute pup...poor thing..i hope she did something about that! He looks happy and healthy tho. That's what's important.
Megan McCormick
Megan McCormick 3 күн мурун
Bless his heart ♥️ he looks happy as ever tho ♥️
Shelly Daniels
Shelly Daniels 3 күн мурун
Yes! She is still cute 😍
Barbara Underwood
Barbara Underwood 3 күн мурун
U only trim not shave. Poor baby not having the hair grow back. That can be irritating. She’s seems happy though.
Lee Carrizales
Lee Carrizales 3 күн мурун
O. That's sad.
Lee Carrizales
Lee Carrizales 3 күн мурун
Tracy Smith
Tracy Smith 3 күн мурун
Soooooooo cute
Patricia Schoener
Patricia Schoener 4 күн мурун
This happened to my pom Lucy 8 years ago. Her fur didn't come back for 2 years, then it came in spots not all over. Her back thighs and above her tail are still naked. She is now 17 years old! Yeah!!
Bridget Sedgwick
Bridget Sedgwick 4 күн мурун
That's a medical issue, not a haircut issue. She probably has cushings or thyroid disease . A blood test is recommended. The groomer that shaved her might have saved her life.
Melanie Moody
Melanie Moody 5 күн мурун
Unfortunately, the little dog's hair won't grow back the same.
Melanie Moody
Melanie Moody 5 күн мурун
The only time you shave a double coated dog is if it is absolutely necessary. Like if the dog is extremely matted and it's painful and impossible/uncomfortable for the dog to detangle, then you shave it.
Chynellka and Friends
Chynellka and Friends 5 күн мурун
This is Chanel Me:.... well hello mini me
MySinusesRKillingMe !
MySinusesRKillingMe ! 5 күн мурун
You're giving out false information here. Other than the description of the coat, none of what you said has any scientific merit.
Rachel V.
Rachel V. 2 саат мурун
MySinusesRKillingMe ! I should have specified. I have yet to see a dog who is supposed to be hand stripped ever return to their original coat. I guess the best example I can think of being a schnauzer. Before they get clipped, they’ll often have bits of black hairs mixed in. Once clipped, you aren’t likely to see those again. I actually didn’t know this but I had spoken to a few owners who only did hand stripping and saw their dogs (and I’ve seen a million clipped) and their coats are vastly different. Maybe they would after years but no one waits around long enough to find out? I find it more fascinating than anything. But I do agree. Bad breeding/genetics can be so detrimental to a dog’s coat (and more importantly) health. Also clipping down their double coat. A lot of owners don’t understand this though and just end up upset when a groomer says they won’t clip them.... then find a different groomer who will. 😔
MySinusesRKillingMe !
MySinusesRKillingMe ! 5 саат мурун
@Rachel V. clipping most definitely makes hand stripping impossible, but not permanently. It may take a few years of regrowth cycles, but eventually it comes in normally again. Most of the dogs I've encountered that are supposed to be hand stripped have lousy coats do to bad breeding. 😬
Rachel V.
Rachel V. 9 саат мурун
Double coat regrowth is problematic and does take a long time. but I will say that breeds that are meant to be hand stripped or plucked that get clipped, it will literally ruin their coats.
MySinusesRKillingMe !
MySinusesRKillingMe ! 2 күн мурун
@JAMS's Nana some coats do take forever to come in again, but I've also seen them back to normal within the year. In my experience, it depends on the dog and/or the amount of maintenance grooming they do at home. I think every time a groomer sees a double coat mid grow-in, they get a shiver down their spine🐕 😳😩😂
JAMS's Nana
JAMS's Nana 2 күн мурун
You're right. Of course the coat is going to grow back. It'll have a different texture for a couple of years because the undercoat will be growing out with the guard hairs, but once she goes through a couple of good blows, that'll really help, and in about 2 years, she should be fine. In the meantime, someone should teach her mom and dad how to really back-brush that double coat. I'd bet that's what landed her at the groomers in the first place. Those coats can get away from you!
ca mez
ca mez 6 күн мурун
I don't have a Pomeranian, but this was interesting!
Keiliany Ortiz
Keiliany Ortiz 6 күн мурун
That's just abusive I hope her hair grows back :(
Bridget Sedgwick
Bridget Sedgwick 4 күн мурун
Where's the abuse? She's a happy dog and can't begin to give a shit about her hair. That's why I like animals more than people. They aren't vain and get over stuff super fast. They don't carry a grudge.
PrettyGreat Vlog
PrettyGreat Vlog 9 күн мурун
She looks yeontan
Laceyamy 18 күн мурун
fingers crossed his fur grows back
debsworld 21 күн мурун
Maybe she was matted as to why she was shaved?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 22 күн мурун
Your pupy is so kuteeeeeeeeeeee 😍
Kandi Hinshaw
Kandi Hinshaw 22 күн мурун
The only reason I could ever see for shaving a dog with a double coat. Is if the coat is so badly matted that you can't get it combed out then you would have to shave it. Cuz with dogs that have double coats getting that undercoat out is very very important because when they start to shed that needs to be removed that undercoat it has to be pulled out. And some people don't have the money to go take the dogs to groomers. But it didn't cost him a dime to sit down with a brush and brush out the undercover just sit there and pull it out. It doesn't cost a dime to do that.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 24 күн мурун
Put some Rogaine on her 😂 (this is a joke, I don't know if Rogaine is safe for dogs)
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 24 күн мурун
Thank you for the explaination. I'm serious. So well behaved. A sweetheart.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 22 күн мурун
Awh the “I still look cute doe” shows the patience the mother truly has. I’d be pissed!
e ğąčhă ľöğïç e
e ğąčhă ľöğïç e 24 күн мурун
No! This îs bakugou bcz he îs a angry pomeranian^o^
Gail Arnold
Gail Arnold 25 күн мурун
Thank you for the explaination. I'm serious. So well behaved. A sweetheart.
Lianna Castillo
Lianna Castillo 25 күн мурун
The dog so cute tho
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 24 күн мурун
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Juçara Ferreira
Juçara Ferreira 25 күн мурун
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 23 күн мурун
Many breeds shouldn't be shaven.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 23 күн мурун
Hello, Humans. "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."-Judy Garland TERRANCE OUT
jonah stamper
jonah stamper 26 күн мурун
Working in grooming and at an animal hospital it is likely the pet was matted, poms have a tendency to no be brushed which causes large lumps of hair that can be removed but it can be either costly or time consuming. It still stinks to see
M 26 күн мурун
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Terry Simmons TV
Terry Simmons TV 26 күн мурун
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Chip Skylark
Chip Skylark 26 күн мурун
Wait they hang them to keep their heads up....
Emma 11 саат мурун
it's called a groomer's helper - dogs don't HANG from them, it's for their safety. the height and closeness to the arm can be adjusted for each dog, it helps control movement and keeps them from falling off the table. that's like saying you hang your dog when you take them for a walk and they're pulling on the leash.
amywjn 26 күн мурун
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Kelby Cruze
Kelby Cruze 26 күн мурун
I’ve done it for 6 years hair grows back perfect
b t s n
b t s n 26 күн мурун
What a good lil puppers.
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𝓜𝓲𝓰𝓾𝓮𝓵 𝓓 26 күн мурун
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Marquise Jackson
Marquise Jackson 26 күн мурун
Awh the “I still look cute doe” shows the patience the mother truly has. I’d be pissed!
Ivy Mossgarden
Ivy Mossgarden 26 күн мурун
If one doesn't like the shedding hair-one should get a short hair breed. That's easy enough to figure out yes?
Megan Dicaprio
Megan Dicaprio 26 күн мурун
For real! Don’t get a Pom Pom if you live in a country with high temperatures. Same thing with huskys!!!
FryeKitFox 26 күн мурун
Many breeds shouldn't be shaven.
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 26 күн мурун
Hello, Humans. "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."-Judy Garland TERRANCE OUT
ElderDragonHighlandr 26 күн мурун
We shave our Pom all of the time and it’s no problem!
young black king
young black king 26 күн мурун
Who else didn't search for this
Kathryn Kollmansberger
Kathryn Kollmansberger 26 күн мурун
I am so glad to read this. I rescued a little Pom chi And didn’t realize about the double coat. I was thinking about giving her a real Shortcuts because I thought it would make a cooler this summer but I won’t touch it now. She’s so cute the way she has anyway!
MySinusesRKillingMe !
MySinusesRKillingMe ! Күн мурун
@Jasmyn Gwatney certain breeds are prone to medical conditions ( ex. thyroid disease or cushing's disease ) that effect hair growth. Any breed can suffer from alopecia for a number of reasons, but I promise you none of those reasons are a haircut. There is literally no science backing up the claim that shaving a double coat will stop it from growing. Another factor could be a bacterial infection in the hair follicles or fungus, caused by dirty equipment. You asked for sources, but I'm not sure what you want me to find. If you Google alopecia in canines, adrenal disease, thyroid disease, cushing's or hormonal imbalance, I'm sure you'll find what you need😁. There are tons of articles from legitimate veterinary journals and the like. It's a lot of reading lol. But if you're interested in the subject matter, it's very interesting. A lot of my info also comes from experience. I've been a groomer ( dogs, cats and horses mostly) for 30 years and was also a licensed vet tech.
Jasmyn Gwatney
Jasmyn Gwatney 2 күн мурун
@MySinusesRKillingMe ! From what I can tell and find this isn't how double coated breeds work. Do you have any sources for this info? I'd love to learn more.
MySinusesRKillingMe !
MySinusesRKillingMe ! 5 күн мурун
If you shave a dog ( with any coat type) and the hair doesn't grow back, it's an underlying medical condition and has nothing to do with the haircut. A lot of people believe shaving causes alopecia, but it does not. Unless the equipment is dirty and causes a bacterial infection or there is a medical issue, the coat will come back normally.
melissa the groomer
melissa the groomer 26 күн мурун
Keeping the undercoat maintained with proper brushing is key :)
Valerie V.
Valerie V. 26 күн мурун
Thank you - I found out too late. Regulating their temperature is key. I think the trauma of the shaving experience contributed to my Grand-pups death.
Crystal Ball Tarot
Crystal Ball Tarot 26 күн мурун
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Joe 26 күн мурун
What SURPRISES ME the most is that she is sitting at UNDER 5k SUBs AND IS TRENDING..MMM
NoRmAsJeAnS82 26 күн мурун
I adopted a Pomeranian after she was used and abused and bred excessively. They shaved big chunks out of her just like this. She looked awful and the hair never grew back.
Jacob Lara
Jacob Lara 27 күн мурун
The dog is so cute
Nicole Max
Nicole Max 27 күн мурун
Just Inky
Just Inky 27 күн мурун
poor bakugou
Mark Hamer
Mark Hamer 27 күн мурун
rhea Gormley
rhea Gormley 27 күн мурун
Awwww I love little pomeranians but I feel bad for the pomeranian❤️💋💖💞💕🤩😍😘😢
ClipzSauce 27 күн мурун
It’s like alcohol, it’s not the best thing for you, but you can still do it, it’s the owners choice but I wouldn’t do it
Rachel V.
Rachel V. 9 саат мурун
ClipzSauce Also the choice of the groomer not to do improper/unethical grooming procedures. 🙂
Kelly McDonald
Kelly McDonald 27 күн мурун
HE. IS. A. CUTIE. PIE🐸🐭🐱🐤🐔🐢🐺🐼🐨🐭🐱
Hfhib Hfugigud
Hfhib Hfugigud 27 күн мурун
لطيف كيوت اوي
나는 사랑한다 방탄소년단김 한다라
나는 사랑한다 방탄소년단김 한다라 27 күн мурун
Why it's look like Yeontan a bit
MOCHI LACHIMOLALA x 19 саат мурун
Ahh I see that now
kaung kaug
kaung kaug 27 күн мурун
Nurcan Alıcı
Nurcan Alıcı 27 күн мурун
Renee Faison
Renee Faison 27 күн мурун
Super cute
Paul Son
Paul Son 27 күн мурун
Thos pom is like "Uh, yeah, so whatever. This my new style bitches. You got Trump. What could be worse than that? Hahaha I'm a pom. You still love me 😂😂"
melissa the groomer
melissa the groomer 27 күн мурун
Best comment ever lol
Mattis Ja
Mattis Ja 27 күн мурун
Seang Seabry
Seang Seabry 27 күн мурун
ЛИСА Дюшобеково
ЛИСА Дюшобеково 27 күн мурун
Pulse1 27 күн мурун
Chanel is so cute
Take my Memes
Take my Memes 27 күн мурун
Pomeranians are ugly and weak tiny dogs
Balqis Official Channel
Balqis Official Channel 27 күн мурун
looks like yeontan V from BTS
Shay Sev
Shay Sev 27 күн мурун
Wish all the best for that dog
Random TypeR
Random TypeR 27 күн мурун
natia kvachadze
natia kvachadze 27 күн мурун
natia kvachadze
natia kvachadze 27 күн мурун
Fun With Filzah
Fun With Filzah 27 күн мурун
Poor dog 😔
Naomie Perets
Naomie Perets 27 күн мурун
אומייגאד איזה כלב חמוד
Min Yoon Ji
Min Yoon Ji 27 күн мурун
I remember Yeontan💜
iza naskidashvili
iza naskidashvili 27 күн мурун
Ooo so keot
Salty_C 27 күн мурун
The pomeranian: *this is fine.*
Trice Lansam
Trice Lansam 27 күн мурун
soldier the official-UwU
soldier the official-UwU 27 күн мурун
She says:i still look cute tho Me:yes you still do
Lisa Sweller
Lisa Sweller 27 күн мурун
Wow. This is one example of failed communication. Not good. Hope furbaby grows her hair back she will definitely need a coat in winter if she is in a cold climate. Poor thing.
ShadowSorcerer 27 күн мурун
So uh I read that is pomegranate my bad.
Daniel Danna
Daniel Danna 27 күн мурун
Naomi Glover
Naomi Glover 27 күн мурун
Her structure is amazing, is she a show dog
franks193 27 күн мурун
This is like the happiest dog ever
Shaydes Of Blue
Shaydes Of Blue 27 күн мурун
Those literally one of the few dogs you don't shave. First time hearing that lol.
Arcano & Friends
Arcano & Friends 27 күн мурун
She is still adorae
TrapRemix 27 күн мурун
Awe poor pomy
Mella Bella
Mella Bella 27 күн мурун
This happened to my wolfhound, they shaved her guard hairs :(
Rachel V.
Rachel V. 9 саат мурун
Mella Bella What?! Why would anyone EVER use clippers on an Irish Wolfhound?! I could see sheers, hand stripping, or plucking for specific areas but CLIPPING? 🙁
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