PS3 vs Xbox 360 Documentary: The Video Game Battle of the 21st Century

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Some say the greatest console war was Nintendo vs Sega, but today a new generation grows up remembering a different console war. The first truly internet connected, HD consoles. PS3 vs Xbox 360 was a long and arduous battle and it's time we take a look back at what made it so fascinating.
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Mystic 2 жыл мурун
Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy this video. I had a great time making this one. Hope you all dig it and thank you so much for all the support. You’re the best.
Yeezy 5 күн мурун
I learn something about ps and Xbox that they both have there ups and downs so no console wins all about personal preference I like both
EVILGENIOUS 13 күн мурун
whoopie 2 ай мурун
@DefinitionOfDizy we now have ps5
psychozeratul92 2 ай мурун
This needs more views and likes. Excellent video
Kien Phong
Kien Phong 2 ай мурун
@Accordion TV W
Byleth Von Ordelia
Byleth Von Ordelia 3 саат мурун
I just couldn’t with the persona 5 song playing 🤣
Cms 10672
Cms 10672 6 саат мурун
I can't believe that the ps5 and xbox series x are cheaper that the only ps3.
Polo 35
Polo 35 14 саат мурун
PS3 awesome console ever😢❤
PM PG 16 саат мурун
Wii is much better
lil brownstain
lil brownstain 21 саат мурун
even as a playstation nerd ill say that the xbox won
Gaming hub 2008
Gaming hub 2008 2 саат мурун
Nah I'd call it a tie
Caio Becker
Caio Becker Күн мурун
I clicked on this because I tought it was a Scott the Woz video lol
Sapiens Strength
Sapiens Strength 2 күн мурун
PS2 was life, but I skipped PS3 for Xbox360 . Sony def dropped the ball on PS3 . But then I think Microsoft dropped the ball on the X . I just got a PS five but as there’s not really any next GEN games it’s hard to tell how much I really like it yet
Vanessa Trottier
Vanessa Trottier 2 күн мурун
Takes me back to senior year of highschool
Gd Juju 2
Gd Juju 2 2 күн мурун
for me I like xbox 360 more but the playsation 3 was great as well.
jojohill27 2 күн мурун
Summer of 2000 I was at a thing at Mt snow in vt and was able to try out the new og Xbox and had no clue no one believed that Microsoft was or had made a console yeah it was pretty crazy
intruder313 3 күн мурун
And days after the XBox 360 was released, most of them had died to the red ring death (literally 60% failed in their first year)!
KidGhostly 3 күн мурун
12:18 Good lord that ad is nightmare fuel if I've seen it lol
Yung Dani
Yung Dani 3 күн мурун
Only time it was a “console war” was back when the ps3 and xbox360 weren’t the current gen, other than that it’s not even debatable.
Jgoldie318 3 күн мурун
The Ps3 and Xbox one are relatable.
lilbeezy 502
lilbeezy 502 4 күн мурун
Definitely a Xbox fan boi who made this
Legionari3 4 күн мурун
Did you watch the whole thing? Towards the end this is very pro PS3.
The Protagonist
The Protagonist 4 күн мурун
Great video
Just a Tomato
Just a Tomato 4 күн мурун
Going back and play something like Killzone 2 or some other games that got really close in bringing out the full PS3's architecture, and it's amazing. Killzone 2 even on a PS3 as opposed to emulator still holds up really well. At the time in 2009 when I got that game it really felt like you were playing a game from the future.
Just a Tomato
Just a Tomato 4 күн мурун
There are some things in this that can be disputed... Sony always knew Microsoft was a huge threat. They've got deep pockets. Jack Trenton has stated this before in a public interview. Also, Kaz Hirai pushed Mark Cerny to make the PS3's cell architecture what it was. Banking on the idea that developers would take the massive undertaking to understand it, because it's estimated once you do that you can get about 1 TFLOP out of it. Mark Cerny didn't agree with that and urged him to reconsider, and ultimately Sony's decision hurt them more than helped them. Mark Cerny has come out in numerous interviews and lectures about that since. So as far as "Sony doing whatever they wanted" Ehh, that's just not true. They banked on some ideas that fucked them. There was definitely some conscious awareness with the risks.
Soy gilipollas perdido
Soy gilipollas perdido 5 күн мурун
🔴 ❕ ⚃ 🔴 🔴
Henry Lindholm
Henry Lindholm 5 күн мурун
I guess game companies always have trouble with their 3rd console
Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!
Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess! 5 күн мурун
If you decide to get a PS3 don't buy the super slim, I have one and the cooling system is horrible. The cooling vent sucks up dust which makes the fan stop working this frying the motherboard
Fawkk YuTuu
Fawkk YuTuu 5 күн мурун
I didn't like most 7th gen games , but the fully loaded back compat PS3 model gave gamers the best console value ever. You got PS1 , + PS2 , + PS3 , + Blu Ray , + *free* online , + an overengineered amount of multimedia connectivity. And for what It's worth at least the hardware was truly a unique design approach , unlike 8th and 9th gen design.
snoz628 5 күн мурун
Yoo watching this brings back so many memories wish I had them back
Just a Tomato
Just a Tomato 4 күн мурун
If you don't want to track down the old hardware... series X has 700 or so 360 games backcompat and upscaled to 4K? For PS3 you can either do Sony's PS Now... or you can get a decent gaming PC... PS3 emulation has come a long way.
Slime With Howard
Slime With Howard 6 күн мурун
i like the ps3 better
GALEX Official
GALEX Official 6 күн мурун
Chris castillo
Chris castillo 6 күн мурун
I hate Xbox
Daniel Haryanto
Daniel Haryanto 7 күн мурун
Im proud to be part of this console war. I was lucky enough to own both ps3 and x360. For me both console are equally good. Nobody won until ps4 came and took a solid lead then never look back.
TheReaper Gaming
TheReaper Gaming 7 күн мурун
we dont care about xbox!
7 күн мурун
Grand theft auto is bad
Rocky1234 8 күн мурун
U sound like Dillon the hacker
Johan claps TTV_prince13
Johan claps TTV_prince13 8 күн мурун
I’m in 2021 that means I know what that ps5 looks like
brody watts
brody watts 8 күн мурун
360 miss it
Twixy Pixie
Twixy Pixie 8 күн мурун
She said xbox 360 weird
Sir Dominic
Sir Dominic 8 күн мурун
God. Damn. Every time I hear or see Halo 3 I get chills. Without a doubt the best game of that generation to me.
Nark of Mexico
Nark of Mexico 10 күн мурун
Everyone forgets that Sony killed sega
pikachu098 10 күн мурун
its funny how console war started with PlayStation and Xbox
demonpride1975 11 күн мурун
while the rrod was a real set back for Microsoft. they really stepped up, sure it took them a bit to own up. but when they did they were very classy about it. replacing your console with a new one completely. i am not excusing Microsoft for what they did, it was kind of scummy that they didn't properly test the 360 with stress. and honestly i kinda miss the blade theme, i liked the look and feel of it. as for the kinect, well my nieces and nephews loved it, they played kinectamles like all the time, even got into bowling.
SpeedFireTheNoCasual 11 күн мурун
After the 360 the Xbox took a nosedive
mrk107 11 күн мурун
30:35 And I still play Portal 2 to this day on my super slim PS3.
Blissfit89 11 күн мурун
12:40 that baby was creepy. what was Sony smoking when they came up with that
Clueless Blamer
Clueless Blamer 11 күн мурун
You may not see this but I really needed something great to watch to take my mind of something personal in my life. The effort is appreciated! You really distracted me from my own bs at times there. Also brought back some memories as i used to be a heavy gamer, both literally and figuratively.
Timmy Vee
Timmy Vee 11 күн мурун
I was depressed after my account got hacked, took the intervention of my uncle, he helped me hire a professional recovery hacker on Instagram called Dreyhacks_. He asked for my old login details and after a while he got me access back to my hacked account, I see people talking about hacked account and I wish they knew of people like this who are out there helping....
Niall Mulligan
Niall Mulligan 12 күн мурун
I have both but I like Xbox more
SteveCrafts2k 12 күн мурун
The heck is that boomerang controller? Im glad they went Dualshock 3. It's a wireless PS2 controller with slight tweaks, but at least it isn't buttugly like THAT.
nobody 9 күн мурун
the boomerang controller would've felt more comfortable tho
Tek85 12 күн мурун
So many better PS games didn't make the list, disappointing tbh.
Lamar Garcia
Lamar Garcia 12 күн мурун
Real ones transitioned from 360 to ps4 then ps5
St Onks
St Onks 12 күн мурун
This has got to be the most legendary rivalry in gaming ever, and this will never be forgotten
Jorge Tario
Jorge Tario 13 күн мурун
dang i remembered that psn hacker breach thing. It was pretty sad and freaky as a kid.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 13 күн мурун
I’ve always been team Xbox it’s a special console to me. I had a ps4 it was nice but definitely something I won’t buy again. Uncharted was an amazing glad I gave it a try
Halo Halo
Halo Halo 13 күн мурун
People think that rag tag ps3 was better than that red ring o-death garbage disposal? They both were good now they ass.
Buster Wise
Buster Wise 13 күн мурун
the xbox 360 sold more in america than the ps3 did
Buster Wise
Buster Wise 13 күн мурун
Buster Wise
Buster Wise 13 күн мурун
EVILGENIOUS 13 күн мурун
mutalix 12 күн мурун
Lol what? Mystic was one of the first channels on YT that focused on PlayStation without official backing from Sony. I've been on PlayStation since 1997, Mystic is team PlayStation, but a gaming fan as opposed to a fanboy.
EVILGENIOUS 13 күн мурун
EVILGENIOUS 13 күн мурун
mutalix 12 күн мурун
I agree, the world of gaming would be quite different without PlayStation.
Vanillalem0n 13 күн мурун
WARNING: If you set the comments to, "Newest first", you will find a cesspool of bickering fanboys. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. ADVISED.
Sullustan Rebel92
Sullustan Rebel92 13 күн мурун
This sums up what went wrong for xbox 1 and a problem for series x. They took the ps3 approach, all about power and not a bout fun
MarvelKam517 14 күн мурун
Who won
Keksz 14 күн мурун
Imagine paying the price of a ps5 for a ps3.
User 9 күн мурун
Pretty much like 20 PS3 consoles
Rizal Hilman
Rizal Hilman 12 күн мурун
Yeah, to think that we got much more capable console for the same price as base PS3 (and don't forget to calculate inflation!) is insane to think about it
pascal Nederland
pascal Nederland 14 күн мурун
Playstation offcourse :-) Ps2 the best sold console ever and every consoles sells better from Sony... :-) the games are better btw also
XGN Pepa
XGN Pepa 14 күн мурун
No ones talking about the fact that the ps3 had 20 gb of space. That’s like being able to only download rocket league
black and silver diamond
black and silver diamond 15 күн мурун
2000s equavilent of snes vs genesis.
Delusional Nova
Delusional Nova 15 күн мурун
7:50 of the video is him going on about how they partnered with rockstar now sony and rockstar are partnered together for the ps5 and gta5
Raider Fan
Raider Fan 15 күн мурун
Ive had both consoles and tho the ps3 was very pricey but ive had problem, after problem , after problem with my xbox and ive had such ease with the PS3 therefore it's no contest, the PS3 was just simply better
Redskinsfan1932 15 күн мурун
Why did ps3 need 3 ethernet ports?
Norman George
Norman George 15 күн мурун
I think ps3 beat xbox 360 hands down.
Arnav Nigam
Arnav Nigam 16 күн мурун
Leo_seesu_YTTTV Leo_seesu_YTTTV
Leo_seesu_YTTTV Leo_seesu_YTTTV 16 күн мурун
SO Team PS or Team Xbox
Chase N
Chase N 17 күн мурун
This brings memories
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 17 күн мурун
Xbox 360 was good but almost a disaster. PS3 was developed but the price was too great
The Ghost
The Ghost 17 күн мурун
Playstation all the way✌✌✌✌
Quazi Waliur Rahman
Quazi Waliur Rahman 18 күн мурун
I'm xbox fan and i believe xbox came on the right time for to beat the arrogance of Sony's and make them realize of what they need to focus to stay on the market.
Quazi Waliur Rahman
Quazi Waliur Rahman 18 күн мурун
This is like a milestone. The way that this company battled with one another and head to head and focus on one thing which is on game.
James Brown
James Brown 19 күн мурун
The 360 took a shit on the ps3..I was always a Playstation fan before then..I skipped the ps3 and ps4 in favor of the 360 and the one..I have a series x now..but I will be getting a ps5 also because its looking good and I can play all the ps4 games I've never played on it also
Ken Brown
Ken Brown 19 күн мурун
thelast gambler
thelast gambler 20 күн мурун
Who else Remembers when we thought cod black ops had amazing graphics?😂😂
Caleb Gray
Caleb Gray 20 күн мурун
I remember being in prison watching tv and this came across the news channel and like 50 of use was standing in front of the TV.
MrUnknownuser164 20 күн мурун
Console differences aside, let's focus on the main technological contribution that these consoles gave us: high-definition. I'd also like to make a statement: I feel like the best way to experience original high-definition is with a CRT TV, not a digital LCD TV. Think about it: HD was originally designed around 1080i, not 1080p. I personally made the mistake of using my 7th-gen console (an Xbox 360 S) with a digital TV at 1080p. Only later, when I tried using it at 720p (which is still HD-ready, since it still uses the same 75 MHz digital bandwidth as 1080i) on a smaller 720p TV, did I realize how much I missed out on. The overall quality of games looked better, not worse when used in the proper HD-ready video format. Also, both consoles were capable of a component video connection. This connection is designed for HD-ready video, not just 480p. So the best way to use a 7th-gen console is with a 1080i capable CRT over a component connection.
WildChild1984 21 күн мурун
4:00 My girlfriend went over to her boss's house to try out some games on his PS3...that's strange...the PS3...has no games!
Luca Pez
Luca Pez 21 күн мурун
Play stations garbage
George Theo
George Theo 21 күн мурун
Am I the only one that likes both playstation and Xbox?
Grá lóiséas
Grá lóiséas 21 күн мурун
Got a 360, and loved playing halo reach and minecraft (still do) I grew up on Nintendo 64. It makes me sad that people don't play multiplayer games on 360 anymore.
arron batchvarov
arron batchvarov 19 күн мурун
@Grá lóiséas I think there are still people on mw2 mw3 was dead last time but gohsts still a good 500 people daily online
Grá lóiséas
Grá lóiséas 20 күн мурун
@arron batchvarov I don't got ghosts i have halo reach/3 and MW1,2,3
arron batchvarov
arron batchvarov 20 күн мурун
I'm playing cod gohsts on 360 atm Derpy Hooves 0o gamer tag if you wanna play let's do it
Minecraft greatest 10 205
Minecraft greatest 10 205 21 күн мурун
Just wanted to let all of you no the Xbox 360 didn't come out in 2017 it came out in 2010 and also PS3 came out in 2007
Adam Adam
Adam Adam 21 күн мурун
The PS4 vs Xbox 1 video will be simple. Sony makes and sells PS4s like cold drinks on a hot day. I think Microsoft has something too, I heard someone briefly mentioning it once.
FanFanBoy Gaming
FanFanBoy Gaming 22 күн мурун
In my opinion xbox boot ups looked way more interesting than playstaytions except the ps5 boot up that looks more interesting than the series x
PlayerGamer 3547
PlayerGamer 3547 22 күн мурун
0:45 that was 2001 not 2000
Falcon - Playz
Falcon - Playz 22 күн мурун
I would say the PS3 is better, but we all play on what we want, neither will make us bad.
Valkon 23 күн мурун
Ah good time, people really hated each other back then
White Crewmate
White Crewmate 23 күн мурун
People who got a series for Christmas 👇
Cuwap cxm
Cuwap cxm 24 күн мурун
The ps4
Jonny_S_ 24 күн мурун
playstation is trash
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 24 күн мурун
I always. Thought the red ring. Of death was when a girl got some nasty vaginal virus
JSD Jade 810
JSD Jade 810 24 күн мурун
Ah, I miss getting those Xbox Live Voicemails “I’m gonna kill you!” “You should die!” Ah the Halo 3 days
Jason Ryan
Jason Ryan 23 күн мурун
Me too mate
Looney Clipz
Looney Clipz 25 күн мурун
The little kids try to carry this "war" on but its been over for a long time. Let our wounded heal and our fallen rest. 😇
mpforeverunlimited 25 күн мурун
I sat and watched this all in one go, nice vid
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 25 күн мурун
I remember that for some reason in my school was that most people had ps3 instead of Xbox 360
The Knight
The Knight 25 күн мурун
I spent the whole summer of 2008 mowing my parents lawn and saving up to buy a 20gb hard drive 😂😂😂 Now Terabytes are apparently a thing
Xcraig12tera-pops 25 күн мурун
This Doc is so bias and lacking Playstation has always owned Xsht get out of here
SyNixx 25 күн мурун
At school if you had a play station you were the rich kid and if you had an Xbox you were a hardcore gamer
SyNixx 25 күн мурун
I’m casually watching this while playing my 3ds
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