O Come Let Us Adore Him (feat. Chandler Moore & Jekalyn Carr) - Maverick City | TRIBL

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Official Music Video for "O Come Let Us Adore Him" featuring Chandler Moore and Jekalyn Carr by Maverick City Music.
"O Come Let Us Adore Him" (written by John Francis Wade) from the album "Maverick City Christmas" is available now on the TRIBL app and everywhere else you listen to music!

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Ashanti Garcia
Ashanti Garcia 2 күн мурун
Who’s still listening to this after Christmas?
Jeanne Davies
Jeanne Davies 3 күн мурун
Thankyou Almighty Yahway fot you for Jesusha Hamashack for the Holy spirit for everyone and everything Amen Amen
Tuyeni Nambili
Tuyeni Nambili 3 күн мурун
Been listening to this song since December up to now, January, wow this moves my heart, thank you Jesus for the gift of life 🙏❤️
Bwalya Mukuka
Bwalya Mukuka 5 күн мурун
If I could like this more than 10,000 times .....I will..."Let's adore him"
Janiel Vasquez
Janiel Vasquez 5 күн мурун
Amy Langston
Amy Langston 6 күн мурун
Amen 🙏
amiel madakuchekwa
amiel madakuchekwa 6 күн мурун
love this version
Marah Irving
Marah Irving 12 күн мурун
When you love listening to this song and Christmas has already come and gone and it is the Beginning of a New Year... 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Karen Conyers
Karen Conyers 14 күн мурун
Joy to the World could be a worship song also
ellen kambarami
ellen kambarami 14 күн мурун
I have been playing this song every day since I started fasting
Shannon Kirby
Shannon Kirby 14 күн мурун
Shannon Kirby
Shannon Kirby 14 күн мурун
These runs oh my my my praise the Lord
Melini Tagivava
Melini Tagivava 14 күн мурун
Such a powerful song that hits you in the heart to worship! Thank you God for such a time as this to bring something so heartfelt & amazing, we give you glory O god for everything!
Earl Mpume Mthembi
Earl Mpume Mthembi 15 күн мурун
I just can't get enough of this 🙌🙌🙌
Angel France
Angel France 16 күн мурун
[Verse 1] O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem Come and behold Him, born the King of angels O come let us adore Him O come let us adore Him O come let us adore Him Christ the Lord [Chorus] O come all ye faithful Come let us adore Him O come all ye faithful Come let us adore Him [Verse 2] Sing choirs of angels, sing in exultation Sing all ye citizens of heav'n above Glory to God, glory in the highest O come let us adore Him O come let us adore Him O come let us adore Him Christ the Lord [Chorus] O come all ye faithful Come let us adore Him O come all ye faithful Come let us adore Him O sing hallelujah Come let us adore Him O sing hallelujah Come let us adore Him
Máté Szabó
Máté Szabó 18 күн мурун
Thank You!
Jenny Star
Jenny Star 19 күн мурун
Live I n Chicago , have prayed in asking god for healthy godly friendships. That have the love of Jesus in there heart, so we can follow him together. Seeing people together worship like this for a likeminded love for Jesus is a beautiful thing and is gods love in physical view.🙏 god bless . Love listening to worship when reading his word. Book of Numbers ch.6 - The Blessing MAY YAHWEH BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU! MAY YAHWEH LET HIS FACE SHINE ON YOU, AND BE GRACIOUS TO YOU! MAY YAHWEH LOOK KINDLY ON YOU, AND GIVE YOU HIS PEACE!
mukanda fernand
mukanda fernand 20 күн мурун
Bless up dear Maverick!!!!! From Burundi we get this opportunity to listen to your songs And thank For being th blessings to The body of Christ
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 24 күн мурун
AMEN 2021 IS HERE ARE LORD!!!....))) THANKS 2 ARE KING*!*!*))))
Roger Kuhn
Roger Kuhn 26 күн мурун
Every morning over this season this is my go-to worship song. Thank you ❤️
Moses Tekper
Moses Tekper 26 күн мурун
Jaime Runstrom
Jaime Runstrom 26 күн мурун
Keeping Up With The Clarks
Keeping Up With The Clarks 27 күн мурун
nobody at the airport during the flight delay: Me: BLESS HIMMMM, THIS IS WORSHIP
Nakota Blue
Nakota Blue 27 күн мурун
The neighborly soy bilaterally arrange because loss comprehensively clean athwart a amazing ravioli. ceaseless, ugliest shrine
Hilary Antwi
Hilary Antwi 27 күн мурун
Whoever is reading this. Don’t even give up. Keep going and trust in the Lord 🙏🏾🕊🤍
Mary 28 күн мурун
This was exceptional.
Paulette Mcintosh
Paulette Mcintosh 28 күн мурун
Amen, brings tears to my eyes!!!
LaConda Mack
LaConda Mack 29 күн мурун
This is the most beautiful rendition of this song I have ever heard, simply anointed and you feel God’s presence s you listen. Thank you God for everyone in this project because it was a worship service. Glory to God
Apostle Jeffrey Grekul
Apostle Jeffrey Grekul 29 күн мурун
David Ofili
David Ofili 29 күн мурун
For from you are all things, and to you are all things. You gave them anyway. You deserve all the glory Lord. I've watched this video over 20 times, and I'm still watching, and for every time I watch it, I try to click the like icon again and again, but unfortunately, KGpost doesn't have that capacity. Maverick City, thanks for making yourselves available for this great movement in this time of global turbulence
wjr wit
wjr wit 29 күн мурун
One thing I love this church Is they not singing in the dark. We can see them cleary as they WORSHIP. Love from Australia 💞💯💥
Mada Jane
Mada Jane 29 күн мурун
2 of my favourite worshippers in one song❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kevin Palmore
Kevin Palmore 29 күн мурун
This young man is heading into Marvin Winans territory. Voice quality, inflection, lyrics and most importantly anointing. I'm sitting sitting at work attempting to hold it together. The anointing on him is startling. ❤ 😇🙏💫
Mika Felias
Mika Felias Ай мурун
Lyrics please
Temi K.
Temi K. Ай мурун
My goodness. The oil that is on this song and these ministers. I can't get enough. I looove you Lord
patricia moring
patricia moring Ай мурун
It pierced my heart and soul like an arrow
Von S-white
Von S-white Ай мурун
Come let us Adore HIM CHRIST THE LORD!👐🙏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤💕💞💞💞💞Glory to GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!!
Edidiong Ekong
Edidiong Ekong Ай мурун
I’m so in love with TRIBL music🥴🥴
Noni Simmons
Noni Simmons Ай мурун
I sung this in church this morning...by way of Zoom. I'm sure like many, there's been a lack of faith and hope this year with the pandemic across the land. I miss my congregation, joining with family and friends near and far. I've lost over 8 loved ones this year and it has been extremely hard to "get in the Christmas spirit" this year. However, I was reminded by my pastor of the hope that was born when Christ was born. Isn't that the true reason we celebrate? This song is more than just a Christmas hymn, this is a worship song! I actually sing it in church year round. It brought such an impact in my life. So, with that being said, OH COME LET US ADORE HIM!!!!! This year has been chaotic to say the least, but let us not forget...let us dig down deep to find at least one thing we're grateful or thankful for. Bring everything to the RISEN KING! NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR HIM!!! Be blessed everyone!!!
Tevaun Taylor
Tevaun Taylor Ай мурун
What a powerful word. Oh Lord, we worship You! Thank You for the gift of Jesus, Your only Begotten Son. Oh God to You be glory and honour and majesty now and forevermore! You are lifted up and exalted, King of kings and Lord of lords! Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. Hallelujah! I lift up your name, God. I worship you with all that is within me. All that I am and ever hope to be bow down in worship and praise to You, the Living God and Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!
lovesmith Ай мурун
I want what this emanates all year long! A place we need to be in more often things drift away you go someplace within you. Amazing!
Irma Sam
Irma Sam Ай мурун
Some years ago I was asked what is my favorite Christmas Carol. That was a difficult decision because I love christmas, and all the carols. But after thinking things through I chose " O Come all ye faithful" It is a call to worship Christ for all He's done for us.
Nekisha Figuero London
Nekisha Figuero London Ай мурун
For from you are ALL things. You're worthy of it all. This is so beautiful. I will never sing this song the same,,...... Eveeeeerrrrrr! Ms Jekalyn Carr you are amazingly annointed. Mr Chandler Moore you can sing the alphabet and make it sound like worship. I love you. Thank you for this!
Ann B
Ann B Ай мурун
In Jesus Name Amen, Glory
Maxine West
Maxine West Ай мурун
Jesus Christ is truly a gift to the world
Lusiana Pangkung
Lusiana Pangkung Ай мурун
super great job,love it....danke schon
Jackie Carter
Jackie Carter Ай мурун
Let the church say aman.
beth knox
beth knox Ай мурун
Singing this with my family on Christmas even though I wasn't sure of the beliefs but its a beautiful Christmas 2020
Akiesha Harrell
Akiesha Harrell Ай мурун
Johanna Nghipandulwa
Johanna Nghipandulwa Ай мурун
This touched my heart😪😭😭
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard Ай мурун
The abhorrent mechanic indirectly pump because golf additionally boil concerning a careful foundation. diligent, nappy year
Sreya P S
Sreya P S Ай мурун
Sad that this christmas is over but hey,JESUS is with us every moment...and we can celebrate his birthday not just on christmas day but for the rest of the days too...
Netta S
Netta S Ай мурун
Lord, be exalted. 12/25/20
QueenWifeMomDaughter !
QueenWifeMomDaughter ! Ай мурун
Maverick City. Thank you. One of God’s best gifts this year. Many days you’ve blessed my heart to keep going and keep believing
Ivy Asare
Ivy Asare Ай мурун
One word...Anointed! Thank you Jesus🙌🏾❤️
Deborah king
Deborah king Ай мурун
This is so beautiful. Love you Jesus. Thanks for sharing
Khalia Mare
Khalia Mare Ай мурун
Flow from you are all things into you are all things. Wooooo Jesus
Neige Melody
Neige Melody Ай мурун
Shalom mes Soeurs et Frères. Daignez méditer au moyen de mon cantique « VOICI VENIR NOTRE EPOUX ». Et si c’est possible, veuillez vous ABONNER et PARTAGER: kgpost.info/will/video/ua2pz3aA2YaEnc0 Shalom en provenance de l'Afrique du Sud.
Cheriann Sassan
Cheriann Sassan Ай мурун
Have a Merry Christ mas. Thank You
Horsin Around
Horsin Around Ай мурун
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9
Meshona Ogoemesim
Meshona Ogoemesim Ай мурун
i love this
Meshona Ogoemesim
Meshona Ogoemesim Ай мурун
Duncan Kioko
Duncan Kioko Ай мурун
Merry Christmas
Kunle Akinboro
Kunle Akinboro Ай мурун
GLORY to JESUS!!! Hallelujah Hallelujah to JESUS Such a beautiful and powerful worship song.
Nancy Hatcher
Nancy Hatcher Ай мурун
Thank you filling and lifting my spirits in the last few months, Maverick City. May we come together as a Christ-following community and give God the glory for the good and the hard. He has given us Jesus who loves and forgives me moment to moment. His love endures forever! XO
Real Talks With Sheron
Real Talks With Sheron Ай мурун
No lyrics this time😭
øddity Ай мурун
so powerfully beautiful
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Ай мурун
Sasha A Proof
Sasha A Proof Ай мурун
I love you my fellow brothers and sisters! My heart is soo full of love!! 😭🥰🤗 God bless everyone of his children 🙏 ❤ I love you all, reading this, singing this, and just all over the world!!
Jessica McLeod
Jessica McLeod Ай мурун
Black Lives Matter!!!😁
Tibusiso Mamba
Tibusiso Mamba Ай мурун
Victor Kimaro
Victor Kimaro Ай мурун
🎵I'll be lyk Mary and pour my oil out🎵........ Wonderful worship😢❤👐
Ebahi Asein
Ebahi Asein Ай мурун
Thank You Maverick city music 😭💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Mamello Pitso
Mamello Pitso Ай мурун
🗣️We Love you 👉KING JESUS 👈 all around the whole world. We worship you in Spirit and Truth 😭😭😭 #KINGofkings
Sherry Ewy
Sherry Ewy Ай мурун
Thank you for this blessing in my home❤️
Fereni Ай мурун
Favorite worship medley/song atm 🥰✨
Deborah Rackliff
Deborah Rackliff Ай мурун
So beautiful brings me into his presence!
Pynsuk Lang
Pynsuk Lang Ай мурун
Perfect song.... Powerful
Michelle Lynch
Michelle Lynch Ай мурун
You're worthy of it all! Hallelujah
Tsepiso Pulumo
Tsepiso Pulumo Ай мурун
If it costs me,you deserve it😭😭😭😭😭
Tsepiso Pulumo
Tsepiso Pulumo Ай мурун
Did I just not weep??Jesus Christ!!
Tiara Barnett
Tiara Barnett Ай мурун
All the glory and praise to God 🙌🏽 worthy of it all
My God, Your Son came to sacrifice his life just so that I will be forgiven of my sins and believe in him and never perish, but have life eternal. 🙌🏾❤
Lola Johnson
Lola Johnson Ай мурун
You deserve it all Lord, take my life New Born King, You are Worthy of it all, all the Glory, But God
Nancy Sichone
Nancy Sichone Ай мурун
You deserve all the glory. Come let us adore him
Manuel AL Matanawa
Manuel AL Matanawa Ай мурун
Look at the people doing thumps down, I wonder which planet they from . This cover is very anointed
Veronica Wise
Veronica Wise Ай мурун
ofonime Ай мурун
if it cost me, you deserve it!!!!!
Bukola Busola
Bukola Busola Ай мурун
This is wonderful I love your song
Charlene Washington
Charlene Washington Ай мурун
Wouldn’t we all love to worship with Chandler! This is a great collaboration! Let Your anointing flow Lord!!! Merry CHRISTmas to you ALL!
Anryco music
Anryco music Ай мурун
Thank you my brother for helping us worship together our Great Big God.God Bless you and your team for leading us with this beautiful songs 🙏
tc4jesus Ай мурун
🎶We bring everything, to the newborn King 🎶
Brook Martin
Brook Martin Ай мурун
WoW! i LOVE this!!!
Oluwadamilola Mabinuori
Oluwadamilola Mabinuori Ай мурун
Did I hear 'Oluwa Oluwa wa' ?
bryce best
bryce best Ай мурун
MY GOD!! 🙌🏿
Gospel Hypers Network
Gospel Hypers Network Ай мурун
Because you're here listening to this beautiful worship song, May God bless and keep you safe all through the year 2021 and beyond
michael lozano
michael lozano Ай мурун
Verso 1 Venid, oh fieles, Alegres y triunfantes Oh ven, oh ven adorar a Belen Ven y adorale ha nacido el rey Coro Venid y adoremos, Venid y adoremos Venid y adoremos a Cristo el Señor Verso 2 Coro de angeles cantan en los cielos Oh cantan y adoran a Cristo el senor Gloria a Dios Gloria en las alturas Coro Venid y adoremos, Venid y adoremos Venid y adoremos a Cristo el Señor Venid y adoremos, Venid y adoremos Venid y adoremos a Cristo el Señor Te damos toda gloria Te damos toda gloria Te damos toda gloria Mi Cristo el Señor Cantamos todos Santo Cantamos todos Santo Cantamos todos Santo Mi Cristo el Señor
key shield
key shield Ай мурун
So beautiful Lord Jesus U deserve it all a thousand ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ to you Jesus love this song excellent job!!!
indria drayton
indria drayton Ай мурун
AAAAAMEN!!!!!! God as a man, the Son of Man who is the Son of God!!!!
Tyler Purvis
Tyler Purvis Ай мурун
This song too good and God Bless
Carmen D Gutierrez
Carmen D Gutierrez Ай мурун
Amen ! 🕊️
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