New Character's Face, Blights' Names, and More Revealed! Dana's Charity Stream Analysis!

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It's Rebecca Rose

2 ай мурун

Coming off the heels of Dana Terrace's Reddit AMA, she along with animation supervisor for season one of The Owl House, Spencer Wan, and storyboard artist Luz Batista, hosted a charity livestream for Rock The Vote! There were several incentives along the way including looks at pre-development drawings and character designs, a cut photo from Enchanting Grom Fright, and most notably the reveal of half of a face for an upcoming season 2 character! I take a look at everything revealed during the charity stream and give my thoughts!
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Julia Abernathy
Julia Abernathy 2 саат мурун
I think the blonde is a humanized King
Moolton Fox
Moolton Fox 4 күн мурун
The half head of new S2 character, am I the only one thinking Abomination Coven head?
James Wright
James Wright 9 күн мурун
You've met king but you haven't seen his face
Caroline Drayton
Caroline Drayton 9 күн мурун
Hooty singing little miss perfect was all I needed
ACM 118
ACM 118 12 күн мурун
Can someone give the link of the video to me!?
Petra De Graaf
Petra De Graaf 13 күн мурун
I think Camilla will beat up the camp guide if Summer ended and Luz hasn't returned yet🤣 that would be hilarious🤣🤣🤣
Your 1839
Your 1839 18 күн мурун
On 1:14 too bad I wanted it to be STAR ⭐️ VS. THE FORCES OF EVIL, and The Owl House. 🦉🏠 And 601st comment.
Carnage TheSkyWing
Carnage TheSkyWing 22 күн мурун
Ok but since it goes with the same terms, the favorite character could be Steve This is a joke, please don't hate me
De Ny
De Ny 24 күн мурун
i just think if kamen rider will show up in season 2 or not
Mark Lawyer
Mark Lawyer 26 күн мурун
This show isn’t good watch cartoonshi video to find out why
idris karahan tetik
idris karahan tetik Ай мурун
Pls transleyt all language 🙏🙏🙏
Abigail Lizama-Mendez
Abigail Lizama-Mendez Ай мурун
0:07 Wait a sec I am watching this on the 30th-
Fatima Rizvi
Fatima Rizvi Ай мурун
Arraya's Adventure
Arraya's Adventure Ай мурун
Where ya got the thumbnail??????????
It's Rebecca Rose
It's Rebecca Rose Ай мурун
I drew it!
spooky oxsy
spooky oxsy Ай мурун
OMG it's amity's dad
Mon trainer ash D
Mon trainer ash D Ай мурун
Amities parents names are revealed *We’ve got a witch to burn*
Rosimar Cortes
Rosimar Cortes Ай мурун
Im seeing seson 2
Rosimar Cortes
Rosimar Cortes Ай мурун
Its blights dad?!
You Ай мурун
I was adopted when I was 2 Then I turned into an owl tube
Andrin Theaumont
Andrin Theaumont Ай мурун
Sooooooooo...... I may or may not have just found out the owl house WILL be on Disney Plus after bingeing the series on KGpost (twice)
Animal lover 518
Animal lover 518 Ай мурун
How the hell did I miss this :c
miya whoolery
miya whoolery Ай мурун
I actually agree with Luz' mom beating up someone. I think though, it will be a situation where Luz' mom comes in the demon realm and beats up the titan or the leader. Its typical
Zoey Zazzaro
Zoey Zazzaro Ай мурун
Mr Kaji
Mr Kaji Ай мурун
Amity’s older siblings looked like Ben 10 from ultimate alien
Keira Koala
Keira Koala Ай мурун
I think blond guy will be a possible competing love interest for Luz
Mr Kaji
Mr Kaji Ай мурун
The new character with red eyes and blonde hair could actually have Shinigami eyes
im a rat
im a rat Ай мурун
who does nobody else consider that this new character is amity's dad??? it has to be. dana literally said he was a fun character to write
im a rat
im a rat Ай мурун
@It's Rebecca Rose ahhh makes sense
It's Rebecca Rose
It's Rebecca Rose Ай мурун
Dana confirmed in her Reddit AMA that Mr. Blight’s hair is brown. New character has blonde hair, so it kinda rules him out.
Cannoli Wave Studios
Cannoli Wave Studios Ай мурун
Hooty please don’t leave we love youu
Nobody 2 ай мурун
Sangwoo... is this you?!
Iconic Noodles
Iconic Noodles 2 ай мурун
Maybe Camila beats up Creepy Luz? Imagine: she goes to camp to check on Luz, but somethings *off* about her.. Blah blah blah, she beats up creepy Luz
『Han da Hand』
『Han da Hand』 2 ай мурун
Iconic Noodles
Iconic Noodles 2 ай мурун
Same, *sAdNeSs InTeNsIfIEs*
Ac Mejos
Ac Mejos 2 ай мурун
I think the owl house is far by the most unique cartoon show and it is very 👌 amazing
•__Red __•
•__Red __• 2 ай мурун
Hmmmm S2 or S1🤪
Michael Pascal
Michael Pascal 2 ай мурун
Can someone please leave a link for me to watch the whole series
Iconic Noodles
Iconic Noodles 2 ай мурун
Michael Pascal AJRD173 has a playlist of all of season one titled “The Owl House Full Episodes Clips 1” if that helps
Canadian EH? Professional Monkey Lover
Canadian EH? Professional Monkey Lover 2 ай мурун
Oooo great video but also a fun fact that whole Lilith being the principal of hexide thing reminded me of some screenshots on a website that some of us on toh discord found I’ll try to find the link
Devin Gonzalez
Devin Gonzalez 2 ай мурун
Who is Gwendolyn!!!!
Unknowned -
Unknowned - 2 ай мурун
My meme is EPIC 😑👎 : adult shows with lesbians 😒👎 : Teen shows with lesbians 😁👍 : Kid shows with lesbians
Lucia Anton
Lucia Anton 2 ай мурун
I have the feeling that the new character could be a vampire(? He sleeps during the day and is awake at night. That would explain why he is tired. The his red eyes. And his ears are different than the ears witches have, just like luz has round ears and witches don't.
Ash Seniza
Ash Seniza 2 ай мурун
Wow they actually lission to the fandom...they know the theme song we assigned to them.
AnimeGamerCreater 2 ай мурун
Wait alex is hooty?
Fizzy_ Zizzy
Fizzy_ Zizzy 2 ай мурун
Anti-Social Club
Anti-Social Club 2 ай мурун
Ok I know alot about the show, but my dumbass can't figure out who tf Gwendolyn is...pls explain😭
RosyKindBunny13 2 ай мурун
"She's also referred to as Bow Girl." My mind: BOW KID FROM A HAT IN TIME
RosyKindBunny13 2 ай мурун
The Dog Coconut
The Dog Coconut 2 ай мурун
Andrea Santana
Andrea Santana 2 ай мурун
Not me simping for half a face-
YoutubeSicka 4
YoutubeSicka 4 2 ай мурун
Eric Z
Eric Z 2 ай мурун
6:58 The second one can’t happen because Everyone be too depressed to do anything
TheAnonymousGuy 2 ай мурун
So I was re-watching the fight between the emperor and Luz when I heard something I didn't realize was there before when the emperor's mask is broken by the ice cliff he lets out a Beastial or demonic growl
Idiotz__ Slapshua
Idiotz__ Slapshua 2 ай мурун
I honestly cannot wait for TOH to come to disney plus this whole I’ve been watching it on the fan made channel 😂
Tiffany Fire Blade
Tiffany Fire Blade 2 ай мурун
Princess Insanity0w0
Princess Insanity0w0 2 ай мурун
sooooooooo...... Aizawa but shorter hair and blonde
Vee :P
Vee :P 2 ай мурун
It's gravity falls all over again- I DONT WANNA CRY A RIVER AGAIN
netnet 1234
netnet 1234 2 ай мурун
Ok iwill tell you someting that Will blow your mind when king Taught luz about demons can be seen on his board at the top left on a green note the bill from Gravity Falls
Leah Smith
Leah Smith 2 ай мурун
So that's where Hooty singing little miss perfect came from
Trinity W
Trinity W 2 ай мурун
As soon as I she talked about hooty I got a Duolingo notification
Percival 2 ай мурун
that blonde dude with red eyes and a shaved head looks similar to mr. blight, but it might be a reused design to save on time + money. still, i think twins could potentially run on alador blight's side.
Gloryous.s 2 ай мурун
The way I roleplay as this masked person on twitter..
•Geeky •
•Geeky • 2 ай мурун
King as bill cipher... *everyone liked that*
Loki 2 ай мурун
wait woah woah woah theres a discord-
Ayie Toek
Ayie Toek 2 ай мурун
Bionic System5
Bionic System5 2 ай мурун
Eternally Kiwi
Eternally Kiwi 2 ай мурун
Excuse me, how can hooty leave the owl house? He literally is the owl house!
Maria Alonso
Maria Alonso 2 ай мурун
death 😔
Luke DeFalco
Luke DeFalco 2 ай мурун
Season two release date will be in early 2021 January or February
Red reaper
Red reaper 2 ай мурун
i wish in the new season we could meet some kind of former witches who abandoned the magic so the emperor could not force them into covens, like tribes of warriors with cool weapons against magic users
Red reaper
Red reaper 2 ай мурун
I think the masked figure is maybe the apprentice of the emperor, some kind of darth vader or kylo ren, a secret enforcer who keep on the less noble tasks of the emperor.
The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal 2 ай мурун
Hey just wanted to say you introduced me to the series with "How to Write a bully" and I fucking loved it now its one of my favorite series of all times, thank you!!
Jennifer Arechiga
Jennifer Arechiga 2 ай мурун
I love Diana drawing of punk amity she look like a badass
Main theme
Main theme 2 ай мурун
Great cant wait
death is upon you.
death is upon you. 2 ай мурун
Do I have a Sudden obsession with theories? Absolutely
FUmarc 2 ай мурун
Know what would be great? A new love interest that’s also a spy for the Emperor.
Ghosthorns Күн мурун
Uhhh, no Lumity by this point is 99% cannon
Liz _Lovely
Liz _Lovely 2 ай мурун
And I just deleted Disney Plus😭😭😭😭
Jun Gam
Jun Gam 2 ай мурун
I miss steven universe but i guess owl house works for now
starseekernate 2 ай мурун
Concept Luz looks way older than the Luz we seemingly got. I understand the reason she's 14 now is due to the target audience and relatability, but at the same time, a 18-20 y/o cast would've been nice
CyanPanda255 2 ай мурун
Hooty is my favorite character. I really hope there isnt a fight that makes him leave the house. It would be intresting but I dont wanna lose hooty
NO BRAIN 2 ай мурун
Camila beats the crap out of the think inside the box camp staff
ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15
ChicaPizza29 Foxyburito15 2 ай мурун
why do i see Camila randomly showing in the boiling isles and beating the crap out of Belows and winning
Star Struck 12
Star Struck 12 2 ай мурун
Bruh it needs to happen
Dead Cowboy
Dead Cowboy 2 ай мурун
If I don’t get my daily dose of owl house I will go insane
Christopher Davila
Christopher Davila 2 ай мурун
the girl in eda's photo is lilith just to answer your question
Christopher Davila
Christopher Davila 2 ай мурун
Thanks for the clarification
Christopher Davila
Christopher Davila 2 ай мурун
@It's Rebecca Rose ok I was trying to help
It's Rebecca Rose
It's Rebecca Rose 2 ай мурун
I am talking about the Bard track girl whose face was obscured by the ticket.
CreepinGaming 2 ай мурун
Did you notice that king's original skull in the doodle looks alot like the talking skull which is one of the prizes in the carnival thing where king wanted the heart bracelets?
Such a mood right?
Such a mood right? 2 ай мурун
9:14 oh no....I can hear the fan girls coming..
Roseline Okpala
Roseline Okpala 2 ай мурун
Let’s goooo
josse13579 2 ай мурун
Everyone thinks Hooty is annoying, and even though his personality is seen more as a joke, maybe he'll get enough of being ignored and leave the house, somehow. Even if someone is seen as funny, that doesn't mean they aren't lonely.
a1000face88 2 ай мурун
He’s probably gonna be a new student and the love triangle with luz and amity. If he is a spy for the emperor then there might be a theory that the portal wont work without the key that luz still has and he might be trying to steel it. Im also wondering like in season 1 for season 2 there will be another set of secret messages in the show hinting about the new guy plan and secrets.
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 2 ай мурун
I think hoodie leaves the owl house because he feels people don’t appreciate him! Sure he can be annoying but sometimes I feel bad for him 😂 I feel like the show would address this knowing the owl house.
Crabsticks cos
Crabsticks cos 2 ай мурун
9:14 oh no he’s hot!!!! 😳😳
Bruno Felcar Engel
Bruno Felcar Engel 2 ай мурун
Could you make amphibia vídeos?
Gracekim21 2 ай мурун
Well Gus' VA's voice is deepening so it might help that part. mmmm i had a hunch he was a teen by now
GTGA 2004
GTGA 2004 2 ай мурун
A Gravity Falls crossover? Does that mean the realm coexists with Amphibia too?
KEVIN . EDIT 2 ай мурун
9:14 It really reminds me *Mr. Aizawa*
M Dela Cruz
M Dela Cruz 2 ай мурун
It’s weird that Amity’s mother likes her children to be “color-coordinated.” If so, then when Emira and Edric find out that that’s the reason (assuming they’re unaware) for Amity’s “decision” to dye it, I hope they both dye their hair brown just like Amity’s natural hair color as a way to rebel. I think it would be amazing to see all three siblings with brown hair
Flutterby Angel
Flutterby Angel 2 ай мурун
5:58 I still think Karen and Chad are better
The Ghattlings
The Ghattlings 2 ай мурун
If i simp for the blonde haired guy will you forgive me?
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 2 ай мурун
Out of the three options, hooty leaving the house is the most obvious lie. Reason: BRUH. HE IS THE OWL HOUSE!
Jayden Torres
Jayden Torres 2 ай мурун
Am I the only one who thinks apple blood sounds delicious?
Nikhil Anderson
Nikhil Anderson 2 ай мурун
I hope the crossover is Gravity Falls, who is with me for the crossover to be Gravity Falls, let me know, response quickly and tell me about my idea or tell why or why not, or if you have different idea or vote, please respond!
Dragon girl 65 Armageddon
Dragon girl 65 Armageddon 2 ай мурун
Does anyone wants to see a crossover from the owl house to gravity falls? Because I do. I really wanna see Stan and eda meet and see what it’ll lead?
Aden Stevenson
Aden Stevenson 2 ай мурун
The owl house and mandalorian s2 Are both coming to Disney+ on the same day :)
SakuraBloom 2 ай мурун
Well my comment one the 2 lies and a truth it could be the mother find out they sent her fake letters of luz and she goes and beats up the camp head like where is my daughter!
Fruit Squad
Fruit Squad 2 ай мурун
It would be awesome if king sung we'll meet again
Star Struck 12
Star Struck 12 2 ай мурун
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