NBA "The Dream Team 1992" Full Documentary

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1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team
1st American Olympic team to feature active professional players from NBA
Dream Team 1992
USA vs Germany 1992 Barcelona Olympics Game 3

R Garcia
R Garcia 4 саат мурун
This must of destroyed issac and I love it!!
Daniel Red
Daniel Red 4 саат мурун
These guys made America. Wish it could continue like this.
GRIZZ 357 5 саат мурун
The good Old Days
grzegorzwarszawa 5 саат мурун
7:16 -MJ, we need You ! - And that's when I took it personally
mark schnabel
mark schnabel 9 саат мурун
Keep in mind nations had their very best pro basketball players playing and training yearly for many years prior to '92 Olympics. The USA team was at disadvantage due to college players participation. College kids who never played together. So the USA Olympic Committee made the change. And the world found out how good the USA could actually was.
BassStudent4life 17 саат мурун
Isiah Thomas is the only dream team player that wasn't on the actual roster. Even in documentaries, his name has to be mentioned. Can cock block greatness.
Se 2333
Se 2333 19 саат мурун
i don’t wanna be on magic team i want to play against him.. man have times changed
G E 23 саат мурун
1 year ago and everybody still active! deym those days of 1992
Arfen Malik
Arfen Malik Күн мурун
Loved the documentary but to say it is the greatest team ever assembled in team sports is just false I prefer futboll
Se 2333
Se 2333 19 саат мурун
stop it...
Ace Күн мурун
54:31 damn there's an uchiha here
Don Evans
Don Evans Күн мурун
Vow I think
Jim Mundy
Jim Mundy Күн мурун
Bonified DREAM TEAM! Great memories. These Athletes brought Americans together rather than dividing! It was an honor to witness! I will NEVER FORGET!
samalatight pooper • 39 years ago
samalatight pooper • 39 years ago Күн мурун
How did Magic not get the original MJ moniker?? Never realized he had MJ initials(I know his real name is Earvin)
Benjamin Reyes
Benjamin Reyes Күн мурун
mikeobiwon Күн мурун
It was the Memorial Coliseum and not the Rose Garden. The Rose Garden didn't open until 1995. Great documentary, though!
Justin Powell
Justin Powell Күн мурун
The greatest sports team assembled
SykeZ Күн мурун
man I miss the 90s..the greatest decade
yo yo
yo yo Күн мурун
Prime Bird on this team would have been so fun to watch
mike Күн мурун
This is the best team ever assembled almost all of them were on 50 greatest of all time
Dan Edgar
Dan Edgar Күн мурун
Imagine if they had put in a young college shaq instead of christian
Brian Rubio
Brian Rubio Күн мурун
3:25 is that Alex Caruso? 😭
Dan Edgar
Dan Edgar Күн мурун
1:03 because im a spoiled rat bastard
Swarbhanu Banerjee
Swarbhanu Banerjee Күн мурун
Glad to watch it before it's deleted due to copyright strike
Stjepan Drnasin
Stjepan Drnasin 2 күн мурун
The best team ever but I dont understand why like in the last dance documentary you just skip to tell anything about Drazen Petrovic? That is typical American propaganda, Drazen was the best European player maybe ever and on that particular night he score the most points 24 while Jordan scores only 22. But that is something you will leave out of this?
Jadon Godsey
Jadon Godsey 2 күн мурун
53:33 Lemon lime Gatorade in a glass bottle. Memberberries
Gerardo Garcia
Gerardo Garcia 3 күн мурун
Imagine if they lost 😂
Mike Griffin
Mike Griffin 3 күн мурун
What year did this come out?
dj arsonist
dj arsonist 3 күн мурун
Chris Webber should have been on this team, not Christian Laettner
Al Pontevedra
Al Pontevedra 3 күн мурун
They could have sent this team to vietnam and win the war whithin a week
Kingmaxmillian 3 күн мурун
38:35 "No Clyde, you betta get em back, YOU BETTA GET EM BACK!!!" LMFAOO
vanja s
vanja s 3 күн мурун
it would be alot harder for USA to win if Yugoslavija didnt break up even now best players from Yugo can match best USA team
ucsbrod 3 күн мурун
anyone know the name of the song or music at 41:53?
Hrvoje83 4 күн мурун
"New Sherif in town" 😂🤣
Hize Rekt
Hize Rekt 5 күн мурун
i swear to god magic has the best teeth i have ever seen
J M Corp.
J M Corp. 5 күн мурун
The GOAT is the player most players wanted to be the most... which player is that ?... Wilt ? Kareem ? Bird? Tim? Bill? Le Bron ? Or Jordan ?
Baby Daddy
Baby Daddy 5 күн мурун
Never be another era like the 90s they should have released the tape of them playing the fav 5 and practices were legendary. The coach did call one time out the whole tournament.
adi daneal
adi daneal 6 күн мурун
It was the 90s that made me started to love basketball. I dont know, is it because of how those men play or just because of their positive energy. Hey, i just missed the 90s so much,
Spicy Crunch
Spicy Crunch 6 күн мурун
i wish i can spend the rest of my life in the 80s and 90s. no pandemics, no social media hate
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson 6 күн мурун
John Stockton is like that guy who pulls up with his kid's in a station wagon on a local court that nobody wants on their team... And then you scratch your head when he decimated and picked apart your defense like a level 99 wizard, and then takes his kid's for ice cream in said station wagon after the game.
Bryan Stone
Bryan Stone 2 күн мурун
6 foot tall white guy who looked like everybody else.
Talk 2-Much
Talk 2-Much 4 күн мурун
andrew chan
andrew chan 6 күн мурун
Fuck you bill clinton
jonny lomj
jonny lomj 7 күн мурун
0:55 I've heard that before
Justin Collins
Justin Collins 7 күн мурун
Tiago Ferreira
Tiago Ferreira 7 күн мурун
Charles is straight savage ahahah
Mike Montgomery
Mike Montgomery 7 күн мурун
Shaq would have been a blast on the team.
landside1 8 күн мурун
00:52:17 "The guy on the bench is taking pictures" is Arturas Karnisovas, now, the vice president of Bulls.
FirstRickRich LastSkyeSquire
FirstRickRich LastSkyeSquire 8 күн мурун
I was 31 when the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, the same average age of the Dream Team members in '92 and this group was pure basketball mastery on display for the world to see.. Thanks for the post!
James Wang
James Wang 8 күн мурун
Yeah yah yah so proud when my door hanging Isaac poster and you dream boys colluded him out. What a bunch of fames
Ivan Novak
Ivan Novak 9 күн мурун
Golden era of everything...people are just not like this anymore...I watched this game as a 11 yr old kid in a war thorn Croatia...we had the second best team in the world...and nobody could beat dream team...karl malone,patrick,magic,jordan...we played basket in the street imagining we were them...8 hrs a day every day...i'm glad i witnessed greatness in today world of mediocracy. Love to you guys from a small boy from Croatia.
Hrvoje83 4 күн мурун
Bravo Ivane...ljepo napisano...po 8 sati doslovno 🏀 smo igrali....
Twon Celik
Twon Celik 9 күн мурун
Karl malone is so likeable
Danilo Briz
Danilo Briz 9 күн мурун
listen a US team, with just Jordan, Magic and Bird and just about any ten other players, would be the most fuckin awesome team ever assembled The 1992 US dream team is a solar system planet alignment. just unbelievable, and yes, i'm happy Isaiah Thomas wasn't in this team, i don't like that guy.
Jimmie Lee Patterson
Jimmie Lee Patterson 9 күн мурун
Daly playing golf with Jordan could easily be interpreted as Jordan getting in Isaiah's head
Jimmie Lee Patterson
Jimmie Lee Patterson 3 күн мурун
@DWG Herkemasnurdbirdhe's more like the -A list as opposed to the +A list. Check his Wikipedia. He reveled in being a Bad Boy Piston, now he'll forever drown in it.
DWG Herkemasnurdbird
DWG Herkemasnurdbird 4 күн мурун
Isaiah didn’t deserve to be on this team. He’s a b list player always trying to include himself with bird, magic and Jordan. I’d take Reggie Miller over Isaiah all day.
tizzleforrizzle 9 күн мурун
Dan J
Dan J 9 күн мурун
Barclay: i don't know anything about Angola but Angola is in trouble lol 😆😂😅🤣
A Smoothie Drinker
A Smoothie Drinker 9 күн мурун
I searched dream team looking for Minecraft but this was like 3rd recommended
TOTTI 10 9 күн мурун
One and only -Dream Team !
Michael Jofer
Michael Jofer 10 күн мурун
They had to form a team of superstars and all stars just to convince mj to play in the olympics! Now that shows who the GOAT is!
Rolando Quinteros
Rolando Quinteros 10 күн мурун
Imagine being guarded by Scottie Pippen first then you’re guarded by the goat poor Toni
jago668 5 күн мурун
Talk about resilience though. To be crushed like that and keep playing, and to come back and play on the team with them.
FIXTREME 10 күн мурун
*BUDWEISER IS THE STRONGEST BEER IN THE WORLD* Clearly, Chuck has never heard of Natural Ice
João Nogueira
João Nogueira 10 күн мурун
SolaireSunKnight 10 күн мурун
Scottie Pippen thinking he didn’t deserve to be called is part of what makes him so great
Marching Fish
Marching Fish 5 күн мурун
Pip definitely deserved to be there!
Larry Grecko
Larry Grecko 8 күн мурун
Nah Pip was Right he didn’t belong on that Team ... if Not for 23 there’s way He’s on that Team
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound 10 күн мурун
Bruh smaddy dress them like a band of gypsies
The Village Channel
The Village Channel 10 күн мурун
You hit me I hit you.... that's the way it is.... charles barkley
lovetownsend 10 күн мурун
41:47 He still dreamin bout dem shirtless beach girls lol im playin
lovetownsend 10 күн мурун
I was watching Magic/Bird clips other day telling stories "Why you disrespecting me like that?" Larry asked because they had a white dude covering him lolol
gary smith
gary smith 10 күн мурун
14:14 Found Waldo!
Starchild Universal
Starchild Universal 10 күн мурун
The 90s, what a great decade.
Mchael Mchaels
Mchael Mchaels 10 күн мурун
you know its great when u never heard anything on the "other dream team"
Lion Davis
Lion Davis 11 күн мурун
I absolutely loved everything about this documentary
jon sayers
jon sayers 11 күн мурун
Best team ever
mike roebauls
mike roebauls 11 күн мурун
John Stockton was low-key butt hurt cuz nobody knew him. 😆
Repentance: The Missing Link Of True Salvation
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Ante 11 күн мурун
i was 11 yo, and my country was one year old, Croatia...and we played finals!!!i was proud as hell that day that i was country was at war, and this time around Olympic games was like there was no it was good to live in Croatia that month...but three more years we were bombarded...thank you guys for this, but we had our own Dram Team also... Dražen Petrović, Velimir Perasović, Danko Cvjetičanin, Toni Kukoč, Vladan Alanović, Žan Tabak, Stojko Vranković, Alan Gregov, Franjo Arapović, Arijan Komazec, Aramis Naglić, Dino Rađa and we played two time that Olympics...God bless you!!!
Ante 2 күн мурун
@ill C we live peacefully, but our countries will never be in normal relationships...not because of us normal people, but because of politicians...they collect points on hate in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina...Slovenia was always different, they were turned to west always, we other more to east...i don't hate anyone, i have friends from Bosnia and Serbia, and relatives in Slovenia and Montenegro...but as countries, it will never be normal...but at least there will never be war between us...i hope!!
ill C
ill C 2 күн мурун
True. The european central countries are a basketball school on their own with great focus on fundamentals. And we can still see it with players like LUKA THE DON or THE JOKER JOKIC or STOJA and KUKOC as u mentioned him ! SO YES WE GOT TO GIVE CROATIA SERBIA OR SLOVENIA CREDITS. On a political standpoint thanks God the war is over and even though everything isn't perfect and won't ever be at least now everyone has its independence and hopefully you all could live peacefully out there in this area of the world.
Josh B
Josh B 11 күн мурун
32:55 dam she aint shy😭
Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shaw 11 күн мурун
Think my favourite part of this was the part about John Stockton walking around with his family and enjoying the city without anyone bothering him. You take that kinda stuff for granted when you’re a nobody but Malone expressed it perfectly, he’d have loved to be able to do that but just couldn’t
Richard Winiatowski
Richard Winiatowski 11 күн мурун
When the camera pans down the podium during the national anthem, it's like looking at the Mt. Rushmore of professional basketball.
Dovla 11 күн мурун
Mike showed his sportsmanship by letting old guys to get the captain role. He is animal when it gets to win, but this showed how great and healthy sportsman he was.
Doo Doo Clowney
Doo Doo Clowney 11 күн мурун
The USA was so far ahead of other countries in basketball. Absolutely ridiculous how talented they were.
YahooMurray 11 күн мурун
If these men were the NBA today, instead of the a,,h...s there now, I would still be watching
Jameson Lindsey
Jameson Lindsey 11 күн мурун
31:05 is that jokic
Plain Simple
Plain Simple 12 күн мурун
I'm just glad Isiah Thomas wasn't on that team because those guys wouldn't be able to be in a room where he defeated Bird, Magic, and Jordan more than they beat him...damn, plus there's a Pistons coach and the entire Dream Team would have been Pistons' initiated.
Jeffery Smith
Jeffery Smith 12 күн мурун
This was incredible.
sodapopinski 12 күн мурун
Ive seen this probably 3 times and every time it makes me long for the old days of hard nose ball...not this touch butt "hey lets go out partying after", bc were best friends these guys didn't associate or like each other until the end or after their basketball is a economic joke there more worried about their I and tweets and dancing on tick tock
Dan B
Dan B 12 күн мурун
To be alive during that whole thing was so cool. It was awesome to just know, no other country was going to win.
Dan B
Dan B 12 күн мурун
You can tell Barkley doesnt like beer lol
Franco Brillantes
Franco Brillantes 12 күн мурун
Stockton not getting noticed: and thats when I didn’t take it personal
Danny Lindsay
Danny Lindsay 12 күн мурун
"Budweiser is the strongest beer in the world." - Charles Barkley
Brother Voodoo
Brother Voodoo 12 күн мурун
Let’s put some respect on Bobby Hurley’s name.
laitis vi
laitis vi 12 күн мурун
Jordan owns Isaiah Thomas a Olympic medal for crying and keeping him out of the team.
Napalm Man
Napalm Man 12 күн мурун
can't get enough from The Last Dance so I came for this
G Pan
G Pan 13 күн мурун
Magic Johnson is an icon for the gay community and will always be my favorite player!
BingCherry11 13 күн мурун
Magic was in from day 1!!! And so was Mullin!!!! I was up for this take place since team USA lost to Russia in the game with the magic three seconds and I am sure so was Barkley!!!! Karl Malone, Stockton, Ewing, David Robinson, Scottie, and Drexler.
Mr Jones
Mr Jones 13 күн мурун
This is what it means to be an american..been proud of where you come from.. NBA has lost the love of the people and the country..all these players might never won a title or a ring..but they all have our love and our respect.. Hall of fame players and the dream team will live forever in our hearts
swingersonian 11 күн мурун
U suck, Jones. And Fuck Trump!
yambo59 13 күн мурун
What experience for the best team ever assembled, for the world of basketball and then to compete in the olympics, it really makes me emotional just to be an American even now.
Kevin Wheesy Southward
Kevin Wheesy Southward 13 күн мурун
There’s a new sheriff in town. Best line ever
Branko Kockica
Branko Kockica 13 күн мурун
You were lucky Yugoslavia (Serbia) was banned from competition because of sanctions... That would be the real matchup, the best two teams by far at that time, all others were light years away... World was robbed for one of the greatest matchups in the history of the game, because of politics... That should never happen
Dat Hoang
Dat Hoang 13 күн мурун
Jordan hurt isiah where it hurt most
R Sly
R Sly 13 күн мурун
I LOVED basketball back then. Can’t stand it now.
Earth 13 күн мурун
31:41 Bird carrying his kid Jordan carrying his kid Magic carrying HIV virus
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 10 күн мурун
Carrying it and defeating it, something you prob couldn't do
Adam D
Adam D 13 күн мурун
1:00:04 imagine sitting at a restaurant table at 6:45 am and Michael Jordan sits down next to you and talks about the game he had last night. Holy fuck 🤯
David Bastress
David Bastress 10 күн мурун
@James Choate to quote Reggie Miller “Black Jesus”
James Choate
James Choate 11 күн мурун
it be like Jesus you know
Branko Kockica
Branko Kockica 13 күн мурун
1:45 even his daughter did not want to kiss this piece of sh*t, look how she kissed her own hand :D
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