my hair: a comprehensive tutorial

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brian david gilbert

8 күн мурун

hello, this is my hair, and this is a video about what i do to it
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shot by karen han: karenyhan
this is where brian david gilbert is:

Rune Veliant
Rune Veliant 32 мүнөт мурун
3:31 Looks like he has cat eyes or some shit and its cool af
Cassie Esoff
Cassie Esoff 57 мүнөт мурун
so excited for your solo journey. will watch whatever you put out
JUICSICLE Саат мурун
apologies everywhere to every friend forced to witness/participate in chaotic mental breakdown hair transformations
Caleb Willett
Caleb Willett 2 саат мурун
Rodney Jenkins
Rodney Jenkins 2 саат мурун
I'm depressed at the amount of hair that was lost ........ ....................... Why did you do this to me?................
Autumn Anderson
Autumn Anderson 3 саат мурун
honestly. the mullet was a vibe. but i am biased bc i also have a mullet lmao.
JB Parkes
JB Parkes 3 саат мурун
Only ugly hateful people can't rock hair pt. 2.
animanya 3 саат мурун
If you gave me a nickel every time i watched bdg cut his own hair i would have two nickels. Which is not a lot but it’s weird it happened twice.
Vanessa Vee
Vanessa Vee 3 саат мурун
As someone who's been cutting hair for both the guys and girls I'm living with for this pandemic, here's a few tricks I've learned for a simple short haircut! - Cut the hair with scissors down to 1-2 inches before using the razor, or else the hair will get stuck. - When using the razor, for the most part use it with the clipper guard flat against the head. That makes sure the razor cuts evenly. - the clipper guards are your friend - start with the guard at the longest length on the head you want (when I'm doing my BF's hair, that's a #7). Then use that all over the head. If there's areas of the head you want the hair longer than the razor guards allow, just avoid those areas to trim with scissors later. - After that, use a guard thats a few numbers shorter (#3 for me) and use that at the bottom area of the back and sides of the head. Then use a number between the two (#5) to blend between the #7 area and #3 area. - Remove the guard and use the razor to make your edges neat. This is the one time you use the razor perpendicular to the head rather than flat against it. It's like a line stamp tool to create a clean border of hair mainly at the nape of the neck, that makes a simple haircut look clean and intentional. - Use scissors (and make sure they're haircutting scissors, it makes a world of difference than using regular scissors) to trim any stray hair. Viola! You're done :)
HorzaPanda 3 саат мурун
The Bat
The Bat 4 саат мурун
You need a round brush if you have long hair. You can dry your hair about five times faster, and it will dry smooth
TheKatCalledMikey 4 саат мурун
Olay but that mullet looked so good
Julianna Zimianitis
Julianna Zimianitis 4 саат мурун
Okay but he didn’t shave off all his hair.
Dávid Danos
Dávid Danos 4 саат мурун
YOUR MULLET LOOK LOOKS LIKE A BROWN-HAIRED FOUNDING FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (~9:30 with the ponytail. dead ringer. 4score and 7genocides ago lmao)
The BAS 4 саат мурун
Even though the end result was amazing this video is still physically painful.
Eva Golden
Eva Golden 4 саат мурун
You look like a good ol American boy
Coffee Nebula
Coffee Nebula 5 саат мурун
Didn't expect to nearly have a panic attack this morning dang
Fencingboy101 5 саат мурун
damn i miss that rich wavy hair. and also the mullet but i didn't have as much time to fall in love with that one
Brisingr Phoenix
Brisingr Phoenix 5 саат мурун
Oh god this is golden 10:55
Silverkingx2 5 саат мурун
Ok after the bowl it was fine too But I hate it, and now I hate you :( Jk, ily. Also this is a great excuse to not upload for x months while your hair regrows
Silverkingx2 5 саат мурун
Matthew Miller (CO 2020)
Matthew Miller (CO 2020) 5 саат мурун
Paul revere style
Silverkingx2 5 саат мурун
When you started cutting I died Then it turned out pretty good
Tamara DuBose
Tamara DuBose 6 саат мурун
Yo brad mondo where you at
GCS WarDemon
GCS WarDemon 7 саат мурун
He honestly looks pretty good considering this was a nonprofessional cut.
harisma 8 саат мурун
Most likeable person on KGpost easily. bdg lives are few dare to dream.
Ronan Sinsigalli
Ronan Sinsigalli 8 саат мурун
It's weird how much the mullet makes him look like pro Jared
GCS WarDemon
GCS WarDemon 8 саат мурун
I showered. Source? Trust me bro.
Unlurking Sentinel
Unlurking Sentinel 10 саат мурун
Me, seeing the thumbnail: oh goodness it's going to be a Creepy Brian video isn't it *Karen is in the video* Me: okay never mind thank goodness Unironically, thank you so much for teaching me the importance of hair dryers.
Fianna Mac Gabhann
Fianna Mac Gabhann 10 саат мурун
Brian officially has 666k subscribers
Nick Stotter
Nick Stotter 10 саат мурун
Thanks for the anxiety!
KingZub 11 саат мурун
11 minutes in is trans girls when they get their first skirt
Sophia Canfield
Sophia Canfield 13 саат мурун
At 666k subs?? Never change. 💕🎉 Edit: he literally changed. In this very video 😂
Pretty Guardian
Pretty Guardian 13 саат мурун
I have no idea who you are or what you’re about. But after watching this, I’m now subscribed with the notifications on. Hopping you’re adjacent to lefttube. But we’ll see.
doodlemeimpressed 13 саат мурун
I think you have ADHD. Have a good year.
MERCHIODOS 14 саат мурун
if you hate the way your hair is behaving because of the calic then get a 'straighting perm' or a 'karatin perm' cause it fixes that problem by making your hair straight and then you can style the hair any way you want it
guesswho 2778
guesswho 2778 14 саат мурун
wtf is written on the back of that shampoo bottle? "gluttony who ate all the pies(?) who ate all the pies(?) your hair ate all the pies cos' its a fat barstard need we say more?" wtf
Hassooonii63 14 саат мурун
eden 14 саат мурун
HES NOT WEARING GLASSES!! jesus i was wondering why he looks so different. i thought i was going nuts or the hair was really that different but nope just no glasses. im so dumb.
ladybuggger 14 саат мурун
My bff recently let me buzz her undercut back, and I felt so much like Karen when she was clipping the back of brian's hair.
Kevin Haycraft
Kevin Haycraft 15 саат мурун
So what I got from this is that one can buy those feet pics
Artemis Ritchie
Artemis Ritchie 15 саат мурун
Seth -
Seth - 15 саат мурун
smh brian whens the bald haircut coming
crkeepers 16 саат мурун
watching him put oil in his roots like 👁👄👁
Syd VanDeventer
Syd VanDeventer 16 саат мурун
Brian has 666k subscribers
B H 16 саат мурун
I’d like to remind you all that Brian now has 666k subs. Conspiracy? I THINK NOT (This is gonna age like milk and eggs mixed together, or get buried I can just tell)
Johanna Viking
Johanna Viking 16 саат мурун
Karen did such a good job!!
Connor Cavett
Connor Cavett 17 саат мурун
With the rat tail, he looks like the dude from Treasure Planet
Vyktorya Beson
Vyktorya Beson 17 саат мурун
the mullet gives off MASSIVE Hornblower energy
pillsofpink 18 саат мурун
666k subs. nice.
Ashley 18 саат мурун
Misty Findley
Misty Findley 18 саат мурун
I'm getting big 18th century cabin boy vibes with the mullet
Ashley 18 саат мурун
i love that karen is helping brian with his hair, a joint effort like a lot of his recent videos
Tuvya Maeir
Tuvya Maeir 19 саат мурун
So on a scale of Pokemon edibility, is your hair about a...Snivy? Or is it closer to a Pica-chu?
Olyver Thew
Olyver Thew 19 саат мурун
I have never watched your videos, i dont know who you are, but this is the single best hilarious thing ive watched in my life because it is the real experience of (lack of) experience of styling hair just so it behaves.
snotbag 20 саат мурун
this is already the fifth time I've watched this and its only been up for a week.
Ghostie 20 саат мурун
Wait did he just say he doesn't regularly use conditioner
Dawn's Art and Music
Dawn's Art and Music 20 саат мурун
This is exactly what I did for my 4C hair
Victor Cavalcante
Victor Cavalcante 20 саат мурун
And just like that, BOOM: NPC hair
jesse mcintire
jesse mcintire 20 саат мурун
BDG has my EXACT hair type and length so this was super duper helpful! Also it looks like I'm buying hair oil soooo thanks, Karen. Edit: Okay I left this comment half way through the video and now my heart hurts Edit edit: Okay I made that edit three quarters of the way into the video and he looks very good and I'm very happy for him but I'm also still very sad that we are no longer hair twins
jesse mcintire
jesse mcintire 20 саат мурун
Brian David Gilbert: I'm tired of doing unraveled, goodbye Polygon Also Brian David Gilbert: Okay so HAIR UNRAVELED
Julia Fer
Julia Fer 20 саат мурун
Hey, just a reminder: U have a very loyal fandom base and we'll watch everything u post- don't matter what. Seriously... I'm confident enough to make a bet (TRY ME) °
john smead
john smead 20 саат мурун
here for bdg. sticking around for bdg.
Torin Weston
Torin Weston 21 саат мурун
Vectorrrrr 11:00
Punocchio 21 саат мурун
I have very dry hair. If I use a hair dryer, my hair begins snowing...
Andrew Shewan
Andrew Shewan 21 саат мурун
Who needs a blow dryer when you can use the ceiling mounted heating vent.
WhyIt 21 саат мурун
Should've gone bald. Would've loved to see progression from there.
Sam Sneddon
Sam Sneddon 21 саат мурун
me, a tran: WHAT, CIS MEN DON'T HAVE HAIR DRYERS?! I continue to not understand cis men. also karen pointing out hair oil exists, oh bdg…
Punocchio 21 саат мурун
1:21 brian, looking though the mirror into the camera: "I think the extra distance allows me to reflext on my life a little bit better." lol
Moose The Aries
Moose The Aries 21 саат мурун
You started the video having the hair I want and ended it having the hair I have
Mary Blue
Mary Blue 21 саат мурун
Clint Pereira
Clint Pereira 21 саат мурун
Don't know about blow drying for my white boy curls, but I find air drying works good (also realized this at age 25). DO NOT towel dry curls. They will frizz.
It'sfreerealestate 21 саат мурун
That bowl cut gave me acid reflux
Declan Thompson
Declan Thompson 22 саат мурун
Unemployed? I know unravelled is over but did Brian leave Polygon?
Natasha Avital
Natasha Avital 16 саат мурун
Yes, he did
crowbar honeybee
crowbar honeybee 22 саат мурун
we need to curly-girl-method-pill brian david gilbert.
Joltik 22 саат мурун
The back of the head zoom is brutally funny
Thumping Thromnambular
Thumping Thromnambular 22 саат мурун
Going back to the beginning of this video made me sad.
Thumping Thromnambular
Thumping Thromnambular 23 саат мурун
8:22 This is what an insane person does and says.
MrBogus213 23 саат мурун
I'm having an anxiety attack watching this.
絮子Naomi 23 саат мурун
I just realized u r not some HUGE gamer KGpost and I don’t know why I assumed u r on the first place
Natasha Avital
Natasha Avital 16 саат мурун
He worked for Polygon till like a month ago doing videos abt games. They're hilarious
Leslie Witherspoon
Leslie Witherspoon 23 саат мурун
I actually looks really cute. Invest in a paddle brush and when you for when you blow-dry. Makes it look smoother.
ZWar101 23 саат мурун
as soon as i realized where this was going: oh... oh no.. oh NO NO STOP
Jota C
Jota C Күн мурун
How come he spends hours doing his hair and manages to look exactly the same at the end
JershShow Күн мурун
Brian David Gilbert Unravels His Own Hair
Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm Күн мурун
Brian tortures Karen for 7 minutes
CyNinja Күн мурун
My boy, get your self some leave in conditioner and change your hair life for the sake of the hair tube
CyNinja Күн мурун
update in the watching experience, nice cut
CyNinja Күн мурун
I have posted this toon soon in my watching session, THE HAIR WHY
emi-is-never-productive Күн мурун
not to be like, but, he didn't say he wasn't gay and that brings me joy
Natasha Avital
Natasha Avital 16 саат мурун
He's dating Karen, so definitely not gay. That being said, he's too amazing to be straight
The Mellified Man
The Mellified Man Күн мурун
brian just remade his very old hair cutting video, but this time with another person and somehow more upsetting
Luca Dalbosco
Luca Dalbosco Күн мурун
Why did Oliver Tree replaced bdg on 11:10
Danye Jones didn't kill himself.
Danye Jones didn't kill himself. Күн мурун
I'm disappointed that he didn't go to buzz cut and then cue ball
emi-is-never-productive Күн мурун
8:24 now we're mullet buddies!! welcome to the club 🥰
Voydgear Күн мурун
It's truly unnerving how every haircut fits so well, yet gives completely different vibes. Also Karen's got that GOOD hair oil I love the Ghost oil.
Nicole Күн мурун
My husband really needs a haircut but I'm so scared that I'm gonna Karen Han it
I am a fully bald man and I just watched all 14 glorious minutes of this
Annabelle Johnson
Annabelle Johnson Күн мурун
I have the same type of hair and I know the secret to success. Don't touch it after you get out of the shower while it's still wet. No brush. No dryer. Just wrap it in a towel for a few minutes to help it dry a little and then you'll be good to go. Your hair knows what to do. Also use an all natural shampoo like Suave, avoid dimethicone. Try it!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Күн мурун
"42nd on trending" thats how many asked about his hair
303 C
303 C Күн мурун
Im eating pepcorn while watching this.
Susan Regan
Susan Regan Күн мурун
10:59 He is Vector
Bohbear Күн мурун
When that bowl came off, I thought you were replaced with Pro Jared for a second...
majikcheezit Күн мурун
Even at the end of the video his hair is longer than my hair is most of the time, I still have no reason for a hair dryer.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Күн мурун
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