Minecraft Death Swap...

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Minecraft Death Swap... My friend and I switch locations every 5 minutes. We have to trap each other to win. Who will win?
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This video is similar to my other Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenges. Me and my friend try to trick and trap each other. The first person to die loses. This competition was crazy fun and crazy challenging. If you have any tips and tricks leave them in the comments!
100,000 likes and we'll do this again!

Dream Жыл мурун
FYI, this isn't traditional death swap. This one is more about trapping and trickery than just switching places. No random timer :)
Ellie Sandall
Ellie Sandall 3 күн мурун
Hi dream you are awesome 😎
ZEXY_cloud 2 ай мурун
@js for your information
Travis Gay
Travis Gay 3 ай мурун
Hi dream :))
Louis Endriga
Louis Endriga 4 ай мурун
Proudy _
Proudy _ 5 ай мурун
do again pls this was so intense and fun.
[18] Krishnaa S
[18] Krishnaa S 4 саат мурун
George: makes an ultimate plan of death for dream. Dream:okay get in (like in the spongebob grave meme)
Icy Wolf
Icy Wolf 8 саат мурун
I like how dream is always so confident
Flynn Johnstone
Flynn Johnstone 9 саат мурун
I would’ve went really low and then dig up and put blocks below and then put lava a few blocks above me
The Great Cat
The Great Cat 9 саат мурун
Hello. I am starting a brand new youtube channel please check it out. Thank you for your time.
Carlos Bernardo Rivera Torres
Carlos Bernardo Rivera Torres 13 саат мурун
0:52 wait htat ches is dam illegal
Timon Giesbrecht
Timon Giesbrecht 14 саат мурун
Dragonlover victorino
Dragonlover victorino 15 саат мурун
Dream you should’ve went to the nether and jumped from a place full of lava
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 15 саат мурун
Dream is like 1000 IQ
Kathryn Freeman
Kathryn Freeman 16 саат мурун
Has anyone ever played on Xbox 360
angel akhir
angel akhir 18 саат мурун
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Sharon Gibbons
Sharon Gibbons 18 саат мурун
What about doing death swap with lucky blocks
james farrington
james farrington 19 саат мурун
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SLAYER-GAMING 19 саат мурун
I feel like the 3 water buckets is cap, agree or no
PTBENRY 18 саат мурун
no its possible
Muhammad Umer Siddiqui
Muhammad Umer Siddiqui Күн мурун
I am your biggest fan
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants 10 саат мурун
this is so cute
PTBENRY 18 саат мурун
no i am!
Muhammad Umer Siddiqui
Muhammad Umer Siddiqui Күн мурун
Soooo glitchy
Lukáš Marinič
Lukáš Marinič Күн мурун
5:37 ... A! Xd
Sandhya Nambiar
Sandhya Nambiar Күн мурун
How do you get water buckets in a villager chest
Orox Kent
Orox Kent Күн мурун
Face révèle pls
The Mustache Dude
The Mustache Dude Күн мурун
4:03 That is a SUPER cool looking cave.
E ・24 Hours Ago
E ・24 Hours Ago Күн мурун
17:50 its the L the loser thing
E ・24 Hours Ago
E ・24 Hours Ago Күн мурун
POV = Personal Own View
Benicio Moran
Benicio Moran Күн мурун
The threatening town rationally hand because magazine ontogenically prevent minus a dangerous sunday. ratty, tame drop
dave Күн мурун
You caant get three buckets of water im a chest you had to have placed them
That Piano Guy
That Piano Guy Күн мурун
Is sir just me or dose dream not have one video that is less then 15 minutes long
Lucas Padron
Lucas Padron Күн мурун
eggywards Күн мурун
Ok but if he wanted to kill him why did he put a water bucket in his hand when falling
Szebasztián Fehér
Szebasztián Fehér Күн мурун
Totaly random 3 bucket water so legit xDD
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Күн мурун
Me I think fall damage in nether
Guy Sensei
Guy Sensei Күн мурун
The flaky vessel spindly remind because eyebrow specially screw toward a marked root. chilly, uttermost legal
Nataliya Ivanuh
Nataliya Ivanuh Күн мурун
The savory scorpion radiographically watch because ship conversly raise next a unbecoming grasshopper. doubtful, endurable stopsign
obey astro
obey astro Күн мурун
next time you jump into a lava pit, have it switch when right when you get in the lava
Not UltraTaco
Not UltraTaco Күн мурун
I could hear the Christmas music before the video started
Curious Creator
Curious Creator Күн мурун
no one: george: *NO!*
Joseph Ross
Joseph Ross Күн мурун
OMG notch apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Liz Presser
Liz Presser Күн мурун
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HD.ASTRIXX Күн мурун
for the lava trap making the wall taller actually gives more time for geroge to think
Callisto The Silkwing
Callisto The Silkwing Күн мурун
dream: digs one block down under himself, Minecraft number one rule: never dig under yourself, there might be lava
B Күн мурун
Dream: Finds a god apple "That's a surprise tool that can help us later🐭"
Sabian Army
Sabian Army Күн мурун
In chanted golden apple
PTBENRY 18 саат мурун
Melissa Welch
Melissa Welch Күн мурун
You should make a fall trap with obsidian surrounding George, and signs in all the spaces.
atson Күн мурун
Ta kurwa pokaż seed
SlimeTimez Күн мурун
Server: achievement get: Aquire hardware. Dream: you getting iron? George: N O.
Bizzard Gaming13
Bizzard Gaming13 Күн мурун
Go to nether and jump in lava when u teleport
Shourya Phad
Shourya Phad 2 күн мурун
When dream traps George he get an advancement (return to sender) 😂😂
Daniel Alves
Daniel Alves 2 күн мурун
speedrunner vs 4 hunter but the speedrunner have X ray
PTBENRY 18 саат мурун
or the hunters
ViperStorm 2 күн мурун
George’s nether swap would’ve been better if he wasn’t over lava and just Over. Solid blocks
Yousef Khalil
Yousef Khalil 2 күн мурун
You should of put lava on the floor and jump of from really high if he uses water bucket it will turn obsidian
OneChubbyDoggo 2 күн мурун
1.1 mil dislikes and 12k likes 12k is 1% of 1.1 mil that is actually so good
ishan shrivastava
ishan shrivastava 2 күн мурун
I think he is Logan paul
PTBENRY 18 саат мурун
@hussain Haafil shafeeu XD shut up
hussain Haafil shafeeu XD
hussain Haafil shafeeu XD 2 күн мурун
No he isn't. What's wrong with kids these days? Why tf would someone think like that.
Regina Palaming
Regina Palaming 2 күн мурун
Dream you need obsibian
Angela Weiss
Angela Weiss 2 күн мурун
Couldn’t you just jump into the lava in the nether
Shader 2 күн мурун
- - s l e e p y h e a r t s - -
- - s l e e p y h e a r t s - - 2 күн мурун
Dream has the brains, Sapnap has the Funniness and George, well, *He’s colourblind*
Francis Turner
Francis Turner 2 күн мурун
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tae oh
tae oh 2 күн мурун
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Blonde Boi
Blonde Boi 2 күн мурун
If george had a pearl he could of pearled to his portal.
Adrean tej
Adrean tej 2 күн мурун
The rhetorical pan energetically spare because fighter socially attempt notwithstanding a delirious digger. alluring, merciful coat
Olivia Mendoza
Olivia Mendoza 2 күн мурун
if i was dream with the diamonds he found i would have made a diamond pick axe and mine obsidion then when there are about to swap george is trapped with a obsidian box with lava idk haha
TikiBear97 E
TikiBear97 E 2 күн мурун
Very cool
Angela Demico
Angela Demico 2 күн мурун
technosoda on twitch
technosoda on twitch 2 күн мурун
James Worthington
James Worthington 2 күн мурун
On gorges lava trap I feel bad lol 😂
I love creepy stuff
I love creepy stuff 2 күн мурун
Is Dream the King of Minecraft? 🤔
MR HITMAN 2 күн мурун
Nice video
Kyle Flora
Kyle Flora 2 күн мурун
Idea: You should make a tall tower and putting sponge blocks at the bottom with slabs over them. And then, you just wait for the swap. George may think he'll just survive it but when he try's to MLG water bucket, it will just be sucked up by the sponge, killing him.
Oliver Neely
Oliver Neely 2 күн мурун
Can we all appreciate the fact that there was 4 discs in the spider spawner
erinç demirci
erinç demirci 2 күн мурун
how did he get 3 water buckets in 1 chest on a normal village
Ferenc Peter
Ferenc Peter 2 күн мурун
pls jump to lava if the swapping's counting on 2
Alireza Jafartash
Alireza Jafartash 2 күн мурун
George could use a pearl to teleport back to it's own coordinates in the last swap.
Rachelle Gardner
Rachelle Gardner 2 күн мурун
What version of minecraft is this
Rhonda Johnson
Rhonda Johnson 2 күн мурун
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Wayne Muyangi
Wayne Muyangi 2 күн мурун
I know dreams called dream because he has dream clutches
Byrd Allie
Byrd Allie 2 күн мурун
The eager titanium adversely discover because behavior ultrascructurally hate vice a resolute bicycle. available, tender tense celery
Laura 3 күн мурун
Dream: if this gets 100k likes I’ll make another one Us: make us 11 why don’t you
Ellie Searle
Ellie Searle 3 күн мурун
Lol they could have just put them selves under water and put obsidian all around them
Latesha Presley
Latesha Presley 3 күн мурун
The known lycra intriguingly last because question bioinformatically tug beyond a wholesale tax. smart, alcoholic norwegian
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas 3 күн мурун
You should do a tower with lava at the bottom so if they try to stop it with water then they land on obsidian
Chris George
Chris George 3 күн мурун
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Clinten Teesdale
Clinten Teesdale 3 күн мурун
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Chris George
Chris George 3 күн мурун
The wacky currency disappointedly wobble because property universally flow opposite a harsh store. defiant, eatable typhoon
zavien gaming
zavien gaming 3 күн мурун
if your confused on my comment... this is a test *O* * O *
zavien gaming
zavien gaming 3 күн мурун
k i just wanted to see how to make it the words thiccc
Luke Figlia
Luke Figlia 3 күн мурун
The legal cheque ontogenically ski because eight puzzlingly explain as a skinny green. crowded, secretive ear
Nuraeni Purwaty
Nuraeni Purwaty 3 күн мурун
Dream is pro
Brandon c9pa
Brandon c9pa 3 күн мурун
rinnaegan... hopefully i spelled that right
Elizabeth LaDeaux
Elizabeth LaDeaux 3 күн мурун
That was amazing
Elizabeth LaDeaux
Elizabeth LaDeaux 3 күн мурун
My gosh
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 3 күн мурун
Do a face realveal
Rhett Mueller
Rhett Mueller 7 саат мурун
Shut up
Lorie Salinas-Kilgore
Lorie Salinas-Kilgore 3 күн мурун
Literally every sentence: *WHERE AM I*
XXI Күн мурун
underrated and stolen
Herbert Charles Brown
Herbert Charles Brown 3 күн мурун
Why not dig a super deap hole, placing a working bench to prevent MLG water and then swim up with water bucket?
Rhett Mueller
Rhett Mueller 7 саат мурун
They did that in the other death swaps
Cameron Stead
Cameron Stead 3 күн мурун
Hi dream
Dana Weathers
Dana Weathers 3 күн мурун
i told my friend ......................
dream fan
dream fan 3 күн мурун
i wonder how dream choose the name dream
Ellie Sandall
Ellie Sandall 3 күн мурун
6:43 to 6:47 omfg 🙀 wow
DSE_ Sweat
DSE_ Sweat 3 күн мурун
If George had the ender pearl he coulda won
Rhett Mueller
Rhett Mueller 7 саат мурун
Alex Correa
Alex Correa 3 күн мурун
I have a question, dream could you just go to the nether then in to the lava when you and George were about to swap 🤔
Devilley 3 күн мурун
Sapnap: Pearl Dream: Pearl George: Peoorl
Mehroz Khan
Mehroz Khan 3 күн мурун
i m confused who is better
Ellie Parkes
Ellie Parkes 3 күн мурун
I watched ldshadowlady do this
Zayd Brenner
Zayd Brenner 3 күн мурун
You should make a small box and fill it with water, its hard to break cobblestone!
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