Metro Exodus - Part 3 - Anatoli’s Party Bunker

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Life of Boris

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Metro Exodus playthough:
Boris travels many many kilometers from the Moscow Metro on board Aurora to find Anatoli's party bunker. This is part 3 of the playthrough of Metro Exodus.
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Welcome to Life of Boris KGpost channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
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Andi Nafisah
Andi Nafisah 8 күн мурун
Hahahaa 5:45 Boris: we have drinks? WE HAVE DRINKS?!
simo häyhä
simo häyhä 14 күн мурун
6:02 true
Kale Evans
Kale Evans 15 күн мурун
man i didnt expect loving your sense of humour this much. im ur fan now❤
Logan Sawson
Logan Sawson 16 күн мурун
Boris content is what fuels me. Can we bump the upload rate to 2x a week lmao?
Инка Кит
Инка Кит 16 күн мурун
Лучший кулинарный блог
Maks. Tod.
Maks. Tod. 18 күн мурун
Its funny the way a gaming video turned into a cooking video.
cry cat
cry cat 25 күн мурун
ah yes my favirote steel STANLIAM
Animatronic game
Animatronic game 26 күн мурун
Ты русское или что-то (не бейте это шутка)
BigSmall Bro
BigSmall Bro 26 күн мурун
Is this game or just causal footage of Ukraine?
Lukas Gebhardt
Lukas Gebhardt 29 күн мурун
Boris the Partisan
Snek Eatr
Snek Eatr 29 күн мурун
technically when artyom blew up the armored train should be a bad choice because some people inside could somehow survive and get eaten by the monsters instead of painless bullet to the head
Eshan Ramteke
Eshan Ramteke Ай мурун
boris make a video where you play your own game
Wackinator 66
Wackinator 66 Ай мурун
Anna sounds like western capitalist spy!
endlessmasks Ай мурун
i have only been making blins for two days now but the "measure only the milk" has in fact been my go-to technique and the blins come out very well 👍
Arthur Hsu
Arthur Hsu Ай мурун
4:20 when the milk is moist and creamy af.
Counter Blast
Counter Blast Ай мурун
You have bad experience with smoking in family too? I understand
Zoey Martin
Zoey Martin Ай мурун
nice transition to cooking blins Comrade Boris
Kadyn Brinser
Kadyn Brinser Ай мурун
Mans literally made a fucken blin tutorial in the middle of a metro exodus video
Jeff the Hobo
Jeff the Hobo Ай мурун
_"I will stay with the train, under the **clear sky**"_ Sounds like Товарищ борис is getting a one way ticket to The чики-брики Zone
Rajitha Kumara
Rajitha Kumara Ай мурун
5.20 😂😂
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson Ай мурун
Спасибо за субтитры все понятно
Shadow Of The Night
Shadow Of The Night Ай мурун
8:04 respect, Boris
Rucker Ай мурун
"Driving from one edge of Moscow to the other takes 2 hours" *laughs in Dallas/Fort Worth*
irishcomradical Ай мурун
Ay Boris, it’s good to be back. Haven’t watched any of your videos since Hatchet soup! Good to be back comrade!
Markus Velichko
Markus Velichko Ай мурун
Now I know why Boris never smokes. Good Job comrade! May you have a wonderful slav life.
Chris Organic
Chris Organic Ай мурун
What GPU are you running these days? Is it still the 980?
Chokyo Ай мурун
A gaming video with a cooking tutorial in the middle. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR??
mister ГУГЛ
mister ГУГЛ Ай мурун
Борис не хочу быть занудой нооо метро русофобская игра в которой оскорбляют Ветеранов ВОВ а сталкер круто
Sagara Sousuke
Sagara Sousuke Ай мурун
Stalker 2 should destroy all these pricks making COD like games.
Jaden Thane
Jaden Thane Ай мурун
7:50 is how it usually goes in all slav countries, house and children in the double digits when you get married
RockeyDAproductions Ай мурун
i agree with the dont smoke! it also smells really gross.
Alfamaxis Ай мурун
The new boris intro is absolutely blyatiful
The new boris intro is absolutely blyatiful
David Popescu
David Popescu Ай мурун
Hello Boris
HeavenOnEarth Memes
HeavenOnEarth Memes Ай мурун
We all know boris... that was not the best knife in the house
Róbert Schettrer
Róbert Schettrer Ай мурун
MTZ traktor !!!
Alpin28 Ай мурун
Ahhh i see... here in Poland we cqll blins "naleśniki" but you make it with filling and you flip it i use my babushkas jam and i roll them
Sam Carré
Sam Carré Ай мурун
just the intro alone was enough to make me Subscribe, this man is awesome
kill Ай мурун
Борис ты знаешь Русский или ты руский ? you know rusky ?
Greinleif Ай мурун
Boris is Super Slav Multitool A cook, gamer, teacher and many more
Amr Profps
Amr Profps Ай мурун
Boris play stalker anomaly 1.5.1 XD best fkin gopnik game with old monolith cheki briky sound addon
Axel Ай мурун
Request: Play watch dog
faucon Ай мурун
2:27 so is the engineer dead?
John Soap MacTavish
John Soap MacTavish Ай мурун
Chrisi44 Fanninger
Chrisi44 Fanninger Ай мурун
Why not Minecraft
Egonieser Locman
Egonieser Locman Ай мурун
Mīlam tevi, Boris
- FOX-
- FOX- Ай мурун
Борис, цыганскую вилку у кого скоммуниздил??
Oisin Flanagan
Oisin Flanagan Ай мурун
No way I only got this game recently. I'm so glad you're playing it! Suits you so well
StatTack Ай мурун
boris u are the legend like your old intro please don't change perfection
Gariepdammer Le Clerq
Gariepdammer Le Clerq Ай мурун
Ah Boris it is so much fun watching you play games. Seriously it is the best entertainment there is !!!!!! Please please make more gaming videos!
shizolet Ай мурун
лол, бОрис москвич или подмосквич видимо)
Thegreenberretwearingbrony gaming
Thegreenberretwearingbrony gaming Ай мурун
Boris,ply some escape from tarkov blyat!
Maksymilian Muslewski
Maksymilian Muslewski Ай мурун
I now say blin every minute in school
XDSDDLord Ай мурун
Thank you for the fun video :)
Avro Elite
Avro Elite Ай мурун
First Name, Last Name
First Name, Last Name Ай мурун
Gaming video and cooking video. Happy gopnik noises
ConjuringBoom Ай мурун
12:43 me when i find ice cream box but find pig fat in it
mateus HUN
mateus HUN Ай мурун
I like how part 1 was uploaded a year ago
60ghz Ай мурун
stalker but linear
boi boi
boi boi Ай мурун
mayonez its good for you regular ordinary swedish meal time :.(
SZGC Gelsoft
SZGC Gelsoft Ай мурун
New intro not good, old intro with Boris and his blonde hair is best
Lau Ай мурун
I like the old one music, more hardbass and more slav than this one😀
oh kompot ah no is just tomat
Roman Spencer
Roman Spencer Ай мурун
Killing two birds with one F1 good let the dark side flowwwww!!!
Comrade happy
Comrade happy Ай мурун
I made the blinchiki :D but i don't like cheese and also i don't have doctor sausage but if i did it looks not very delicious. For the rest it looks good and tastes good :D
Anthony M
Anthony M Ай мурун
Part 3 but he’s still on the train lol
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez Ай мурун
2:00 is a good point
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson Ай мурун
“Like I cook it every day..... OH SHIIEET” ...EVERY FUCKING TIME HAHAHAHA
sad kitty
sad kitty Ай мурун
Russian man, good comrade.
mitsuturbo Ай мурун
5:50 i laughed so loud at work my boss heard me 2 states away
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris Ай мурун
Boris , allow me to gift you a Beyond The Wire key on steam. The game is dope, but needs a popularity boost.
Тимур Галкин
Тимур Галкин Ай мурун
Тимур Галкин
Тимур Галкин Ай мурун
Что это за вид блинов
Tito Ай мурун
Make sure you play Metro Redux too BLYAT!
Kelly Vaters
Kelly Vaters Ай мурун
You got me playing My Summer Car....
wiej007 Ай мурун
Reece Bayliff
Reece Bayliff Ай мурун
Boris, you can kill and get the good ending. You just can't kill any of the cultists in the swamp, slaves in the desert, or tree people in the forest. I don't want to spoil too much, but you can kill in other areas, and you can kill mutants.
Thought Damage
Thought Damage Ай мурун
4:20 This cow got into an onion patch
Thales Partel
Thales Partel Ай мурун
gentle notes of cow
PotatoPlayer Made in China.
PotatoPlayer Made in China. Ай мурун
My PC needs votka cooling to play this game with no overheating
Jozsef Toth
Jozsef Toth Ай мурун
Game start loading, Boris: lets go out make blin! Lovely👍❤️
Tactical Gustage
Tactical Gustage Ай мурун
first time watching a Russian channel and in 30 seconds it's basically what I expected and more lol. Great video!
The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood Ай мурун
Boris gets more hyper every milestone in his channel and it makes me happy
Naty Man
Naty Man Ай мурун
is that real that some cheese in Russia is banned?
Dal Ай мурун
Oh man thanks for the good laugh
Jakub Božek
Jakub Božek Ай мурун
Why the fuck are u playing METRO in ENGLISH !?
汶进周 Ай мурун
I too poor I can only play metro last light
Life of Henk
Life of Henk Ай мурун
Plot Twist : Boris is a profesional cheff who bored whit daily cooking activity
Benjamin G
Benjamin G Ай мурун
You don’t have to be _that_ passive in fights, but the game does reward you for exploring the world and talking to people.
Maz Nator
Maz Nator Ай мурун
I really hope you eventually cover the section with the baron with this series
Shit game
Kerim Usdundag
Kerim Usdundag Ай мурун
RobertS42 Ай мурун
Actually in Metro Exodus the no killing thing isn't present for the good ending, every area has moral points and these only count for one area. So basically you need to get a majority of good endings for each area in order to get the good overall ending by getting the required moral points for each area.
Lex The Siberian
Lex The Siberian Ай мурун
Lol. 22Feb
daniel Ай мурун
boris your voice is perfect for metro exodus do a full walkthrough...of the game..
Rodrigo Silva
Rodrigo Silva Ай мурун
Show us artyom cyka need tu see comerad kot
my view
my view Ай мурун
Never stop being boris
Uroš Vrbaški
Uroš Vrbaški Ай мурун
Love the new trailer
Gaber Lenček
Gaber Lenček Ай мурун
Metro Exodus - Part 4 - All aboard shrimp boat!
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