Mariah Carey Gets QUIZZED by Tina Fey on ‘Mean Girls’

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2 ай мурун

Tina Fey puts Mariah Carey’s ‘Mean Girls’ knowledge to the test in the latest episode of Billboard's “Quizzed.” It’s so fetch.
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Mariah Carey Gets QUIZZED by Tina Fey on ‘Mean Girls’

Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc 2 ай мурун
Who else was answering all the questions simultaneously and trying to get everything right? 😂
Shasha Vengesayi
Shasha Vengesayi 2 ай мурун
Yes I definitely was
Mohamed Thaufeeq
Mohamed Thaufeeq 2 ай мурун
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Vanessa S
Vanessa S 2 ай мурун
what kind of monster wouldn't try to answer the questions lol
Dar G
Dar G 2 ай мурун
J Smith
J Smith 2 ай мурун
meee! and I got every single one right
Maria Perez
Maria Perez Күн мурун
Which of y'all first couldn't come up with some answers because you saw mean girls a thousand times a long while ago, but when Tina Fey gave us the anwer you were like:"Oh, Right. I can't believe I couldn't come up with that. That one was so easy!" We tend to misinterpret the questions. When she asked who got four Candy canes in Mean girls I automatically thought of Karen en Cady right away, because I thought you should number 4 people who got candy canes.
Safanja Dorff
Safanja Dorff 3 күн мурун
Mariah has nice teeth🤗
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 5 күн мурун
Is she on a thrown?
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 5 күн мурун
Naomie 5 күн мурун
This was so fucking good!!
marcelo marcelo
marcelo marcelo 6 күн мурун
Jaye Kisses
Jaye Kisses 6 күн мурун
Who else got a 100% on the quiz I did
Igor Ribeiro
Igor Ribeiro 7 күн мурун
Light shade to xtina ahaha
Ki Nicoleee
Ki Nicoleee 8 күн мурун
It’s Me. I’m the biggest Mean Girls fan!
Ivana 9 күн мурун
She knows that Karens breasts can tell when its already raining, but she cant recall that Damien sings "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera? Mimi, Mimi, was that really necesarry?
Mars Techniques
Mars Techniques 11 күн мурун
Shannon Reed
Shannon Reed 12 күн мурун
I wish more interviewers were engaging the way Tina is with Mariah. There are so many bad interviews with Mariah, because the interviewers ask her dumb questions. It'd be nice if more were like this.
Amber Marie
Amber Marie 12 күн мурун
Its the damn fan blowing Queen Mariahs hair for me. Said Im a diva forever and always 😂😂😂
Jason Qiu
Jason Qiu 13 күн мурун
Leave it to Mariah to have her own wind machine for a Zoom call
Misha L
Misha L 13 күн мурун
The friendship I didn’t know I needed
And Peggy
And Peggy 14 күн мурун
I don’t mean to call her a fake fan or anything but I feel like for her to be the biggest Mean Girls fan there’s should’ve been at least one question about the musical 🤷‍♀️
Anita Frierson
Anita Frierson 16 күн мурун
I love how they seem like fans of each other. Tina Fey is def fangirling!!
Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme 18 күн мурун
Mimi really is a fan. :)
John Nava
John Nava 20 күн мурун
Amazing unintentional interview of Mariah Carey lol
B0DY4DAYZ 20 күн мурун
She fully knew what he sung lmao loves it
Silvair Lourenço
Silvair Lourenço 21 күн мурун
Don't mind me, I'm just liking all the comments mentioning Mariah's subtle "I don't know her" moment
Clover Rose
Clover Rose 21 күн мурун
She remembers “Kalteen bars” but not Christina Aguilera 😭😭😭
Destine Angelina Cavazos
Destine Angelina Cavazos 22 күн мурун
Who else got every answer right?
Smiley World With Tasha
Smiley World With Tasha 23 күн мурун
Ok.... I have never watched mean girls.....but...... I'm like 6 or 5 years older than menroe...
Daniel NAKAI Tsosie 38
Daniel NAKAI Tsosie 38 23 күн мурун
Thank u Tina put MC in a movie ilove it .
Juan Juan
Juan Juan 23 күн мурун
She’s cheating!!!
James Lindsey
James Lindsey 25 күн мурун
“ You can go to a mean girls university of your choice.” lol
j563214789 26 күн мурун
Tina Fey is such a Diane from bojack
Genesis L
Genesis L 26 күн мурун
Eeew Mariah is tacky, that fan blowing her hair making her look fatter is just wrong. She won’t stop talking about herself, she’s doing too much Tina Fey told her to shut up in so many words, when Mariah mentioned how she wish her music had been used and she mentioned using it in the next one if she wants it used to “ say nothing “ and Mariah just kept talking...
thurgesh gesh
thurgesh gesh 26 күн мурун
I got every single one right very proud
Sodapop246 8
Sodapop246 8 27 күн мурун
“he sings a different song” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Big Mac
Big Mac Ай мурун
I cant be the only one who get them all right
y f
y f Ай мурун
Love the hair! 😍
Gk Loves JC
Gk Loves JC Ай мурун
Mariah Carey Looks Gorgeous 😍😍😍
Zhio Tzkieh
Zhio Tzkieh Ай мурун
I don't understand why so many people are mean towards Mariah Carey.. I really don't.. Yes, it is true that her popularity is not as "up there" compared to when she first started.. But so are all the other legends (in their own rights) like Madonna, Belinda Carlisle, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Shania Twain, or even the late Whitney Houston herself.. But that doesn't mean they should be written off from the industry.. I mean these are the people who had shaped and lead the way in the industry.. She just had Her 19th #1 Billboard Hot 100 (December 2019 to January 2020) As for her career, she is living proof of a career that spans decades over decades.. She has gone through all the success and holding records after records, as well as winning awards throughout her career journey.. She has proven herself to the entire world, and no one can deny that.. It is really sad when legends, as herself, are being treated so unfairly by so many people.. Looked at Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Luther Vandross and George Michael.. They are celebrated only after their death.. Why is that so..?? These superstar individuals are legends.. And they should be treated with respect for all that they have contributed to the entertaiment world.. You don't have to like them, or their work, but they do deserve to be acknowledged and respected for their achievements and crafts during their lifetime and after.. Despite all the drama and issues that they possibly face in their life.. I mean c'mon.. It's what you call LIFE.. We have them drama too.. And it's normal.. Only difference, ours are not publicised.. So stop hating.. There are already so much hate in this world.. We should really learn how to take a step back and spread positivity and love instead.. God knows we have it in us to share it with the world.. So let's do that instead.. Here's to respect, love and positivity..!! Cheers..!! 😉❤
{Mariah Noelle}
{Mariah Noelle} Ай мурун
I would love Mariah Carey to be Mrs. George in the remake!
Oliver G
Oliver G Ай мурун
I love love Mariah Carey when she's so comfortable at something like this. Hope she's in the sequel!!
Laura Pursel
Laura Pursel Ай мурун
Mariah’s lipgloss... HELLO ! I need it
J. Johnson
J. Johnson Ай мурун
Lmao 🤣
B Angel
B Angel Ай мурун
I love this so much
vLad Ай мурун
Mariah remembered Damien throwing a sneaker but couldn't remember the song he sang. The shade! 🤣🤣🤣
Amora Gang
Amora Gang Ай мурун
she’s not the biggest mean girls fan
Doug Buckley
Doug Buckley Ай мурун
The only way to get a young gay to pay attention to Mariah is to quiz her on mean girls
Phillip Christoffersen
Phillip Christoffersen Ай мурун
Man... she definitely knows the show!
Codyminpin Ай мурун
Does anyone else think this is wonderful?!
The Forgotten Mage
The Forgotten Mage Ай мурун
Mariah is looking like an Asian woman with those eye surgeries
The Forgotten Mage
The Forgotten Mage Ай мурун
@Luyy more like i hope she stop with plastic surgeries. She dont need it. Stop throwing the racist card anytime you got a chance
Luyy Ай мурун
Racist much?
Mayla Mussagy
Mayla Mussagy Ай мурун
Fun fact: Tina Fey and Mariah Carey were both born on the same year.
Rachel Hernandez
Rachel Hernandez Ай мурун
Omg no don't put mariah in the movie!
Rachel Hernandez
Rachel Hernandez Ай мурун
Lmao does she really have a fan on?!
Karen Call
Karen Call Ай мурун
i love how honest tina fey was when she admitted she was once a cady obsessed with fitting in. i think sometimes that's hard to admit and it shows that she reflected on it enough to write a movie out of it
Christine Periwinkle
Christine Periwinkle Ай мурун
I love Mariah!
aznfangrl612 Ай мурун
I love how Mariah has a fan on her
Rachel Leynes
Rachel Leynes Ай мурун
I got a few right but Mariah knew way more!
Marina Duran
Marina Duran Ай мурун
He sings a different song hahaha
Zhio Tzkieh
Zhio Tzkieh Ай мурун
For Lambs outhere we have a Fb group named “Mariah Carey Community” Join us. Currently we have more than 50k members. Lets celebrate everyday about Mimi, her memoir- TMOMC, The Rarities, her new EP releases ❤️❤️❤️
XxKasumiXSatoshixX Ай мурун
Let’s not forget the Mean Girls reference in Mariah Carey’s song “Obsessed” with the lyric “why you so obsessed with me?”
Sp0tlessM1nd Ай мурун
Only Mariah would have a fan blowing during an interview
Mae Comeaux
Mae Comeaux Ай мурун
This LOOK though, so pretty 😍
Agustín Franco
Agustín Franco Ай мурун
If this movie they're plotting isn't happening... I'm gonna be so disappointed.
Luyy Ай мурун
It’s the musical made into a movie
Maryam FluffNStuff
Maryam FluffNStuff Ай мурун
I like Mariah Carey
TeeNix Talks
TeeNix Talks Ай мурун
Tina was literally so excited that Mariah loved her movie so much.
Janell Rohan
Janell Rohan Ай мурун
Does Mariah have a wind machine for her hair??? I love this woman. 😂
Ximena M
Ximena M Ай мурун
LMFAO It's the fan blowing the air on her hair for me... queen'
Laughs With Lulu
Laughs With Lulu Ай мурун
6:40 I’ve never seen Mariah look so excited 😂😂
Jasmine Lewis
Jasmine Lewis Ай мурун
Ayyyeeee I got em all right too... I love Mean Girls❤
Shenanigan Walter Hamoudi
Shenanigan Walter Hamoudi Ай мурун
"It was kind of a Coach Carr situation..." Bomb status : *dropped
Liselot R
Liselot R Ай мурун
Mariah's divinity makes her hair fly all the time, that's not a fan
Kaysie Karolina
Kaysie Karolina Ай мурун
Love this 💞💞
kelvianna epperson
kelvianna epperson Ай мурун
This was so fun to watch
Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo Ай мурун
I'm sorry, WHO"S the biggest Mean Girls Fan!? ;)
Maddix Claw
Maddix Claw Ай мурун
I want to do this just to met Tina Fey.
Dria Scott
Dria Scott Ай мурун
Bro does Mariah have a fan in her to blow her hair back 😐🤣 I love her
Hannah Whitworth
Hannah Whitworth Ай мурун
2 icons!
anthonyfranco88 Ай мурун
This was better than the reunion, lol - and it’s official, Mean Girls 2 will star Mariah Carey, duh
Luyy Ай мурун
There was already a mean girls 2 it sucked tho don’t watch it
JUM3E Ай мурун
Oh my gosh, why does Mariah have a fan to blow her hair FOR AN INTERVIEW??? 😂
Erica Doyle
Erica Doyle Ай мурун
It’s the fan ever so softly blowing through Muva Mariah’s hair for me!! A Diva at all times! I Stan 🙌🏾🙌🏾💕💕👑👑
William Miles Harley
William Miles Harley Ай мурун
I love how Mariah has the wind machine going, as per
Eugenio Ай мурун
There was no shade towards Xtina, people need to calm down.
Ms. H
Ms. H Ай мурун
Why didn't she tuck her real hair up? I can easily tell she put on a wig for this .
Ashley James
Ashley James Ай мурун
Christina doesn’t shade other females! Why is she so mean! Little hamster 🐹 😂
idolfun14 Ай мурун
Ashley James Christina shades britney a lot😝 You must be living under a rock!
Patria Fathanputra
Patria Fathanputra Ай мурун
i got ALL questions right! LOL
Jillian Grace Asa
Jillian Grace Asa Ай мурун
I love Mariah’s hair
Luís Ай мурун
Tina seemed so shy while talking to Mariah
George Maher Jr
George Maher Jr Ай мурун
Mariah’s like a real life angel. 😇🙌 Hair flowing and everything.
Raquel Ай мурун
Everytime I see Tina Fey her hair gets shinier
ChaseliketheBank 420
ChaseliketheBank 420 Ай мурун
The fact Mariah Carey has a fan blowing on her for this interview.
Sebastian Contin
Sebastian Contin Ай мурун
she always brings one with her lmfao
Eeh_Rick Ай мурун
Mariah Deserves to be in a Mean Girls movie.
Nafisa Heart
Nafisa Heart Ай мурун
okay but is there wind blowing her hair or does her hair just do that naturally at this point
Jack Lee
Jack Lee Ай мурун
Can they do a Gossip Girl Quizzed.
AGS Ай мурун
Love it!! They are lovely!
carlo delarosa
carlo delarosa Ай мурун
Shes a mouse duh
Sabastian Taylor
Sabastian Taylor Ай мурун
Mariah saying she doesn’t identify as a Regina BUT has a fan blowing her hair. LOL
remdesivir Ай мурун
Mariah needs her wind machine! She even says so in her book.
Ximena M
Ximena M Ай мурун
LMAO i was looking for this comment
Sean Canuck
Sean Canuck Ай мурун
3:21 Rocky needs to re-aim the fan ahah
Sean Canuck
Sean Canuck Ай мурун
2:21 "I don't remember exactly what song" = "I don't know her either" says Queen Mariah!
Weird Guy
Weird Guy Ай мурун
Thanks I needed the timestamp lol
Kinani Danielle
Kinani Danielle Ай мурун
Can we talk about the fact that throughout this whole video, Mariah has a wind machine on her?? Can we??
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly Ай мурун
A comedy star and music star having fun together, love this! Oh and I love Mean Girls too!
Nathan Niehues
Nathan Niehues Ай мурун
bewareoftheplasticss Ай мурун
Charnell C
Charnell C Ай мурун
I love Mariah.
Wayden H
Wayden H Ай мурун
Mariah 👏has 👏a 👏fan 👏blowing👏 at 👏her 👏hair👏 for👏 a 👏zoom 👏interview khslljjfqgkkll’lkqssdl this bitch i can’t
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