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Jeff Wittek

2 жыл мурун

we filmed a video for a brand and it got rejected so I basically made this whole video just so I didn't make that other vid for no reason. I hope I explained how sponsored videos work. Thanks for watching!
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camera man

Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek 2 жыл мурун
Thanks for washing guys! Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks! Ily!
Norma and Riley LB
Norma and Riley LB Жыл мурун
Jeff Wittek I fucking love you ❤️❤️
Wynn Simmons
Wynn Simmons Жыл мурун
Hey I'm a 20 year old college Junior from Sacred Heart University and I value the things you have to say Jeff
Egg Burt
Egg Burt Жыл мурун
Jeff Wittek ahhhh so clean
Third Person Perspective
Third Person Perspective Жыл мурун
Jeff Wittek I'm in love❤️
chaudhry Chaudhry
chaudhry Chaudhry Жыл мурун
@Sonia Marie okkkkk you love his "humoorrrr" 😉😂😂😂
Lusine Gasparyan
Lusine Gasparyan 24 күн мурун
Jeff needs to post asap.
seven sc191168
seven sc191168 25 күн мурун
Yeah I'm binge-watching all your old shit, I'm going to keep commenting hoping it gets back in circulation. Ad #1 was Hilarious by the way
Just a normal dude
Just a normal dude Ай мурун
I absolutely love his content now but I miss these kinds of videos. I got excited when Mat the Rat video came out cause it reminded me of this haha.
Tanya Chaudhary
Tanya Chaudhary 2 ай мурун
time when he used to replyyy :(
Cesarr 3 ай мурун
Make more videos like this. I liked learning about brand deals and their rules.
Blake Powell
Blake Powell 3 ай мурун
Jesus christ someone frame that intro 👏👏👏
Antonio27 4 ай мурун
Elizabeth Martinez-Doumet
Elizabeth Martinez-Doumet 4 ай мурун
i love the intro🤣🤣 my name is jeff
Syrene covers
Syrene covers 5 ай мурун
Hahaha the first one is so funny , the second one is good too tho
Coco Blue
Coco Blue 5 ай мурун
boxing video for the dudes, second boring one for the ladies, personally if I seen the second as a ad on my feed i'd immediatly skip it but i'd consider watching the first one and possibly actually buying the salts, the girls though love a shirtless guy 🤮
juni q
juni q 6 ай мурун
I'd love more videos like this... honestly just more content in general. I dont care if the production is half as great.
Hannah Southard
Hannah Southard 6 ай мурун
they really missed out
Harry Star
Harry Star 6 ай мурун
Probably one of the best intros you’ve had
Matthew Nguyen
Matthew Nguyen 6 ай мурун
Jessie’s tiktoks are pretty fire ngl
Henry Smithers
Henry Smithers 7 ай мурун
What kinda hat is that?
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 7 ай мурун
Wtf man post more videos
Francheska Alivio
Francheska Alivio 7 ай мурун
that first ad was worth more than 10k tbh
erik mumolo
erik mumolo 7 ай мурун
how is the you being knocked out, inciting violence? these people are crazy man
Alejandra Torres
Alejandra Torres 7 ай мурун
ive never seen a man who is more attractive than Jeff. sort of reminds me of jim from the office. anyways let know when youre ready to get married
Gmcrw 7 ай мурун
loaf lan
loaf lan 7 ай мурун
2nd one was real well made. Love this video
Maddy Noorzad
Maddy Noorzad 7 ай мурун
I have officially watched every single one of Jeff's vids in 3 days. I feel accomplished, like I've been baptized. He's so friken underrated he's so friken funny. U should definitely try stand up ❤🔥🙌
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 3 ай мурун
Aye I just found Jeff I’m determined to do the same as it is 4 months later idk if I will accomplish this goal... lmao tbh idk what i jus mentally signed myself up for, but then again I’m already this far in and could see myself very well succeedin
that guy 999
that guy 999 4 ай мурун
me too Damn that quarnten
Bernardo Deluna
Bernardo Deluna 8 ай мурун
Jeff big fan from Texas much love 💯
Niftymits 8 ай мурун
Don Jawnson
Don Jawnson 8 ай мурун
I got diddled by a ghost :(
Lukas 9 ай мурун
Thanks for uploading good content & go fuck yourself
Ivan Rura
Ivan Rura 9 ай мурун
Yes do more videos like this!!
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez 9 ай мурун
Thanks for the video bro. Go fuck your self too 🙌
Emma Laurel Roberts
Emma Laurel Roberts 9 ай мурун
Dr. Teals👀👀👀
Zahra Habib
Zahra Habib 9 ай мурун
Love this vid!! And all others obv
con tow
con tow 9 ай мурун
best videos from the vlog squad after David, love the type of humor
Gabes Kassiou
Gabes Kassiou 10 ай мурун
Love u
Mariavv Makeup
Mariavv Makeup 11 ай мурун
Looks like someone came on your chest😂😂 im fucking dead
I like sitting down and talking with you jeff
to that
to that Жыл мурун
have you thought about deleteing and reuploading your older videos? you could get so many views now that you have more subscribers
donCorleone Жыл мурун
low views he didnt have money to fix the door
Naza Azim
Naza Azim Жыл мурун
nerfs drinking water sounds like a fucking waterfall
d df
d df Жыл мурун
how is the first video violent?
Jessica Charpentier
Jessica Charpentier Жыл мурун
They need to go back and approve the first video 😂😂
Marc Murray
Marc Murray Жыл мурун
The second video was more professionally done.
Norma Tries
Norma Tries Жыл мурун
6:50 🤭🤭🤭😳😳😳😍
D Four34
D Four34 Жыл мурун
Love these kind of videos
melissa :D
melissa :D Жыл мурун
Why do you look like the perfect drug dealer, fucking love it😂😂 I'm sorry if that's rude 😅😅
Jessica Murillo
Jessica Murillo Жыл мурун
you are a good person
Axana Stanislava
Axana Stanislava Жыл мурун
You are amazing and so was this video. Please film more videos like this, you are a great entertainer 😄🐣🌻
poultrycheeseboy Жыл мурун
I like conversations like this
Pauline Sabio
Pauline Sabio Жыл мурун
My name Jeff...DEAD 😂😂😂😂
David Trontelj
David Trontelj Жыл мурун
We love conversations like this:D
Aneisha Kandhai
Aneisha Kandhai Жыл мурун
this is what you call someone who accidentally got famous but I aint mad at it
Josh Eastwell
Josh Eastwell Жыл мурун
That Doesn't Matter plug at the end ...
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed Жыл мурун
The 2nd vid was really great! Dynamic!
Tamir Manor
Tamir Manor Жыл мурун
Best intro ever
John Marshall
John Marshall Жыл мурун
Jeff, you're awesome! Keep up the how to's and the hair cutting. It's all great to watch!
Mollisha Life
Mollisha Life Жыл мурун
I loved the first one
Alicia Coles
Alicia Coles Жыл мурун
The second one’s cinematography was one point. The transitions were amazing. The humor was good in first one too (cohmedy) both r good tho
vin sin
vin sin Жыл мурун
Ya this would be dope to continue
XxHttps_KayexX Жыл мурун
ur soo cuteee jeff like if u think get is jeff cute
jacob yeum
jacob yeum Жыл мурун
give me a haircut!!!!!!!!! I'll be in LA in July - love your shit
MayhemClique Жыл мурун
idk why nor how ur more entertaining than david
Shaden Hlayel
Shaden Hlayel Жыл мурун
I almost died when he said my name jeff....😂😂😂
Post papss
Post papss Жыл мурун
im 18 jeff
NASA Жыл мурун
Why is your mic a black dick?
Tanner Beglin
Tanner Beglin Жыл мурун
the first one was way better
Hi_Kayla_ Жыл мурун
great editing and quality by Jesse. ^_^
Ricado Santos
Ricado Santos Жыл мурун
0:35 this guy is an incredible actor, it's no surprise his videos are getting recognized
Peter Jenkins
Peter Jenkins Жыл мурун
video was kinda dope.
Connor B
Connor B Жыл мурун
Awesome cause I can’t even tell when you’re joking.. were you joking that whole time? Dame you some kinda Hollywood actor?
heyitskatiebo123 Жыл мурун
I love u jeff
Taren Blas
Taren Blas Жыл мурун
*Blurs brand*, next clip shows brand lmao
emi Жыл мурун
i liked the first ones concept better, the second one was just filmed better lmao
salena scox
salena scox Жыл мурун
Ya make more videos like these. Like pls
Bri Schauf
Bri Schauf Жыл мурун
Jeff I love u post more
miguel vitela
miguel vitela Жыл мурун
My name Jeff 😂😂
Jon Thompson
Jon Thompson Жыл мурун
That intro had me dying 🤣
Sasha Dukambo
Sasha Dukambo Жыл мурун
First of allllllll ill be 24 in June 😂
Sophia Edda
Sophia Edda Жыл мурун
I love you
Lizbeth L
Lizbeth L Жыл мурун
I would’ve paid you 20,000$ for that damn video!!
Ibrahim Farid
Ibrahim Farid Жыл мурун
Who the fuck is focusing in your videos fam wtf.
roziewow Жыл мурун
maddy klaassen
maddy klaassen Жыл мурун
Jeff Wittek the best damb youtuber out here with no where near the views he deserves smh "That is.. uh.. very not true" that line killed me.
Chewyogumbish Жыл мурун
Most youtubes that like to talk a lot i skip but i could listen to him alll day.💖💖
Veronica Жыл мурун
What’s after Jesus Christ lol
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez Жыл мурун
I been watching your videos for the past hour ! Great content !!
Phoenix Owl
Phoenix Owl Жыл мурун
Honestly, I like the approved ad because of the editing skills. It made it seem dope. You have to remember a brand does not want to showcase violence.
Hannah Moats
Hannah Moats Жыл мурун
When he said my name Jeff I fell on the ground
Gunnar Kronmann
Gunnar Kronmann Жыл мурун
you need to pump your arms more when you run jeff, dont look like such a pussy
Mariana Hernandez
Mariana Hernandez Жыл мурун
Your sense of humor is the best, i fucking love it...i forgot i needed that edge. By now i bingewatched all your uploads, and i gotta say.. although i get and love your barbershop series, i hope you continue to create videos on just random shit like before from time to time.Give the new audience that came with david a try. anyway, much luv! Oh, and if you ever see this...please share with us your favorite series or shows that might have a similar tone to your comedy please :)
gloria marie
gloria marie Жыл мурун
listen... that was some strong ass eye contact i'm SHOOK
Shruti Жыл мурун
Woahhh!! You are so funny!! I really enjoy all of your videos 😂❤👌 yours is literally going to grow into a huge KGpost channel cuz you're so talented 👏
Thebluepatito Жыл мурун
I really like this, it’s very much like a process video!
Mathias Andersen
Mathias Andersen Жыл мурун
I want to see more videos like this, not just the barber shop vids. Grow this side of your brand. Make every second or third video something like this. I think it will benefit you, even if it discourages you at first, since it doesn't get the kind of views like the collabs. If you want people to stay with you and watch for a long time, we need more of this, we need more of you.
Lan Nguyen
Lan Nguyen Жыл мурун
i love u
MissMarleeMarie Жыл мурун
I don’t get how people wouldn’t want to watch this video😂😂 I LOVED EVERY SEC OF IT
Savannah Rose
Savannah Rose Жыл мурун
2nd one is dope.
ellie ledgerwood
ellie ledgerwood Жыл мурун
you seem like that sleep away christian camp counselor that everyone would have a crush on
Emilio Styles
Emilio Styles Жыл мурун
The second one was so much better
sophia langley
sophia langley Жыл мурун
1st one was funny
Talia Quinones
Talia Quinones Жыл мурун
Kay Shay
Kay Shay Жыл мурун
He makes $10,000 wow that's awesome
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