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►Loba got a massive buff in the last patch - her loot sight/ultimate radius has been increased massively and when you start the game, you start with 50% charge on the ultimate.
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Chaotic Revenge
Chaotic Revenge 3 күн мурун
Loba's super good, can never have bad loot with a good loba on the team.
Arif 4 күн мурун
I main loba...not because she is good....because im too lazy to search for loot
Über Channel
Über Channel 12 күн мурун
Lo-Fi Hip Hop 'n' Apex? O.o
Das_gaming_Stift _
Das_gaming_Stift _ 14 күн мурун
"Very Armband very lore"
Guy Person
Guy Person 15 күн мурун
I wish you could shoot when you throw the bracelet instead of staring at your ring
JustCallMeJames 18 күн мурун
if the bracelet got a buff b good
Eeli Snen
Eeli Snen 18 күн мурун
When i start play caustic and every one just say im noob camper and i startted rush whit thous abilites and it take took long master that cautic push mode and today every one just play caustic defense and got that same respect
Elucidx 18 күн мурун
Buff for Loba suggestion..... Her bracelet can pass through everything but the floor.
Krankify 25 күн мурун
Alternator still IS good!!!
Mike Villa
Mike Villa 26 күн мурун
Just because you don’t know how to use her doesn’t make her garbage
SeniorSwanky 26 күн мурун
season 7 loba will be a bit nice, you can get ammo and it doesn't count as an item
Der Knilch
Der Knilch 28 күн мурун
I have a feeling almost no one plays revenant Still people cry that he needs a nerf
Xx_FREQ_xX -_-
Xx_FREQ_xX -_- 28 күн мурун
If u could shoot while ur waiting on the bracelet that would be cool
Banuner 29 күн мурун
Can Respawn please allow us to shoot through guardrails? The amount of times I’ve been fucked over by someone who is camping guardrails is retarded.
nik aqil
nik aqil Ай мурун
Did he just say allah at 9.23
Emilio Hayward
Emilio Hayward Ай мурун
Fnnn sweaty as fuck i wish i could shoot like that wiping squads like that like wtf got yourself another sub after that! Loot like a snail but shoot like a god
ReivaxTheProto Ай мурун
I had to take off my headphones for the jaw cracking thing as well
damien Hunter
damien Hunter Ай мурун
OMG his frame rats is 200
corbe drawing
corbe drawing Ай мурун
I feel like they should make her teleport much faster and they should remove the blue light. yesterday I was in night kings canyon and then a loba teleported and I killed her before she could grab a weapon. the only good thing about her tactical is that she can go trough windows unlike pathfinder or octane
luvmarco Ай мурун
Wait i thought teemates could use lobas ult
GRAzE PG3D Ай мурун
Everyone loves the volt
Sam Morgan
Sam Morgan Ай мурун
when it tactical takes longer to charge than ur ult
Music Anime
Music Anime Ай мурун
sorry but i dont think they are worth it i can build a 200 dollar pc for parts on sale and get the same fps
Justinn Ай мурун
I don’t mind lobas bracelet am I the only one lol
HItheirSATO Ай мурун
Replace lobas passive with something like a pickpocket off knocked enemies
GSDA Ай мурун
The range of seeing loot buff is kind of pointless when she herself still can't identify what exactly it is. Ult buff is ok, but is upgrading something that not necessarily was needed at this point. I think people have repeated again and again that her tactical should travel faster.
alliyah jane
alliyah jane Ай мурун
I only main loba cuz she’s da baddest bitch on da game
Aidan Simonin-Northrop
Aidan Simonin-Northrop Ай мурун
Only lobs can take locked items lol
BoogaPlays Ай мурун
I wOnDer wHaT lOBa HeIrLOOM iS GoNNa bE whEn iT coMeS OuT
Chanel #1
Chanel #1 Ай мурун
kdizzy07 Ай мурун
16:29 Ouegh... OMG yuck! I'm getting flashbacks to that scene in Skyfall (Hydrogen cyanide)
Corbin Brown
Corbin Brown Ай мурун
I've never been into a lobby and not have a caustic on my team
So they can buff her but not fix her jump drive bug?
TheSlippyFishyGD Ай мурун
Every time I watch your vids I get good vibes.
Agriarch Ай мурун
yea when you play with kandy 🤣
Just Chillin in The Comments
Just Chillin in The Comments Ай мурун
ok ok next loba buff, allow us to take more items and ammo dont count as the items
agatafedunkow Ай мурун
Well looks like my guess on her next buff is correct
Jonatan Bucup
Jonatan Bucup Ай мурун
Idk but this was so interesting
Among us Master
Among us Master Ай мурун
You should start playing with ZellBread
Draven Wright Lee
Draven Wright Lee Ай мурун
alternator is good on console ngl
Steven Potter jr
Steven Potter jr Ай мурун
hey i have a pc but i dont know if there is enough gb to fully run apex but im downloading it
Anakin Sandwalker
Anakin Sandwalker Ай мурун
that revenant needs to uninstall ngl
Blake VanWagenen
Blake VanWagenen Ай мурун
i think she should be able to grab 3 items instead of 2
Alone Vibes
Alone Vibes Ай мурун
If only this guy was my teammate doe I ran out of Xbox live anyway
JellyJam Ай мурун
mfw i got killed by kandy and didnt even notice lmao
NSADM BearMann
NSADM BearMann Ай мурун
Idk about other lobas but I'm really good as loba I've saved my teammates so many times and I teloport back into storm to grabbed banners and just have sick clutch plays as loba
kingi954 Ай мурун
Loba buff, she drops her bracelet anywhere then teleport back to it as an escape option like Wraith portals.
TsHeEjBoI4eVa Ай мурун
I wouldn't consider this a massive buff, it's good but her ult already cd really quick, the extra range is nice but she need a major buff on her tact more than her ult.
TsHeEjBoI4eVa Ай мурун
I play loba sometimes and she's actually kinda fun.i just don't like how her ring goes far horizontally but only like 10ft vertically and also sometimes when i throw her ring, it just comes back to me and doesn't teleport me and yes, i throw it in places we can go so idk why it doesn't teleport me sometimes,.
Ellison Higgins
Ellison Higgins Ай мурун
That mean I main lobs she great
Reaper Mysticc
Reaper Mysticc Ай мурун
i would love to see her bracelet like you can throw her bracelet and then press it again to activate or to teleport not just instantly teleporting, you can make so much plays from that.
Hunter Wolfe
Hunter Wolfe Ай мурун
Make her tactical fly father and faster. Make the landing animation faster so she can use the ability offensively. Give her another passive like maybe have an extra 2 loot slots. And honestly either buff the shit out of the ult or just scrap it for something new. I say make her an offensive legend instead of a support because her tactical and her ult have no synchronization gameplay wise, and she does nothing useful that a support should do like lifeline does.
Florian DUVAL
Florian DUVAL Ай мурун
I think about a reaaally good buff for her : imagine that she could steal the enemy stuff (or just replace it with hers but since she's a stealer it could be awesome)
Samurott Stop
Samurott Stop Ай мурун
Remember loba cant throw a slightly heavy teleportation bracelet 90 meters she is still a regular person that’s skilled in gunfights
Zach P
Zach P Ай мурун
Love the new buffs for her, shes def been played more. But Id love a buff for her to be able to loot teammates banners with her ult. Only Loba would be able to use her ult to grab the banners, it wouldnt appear for another teammate or enemy for instance. I think this would give her another bit of versatility while sticking to the idea that shes a loot master.
Rilakkuma Ай мурун
Kandy's tracking is *chefs kiss*
Jason Peden
Jason Peden Ай мурун
A true buff for Loba would be if they incorporated enemy loot in her ultimate that way when you use the black market, you can swap weapons with an enemy player and they’d just be like “wtf is goin on!!” That would be dope af for her. And it’s not too insane because for enemy players, it would allow them to know that there is an enemy team in their radius.
Neasie Gibson
Neasie Gibson Ай мурун
brad mondo
Loqced Ай мурун
I might get the $1459 pc Hope it plays apex at good quality even when i record
Gwyn The Fallen
Gwyn The Fallen Ай мурун
Loba is the most busted character ever she's so good.
NeonAce Ай мурун
Where does he get the stats on the top right?
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy Ай мурун
They better change Devo.. it better go back to rate CP loot next season lol.
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy Ай мурун
KGpost's getting real comfortable with these 15 second unskipables
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy
Gaming with PURG3 anarchy Ай мурун
I would buy a PC for around $400... But that's I also need a desk, keyboard and chair... And that's way too much...
Yoxek TV
Yoxek TV Ай мурун
My name in Apex is yoxek25
ultra instinct shaggy
ultra instinct shaggy Ай мурун
I feel loba should be able to sprint if not that than make it to where your you throw it faster because taking away the catching animation would make it a broken flanking tool.
Hb_.THEKID 772
Hb_.THEKID 772 Ай мурун
i wish u could refund legends bc i bout wattson and i dont want her now
Brandon Perez
Brandon Perez Ай мурун
But it was safer to use lobas ultimate
Ferdi the Tank
Ferdi the Tank Ай мурун
Mozambic master race.
yigit koseoglu
yigit koseoglu Ай мурун
this is my first time watching this guy
RoD Kronic
RoD Kronic Ай мурун
hey kandy can you tell us your graphics settings plz :)
ImSleepyAstro Ай мурун
Have you guys hurd what Watson said to Wraith about her ghost? I’m not too into apex but I’m trying to . So go easy please 😭
sim0ni_92 Ай мурун
Kandy reminds me of glen out of the walking dead lol
Jeffery Neal
Jeffery Neal Ай мурун
if you do not like good legands play octane
PizzaBurgerMan 18
PizzaBurgerMan 18 Ай мурун
Loba isn’t bad no legend is bad it all depends on how good you use the abilities
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Ай мурун
i just subbed but i remember when u played apex for the first time
Djaylane Kalpoe
Djaylane Kalpoe Ай мурун
Hey kandy so my brother and me made a new account then he got a 20 bomb in like 4 or 5 matches and the 2000 damage medal
Fawaz PlaysYT
Fawaz PlaysYT Ай мурун
Username:FawazPlaysApex I play ranked or pubs 4k badge and 18 highest kills level:96 Platform:Ps4
Blade Syphon
Blade Syphon Ай мурун
Can u add me
Josh Sam
Josh Sam Ай мурун
Bro, serious question. What is your rig setup specification? What is your monitor resolution? Please I need your answer, would mean a lot. P.S. Beast Wars TF is coming back!!!
BlackMamba Mwangi
BlackMamba Mwangi Ай мурун
When will the three stack season 3 come?
BlackMamba Mwangi
BlackMamba Mwangi Ай мурун
I meant season 2
BlackMamba Mwangi
BlackMamba Mwangi Ай мурун
I mean season 3
Viper Ай мурун
im so buying ur pc bro no i really want one now i can at a good price by my fav yt
joseph yu
joseph yu Ай мурун
The way he plays kind of reminds me of Zylbrad, would it be possible that Kandy is Zylbrads master?
Ian Beaver
Ian Beaver Ай мурун
Alternator is good and with the hammy p2020 it’s a good combo
Afterpast Hours
Afterpast Hours Ай мурун
She still feels like she needs a lot of tweaking, for some reason she can’t teleport over the high walls by Swamp on Kings Canyon even though Pathfinder can zip line on top and Octane can jump up there, it starts to feel like the developers are denying you from using her ability in any intelligent way when your teleport gets denied. Also I feel like the height of her ability should be buffed, it feels a bit too low.
Trinbago Zess
Trinbago Zess Ай мурун
They should put some speed on the bracelet
among us - The meme - bruh moments
among us - The meme - bruh moments Ай мурун
You are a nerd
Fit Eye
Fit Eye Ай мурун
Who wants to play some pubs?
Ivan Pulido
Ivan Pulido Ай мурун
Not trying to seem like a know it all or something - because I probably wouldn’t have thought about it mid-match either - but during like 5:15 instead of trying to hit the bat, that would’ve been a perfect moment to have dropped her loot goblin staff (idk what it’s called) and swapped for a different shield, and if that one messed up as well you could’ve swapped again (maybe idk at that point) With the whole animation and having to search for a shield through all that loot might’ve been more time consuming and would’ve fallen apart just as easy either way, but if that would’ve won you the match I guarantee you that would’ve blown everyone’s minds with a play like that... Who knows maybe you might see a few people do that now that I’ve mentioned it; I know I am today :)
Ordinary Tree
Ordinary Tree Ай мурун
Now youre thinkin like Loba
cyb dan
cyb dan Ай мурун
question is, how long did it took you to steal every item from the trials and how long would have just take you do the trials (1 minute?) and just take everything from the ground. Why is Respawn buffing/nerfing champions in aspects that nobody cares like Loba ult faster or wider range, Pathfinder low profile haha, wraith now takes 1 second or so to go void... when everybody would like to see Loba bracelet with no animation lock, Path being not so fast while grappling and wraith eating some hamburguer and be fatter
Alannah Kakepetum
Alannah Kakepetum Ай мурун
she was always playable.... noobs just dont know how to do it
Robin Vekety
Robin Vekety Ай мурун
Yep they always forget to use her ult and never use the tactical when they should. They try to use it as a wraith tactical and then complain about animation speeds because they die because the enemy duckshoots them in the open. Every time you go to a new location you can use your ultimate, which is the best part of Loba.
Xandro Oliveros
Xandro Oliveros Ай мурун
Idea for Loba's next buff: She throws her black market like javelin into an enemy and then armor swaps if it kills them.
Platonic Ай мурун
That would be a great finisher
Kirby x
Kirby x Ай мурун
i played loba for 2 games when she came out and haven’t touched her since lmao
RiceCube Tech
RiceCube Tech Ай мурун
Ironically I find caustic worse to play with now than before. Especially with the delay on traps being a little worse, Watson countering his traps, and with the intro of crypto. I have zero clue why he’s more popular now. I’ve been manning him since like season 2
RiceCube Tech
RiceCube Tech Ай мурун
I got stuck with loba after people took caustic and bloodhound despite me politely asking if I could get one of them. (3500 kills on caustic and 500 on blood) both players had sub 300 on them and got mad when they died early and told me I sucked. I carried their banners to top 3 and got them a ton of RP. Had 900 damage and 4 kills basically solo. They had 150 and 325 with 0 each. Loba can be good, but I don’t like her play style. When I randomly got stuck with Bangalore the other day I got 2k and 9 kills. And Bangalore is widely regarded as super weak.
Mystic115 Ай мурун
Bracelet buff: when thrown, Loba can shoot. However once it lands she has to do the animation. This will allow her to move around faster at first and even fight back, just to disappear
Shiv Kapoor
Shiv Kapoor Ай мурун
20:11 reloading 20:12 reloading 20:13 reloading
Mr big gamer pro
Mr big gamer pro Ай мурун
I had a teammate that was Lina and was giving me da loots
JayJay Golden
JayJay Golden Ай мурун
Imo loba was already useful, if you and your team use her ult for in combat shield swaps
coldchoccymilk Ай мурун
Typho why??
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