Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)

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Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

N D Саат мурун
Way to toss it in our faces hahahaha I'm losing my memory as I huff atomized aluminum and get fried with 5 jiggity G.
Peachi P.
Peachi P. Саат мурун
This feels like Born to Die type of Lana and thank GOD cause I’ve missed her!😭
saviour link
saviour link Саат мурун
Is she throwing shade on cabal?
Clifford Oliver
Clifford Oliver 2 саат мурун
That took a turn... Those pesky chemtrails.😳🤣
Bondan D Prasetyo
Bondan D Prasetyo 2 саат мурун
I’m gonna tell my kids this is a twilight
Abyss 2 саат мурун
Кто от Алексея Шевцова он же Itipedia ?
yamani Saleme Luna
yamani Saleme Luna 2 саат мурун
nat uhhhlee
nat uhhhlee 2 саат мурун
I've come back to this video literally like 3x a day since it's come out
Вася Петечкин
Вася Петечкин 2 саат мурун
Poor Lana. She's like Trump in music...😁
Ben Sims
Ben Sims 2 саат мурун
No hope for the fools fast fast asleep
sadmellowdies 2 саат мурун
I love how vintage she is !!!
HolyDezmondGamez 2 саат мурун
Wow love this new song.
polical 2 саат мурун
I do not understand anything you say XD I am Spanish
Cybile Bénédict
Cybile Bénédict 2 саат мурун
Bagymzhan Zaitbekova
Bagymzhan Zaitbekova 2 саат мурун
She is gorgeous
Hunter Harrington
Hunter Harrington 2 саат мурун
This feels very "CW drama."
L P 3 саат мурун
Beautiful 🤩 voice
W Y 3 саат мурун
This song smells like vintage perfume
Urmila Jangid
Urmila Jangid 3 саат мурун
Living in her vdo would have been better than this world...
Gulsara Salmagambetova
Gulsara Salmagambetova 3 саат мурун
She's so cute 🥰🥰🥰
Максим Волков
Максим Волков 3 саат мурун
Ari TheCat
Ari TheCat 4 саат мурун
Ya quiero que se marzo para escuchar todas las canciones.
Giovanni Julca
Giovanni Julca 3 саат мурун
Brenda Guadalupe Barraza Medina
Brenda Guadalupe Barraza Medina 4 саат мурун
AHS coven vibes
4lexandre 4 саат мурун
The visual ♡
4lexandre 4 саат мурун
I love it ♡
Faride FB
Faride FB 4 саат мурун
Chien Chaud
Chien Chaud 4 саат мурун
Ana Karolina leal
Ana Karolina leal 4 саат мурун
Matt 4 саат мурун
What is the name of MK Ultra is this?
Melanny Elizabeth Manya Oña
Melanny Elizabeth Manya Oña 4 саат мурун
Marzo esta muy lejos y solo con esto ya no puedo esperar más , Lana esto fue HERMOSO
Brian Hernandez
Brian Hernandez 4 саат мурун
Felicity 4 саат мурун
1:19 shes mouthing "im just wild" but singing the other lyric :p PRO editor lana
Jhon Bolivar
Jhon Bolivar 4 саат мурун
Im here again to say im obsessed with this song, i think the half of reproductions are mines .
Lala J
Lala J 5 саат мурун
I'm literally waiting for Ajay to react to this. She's gonna love it!!!
Alex Wild
Alex Wild 5 саат мурун
Okay, I love her... BUT! I think using the same chords and essentially repeating the same song variation and rhythms over and over since Ultraviolence is wearing thin. There’s a reason that her first album and the paradise edition were so well received. She’s truly a lyrical poet and I told her this when I met her. Though seriously perhaps it’s time to switch it up a bit, perhaps go back to her roots. I fear after she was so poorly received on SNL she’s become fearful of being adventurous with her music and vocal abilities. Born to Die’s tracks all had various variations of chords. There I’ve said it. Though I will say she’s always amazing and her aesthetic and vocals are forever ethereal. I just wish she might perhaps add a bit more variation.
Alex Wild
Alex Wild 2 саат мурун
@Ace Buchanan BTD IS her most successful album as far as I’m aware considering it’s the best selling of the six. I always edit my comments as I’m very particular. It clearly says edited right there. You’re not exposing any vast conspiracy, also you asked for an example? An example of what, do you want me to provide a multitude of links to all her albums that I’m sure you’ll have heard prior? If you disagree that’s absolutely fine. Though I shall wear being referred to as ‘weird’ as a badge of honour. I sincerely apologise that editing to account for accuracy hurts your soul to an extent you feel the desire to label me as such. Now away with you, contend with a word smith and you’ll get smelted.
Ace Buchanan
Ace Buchanan 2 саат мурун
@Alex Wild now you’re being weird...editing your comment multiple times when you said “btd is her most successful and acclaimed album” and other things until i told you otherwise...dont worry though i wont edit my comments
Ace Buchanan
Ace Buchanan 3 саат мурун
@Alex Wild “that’s simply not true at all” dude btd has a 62 on metacritic and nfr has an 87 you could’ve easily googled it...and i didn’t come for you i just asked for an example that you couldn’t provide LOL never understood opinions with no base
Alex Wild
Alex Wild 3 саат мурун
That’s simply not true at all. Born to Die is one of her most successful and in terms of critically acclaimed albums, second (I think) to Norman Fucking Rockwell; though I’m pretty sure Born to Die is the highest selling, going Platinum in many countries. Whilst, only the latter went Platinum in America (could be wrong). While her later music may be held in higher regard by certain fans INCLUDING myself, it is hard to refute that there is very little variation in terms of melody and chords in her later music. Whilst her earlier music was much more eclectic and had more variation and songs that differed drastically in melody and tempo. She also used her Lolita persona far more often, whereas that’s almost never used anymore. Whilst I’m one of her biggest fans, I’m allowed to have an opinion and I never said that the chords didn’t change throughout the song.... I said she reuses the same chords constantly throughout much of her later music and in her songs post 2012, not in singular songs but the collective. I adore her, but don’t come for me just because you don’t like an opinion .Don’t get uppity because I expressed a desire to connect with the nostalgic days of yore. Try me again and I’ll strike more than just a chord.
Ace Buchanan
Ace Buchanan 3 саат мурун
ACTUALLY her later music is received way better, nfr was the most acclaimed album of 2019...and the chords changed 5 times in this song so i would love to hear what other song has the same chords or even what other songs she’s “repeated”
Dear Stomach Ache
Dear Stomach Ache 5 саат мурун
Ronn Sarto
Ronn Sarto 5 саат мурун
4:44 she kinda sounds like billie eilish 🤯
Pepsi Cola
Pepsi Cola 2 саат мурун
Billie eilish sounds like her cause she came first
Raphael Kaiston
Raphael Kaiston 5 саат мурун
Não esperava menos
ron ron
ron ron 5 саат мурун
is that miss piggy?
Holly Ternes
Holly Ternes 5 саат мурун
Told myself I wouldn't cry to this one, I did. Theres that cancer moon 🙃💙
KingTolga & Kevin Peters Official
KingTolga & Kevin Peters Official 5 саат мурун
It's hard not to fall in love with her.
Vi Retratos
Vi Retratos 5 саат мурун
Никита Руденко
Никита Руденко 5 саат мурун
André Venturi
André Venturi 5 саат мурун
Yulianne Jae
Yulianne Jae 5 саат мурун
Esta canción es horrible igual que el video
Dizzy 6 саат мурун
Sophia Restrepo
Sophia Restrepo 6 саат мурун
Ugh. Love everything about this.
Omid Hajieghrary
Omid Hajieghrary 6 саат мурун
Is it only me or others also think this has something to do with racism. All people in the country club were gorgeous white blonde and at night, the most horrific character was the dark-skinned woman with sharp teeth that crawls on the ground and in the morning goes into bed. Is it some sort of response to the racism accusation she received?
Pepsi Cola
Pepsi Cola Саат мурун
Stop , not everything's about race
Ace Buchanan
Ace Buchanan 3 саат мурун
These women are all her friends, and there are 2 black and 2 hispanic (one w/ dyed blonde hair) in the video (that was filmed months ago)
Hannah Rhodes
Hannah Rhodes 6 саат мурун
2:01 LANA: “Wait stop talking” bet, watch her mouth.
Radames Boscolo
Radames Boscolo 6 саат мурун
Mib in love story..
LoFi Milk
LoFi Milk 6 саат мурун
Lana : im not a furry , you guys are gross Also Lana : woof
ash lol
ash lol 6 саат мурун
That mask is pretty I'd wear it if it had actually protection and not just mesh
x 1
x 1 6 саат мурун
I've loved Lana since Born to Die I just wish she would do more upbeat music..........
Ace Buchanan
Ace Buchanan 3 саат мурун
She has upbeat music it’s just not radio friendly
ash lol
ash lol 6 саат мурун
That wolfdog looks just like mine!jeez
Javi Agustino
Javi Agustino 6 саат мурун
i loved it!
Richard Peckham
Richard Peckham 6 саат мурун
Nice turn. If Facebook is the doomsday machine, then the wild is the way back. Don`t change ever.
Jennifer Borth
Jennifer Borth 6 саат мурун
At least people now know chemtrails are real and we weren’t just a bunch of “crazy conspiracy theorists”
siouxperb5570 4 саат мурун
'Chemtrails' are absolutely and unquestionably proven to be mathematically impossible. This is NOT even remotely debatable.
Paula Bloom
Paula Bloom 6 саат мурун
The queen is back. And i so pride for she
Raúl Medina
Raúl Medina 6 саат мурун
Esto va mas allá de la programación predictiva... o bien se trata de un terrible y estupido error al confundir "contrail" con "chemtrail".
William Harris
William Harris 6 саат мурун
This is one of her very best!
Patrick Broadlick
Patrick Broadlick 6 саат мурун
Thank you for your new music and video well worth the wait 🐶🎼🥰
LUNA LOVEGOOD 7 саат мурун
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli 7 саат мурун
Claim your "before this hits 10M and some random aggressive BTS stan tries to cancel Lana again"
LUNA LOVEGOOD 7 саат мурун
I love you my queen 🔥💓
Vitor Cesar
Vitor Cesar 7 саат мурун
Love you
Rodrigo Espinoza
Rodrigo Espinoza 7 саат мурун
Renee 7 саат мурун
Either your are a wolf or a sheep wearing a mask
Johanna Scott
Johanna Scott 7 саат мурун
she looks like judy garland kinda
Everson Silva
Everson Silva 7 саат мурун
Não paro de dar streaming
Everson Silva
Everson Silva 7 саат мурун
Ana Beatriz A.K.A Mochi estragado
Ana Beatriz A.K.A Mochi estragado 7 саат мурун
Mais uma história de alguém que virou lobisomem
loveholic 7 саат мурун
Cara 7 саат мурун
One of her best videos
carolina pacheco
carolina pacheco 7 саат мурун
Im glad you didnt use an iphone to record I love it so much!!
carolina pacheco
carolina pacheco 7 саат мурун
You saved 2021 ❤
PicturesquePrincess 7 саат мурун
🎶Lyrics🎶 I'm on the run with you, my sweet love There's nothing wrong contemplating God Under the chemtrails over the country club Wearin' our jewels in the swimming pool Me and my sister just playin' it cool Under the chemtrails over the country club Take out your turquoise and all of your jewels Go to the market, the kids' swimming pools Baby, what's your sign? My moon's in Leo, my Cancer is sun You won't play, you're no fun Well, I don't care what they think Drag racing my little red sports car I'm not unhinged or unhappy, I'm just wild I'm on the run with you, my sweet love There's nothing wrong contemplating God Under the chemtrails over the country club Wearin' our jewels in the swimming pool Me and my sister just playin' it cool Under the chemtrails over the country club Meet you for coffee at the elementary schools We laugh about nothing as the summer gets cool It's beautiful how this deep normality settles down over me I'm not bored or unhappy, I'm still so strange and wild You're in the wind, I'm in the water Nobody's son, nobody's daughter Watching the chemtrails over the country club Suburbia, The Brentwood Market What to do next? Maybe we'll love it White picket chemtrails over the country club My love, my love Washing my hair, doing the laundry Late night TV, I want you on me Like when we were kids under chemtrails and country clubs It's never too late, baby, so don't give up It's never too late, baby, so don't give up Under the chemtrails over the country club, yeah (You're born in December and I'm born in June) Under the chemtrails, over the country club, yeah (You're born in December and I'm born in June) My Cancer is sun and my Leo is moon My Cancer is sun and my Leo is moon
Gustavo Torres
Gustavo Torres 7 саат мурун
Eu te amo ❤️
Joshua Oana
Joshua Oana 7 саат мурун
This took a really weird turn quickly.
Caroline Loop
Caroline Loop 7 саат мурун
that pearl necklace is iconic
Reuben Gurung
Reuben Gurung 7 саат мурун
someone was watching wolfwalkers
Liz Wiz
Liz Wiz 7 саат мурун
rip lana imyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy )))'''':
Nucky Jmc
Nucky Jmc 7 саат мурун
Great song
Shawn Berman
Shawn Berman 7 саат мурун
Im in love with this
Crystal Laureano
Crystal Laureano 7 саат мурун
You saved me.
f ch
f ch 8 саат мурун
f ch
f ch 8 саат мурун
C G 8 саат мурун
This video took a very strange turn....
ornela 8 саат мурун
Donquixiote Doflamingo
Donquixiote Doflamingo 8 саат мурун
wonderful, beautiful work of art that you always show us I love you lana
Rattlehead 8 саат мурун
Alex Jones / Infowars.
Lili-Rose Maheu
Lili-Rose Maheu 8 саат мурун
can we talk about how cool this video is
Paul Costello
Paul Costello 8 саат мурун
"thers nothing wrong contemplating god " the godless EVIL leFT ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA COMPLEX hate this WE LOVE YOU LANA FOR TELLING THE TRUTH
Larcha de Newt
Larcha de Newt 8 саат мурун
tas artista
tas artista 8 саат мурун
love it!
Victor Manuel CD
Victor Manuel CD 8 саат мурун
*9 Milliones the views !!*
Victor Manuel CD
Victor Manuel CD 7 саат мурун
@Rodrigo Martínez NO porque dijiste falta y no falta nada, mas bien ya sobre paso esa cifra.
Rodrigo Martínez
Rodrigo Martínez 7 саат мурун
@Victor Manuel CD Me refiero a que debe tener más de 9 millones ¬¬
Victor Manuel CD
Victor Manuel CD 8 саат мурун
@Rodrigo Martínez Que no vez que ya sobre paso los nueve millones o estas ciego??
Rodrigo Martínez
Rodrigo Martínez 8 саат мурун
Aún falta un chingo, ojalá la sigan reproduciendo
Haidy soliman
Haidy soliman 8 саат мурун
Carrie Ann LaShelle
Carrie Ann LaShelle 8 саат мурун
"Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous."- Queen Victoria "Get real, Don't you know who you're dealing with?"-- Queen Lana Del Rey
Mind1web 9 саат мурун
Can we respect how when she was around people she wore a mask
Katarina Esc19
Katarina Esc19 9 саат мурун
Just 9M for this? Jeez lana is so underrated
Jr Gomez
Jr Gomez 9 саат мурун
you can also tell shes kinda racist
Gigi Sanroman
Gigi Sanroman 7 саат мурун
No shes not
gagasnatchedmywigno2 9 саат мурун
She has done nothing remotely racist, your judging her based on her looks. You don’t know what racism is
Jr Gomez
Jr Gomez 9 саат мурун
privledged her whole life thats why i dont really like her
Pepsi Cola
Pepsi Cola Саат мурун
How is that her fault? U should have RESPECT she chose to live in a trailer park and live by herself for years. She became independent by choice despite coming from money.
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