Kodaline - All I Want (Part 1)

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Click here to see what happens next in Part 2 kgpost.info/will/video/tLDZu4yfsZdmibM
Download 'All I Want' by Kodaline here: smarturl.it/kodaline as featured in the Google Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY_MUB...
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Music video by Kodaline performing All I Want. (C) 2012 B-Unique Records (UK) Limited under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Priya Thakur
Priya Thakur 37 мүнөт мурун
Abby McKay
Abby McKay 55 мүнөт мурун
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder....a beautiful heart is the most attractive thing for me in another human....looks fade and ugly is forever when you've a bad heart
Ghala ً
Ghala ً Саат мурун
كس ام الحياه وبس
Dheeraj Basnet
Dheeraj Basnet Саат мурун
We are no one to judge other people by there looks, yeah some people are different than each others but god creates them special than us 💝
Redoan Kazi
Redoan Kazi Саат мурун
Is that a movie clip
Mike Mota
Mike Mota 2 саат мурун
Okay...BUT he’s only into her because of how she looks, as obviously they don’t talk until the end. Contradiction is real in this video...
Tushar Pandey
Tushar Pandey 2 саат мурун
Way too less views for this masterpiece :(
Carina Coelho
Carina Coelho 3 саат мурун
카이 4 саат мурун
I first saw this music video when I was 10 years old. I cried and asked myself "why was he being stared at weirdly? nothing's wrong with him." to this day- 16, almost 17, I still cry.
Cleo Hurley
Cleo Hurley 5 саат мурун
bradsi23 6 саат мурун
como se llama la pelicula?
Fran Delgado
Fran Delgado 8 саат мурун
Its a best beautiful music video
Kil0rb-î Plz
Kil0rb-î Plz 8 саат мурун
Maya tu me manques déjà ❤️ c’était l’une de nos chansons préférées
Adela Mendez
Adela Mendez 9 саат мурун
Está canción me llega al corazón ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Adela Mendez
Adela Mendez 9 саат мурун
Like al que también
El Hombre Murciélago
El Hombre Murciélago 9 саат мурун
F*ck that dog must be dead by now :,l
乂ㄖ乂乇尺丨ㄒ卂 10 саат мурун
Lo hermoso está por dentro, no en el físico. No es bueno Idealizar a las personas.
SAMEER MATHUR 12 саат мурун
Dogs are like:hey you remember you fed me last night. I would love you no matter what, even if you miss my meals I am gonna welcome you with those sweet eyes once you are back from work. Dogs are the best man☺️
Furkan Güneş
Furkan Güneş 12 саат мурун
what is film name
Giusy Pastore
Giusy Pastore 12 саат мурун
I understood I need a dog
shutyourmouth 13 саат мурун
I feel him
Amit Shrivastav
Amit Shrivastav 15 саат мурун
I heard this song so many time but just saw the video and it's soo lovely
Roopa Harris
Roopa Harris 15 саат мурун
Am I the only one who noticed that he forgot his bag ?
5 Min Tube
5 Min Tube 15 саат мурун
Judgemental left the chat
Toshi! 16 саат мурун
Читаю фанфик "Вор писем" Примечание автора. На самом деле смысл песни и клипа глубок, я бы хотел чтобы все его поняли.
Prem Bharadwaj
Prem Bharadwaj 16 саат мурун
Everyone is unique and beautiful. Sometimes we underestimate everyone . Start ignoring without any reason.
Fatima Chavez
Fatima Chavez 17 саат мурун
Se que el comentario no viene al caso con la musica. Ojala Mamamoo renueve el contrato las amo y no quiero que se separen
XRYSA GEROU 17 саат мурун
This song is still the best
akbar maulana
akbar maulana 17 саат мурун
So emotional
黑暗拳侍 17 саат мурун
我:好耶撿到好多酷東西 好多酷東西:現在我們要把你的背包弄得一塌糊塗了
Eliana Guale Suarez
Eliana Guale Suarez 18 саат мурун
Disculpen, cómo se llama la película?
Sylvestar Damlong
Sylvestar Damlong 18 саат мурун
He looks like wrong turn😂😂
Sidhvin Shamihoke
Sidhvin Shamihoke 19 саат мурун
The biggest question of our life is "Are we happy" Whether we find happiness in playing video games or World Olympics. Whether we find happiness in 5 star food or street food. Life is all about perspective. We can either see ourselves as the lucky ones or the unlucky. If our family is messed up, we know that we can stand on our own as we are still surviving. Love, Eat, Laugh and Dream. These are basic things we all need in life and do at least once. Happy is not a word or emotion, It is the goal for life. In the end, Money cant help you. Yeah, sure u can buy things which will make u happy but u will always stay depressed of work. So stop surviving, start living. - My dad
Revolt Stars
Revolt Stars 20 саат мурун
Eu compreendi vc não me quer nais vc não me ama mais tudo oque eu pude fazer eu fiz comigo agora só saudades uma grande saudades lembranças daquele momento que pra mim foi inesquecível
D. Ess
D. Ess 20 саат мурун
We also talk about change.😂
edu hungers
edu hungers 20 саат мурун
Out of 170 million people only 2.5 million can understand this feeling....😔
Muh rifki
Muh rifki 21 саат мурун
wowww amazing vidio
Rohith Dasari
Rohith Dasari 21 саат мурун
All I want is nothing more To hear you knocking at my door 'Cause if I could see your face once more I could die a happy man I'm sure When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside I lay in tears in bed all night Alone without you by my side But if you loved me Why'd you leave me? Take my body Take my body All I want is And all I need is To find somebody I'll find somebody like you Oh oh So you brought out the best of me A part of me I've never seen You took my soul and wiped it clean Our love was made for movie screens But if you loved me Why'd you leave me? Take my body Take my body All I want is And all I need is To find somebody I'll find somebody Oh If you loved me Why'd you leave me? Take my body Take my body All I want is And all I need is To find somebody I'll find somebody like you Oh For those who listen and sing at the same time
xTonicWaterx 22 саат мурун
God Mark Zuckerberg had it rough
-donny- 22 саат мурун
sharuf kambal
sharuf kambal 23 саат мурун
i guess some people are too judgemental that's why they understand how others felt when they said those mean-full,heartbreaking words like they said dont judge a book by its cover
Md Voice
Md Voice Күн мурун
Man impression in the last scene omg .
Kraken Yuo
Kraken Yuo Күн мурун
I'm so ugly and im wierd all i want is people i meet just to understand and accept me.
Juls Күн мурун
I'm still pissed they passed on the opportunity to create the most heartbreaking mv ever
SAFDAR Khan Күн мурун
"no one is born ugly, we r just born in a judgemental society"
MiSs PuRpLe
MiSs PuRpLe 7 мүнөт мурун
“No one is born ugly, we’re just born in a judgemental society” -Kim Namjoon
Vinícius Carvalho
Vinícius Carvalho Күн мурун
Escutando com o coração em pedaços 💔😭
fadlan muhammad
fadlan muhammad Күн мурун
Wow, this song so beutiful for me, thanks for creating this song
Cute cat tarzan
Cute cat tarzan Күн мурун
Why people are disliking this video it deserves billions of likes
Felipe Күн мурун
Alguém do Brasil assistindo em 2021??
Francis Taño
Francis Taño Күн мурун
Everyone: being emotional Me: who the hell is your dad!!
Aisha Mahmoud
Aisha Mahmoud Күн мурун
This song is able to make you: Cry Calm Sleep
k 2
k 2 Күн мурун
*So this is how the Joker could've been.*
ate Rico
ate Rico Күн мурун
"The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog" -mark twain.
Camille Rose
Camille Rose Күн мурун
So....im shattered. In a good way.
noturtypicalboi -
noturtypicalboi - Күн мурун
*so i found this song 2weeks ago, and i never skipped to play this everyday. everytime i watch this i got burst into tears, idk maybe i'm just a tired hooman and every sadpost, sadsongs and sadvibes that i hear and feel is just hitting me different. i don't want to address my self as a depressed person 'cos i've never been visit any doctors and yep i'm sad and i wanna die.* :( *pls cry with me* 😭
Manoj Kumar Meena
Manoj Kumar Meena Күн мурун
entire comment section is full of "I hate myself for judging people over looks but deep inside we all go over looks 🙏harsh reality but true😔
pink spider
pink spider Күн мурун
Maybe I’m a freak
S227.qassah Күн мурун
This is why dogs continue to be the best
Kimma Lacota Sørensen 7SA Arenaskolen
Kimma Lacota Sørensen 7SA Arenaskolen Күн мурун
i don't like physical connection but- i wanna hug this dude so badly
Nolwazi Күн мурун
Dogs are better then humans🙂👍
ElecTech _
ElecTech _ Күн мурун
I think this song also ties to how you feel inside, you could be one of the best looking people, but you may feel ugly next to your crush.
Bill majale
Bill majale Күн мурун
Listening it at 1 am😪
elisabethrose mbugua
elisabethrose mbugua Күн мурун
This song breaks my heart ...
Bill majale
Bill majale Күн мурун
BAD_ GAMER Күн мурун
Oh I really thought the dog was gonna pass away lol
Saul_r2l2 Күн мурун
Oito Pop
Oito Pop Күн мурун
I hope kodline make movie about this
Lucas Josuel
Lucas Josuel Күн мурун
Cheio de texto em inglês e eu querendo ler 🤡✊
Joon Күн мурун
I am here after watching banana fish. I don't know why but every word of this song reminds me of Ash and Eiji. IM IN TEARS
Miss Vela Creates 2020
Miss Vela Creates 2020 Күн мурун
i just watched the video for the time after years of loving this song awwwwww
chirag dixit
chirag dixit Күн мурун
Even though, there are people around me i still feel alone, all i feel i want is hug, someone to listen me, react to me. That's all💔
Siddharth Arya
Siddharth Arya Күн мурун
Trust me this judgemental society will never change. 😔
Fred Funes Hidalgo
Fred Funes Hidalgo Күн мурун
2021 ❤️
Nvk .5
Nvk .5 Күн мурун
This music hits different .Any one watching this one on 2021 are legends 💙
Esmi Siallagan
Esmi Siallagan Күн мурун
Iam ugly i'am poor
Chaitanya Chaitu
Chaitanya Chaitu Күн мурун
The actress looks familiar, what's her name ?
shstyless4 Күн мурун
This song comforts me when I sob
I heard this song for the first time yesterday, and believe me, I have heard it at least 15-20 times from yesterday to till now, but my heart is not filling.This song and its video really heart melting And teaches us to love human soul, not his face.❤️❤️
Vaibhav Negi
Vaibhav Negi Күн мурун
It's great ❤️but reality is different my friend... So respect everyone, becz wheel of time spins... 🔥❤️
Christina Wilson
Christina Wilson 2 күн мурун
Kolkata YouTuber
Kolkata YouTuber 2 күн мурун
Human's worst enemy is his ego and wrong principles 👍
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 2 күн мурун
I don't know what's wrong with me I mean I have everything in life but sometimes I feel like dying my soul wants peace far from here maybe to North Pole
Veronica Ruiz
Veronica Ruiz 2 күн мурун
“Beauty lies within” uses hot women that looks like a model
Rushikesh Sodmise
Rushikesh Sodmise 7 саат мурун
Alex Carter
Alex Carter 2 күн мурун
Movie name
i can't be the only one who still cry whenever I listen and watch this, right?
Ravi kumar
Ravi kumar 2 күн мурун
The man forgot to bring his backpack after fight.
Aman Dalai
Aman Dalai 17 саат мурун
Damn!! I was thinking the same 😂
Randalmcdaniel 2 күн мурун
2 seconds later it snaps to her making a post "just kissed a FUCKING gremlin"
iskander hdz
iskander hdz 2 күн мурун
Taking out the romantic part, this is how I feel every single day of my life, and worst when I see my reflection at the mirror, this horrible feeling of all looking at you because of your broken pieces, having no desires of continue being everybody's joke. So ALL I WANT IS NOTHING MORE THAN BE HAPPY WITH MYSELF
VIKKZ FF 2 күн мурун
elise navidad
elise navidad 2 күн мурун
who's cutting the onions again?!
Tatiana Pereira
Tatiana Pereira 2 күн мурун
eu não entendo esses comentários, mais mano que dor ver esse vídeo tadinho dele só queria dar um abraço nele🥺que tristeza meu deus do céu...
Atharva ladkat
Atharva ladkat 2 күн мурун
8 years and this song still gives me the chills❤️😭
lucy 2 күн мурун
from reading these comments i know this video is going to be sad
Faiithxo xo
Faiithxo xo 2 күн мурун
My heart 💔
MARB0045 2 күн мурун
woke women be like: We DoN't NeEd FrEaKs To HeLp Us
انتظار الكربلائيه
انتظار الكربلائيه 2 күн мурун
What's the name of the movie?
Karanveer Singh Marwah
Karanveer Singh Marwah 2 күн мурун
I wanna hug someone 💝💝
Meme baba
Meme baba 2 күн мурун
Loved the song:90% Loved the video:101%
Mishellyloves Books
Mishellyloves Books 2 күн мурун
VISHAL MISHRA 2 күн мурун
1:38 I felt that
tv junk
tv junk 2 күн мурун
Anshu Pandit
Anshu Pandit 2 күн мурун
Is this prequel to bright (movie). 🤔
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