KGB friendly chat simulator 1954 - BEWARE gameplay v0007

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Life of Boris

25 күн мурун

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Beware is a unique driving horror game. This is the second time Boris playing this game. I go into tunnel and try flipping a switch at the second hydroelectric dam. Meanwhile KGB operatives try to have friendly chat about secret kompot recipe I may or may not have. The year is 1954.. probably.
This is version v0007 of BEWARE.
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Welcome to Life of Boris KGpost channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
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Rick Саат мурун
Still running that Beware_Demo _v001. lol
Lord Cheburek
Lord Cheburek 13 саат мурун
The Perfect Sequel Doesn't Exi-
Akapulko06 15 саат мурун
i think that the title of this game was made for those guys chasing Boris, by "BEWARE" they meant "BEWARE BORIS"
turd furgison
turd furgison 2 күн мурун
engine for AHHHHHH racing games
Keith Natanael
Keith Natanael 2 күн мурун
So a drifting game dev made a horror game hi bruh nice.
Danny M
Danny M 3 күн мурун
3:05 If Jeremy Clarkson was a slav.
Antonio Myers
Antonio Myers 4 күн мурун
Literally rolls car over Ah this happens
Low Quality Productions
Low Quality Productions 4 күн мурун
"I must be in Spain" Mate you're at the Chernobyl of Chernobyls, blyat
kramp 4 күн мурун
watching in 144p for best experience
method789 4 күн мурун
You know it's a game from Czech republic, when bad guys are driving Tatra 613
Andris Sánta
Andris Sánta 7 күн мурун
I think its a romanian Dacia.😋🚗🚩🇷🇴
Vr Shark Melon
Vr Shark Melon 7 күн мурун
Blyat boris you had me at the start
Nate River 1337
Nate River 1337 8 күн мурун
great game and video
Merry Seymour
Merry Seymour 8 күн мурун
In real life, KGB not quite this friendly, comerade.
gacha yellow
gacha yellow 8 күн мурун
Car flips upside-down and magically goes upright Boris: this is normal
gacha yellow
gacha yellow 8 күн мурун
Me watching just because I think people from Russia are funny
Finnoslavia 9 күн мурун
There are newer versions of the game on his patreon
SayeedTV 9 күн мурун
The KGB waits for no one
Sticky Buns
Sticky Buns 10 күн мурун
Thought this looked familiar. Seems like it hasn't changed....
Tiny Gopnitsa
Tiny Gopnitsa 11 күн мурун
Boris always makes everything better
K0CTb 11 күн мурун
Im happy because its v0.0.0.7, comrades
JenyT 11 күн мурун
O-OMG HE IS ALIVE dead joke
dip shit
dip shit 11 күн мурун
Driving In The Balkans , With Boris
Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ 11 күн мурун
3:06 actually sounds like a high pitch car horn
Johny Rodriguez
Johny Rodriguez 11 күн мурун
We need a chernobyl survival guide now
Liudmila Y Vasilyeva
Liudmila Y Vasilyeva 11 күн мурун
👎 sorry 😞
Baconslime 12 күн мурун
Best series
Envy18 12 күн мурун
Boris is like your Drunk but Rich Uncle in Every Family Reunion
Jovan Strbac
Jovan Strbac 12 күн мурун
i dnt like soviet union and stalin bla bla bla... but can i still be subscribed to your channel
captain anilego
captain anilego 12 күн мурун
Im glad that i am latvian wait a minute boris is a lithuanian i think
Soviet Stalker
Soviet Stalker 12 күн мурун
Boris i need help i dont want to shit my pants on stalker
Drive Digital Library - Section 1
Drive Digital Library - Section 1 12 күн мурун
Having office space under stairs is a great idea
Hugo Guillermin Salsgård
Hugo Guillermin Salsgård 12 күн мурун
I litteraly had a nightmare about boris showing his face
Nada Rolly
Nada Rolly 12 күн мурун
I wanna see artyom again
liquid gold
liquid gold 13 күн мурун
Hey Boris can you make merch of your hat i was looking to buy one i cant find one 😣
Darth W4lter
Darth W4lter 13 күн мурун
8:04 an ad pop me out once he zoomed😅
João Guilherme Bastos
João Guilherme Bastos 13 күн мурун
*SCAM* it did not contain any conversation with the friendly KGB at all.
Julian II 'The Apostate' Constantinian
Julian II 'The Apostate' Constantinian 13 күн мурун
bring back old outro from Apartje
Abdul Rokim
Abdul Rokim 13 күн мурун
Hey boris why you not making video with anatoli If you dont give feedback you are fake slav
Snuckle 2
Snuckle 2 13 күн мурун
I really like how Boris drive🤣 Just the russian way
William Duncan
William Duncan 13 күн мурун
Papa boris, make sweet tea, I will "take care" of Vadim if you do
Merser Ferguson
Merser Ferguson 13 күн мурун
Блять,зачем я сюда заглянул
Ну дапустим да?
Ну дапустим да? 13 күн мурун
Борис если ты из России лайкни)
Денис Кирчанов
Денис Кирчанов 13 күн мурун
Где блять русские субтитры!11!!
GreenTea 13 күн мурун
What goes around comes... Back to gaming videos just like old times.
Lorix 33
Lorix 33 13 күн мурун
New intro Is blyatful!!!!
Dvaryx Italy
Dvaryx Italy 13 күн мурун
Nel prossimo video devi fare la pizza con le patate (in the next video you have to cook pizza with potatoes)
Soviet Comrade
Soviet Comrade 13 күн мурун
Russia glorius soviet union
Konter 001
Konter 001 13 күн мурун
boris why are you not wearing thanks t 90
eri1803 14 күн мурун
"5 wheel drive" that car is born on chernobyl
Francisco Mendez 3106262317
Francisco Mendez 3106262317 14 күн мурун
We in Cold War it time get CIA to died
VykoSss 14 күн мурун
Hey Hey Comrade's , Boris Here ! XD
Huawei World
Huawei World 14 күн мурун
Where do you live now?
bijay singh bahadur
bijay singh bahadur 14 күн мурун
Aleksander Paczoski
Aleksander Paczoski 14 күн мурун
If u have dog дай собаке водки!
Travelling World
Travelling World 14 күн мурун
आज आप कैसा महसूस कर रहे हैं
Basil Thomas
Basil Thomas 14 күн мурун
boris,can you try aloo tikka masala?(potato tikka masala)btw,this is not western propouganda.this is from India,near soviet russia,not from the western cykas.i have made a mayonez pizza with a blyataroni(a type of sosag
Piotr Buksa The Glue Dealer
Piotr Buksa The Glue Dealer 14 күн мурун
This game one of those that is scary without using jumpscares and you know that these kinds of games are some high quality bullshit but as high qualit as mayonez.
Roman TheRunner
Roman TheRunner 14 күн мурун
Базарь по русски, мы хотим видеть русский гемплай
Gelo 14 күн мурун
Boris come to asian country like the philippines.
Gelo 14 күн мурун
Boris i have a question you are from moscow? Or far east?
K-FOREST 14 күн мурун
Hi! How are you? I run two different KGpost channels. Come by when you have time. ^O^ ~ ​@UCQRKmuZ8OTn4N8uNPHTz3Wg​ ​@UCm64ysno7T1na8Xscq_g8vw​
Арсен zxc_536
Арсен zxc_536 14 күн мурун
Странно, что тут нет русских. Надо исправлять
Mihály Vida
Mihály Vida 14 күн мурун
Mihály Vida
Mihály Vida 14 күн мурун
which is the most slavic game console? (I don't mean PC)
Caramella Latte
Caramella Latte 14 күн мурун
Sebik Sołtys
Sebik Sołtys 14 күн мурун
ruski gopnik vs polski dress
Kocheng Oren
Kocheng Oren 14 күн мурун
A Little Request SLAV King : *BABUSHKA* *REVEAL*
Jed D.
Jed D. 14 күн мурун
Im waiting for babuska garden tutorials
Delaney Vaughn
Delaney Vaughn 15 күн мурун
you should play blind justice
Lane Davis
Lane Davis 15 күн мурун
Bring back komrade Kat hoodie!
Nils Gamer
Nils Gamer 15 күн мурун
Uwielbiam twój film, ale jak nazywa się ta gra? jestem twoim wielkim fanem
Kumikuler 15 күн мурун
Name of the intro song
BalkanPerson 15 күн мурун
Boris Romania Review (ps it has shashlik and mayonez)
Babak Agharafiei
Babak Agharafiei 15 күн мурун
Uuuuuuuuaaaaaammmm play wrold of tanks ?
CoolHistory 15 күн мурун
ребят это русский только у нас такая самоирония
SPETZ 15 күн мурун
KGB: *exists* America: Kill it Boris: OPAAA
Lewis 15 күн мурун
boris where is ushanka on merch store
smurf account
smurf account 15 күн мурун
Hey Boris can you play Hearts of Iron 4?
bdel1906 Βαγγέλης Δεληγιάννης
bdel1906 Βαγγέλης Δεληγιάννης 15 күн мурун
Hey Boris search this up on KGpost: USSR anthem Nokia 3310 edition
Edward Lesmana88
Edward Lesmana88 15 күн мурун
Random facts with EDWARD! Did u know girl gopniks are called gopnitsa's?
divinità azteca
divinità azteca 15 күн мурун
yaaaay! i was actually hoping for this sequel!
31 Protyush Kanji
31 Protyush Kanji 15 күн мурун
Didnt you know i get top speed in reverse 😂... I am Boris !
B Lefever
B Lefever 15 күн мурун
Boris what does gopnik mean I must know so I can get more Slav
InCONTROLfreak 15 күн мурун
I want to see boris play this game a LOT MORE!!!
Kubilay UlğRkiLAs
Kubilay UlğRkiLAs 16 күн мурун
So now sing katyusha. (Did I write correct?)
ZeroTwo0oo 16 күн мурун
Can u visit romania?
PolishcowStudios 16 күн мурун
Blin = pancake - google translate
Eric Mason
Eric Mason 16 күн мурун
I hate horror games but the fact that, in this one, you cannot leave your indestructible car, makes me feel better. Still not gonna play it, but it's interesting to watch!
The Fake Antichrist
The Fake Antichrist 16 күн мурун
still waiting for Boris to take that mask off and show everybody that we're actually watching Putin's personal KGpost channel
Хочешь Жить - Умей Вертеться
Хочешь Жить - Умей Вертеться 16 күн мурун
Интересный обзор👍👍👍
Edra Wicaksono
Edra Wicaksono 16 күн мурун
4:53 be like: "You cannot rush Art!"
[OP] Tybi514 zvr シ
[OP] Tybi514 zvr シ 17 күн мурун
Tobiasz Hyzak
Tobiasz Hyzak 17 күн мурун
Boris play russian fishing 4 !
Niler Рог
Niler Рог 17 күн мурун
Сука,субтитров нет
共産趣味者 17 күн мурун
Daniels Ķēniņš
Daniels Ķēniņš 17 күн мурун
Drive in this game using a wheel
Wallace 17 күн мурун
Keep in mind that this guy spread butter on bread with a chainsaw.
19,I Putu Ferdynantha Ivena Maheswara Giri
19,I Putu Ferdynantha Ivena Maheswara Giri 17 күн мурун
Boris where is sergei????
slithu da boss
slithu da boss 17 күн мурун
Boris should play total tank simulator so he can see stalins organs comrade
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