Justin Bieber - All That Matters (Teaser)

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Official teaser for Justin Bieber's "All That Matters" premiering on VEVO at 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST on Monday, December 2nd.

Princesskun 9 күн мурун
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Varsha Varsha
Varsha Varsha Ай мурун
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Nithin Nitz
Nithin Nitz Жыл мурун
Mohammad Salah
Mohammad Salah Жыл мурун
16 March
Daniela Cuello
Daniela Cuello Жыл мурун
Aka 2 жыл мурун
damn its been a while eh
Tuấn Anh Nguyễn
Tuấn Anh Nguyễn 3 жыл мурун
Hi member
Tuấn Anh Nguyễn
Tuấn Anh Nguyễn 3 жыл мурун
Rachel Xxxx
Rachel Xxxx 3 жыл мурун
I think I'm pregnant
Crazy MLG
Crazy MLG 3 жыл мурун
I am just coming for dislike
Paintballa 3 жыл мурун
Wtf, is dis?
barbara guerrero
barbara guerrero 3 жыл мурун
what's a King bed without a Queen??
Simp hunter
Simp hunter 3 жыл мурун
Juhi Pillay
Juhi Pillay 3 жыл мурун
luv uhh jb
Anna H
Anna H 3 жыл мурун
That's my boy
watty76728©® 3 жыл мурун
LANA GAMER 4 жыл мурун
não gostei dela,não fui com a cara dela,quero que foda-se ela
Giselle Mendes Bieber
Giselle Mendes Bieber 4 жыл мурун
that girl7-7
Jarbsson Oliveira Cruz
Jarbsson Oliveira Cruz 4 жыл мурун
essa música não gostei
Zaleaha Bullard
Zaleaha Bullard 4 жыл мурун
its contents 2016 and I want to slap that girl across the face still
Zaleaha Bullard
Zaleaha Bullard 4 жыл мурун
stupid auto correct
Giovani Pires
Giovani Pires 4 жыл мурун
vai pro inferno
Iris flower
Iris flower 3 жыл мурун
KappTeeni e
Lucas Matos
Lucas Matos 4 жыл мурун
Adriany carla
Adriany carla 4 жыл мурун
Meuuuuu tuddoo
Mikayla Lozano
Mikayla Lozano 4 жыл мурун
plz come to miami aready
karol moraes
karol moraes 4 жыл мурун
Justin Bieber não sou sua fã mais adoro seu trabalho ;-). éo que vc faz.
Igor Lafaef
Igor Lafaef 5 жыл мурун
kitty purry
kitty purry 5 жыл мурун
I have always loved his music but his face was annoying during this era lol
kitty purry
kitty purry 4 жыл мурун
@troye sivan おもろい
Alondra 4 жыл мурун
Wtf lol u ugly bitch
Alli Sims
Alli Sims 5 жыл мурун
He only made this because he wants to show the world he can screw someone for no good reason
Leslie Abraham
Leslie Abraham 5 жыл мурун
Why are you kissing a girl in every single video be a cool person , anyway it was a good video
Vannya Gutiérrez
Vannya Gutiérrez 5 жыл мурун
People come and go baby they don't no...
maisaa taher
maisaa taher 5 жыл мурун
ilove his music Nd loved the change in his voice a lot
Katherine Ramirez
Katherine Ramirez 5 жыл мурун
Dash902101 5 жыл мурун
I'll be honest, I did not like JB's music at first. But since he dropped "Where are u now" and "what do you mean?" I really have loved that side of his music. But, to me, he just sounds sort of whiney in this song when he sings. its almost annoying. I'll admit the beat is catchy though...
ik ram
ik ram 5 жыл мурун
Justin come to islam !!
Zakia Zaman
Zakia Zaman 4 жыл мурун
We Are SDP
We Are SDP 5 жыл мурун
After what happened in París..
هـوويـيـن كيـــومــا
هـوويـيـن كيـــومــا 5 жыл мурун
@Bollywood World welcome
Bollywood World
Bollywood World 5 жыл мурун
+Dragon Ball_Slaoode Islam is the true Religion (sorry for my bad english :D i coming from germany)
هـوويـيـن كيـــومــا
هـوويـيـن كيـــومــا 5 жыл мурун
@Bollywood World I did not have God was born, father or son or mother or sister or wife that God is the sole
jns carmel
jns carmel 5 жыл мурун
LOVENI 13 5 жыл мурун
honestly Justin has a lot of beliebers but why do ppl hate on him... he was just hanging around with the wrong crowd and got caught up in bad moments but im pretty sure hes learned his lesson..... Justin is amazing he wouldn't be here if he wasn't ABVIOUSLY.... ppl just stop hating if you got something bad to say say it to your selves...thanks and also......I LOVE @JustinBieberVEVO #belieber
Biel Drew ll
Biel Drew ll 5 жыл мурун
anjosby 5 жыл мурун
anjosby 4 жыл мурун
+Jennifer Oliver siiim ^^
Jennifer Oliver
Jennifer Oliver 5 жыл мурун
+Gabrielly Drew BRASILEIRA ?
Nuria JB
Nuria JB 5 жыл мурун
I really hate the fucking girl._.
Rhea Rio Bieber
Rhea Rio Bieber 5 жыл мурун
We are beliebers we dont believe in justin's rumors
Chrismary Pesantes
Chrismary Pesantes 5 жыл мурун
+Alexplay n_n••• he said rumors 😂
Impartial Mouse
Impartial Mouse 5 жыл мурун
Then why are you believer
Svenja Runge
Svenja Runge 5 жыл мурун
Ohrenkrebs 😂
Fatahilla Maulana Ibrahim
Fatahilla Maulana Ibrahim 5 жыл мурун
we hate him cause he have been in jail and hes mean dude dont you know?! *face palms
Nida Lakdawala
Nida Lakdawala 5 жыл мурун
There are many people out there who has gone to jail u should also hating on them!! Smh he's not the 1...
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar 5 жыл мурун
omar Skhayri
omar Skhayri 5 жыл мурун
I know u u just human like me and like others but u have a talent and have a shans but u don't have freedom u have 1 million fans o more but u can't goo to supermarket alone yes our not?!
Beliebers 1994
Beliebers 1994 5 жыл мурун
Justin post this clip on instagram a few hours earlier. ??
Dark_Star_★ 5 жыл мурун
i dont understand why people hate him? if men want to be gay let them be
Sarah Carroll
Sarah Carroll 4 жыл мурун
+Hritika Gautam he went to jail once😂
Xiaodi Wang
Xiaodi Wang 5 жыл мурун
Still don't get why do u guys keeping calling him a gay
Selma Schaller
Selma Schaller 5 жыл мурун
don't believe everything what social media says
Dark_Star_★ 5 жыл мурун
SEE? i not the only person in the world that belives this :D
lmaoo kelss
lmaoo kelss 5 жыл мурун
I'm Sorry Justin, But your Videos, way to ######. And, I'm sorry I UnSubscibed You. Your Too inapropiet, Way to ######, And I don't I don't like you and please please bring the good Justin Bieber not the bad Justin Bieber. If your reading this Justin UNDERSTAND ME! PS I heard you broke out of jail 3 or 2 times and I saw it on TV on the News. So Viewers PLEASE LISTIN TO ME I PROMISE PLEASE BELIVE ME!!! But Justin I do like u as a pebble and I still have a shirt of you, but It's time to stop and keep you ###### stuff away. Ps this video is very unable for kids so kids 13 and under do not watch Justin Bieber. PS I'm 7 writing this so yeah.
Gabi :D
Gabi :D 5 жыл мурун
He sounds like a girl
Estephany Guerrero
Estephany Guerrero 5 жыл мурун
Hey jb hyd
vikash kumar
vikash kumar 5 жыл мурун
Hi my name is vikash
vikash kumar
vikash kumar 5 жыл мурун
Hi my name is vikash
Football 6 жыл мурун
victoria sif
victoria sif 6 жыл мурун
I love you
Irem Yilmaz
Irem Yilmaz 6 жыл мурун
justin bieber please follow me on twitter
Freshy z
Freshy z 6 жыл мурун
Hey , would you guys mind checking my first clip video out. I'm 16 , male in Chicago trying to reach my goal which is to be a singer/dancer/writer.
James Gregory
James Gregory 6 жыл мурун
James Gregory
James Gregory 6 жыл мурун
There is cancer everywhere in the comment section. Quickly doctor, get some weed and some Beatles albums asap.
James Gregory
James Gregory 6 жыл мурун
Wait... You're telling me that Justin Bieber, the worst musician ever, has more likes than dislikes on this video? //RUN SUMMON_AUTOBOTS.EXE //SUMMONING 999999 BOTS //SET TASK: DISLIKE VIDEO
Zouhair Lazreg
Zouhair Lazreg 6 жыл мурун
Judy Kingston
Judy Kingston 6 жыл мурун
Lets not talk dirty mouth, you no who you are! Let's talk music! I'm sure you know what im5 tzlking about?
VirtuallyHailey 6 жыл мурун
okay thats it... I'M NOT NO BELIBER ANYMORE! He's turning gross and he's like naked in thsi video :c I want the old jb. Justin if your reading this Please Don't be -sexual- Yor fans are losing you because most of us are like 10 and under! I'm 11. At my moms house I have 4 folders 8 poseters and at my dads hose I have a picture fram with a framed picture of you and whiteboard of you pens 3 albums and a pillow and a blanket. I mean I'm still a fan but please go back to your old self. We already lost Miley. I don't want to lose you Justin
Biebsus Christ
Biebsus Christ 5 жыл мурун
VirtuallyHailey 5 жыл мурун
Woah o-o This comment is so hilarious xDD I love looking back at these ♥
VirtuallyHailey 5 жыл мурун
@Milan L I am.
Ink Tips
Ink Tips 5 жыл мурун
you were never a belieber in the first place. Justin grows and we grow with him.
VirtuallyHailey 5 жыл мурун
@Dave! Yognaut No. It's just that I'm focusing on school and KGpost now :) And I didn't want to respond. And the names Hailey. And I wrote the first comment when I was upset and I've been grounded from the computer so basically there's ALOT of reasons why I didn't respond but thanks for asking :)
DiePartyDroge ballert
DiePartyDroge ballert 6 жыл мурун
Estephany Guerrero
Estephany Guerrero 6 жыл мурун
Can u please give me tickets to your concert :-) please
Sylwia 6 жыл мурун
Justin is so sexy
Caminho Verdade
Caminho Verdade 6 жыл мурун
justin eh dms nas musicas adoro!
Jay2X 6 жыл мурун
Vero Molina
Vero Molina 6 жыл мурун
1,2,3 ya estoy celosa!
Caroline1999 6 жыл мурун
Why people say that Bieber is gay?
Ofelia Gómez
Ofelia Gómez 6 жыл мурун
porque estan super envidiosos de que se este besando con una chica en este video
美丽vick 6 жыл мурун
te amo muito pra sempre
anime cute
anime cute 6 жыл мурун
Im a otaku and i dont hate him at all i dont care about his personality or style because he is a singer not a model so i wont look at what he wear he is a singer we shouldnt judge him by his style or his personality or what he say or what he hate or like . ..we should judge him by his voice and i think his voice is okay
terrasixx12 6 жыл мурун
What Jake
What Jake 6 жыл мурун
Don't fuck with the bro army! Fucking tool.
Crying Memeulous
Crying Memeulous 6 жыл мурун
JustinBieberVEVOmail 6 жыл мурун
Dimarie Rodriguez
Dimarie Rodriguez 5 жыл мурун
Jusitn Bieber@ gmail com
Debora padilla
Debora padilla 6 жыл мурун
I love u
angela e martina
angela e martina 6 жыл мурун
I love justin bieber3
phantasia smith
phantasia smith 6 жыл мурун
UGH....omfgg. fuck this.....i don't like that girl..haha
Joel Pürschel
Joel Pürschel 6 жыл мурун
Du bist voller pornografie
RisingStarproductions 6 жыл мурун
JB think 2 times about that you are grose and to sexual.
Cami C
Cami C 6 жыл мурун
He my husband.tb
Ishasims 6 жыл мурун
I think it's pathetic how everyone made fun of the lovely, young, sweet singing justin bieber and bullied him into growing up and when he does he gets the piss taken out of him because he's too much of a "dick". Not fair.
Danté Riccelli
Danté Riccelli 5 жыл мурун
That is true.
AllyNeverSaysNever 6 жыл мурун
Urrug I must have been so nice to be her!
Maitê 6 жыл мурун
francislaine Silva
francislaine Silva 6 жыл мурун
Justin eu te amo love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gato.Ficou mais lindoooooooooooo agora que fez tatuagem fume fume um raio drume kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Gostosoooo muito gato...............
Андрей Лозовский
Андрей Лозовский 6 жыл мурун
фууууууу гавнище
deisielle janones
deisielle janones 6 жыл мурун
Ainda n vie por Que demora muito mas tenho serteza q e demais
Bren 6 жыл мурун
people stop giving justin hate. if you do not know him personally then you shouldn't have anything negative to say. i've been a fan of justin since 2009 and i'm not going anywhere. Clearly some of you forgot how much of an inspiration justin is. he gives people hope that they can make it in this industry. Give me hate for posting this if you want but i'm going to stick with JB and to be honest all the hate is seriously getting old. it's time to grow up and live your life and stop trying to bash others. if you are not 100% perfect then you do not need to be judging anyone else, and no one is perfect therefore no one should be judging.
Ale Balbanera
Ale Balbanera 6 жыл мурун
Hai fuistes un stupido y idiota adoro tus videos y music 👿👿😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
famez nrc
famez nrc 6 жыл мурун
follow my twitter @BboyFame_ i'm beliebers! justin bieber already follow me on twitter! do follow me!
Ashton Blazen
Ashton Blazen 6 жыл мурун
Sus vídeos son muy buenos, les deseo mucho éxito, sigan asi (: Yo tengo en mi canal puros cover de Justin bieber etc... ¿Me podrían apoyar con un like? Buenas tardes (:
العنزي ميمو
العنزي ميمو 6 жыл мурун
Ilov you
Pol Borjas
Pol Borjas 6 жыл мурун
I am your number one fan
Natchelle Bieber
Natchelle Bieber 6 жыл мурун
Muito legal
Rosa Francisco
Rosa Francisco 6 жыл мурун
Anna Perez
Anna Perez 6 жыл мурун
Happy b-day Justin:-)
Tapino_Xamomilaki 6 жыл мурун
Belieber #forever ♡
Xelion 6 жыл мурун
Happy Birthday for my best singer
eva terry
eva terry 6 жыл мурун
forever ∞
Stay Cloudy
Stay Cloudy 6 жыл мурун
+aliah devan it's not lies like u have ever been to one of his concerts and meet him well I did JERK u
Katherin Coello
Katherin Coello 6 жыл мурун
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