Joe Rogan Hypes Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

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#1570 w/Willie D & Mike Judge:

Michael Wulf
Michael Wulf 5 күн мурун
The fight to make is Rogan vs Conor!!
Peter Adjei
Peter Adjei 7 күн мурун
Tyson fuck him up🦁👍
Ahmed Alsahw
Ahmed Alsahw 8 күн мурун
Dude I downloaded spotify but I couldn’t find ur fucking podcast 🙂
Sin Control
Sin Control 12 күн мурун
3:05 lucky mouth breathing numbers
Gutierrez55 15 күн мурун
Next he’ll hype Logan Paul vs Mayweather..SMH
Mark Kravitz
Mark Kravitz 18 күн мурун
🤙 Napoleon said whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Keep reminding yourself to always have that @evenkingsfall (His Instagram name) THINK BIG vision! Onwards and upwards ☝️
Tony.Mac. Millions
Tony.Mac. Millions 27 күн мурун
An Egg & Hammer of a fight!
Wild Bill Nature and some of it's glory
Wild Bill Nature and some of it's glory Ай мурун
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Wholesale Ted
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ChronosJG Ай мурун
Roy's performance was pathetic im sorry, he went in there to survive for the check
Urban Fox
Urban Fox Ай мурун
Tyson wins with vertical suplex
Jace Winta
Jace Winta Ай мурун
Rogan after Goguen!
samuel johnson
samuel johnson Ай мурун
Our "overlords" or "guardians" if you will have become so confident they've won that they're exposing themselves completely. The Beginning of the end is upon us everyone. Buckle up.
Make Money Now
Make Money Now Ай мурун
Cool! Thanks for this video! You can also check my channel to see my latest video!
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson Ай мурун
RIP Joe, I'm not going to spotify to hear all those fucking adverts.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller Ай мурун
forseenlife Ай мурун
Joe fucked up deleting all the full podcasts. Said that wouldn't happen. It happened. MOE = Money Over Everything 😒
Yomon Tarjima
Yomon Tarjima Ай мурун
Serious question. Does anyone knows why Joe never calls Khabib for his podcast?
أحمد خلف
أحمد خلف Ай мурун
Cz he's a McNugget fanboy, check Joe Rogan on Conor McGregor Punching That Old Guy not the clip the comments its the funniest thing on KGpost
It’sEdith !
It’sEdith ! Ай мурун
Hey Joe can u make a podcast about deadly martial art SILAT from the south east asia. Deeply want to know about ur opinion on it
17 tgr
17 tgr Ай мурун
People, educate yourself on what a exhibition fight is. No winners, pulling punches, basically a soft sparring match to show skills but in this case with a loose plot added.
MoreFeeYouS Ай мурун
@Dan P93 You spent $49 on ppv and expected a 54 year old and 51 year old scheduled to fight an exhibition to search for knockouts. Let me repeat the ages. 54 and 51. You were upset about 54 and 51 year olds fighting an exhibition. Are you ok?
Dan P93
Dan P93 Ай мурун
I spend $49 on ppv and was upset over this fight. I was looking for knockouts yet saw two grandfathers hug each other constantly. :(
NoxiousRob Ай мурун
Interesting how the fight went, compared to the pre-fight narrative. Either Tyson ends it early, or Roy wears Tyson down. Two minute rounds favoured Tyson, because he wouldn't have the stamina to last any longer. The reality of how it actually panned out...Roy was gassed out in the second half and Mike won the fight in my eyes. However, I figured it was highly likely to be called a draw so made a very nice profit backing my intuition at odds of 12/1.
Viking 2016
Viking 2016 Ай мурун
Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel Ай мурун
Snoop should commentate more.
greenglasful Ай мурун
Fixed Charity Fight
J M Ай мурун
Get mike back on joe..been waiting for that. Mikes the most interesting man in the world..i been binge watching him for weeks
marked up
marked up Ай мурун
It's an exhibition fight, mike had to hold back so it would be a draw, it was all in good fun really.
John Kenny
John Kenny Ай мурун
The fight sucked big scam anybody that thought it would be good don't no shit about boxing. How much are they paying you Rogan come on you know the fight game these guys are old give me a f****** break
Spiritus Ай мурун
Rogan's producer Jamie's father Michael Vernon was in the Navy and worked in...INFORMATION WARFARE (Battalion II NAS Pensacola FL: @t. What a "coincidence"! It's rhetorical that Alex Jones is a shill and Rogan and he are good buds🤔. This all being aside from the fact that Rogan is/was sponsored by Google owned 23-and-Me as well as a host of other utterly suspicious entities (such as Esalen-connected MAPS and Cash app both of which have a plethora of suspicious connections, to say the least). Rogan openly praises turning humans into cyborgs so no wonder he pushes Elon Musk's transhumanist dystopian agenda so hard. Rogan is a disinfo/red herring/social engineering agent the truth of which is inherently self evident. Wake up dude bros, you're being played. Just because Rogan condones the use of entheogens doesn't mean he's not a shill. Just look at the evidence for yourself:
Theo Von Clips
Theo Von Clips Ай мурун
gang gang
The cooler Ainz
The cooler Ainz Ай мурун
Theo Von
Theo Von Ай мурун
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Ай мурун
Imagine if one of them gets a cut in the first round and it ends.... people would riot lol I would lose my shit
Marcia Ritchie
Marcia Ritchie Ай мурун
Tyson put Roy in his pocket, I wanted to see what they would say now after the fight. Tyson is a Tank and drove over Roy. Sorry, Roy, you could not get Tyson to even sweat. It is said they did not announce a winner, because Mike won ....
Dream Team Wrestling
Dream Team Wrestling Ай мурун
tyson was robbed lol won every round
Virtual VictoryTM
Virtual VictoryTM Ай мурун
I'm from the future. There was no winner. Lol
Dan P93
Dan P93 Ай мурун
Future teller, I am a 35 year old virgin will I ever lose my virginity?
DescendantsOfEnoch Ай мурун
What do Joe Rogan, Mike Tyson, and Roy Jones, Jr. all have in common? All three are sellouts laughing all the way to the bank! (btw Tyson has gout and Jones could step on his foot and end the match in under a minute)
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Ай мурун
This amazing guy must be your next guest Joe:
RYAN OneThreeThreeSeven
RYAN OneThreeThreeSeven Ай мурун
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Ай мурун
Lmao, participation trophies in professional boxing
Ken Grand
Ken Grand Ай мурун
We need a follow up post fight video
Scott Draper
Scott Draper Ай мурун
He definitely bobbed and weaved 😂 iron Mike looked fantastic!
Juan Ribeiro
Juan Ribeiro Ай мурун
This aged badly
Victor Navarro
Victor Navarro Ай мурун
That shi was wack...
News To Amuse
News To Amuse Ай мурун
Here’s a funny Snoop commentary vid:
Moesy Pittounikos
Moesy Pittounikos Ай мурун
It was hype to make money.
maksim kholod
maksim kholod Ай мурун
Go cv wass a c a free c
Steve W
Steve W Ай мурун
For a second I thought this was Dennis Rodman with his facial jewelry removed
John Larkin
John Larkin Ай мурун
Tyson was way more prepared
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński Ай мурун
This amazing guy must be your next guest Joe:
James Nelson
James Nelson Ай мурун
Well commenting after the fight, Roy Jones ribs have to be sore as hell! LOL Mike won every round hands down. Two class acts! Roy Jones, Jr. still fast as hell!
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce Ай мурун
The fight is a draw, but Tyson really put Roy in trouble in the 7th and 8th. Tyson was way prepared than Roy.
Luigi Ай мурун
Tyson won
deicide Ай мурун
dude is intimidating af. that is every man's fantasy right there.
Chulo Strijp
Chulo Strijp Ай мурун
Jones rips are spaghetti
BlueTheVEGGANTM Ай мурун
Fuck the draw, Tyson won the shit completely
Jason Santos
Jason Santos Ай мурун
Wow will win
SoluriZe Ай мурун
It’s hilarious seeing them hype up the match when it ended up being 8 rounds of them hugging each other
John Kenny
John Kenny Ай мурун
I agree with you I knew it was going to be dumb that was dumb people are just suckers
crazy about cannabis
crazy about cannabis Ай мурун
sommarn08 Ай мурун
The audio isn't synced property right? Or is it just me being high? Who knows
daverlb Ай мурун
Everyone enjoy that complete sham? I know I did.
the last daburai
the last daburai Ай мурун
I think we can all agree the fight was over hyped. I mean I understand they're old so they're not gonna go all out to hurt each other for our entertainment but man I expected more, not a hugging match.
B J Ай мурун
Fine with spotify, but most of us fans really enjoy the comment section here on KGpost period Spotify needs to get that going as well.
CodyTheKingOfYoutube Ай мурун
Mike Tyson won easily. The judges DONT know what they’re doing. Proven in my newest video: MIKE TYSON VS ROY JONES JR - MIKE TYSON DESTROYS ROY JONES JR. -CodyTheKingOfKGpost
Anthony Gavin
Anthony Gavin Ай мурун
Didnt expect to see you here Cody. True king of KGpost over here.
icrywheninut Ай мурун
thanks cody
Mr05chuck Ай мурун
Mike looked bad ass. I was surprised how toned he was. Plus, he has grown so much in class. Three minute rounds would have ended Jr.
Christian Ай мурун
“That is going to be a fight I can’t imagine” -Roy hugs Mike whole fight 😑
Truth Teller
Truth Teller Ай мурун
Having said that...You could feel Mike's energy and you imagined in your mind what he could do to Roy. It was kinda like reading a good book. The respect was still there.
This video didn’t age well.
nibsvkh Ай мурун
Joe hyped the fuck out of Rousey to the extreme of saying she could put up a fight with Mayweather! If Joe doesn’t acknowledge the fight was an embarrassment them all credibility is over and done!
Jimmy Faust Jr
Jimmy Faust Jr Ай мурун
All Roy did was hug. Lmao
Dan Ай мурун
Tyson Won
Matt 2112
Matt 2112 Ай мурун
S Duboss
S Duboss Ай мурун
The general public is so retarded that they''ll get duped to watching any bullshit
Npc I'm knot
Npc I'm knot Ай мурун
Was a good fight.
Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul
Mark Andrus
Mark Andrus Ай мурун
Jones hugged more than he would at a family reunion. Still can't believe they had the balls to call it a draw. Why didn't they just say it was a draw before the fight?
The Information Bomber
The Information Bomber Ай мурун
@Mark Andrus yeah Tyson is as robbed even though it was an exhibition
Mark Andrus
Mark Andrus Ай мурун
@The Information Bomber I'm born and raised in the Catskills. Ya know, where Cus D'Amato brought Mike from the Bronx. So yes, I'm gonna be bias to the home town phenom that IS the youngest heavyweight champ in history. RJJ talked a LOT of smack before the fight but the facts are RJJ was hugging from the 1st round on. MT came to fight. I know you agreed with me and the fight means nothing except a charity win, but Jesus Christ..... A draw is still a crime by any measure.
The Information Bomber
The Information Bomber Ай мурун
@Mark Andrus yeah Tyson won the fight
Mark Andrus
Mark Andrus Ай мурун
@Npc I'm knot guess my point was, they weren't telling people it was a draw no matter what when people paid their 50 bucks.
Npc I'm knot
Npc I'm knot Ай мурун
It was a charity fight thats prob why
Edward Bush
Edward Bush Ай мурун
Well Joe, you're in that world you couldn't imagine... It was a draw and sham. Tyson won and rjj looked tired and timid and both looked like they were holding back.. Maybe fixed???....
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer Ай мурун
The most overhyped fight and was underwhelming
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer Ай мурун
@mohamad sorya my uncle and my dad
mohamad sorya
mohamad sorya Ай мурун
@Dave Byrd the most important question is...... Who is Achilles and Hector 😅?
Dave Byrd
Dave Byrd Ай мурун
@mohamad sorya People really did hype it like it was Achilles v Hector. But it came off like two uncles fighting over dominoes having to much to drink😆
mohamad sorya
mohamad sorya Ай мурун
@Demon Slayer when did Joe say that ? he can't accept the fact that both men are so much weaker than they once were
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer Ай мурун
@mohamad sorya i thought they were gonna knock the fuck out of each other but after the fight joe rogan also said mike went easy on him
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Ай мурун
Roy is good but Mike Tyson is going to take him down fast first or second round Mike will win I promise
mohamad sorya
mohamad sorya Ай мурун
joke on you
woodenlodge2012 Ай мурун
I hate his new studio it looks like he's inside a toaster
adam rowe
adam rowe Ай мурун
fucking draw !!! wtf
mohamad sorya
mohamad sorya Ай мурун
they had to please everyone like treating those 50 year olds as kids
Wes Paul
Wes Paul Ай мурун
They shouldn't do it. Too old for that nonsense. Someone could be really hurt and for what. Bucks.
mohamad sorya
mohamad sorya Ай мурун
i would get hurt for 50 million
Bobcat Ай мурун
draw 😴
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Ай мурун
RJJr got shookt.
Nader Saleh
Nader Saleh Ай мурун
Who is here after the Fight? also who thinks mike clearly wins?
Jeff Oehlsen
Jeff Oehlsen Ай мурун
Just saw the fight. The interview afterwards with Mike being so happy making money for his charity and obviously enjoying getting to box again. Mike is still the best heavyweight to ever put on the gloves, and for me, the most interesting person personally.
ERIK Gonzalez
ERIK Gonzalez Ай мурун
Who's here after they robbed Mike Tyson
Chaplin Co
Chaplin Co Ай мурун
That was pretty much Tyson’s show bro. It’s only a rob if he lost it or didn’t get paid lol.
Benjamin Ай мурун
Tyson says it doesn't matter. So it doesn't matter.
ERIK Gonzalez
ERIK Gonzalez Ай мурун
@mohamad sorya Definitely entertaining! I just think it was so obvious that Mike landed a lot more punches
mohamad sorya
mohamad sorya Ай мурун
no one robbed anyone, it was a feel good show, you know what you were getting with 50 year olds trying to box
Chris Thrasher
Chris Thrasher Ай мурун
This didn’t age well Joe lol
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia Ай мурун
It was really a good fight they both looked great
I'm satisfied with the draw
Spotup TM
Spotup TM Ай мурун
Nah man Tyson won
claudinette merisier
claudinette merisier Ай мурун
Nate Robinson got slept 😂😂
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Ай мурун
Here after the fight it was alright. The fight to watch was Jake vs Nate
Obscenery Films
Obscenery Films Ай мурун
this didnt age well
Neil Cognito
Neil Cognito Ай мурун
Rogan again incapable of seeing what a hype job this fight was going to end up being. The fight was a complete joke. It was an exhibition with 2 guys that pulled their punches because they didn't want to hurt the other guy. They literally were trying not to hurt one another. Jones hugged Tyson for 90% of the fight. This "comeback" is a joke. Never again should you pay to watch Mike Tyson fight again. He lied to his fans. He's a liar and a thief. This is yet ANOTHER black eye for boxing. Tyson and Roy are already talking rematch. Who in their right mind would pay to watch that again???????
Neil Cognito
Neil Cognito Ай мурун
@CflynnGaming He just said he wants to do more exhibition fights. Just now.
CflynnGaming Ай мурун
Did you hear mike on the podcast originally? He said he would not want to fight again.
The Slayer
The Slayer Ай мурун
Who's here after they announced the fight a "draw"
Guess what joe? The whole fight was scripted. Just to make money. Sound familiar?
dandybrian Ай мурун
This aged well 😂😂😂
ActionVerse Entertainment
ActionVerse Entertainment Ай мурун
“Oh no, no, no we can’t have participation trophies!”
Manny Khosbin
Manny Khosbin Ай мурун
This fight is such a terrible idea. I can’t wait to see it
yes sir
yes sir Ай мурун
I do not want to see anybody lose.
JJ Walters
JJ Walters Ай мурун
Participation trophy haha
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson Ай мурун
Knowing tyson he would lose on purpose so ppl won't fear him because It seems he is tired of that and wants to be treated regular,like a king who wants to fake his death and blend in w the peasants
Bindair Dundat
Bindair Dundat Ай мурун
Joe is a good guy. He knows it’s a bullshit exhibition fight but he is doing Mike and Roy a solid by hyping up the fight to get more people to watch it
Mark Mark
Mark Mark Ай мурун
“His weed is like his punches”
Hegilian Ай мурун
"Wah does it mean, when you get sexuwoley excited fwom bwaken someones wibs?"
Crybaby Pepper taster
Crybaby Pepper taster Ай мурун
Willie D is a fuckin legend
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