Jennifer Lopez and Maluma Discuss Latin Music’s Path to Hollywood | Billboard Latin Week

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Superstars Jennifer Lopez and Maluma talk to Billboard Latin’s VP, Leila Cobo, about their upcoming movie ‘Marry Me,’ writing a bilingual soundtrack and Latin breaking through in Hollywood.
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Jennifer Lopez and Maluma Discuss Latin Music’s Path to Hollywood | Billboard Latin Week

Cesar Prado
Cesar Prado 7 саат мурун
They both look great 👍
fei xie
fei xie 22 саат мурун
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Joanne Perez
Joanne Perez 3 күн мурун
Dios mio Jennifer Lopez eres increible! Que Dios te bendiga! You are an amazing person and the biggest bonus for me is that you are Latina! Reina bella! Yo soy puertorriqueña como tu y si tu objectivo en la vida es hacer sentir que nosotros las mujeres latinas seamos poderosas, pues objectivo logrado y recibido orgullosamente! Keep going negrita del Bronx!
Baby doll
Baby doll 10 күн мурун
My FAV song it would have to be Lonely from the both of them
Emily Rod
Emily Rod 11 күн мурун
I have “the feeling “ this movie is not gonna be good. Sorry guys 😊
Daksha anil Padia
Daksha anil Padia 11 күн мурун
Y u dont make hindi videos
Habibi Habibi
Habibi Habibi 11 күн мурун
I’m Waiting for another “dance again “ please don’t let me down💯✔️
Daniyal A
Daniyal A 12 күн мурун
So pretentious, Anitta’s interview was better she’s more down to earth
Kaitlin Mathis
Kaitlin Mathis 12 күн мурун
Oh my goodness
P. Johnson
P. Johnson 17 күн мурун
Negrita? Where?
Jahenny Rojas
Jahenny Rojas 19 күн мурун
Que lindos se ven Juntos!
uklamka klamka
uklamka klamka 20 күн мурун
Nelly García
Nelly García 21 күн мурун
Tan bello mi paisita éxitos te mereces lo mejor del mundo...
Gamberucci muy hermosa cancion Ilaria
Gamberucci muy hermosa cancion Ilaria 22 күн мурун
Gamberucci muy hermosa cancion Ilaria
Gamberucci muy hermosa cancion Ilaria 22 күн мурун
Cute both
Alicia Torres
Alicia Torres 23 күн мурун
Me muero.... Maluma hablando así , bello,inteligente.Porque cuando comentan sobre él,solamente nombran las mujercitas que lo han acompañado alguna vez para darse a conocer.?
Danny Parada
Danny Parada 24 күн мурун
Wow¡¡¡ Te admiro cada dia mas Jlo. Por tu humildad de tantos años en la industria y siempre eres la misma a pesar de tantos Millones que has ganado sigues siendo esa chica del Barrio. Eres grande. Love U. Jlo. U. The best always.
Arthemis Moreira
Arthemis Moreira 24 күн мурун
Mi bebê lindo! Maluma!!
Alex Mha
Alex Mha 24 күн мурун
The interviewer is constantly diminishing the "Latino" culture. Get a reality check Lady!
relaxbg8 24 күн мурун
as for me, an easy song with a nice video. And of course, almost half-naked JLo, because she does it best, because with the rest it is worse. And today people do not see how she does it, but how she looks. her natural hair is very bad. I don't understand where the buzz around him comes from.
Urmika V
Urmika V 25 күн мурун
Jlo should let Maluma speak more.
JLO World Ec.
JLO World Ec. 25 күн мурун
She's so Iconic!!
La Prima Dennis
La Prima Dennis 25 күн мурун
Love & Support JLo BUT La Negrita...She. Is. NOT. LMAO
Brianna Dunkers-Brown
Brianna Dunkers-Brown 23 күн мурун
That’s what I’m saying
Cristian Suarez
Cristian Suarez 26 күн мурун
No deje de mirar el bulto de Maluma so sorry guys
Diet Pepsi 2002
Diet Pepsi 2002 26 күн мурун
JLO should adopt maluma.
Diet Pepsi 2002
Diet Pepsi 2002 26 күн мурун
Maluma can become Jlo's son.
Lu Gonzalez
Lu Gonzalez 26 күн мурун
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez 26 күн мурун
When Maluma said “Why didn’t we record our songs before so that we could sing at the Super Bowl” 🤣🤣🤣 Shakira has 3 songs with you and took Bad Bunny instead lol
Öskan Musik GLOBAL T.V VİSİT 13 күн мурун
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Yara Alejandra
Yara Alejandra 13 күн мурун
it had to be a puerto rican and jennifer with a colombian
caslusfilho 25 күн мурун
pero shak cantó chantaje
shanu722 26 күн мурун
9.11 La reina !!!!!!!!
Sindy 27 күн мурун
Muy buena entrevista, ya quiero ver la película!!!! ( Aunque me pareció que Maluma interrumpía mucho a JLo cuando ella estaba dando sus respuestas) 😶🤷🏽‍♀️
Angel infantes
Angel infantes 27 күн мурун
Can't wait for JLO TOO😃😍
Rahit kathuria
Rahit kathuria 27 күн мурун
Maluma king of talent Jlo queen of talent
Veronica Ivanova
Veronica Ivanova 27 күн мурун
I love RomComs, especially the 90s-early 2000s! Can't wait for this one 🥰
Öskan Musik GLOBAL T.V VİSİT 13 күн мурун
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Veronica Tijerino
Veronica Tijerino 27 күн мурун
JLO you look beautiful 😍🤩 and Maluma so hot of course! I’m so excited for this new project!! Good luck!!!! 🍀👍
juan carlos celis Sanchez
juan carlos celis Sanchez 27 күн мурун
*Billboard* Maluma LLEGO para quedarse y su potencial es ILIMITADO *De Colombia para el Mundo*
Mariam 500164
Mariam 500164 27 күн мурун
JLO talked more than maluma why ???
Mariam 500164
Mariam 500164 25 күн мурун
@Rizos and he is MALUMA
Rizos 25 күн мурун
Because she’s JLO 😍
vicky Garzon
vicky Garzon 28 күн мурун
Maluma BaBy!!!!
Manuela Pérez
Manuela Pérez 28 күн мурун
[STREAM] Jennifer Lopez, Maluma - Pa' Ti + Lonely
OUM KIM 28 күн мурун
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zamira arab
zamira arab 28 күн мурун
Maluma hasta el otro dia,era un cantante mediocre,,solo a las jovencitas le llamaban la atencion por Bonitillo pero de VOZ NADA.De pronto como una magia es hasta premiado. Ya cualquiera canta
guadalupe bello
guadalupe bello 28 күн мурун
JLO es muy real y tranquila.
mauricio hernandez
mauricio hernandez 28 күн мурун
Maluma for like
my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn
my.brooklyn.flora.forest Brooklyn 28 күн мурун
Happy Sunday! This interview is so nice. I am the OG international phenomenon, humanitarian, and I have a 14k gold silver 🥄 spoon. I wish you a lot of good things from this. Your hair extensions look awful. I am off to my life working on the Peace process. Good luck. Be well. Your talents are a Blessing to the world, Maluma is a Blessing to this world. I use my Brooklyn Pilates. Lynn
Aliette Ledo
Aliette Ledo 29 күн мурун
Es bella inteligente sencilla soy su fan
tabarakalmasih 29 күн мурун
*Queen Jennifer Lopez looks and sounds amazing!*
Mr Yazbek
Mr Yazbek 29 күн мурун
Jlo literally paved way for Latinos in Hollywood she’s still going hard 💯
Musiclife9724601 11 саат мурун
@Wingfield lol her debut role already earned her a Golden globe nomination. Her DEBUT role. Lack of talent? 😅
Wingfield 15 күн мурун
@Musiclife9724601 notoriety compensates lack of acting abilities
Musiclife9724601 15 күн мурун
@Wingfield Jlo has talent. and yes others have had Oscars. but JLO was the first LATIN WOMAN to reach such global success as a Hollywood star from movies TO MUSIC and business. SIT DOWN MR.!
Wingfield 25 күн мурун
@Rizos You are right. The others have talent and won Oscars
Rizos 25 күн мурун
@Wingfield yet no one is like her
sabrina Márquez
sabrina Márquez 29 күн мурун
Los amo de Argentina
JC Zoto
JC Zoto 29 күн мурун
Jennifer is really only the best Latin artist to this kind of work She is situated in hollywood and she is Latina She can bring music and movies together at times sometimes she doesn’t seem Latina enough but I am glad she is taking this to the bigger screen and hope she keeps doing for other projects and stuff
Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez 29 күн мурун
Me encanta ver que una súper estrella como Jlo actúe con tanta naturaleza y apolle a otros artistas
Moira Garcia Portales
Moira Garcia Portales 29 күн мурун
:) saludo cordial desde mi país Bolivia Santa Cruz de la Sierra el mejor tema del año tbm eh maluma y jlo
LUDMILLA BRUNO 29 күн мурун
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Duje Brkić
Duje Brkić 29 күн мурун
Selena open the Doors for latinos... respect her and add her as a credit too... 😘🙂
Yuliyah Mills
Yuliyah Mills Ай мурун
Beautyful together, both very sexy
Idelisse Torres
Idelisse Torres Ай мурун
La que está dando la entrevista es media conflictiva 🤔 Debieron de pone hacer la entrevista con alguien con más positivismo.
Patreeya Ай мурун
J.Lo is a truely icon, she always thinks of her community. The way she talks about Marry Me project, and latin people in Hollywood that she thinks it’s time to change and it’s also her responsibility. Even I’m not latina, I’m still so proud of her
loomonda18 Ай мурун
Maluma babbbyyyy 😍😍😍
Gustavo Beirigo
Gustavo Beirigo Ай мурун
JLO ❤❤❤
Sabrina M
Sabrina M Ай мурун
How have you been treated? You’re doing well. That’s how out of touch these celebrities are! Present ourselves well....on a pole, married god knows how many times, been with god knows how many men
Priscilla Pie
Priscilla Pie Ай мурун
Never knew they were making a movie together... what is it called ? When will it come out ?
Bettye Key
Bettye Key 29 күн мурун
Marry Me and it is coming out on Valentine's day next year.
Monica Bucks
Monica Bucks Ай мурун
Soraya Rojo
Soraya Rojo Ай мурун
New Project I'm glad so. Yeah, I'm consider a polyvalent person like you Jenny. Thank you so Much Maluma & JLO are Great people and with huge 💚💚 🇪🇸
Faten Kh
Faten Kh Ай мурун
emily verdict
emily verdict Ай мурун
Maluma! Ay! Guapo! 😘
emily verdict
emily verdict Ай мурун
Muchas gracias! Spot on Jenn. I needed that confirmation. Even though I had to stop to caregiver for my family members, as long as I do not stop keep writing singing acting honing my talent till I can get back to it, I will get there. I needed to hear that! 🙏🏽❤️💯🎤🎸🎭
Lina Kim
Lina Kim Ай мурун
I LOVE THE ENERGY Of this interview I think it’s amazing and interesting to watch again and again
_gsx_gsx_gsx GX
_gsx_gsx_gsx GX 27 күн мурун
ikr ^3^
Aura Ines Garzon Tejada
Aura Ines Garzon Tejada Ай мурун
Eli Exotic
Eli Exotic Ай мурун
Negrita Del Bronx😍
Alexa Mel
Alexa Mel Ай мурун aqui les dejo mi lìnk si quieren verlo, Gracias si deciden apoyarme 🙈😍😆😉
Rosa Lopez
Rosa Lopez Ай мурун
Precioso video y los dos JLO y Maluma sois espectaculares grandes artistas y que sigais teniendo mucho éxito los dos,cuidarse mucho y besos 😘😘😘😘😘😘🍀👍💕
Manal Kouki
Manal Kouki Ай мурун
😍😍❤️ Papi juancho
Arlene Ameerali
Arlene Ameerali Ай мурун
Can't wait to see this movie
marina lopez
marina lopez Ай мурун😘😘😘
Rebeca Lopez
Rebeca Lopez Ай мурун
Odalys Flores
Odalys Flores Ай мурун
Grandes ⭐⭐ jlo y maluma mucha química x todo lo asen brillante los existos y por mucho más grande ídolos totales 💯😍💯😍🎵🎶🎤👑👑👑🎉🎊💪🔥🔥💃🕺
Jenny Evelina
Jenny Evelina Ай мурун
My two favorites!😍
Jerem Rosario
Jerem Rosario Ай мурун
Ess tipos que entrevista parece una tecata
Manuel Juarez
Manuel Juarez Ай мурун
Segunda película porfavor diosito te lo pido de corazón 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Manuel Juarez
Manuel Juarez Ай мурун
Me encantó la entrevista súper interesante maluma beybi ❤️ JLo quuen 👑 Dios los bendiga y los proteja de las envidias 🙏 papi juancho quuen 👑
جيني 00
جيني 00 Ай мурун
Julio Dias
Julio Dias Ай мурун
Paola Jaramillo
Paola Jaramillo Ай мурун
Me encanta cuando #JLO dice que no es una comedia romántica ligera, yo soy amante de la comedia Romántica, siento que este mundo necesita más de ellas , son hermosas para disfrutar en familia o con la pareja, nos dejan huella en el corazón, nos refrescan y nos hacen creer en el amor en un mundo que se ha cargado de tanta violencia.💓 I love when #JLO says that it is not a light romantic comedy, I am a lover of Romantic comedy, I feel that this world needs more of them, they are beautiful to enjoy with the family or with the couple, they leave a mark on our hearts, we They refresh and make us believe in love in a world that has been charged with so much violence.💓
Öskan Musik GLOBAL T.V VİSİT 13 күн мурун
can you donate to my channel,,
Dannii A
Dannii A Ай мурун
Ale Diaz
Ale Diaz Ай мурун
Hablan que los latinos no somos vien recibidos ,pero hablan en inglés
Facundo Grondona
Facundo Grondona 29 күн мурун
Bien! Bien!!!!
behind009 Ай мурун
Porque la entrevista va dirigida al público norteaméricano es para billboard (USA) con una periodista de tal país.
behind009 Ай мурун
Porque es una entrevista de billboard (USA) con una periodista norteaméricana y va dirigido al público norteaméricano
jhonf torres
jhonf torres Ай мурун
Jejejejeje P
GieMe Street
GieMe Street Ай мурун
Me : I see something in your pants.. Maluma : you want in .?
Pedro Marques
Pedro Marques Ай мурун
I love JLo so much man
Samantha Blackshear
Samantha Blackshear Ай мурун
Moe Ch
Moe Ch Ай мурун
Damn jlo is so beautiful. That chemistry between them 🔥
Bettye Key
Bettye Key 20 күн мурун
I know she is beautiful. Since I am old and ugly compared to her. don't know why I even on here. My life is pathetic, I guess. Even though I am a fan of hers. She makes me feel like a piece of shit compared to her. Not a good feeling. Haven't been on a date in 17 years or had sex in 17 years either. Lovely, huh? go ahead and have a good laugh about it, y'all?
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez Ай мурун
Mami y Papi ♥️
andrei hiris
andrei hiris Ай мурун
andrei hiris
andrei hiris Ай мурун
1080 pixels?no?ok🤣🤣🤣
Maria Do Carmo Cardozo
Maria Do Carmo Cardozo Ай мурун
🇧🇷..Maravilhosos...Amo Maluma Baby 🥰😍🥰
leo cody
leo cody Ай мурун
JLo is amazing! I love her
Diianaa vm
Diianaa vm Ай мурун
Lond :v
Lond :v Ай мурун
Tenemos que hacer de la verdad película más que un éxito 🥺
Angel Del Valle
Angel Del Valle Ай мурун
My queen jlo✊
Antonio Peña
Antonio Peña Ай мурун
Am i the only one loving them together ? As a couple?
Gianfranco berardinelli
Gianfranco berardinelli Ай мурун
@Arlene Ameerali it’s true but physically it doesn’t look like it lmao
Arlene Ameerali
Arlene Ameerali Ай мурун
Nope, they would make a super hot couple. He's half her age though.
Ilianax Ай мурун
Lovely Danna
Lovely Danna Ай мурун
negrita del Bronx???????
Dannii A
Dannii A Ай мурун
@Mario Gonzalez Correct, my sister is not black, but we call her negra and negrita since forever
Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez Ай мурун
Negrito, negrita, negro, negra are words of endearment we Latinos use to express affection, friendship, love. It has nothing to do with skin colour, if that’s what you were thinking.
Avril Pacula
Avril Pacula Ай мурун
Menos mal que tiene subtítulos ahre jaja
Avril Pacula
Avril Pacula 10 күн мурун
@juank dosantos ???
juank dosantos
juank dosantos 10 күн мурун
Jennifer Lopez & Maluma - Pa' Ti + Lonely (Official Video)
Jennifer Lopez
Көрүүлөр 53 млн
Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi
Kylie Jenner
Көрүүлөр 9 млн
Trying Tik Tok Trends with my NEW Baby Pup🥳
Көрүүлөр 1,2 млн
Should you Buy a PS5?
Көрүүлөр 2 млн
Dream - Minecraft Hitmen Extra Scenes
Көрүүлөр 4,2 млн
Shakira & Jennifer López Halftime Show Full Super Bowl 2020
Iconic Songwriter Q&A With Nicky Jam | Billboard Latin Week
Deep Feelings Mix | Deep House, Vocal House, Nu Disco, Chillout #16
Deep House Nation
Көрүүлөр 874 миӊ.
Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional Reflecting on Her Super Bowl Halftime Show
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Көрүүлөр 1,7 млн
Maluma Enlists Jimmy to Help Him Collaborate with Justin Timberlake
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Көрүүлөр 2,1 млн
JLo Gushes Over Billie Eilish, Tells All About the Super Bowl & Much More with ARod and Big Cat
Adele Carpool Karaoke
The Late Late Show with James Corden
Көрүүлөр 227 млн
Jennifer Lopez, Maluma - Pa Ti (Official Video)
Көрүүлөр 26 млн
Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi
Kylie Jenner
Көрүүлөр 9 млн
Trying Tik Tok Trends with my NEW Baby Pup🥳
Көрүүлөр 1,2 млн
Should you Buy a PS5?
Көрүүлөр 2 млн
Dream - Minecraft Hitmen Extra Scenes
Көрүүлөр 4,2 млн
Masego, Don Toliver - Mystery Lady
Көрүүлөр 1,6 млн
Bad Bunny x Jhay Cortez - Dákiti (Video Oficial)
Bad Bunny
Көрүүлөр 173 млн
Christian Nodal, Ángela Aguilar - Dime Cómo Quieres (Video Oficial)
Davido - Holy Ground (Official Audio) ft. Nicki Minaj
Көрүүлөр 2,2 млн
BLACK VEIL BRIDES - Scarlet Cross (Official Music Video)
Sumerian Records
Көрүүлөр 1,3 млн
kenzie - Donuts (feat. Yung Bae) (Official Video)
Көрүүлөр 378 миӊ.
Remember - Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM
Көрүүлөр 203 миӊ.