Islands Miniseries Megareview (Adventure Time S8E20-27)

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Uncivilized Elk

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Islands was a journey filled with fun, feels, and a bounty of backstory and lore. Join me in this review as I give my thoughts, analyses, and criticisms of Adventure Time's second 8-part miniseries. Let the island hopping commence!
Susan Strong, Dr. Gross, Martin Mertens, and Finn's mother Minerva - we find out so much new information about these characters! And of course, the mystery of what happened to humans after the Mushroom War is finally settled.
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Joaquin Catala
Joaquin Catala 20 саат мурун
Moco in spanish mean boger
Emilia Zhang
Emilia Zhang Күн мурун
Without that breadmaker, Finn would've arrived at Ooo dead.
Amie Hong
Amie Hong Күн мурун
i ship Marcy, PB and Susan/Kara, Frida
peter TABAkis
peter TABAkis 2 күн мурун
thank god bemo was smooth i dont think my mind could have comprehended bemo with a thingy down there or hooha
Lucy Roy-Bachman
Lucy Roy-Bachman 2 күн мурун
I wanted Marceline to be recognized as a hero for saving the last humans
Sara Kate
Sara Kate 2 күн мурун
Anyone else noticed that the boat tree trunks once was the captain of is about Marty is on tree trunks could have still been the captain coincidence I think not
Cameo Shadowness
Cameo Shadowness 3 күн мурун
"The wave hits Fin and-" COMMERCIAL!
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas 4 күн мурун
2:52 there is no heterosexual explanation for this
MagicCardboardBox 5 күн мурун
I mean, he didn't actually fix the human society there wasn't anything wrong with it.
MagicCardboardBox 5 күн мурун
If the guardian is made by Moe, then of course it feels pain, all his robots are alive.
Charles Jake Samadan
Charles Jake Samadan 3 күн мурун
Yeah kinda but looks like The Guardian is made to not have emotions but only an mission
MagicCardboardBox 5 күн мурун
It's also sort of implied that Minerva and Dr gross were good friends and it was when Minerva was absorbed by grief that Dr gross didn't have anyone's kindness to stop her madness.
Enrico 10 күн мурун
I love how the ex season 7 finale teases the seeker system with Susan’s noggin chip saying: “seeker x-j-7-7-strong” was real nice!
techian Nation
techian Nation 11 күн мурун
For martain BRAIN DAMAGE in the picture they showed it has Martians head bleeding
Jay Peterson
Jay Peterson 16 күн мурун
I kinda thought that the Guardian being less menacing then we’re actually told was the point . Why would you tell the citizens you’re trying to keep on the island that the only function the robot has is to karate chop 🤷‍♀️
I Comment
I Comment 17 күн мурун
Who knew Adventure Time would predict our lives 3 years in advance
Javier Estavillo
Javier Estavillo 18 күн мурун
*C H O O S E Y O U R A V A T A R*
Skull lord 123 Skull lord 123
Skull lord 123 Skull lord 123 19 күн мурун
12:46 I never noticed but mo was helping build the fire giants!
Alijah Dragneel
Alijah Dragneel 22 күн мурун
I feel like the reason the guardian is so off is bc its suppose to be like the guardians who protect ooo. They are treated like regular ppl by bubblegum but also like soldiers. I think the same is for the guardian of the island. It clear when finn's mom talks to it and shut it off as if she's talking to another human who's job is finally over and can retire. It is an island full of humans afterall so they probably wanted to guardian to have certain mannerisms tht relate to the humans, which is also why the guardian had the reaction it did to getting it eye blown up. Humans created something tht they probably programmed to have certain emotions to. The humans put in charistics into the guardian tht they felt was needed or satifying to them. Like bubblegum with the small gumball soliders who she ended up killing bc of how dangerous they became. But afterall it's a robot so some things are just simple actions like the karate chop. It isn't suppose to hurt or harm the humans only stop them from leaving. In the song the human with the giraffe hat wasn't on a boat and the guardian only picked him up to take him back. But with a ship/boat they need to be destoryed or else the humans will still have a way off the island. Which is why i think it only karate chops. It's the guardians way of stopping what it sees as criminals to the island (hiders) while also making sure they aren't killed by the robot's strength. It's also clear when it picks up Jake but doesn't destory him. The guardian probably didn't identify Jake as a ship and instead as a mutant which led it to dropping the humans instead of karate choping them which would've killed or seriouslly injured Jake.
Nicholas Brodermann
Nicholas Brodermann 26 күн мурун
Why give the Guardian Pain receptors? Seems like an Intentional Design flaw. Internet Hugs for those that get that reference
Willum Kett
Willum Kett 27 күн мурун
The guardian was made by mo co dude dude it’s just like any other mo bot it has feelings and moe eh he did make his bots feel jealousy ya not to smart
Grace Smith
Grace Smith 28 күн мурун
Freta and Kara are probably dating
fishy 29 күн мурун
Faic Legion
Faic Legion Ай мурун
26:14 To be fair, Finn DOES have Astral projection. He’s just not that good at controlling it.
Faic Legion
Faic Legion Ай мурун
Finn wasn’t a wad until the Cosmic Owl decided to be one.
Harley Ай мурун
I like that BMO's entry during the virtual world has a zip disk like device like in the tv show Reboot.
KidGamer 101
KidGamer 101 Ай мурун
3 years later - the scene for freda's hair is a representation of the identity under the identity she was given.
Banana Banana
Banana Banana Ай мурун
"but I was left with mixed feelings on many elements" Cartoon Network: *write that down*
Mikayla Jennel
Mikayla Jennel Ай мурун
Honestly this video expressed the feelings I had about the ending of Islands SO SUCCINCTLY. I couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied and disappointed with the anti-climatic big ending. I desperately wanted Finn’s journey and emotional discovery to be so much more than it ended up being. They had so much build up hype about Finn’s mom and it literally just ended up being like “ok so shes alive but it doesn’t matter because they don’t have a relationship anyways and he’s ok with just taking off as soon as he fixes the broken elements of the society that led to them being separated” and there’s no focus on the effects of their actual separation. I honestly could have done without the first two episodes of the miniseries in favor of more Finn and Minerva time.
David Klemen
David Klemen Ай мурун
Im intrested how finn would be like if his father didint lose his memory and he acually cares about finn like finns mother
Jen Eiffler
Jen Eiffler Ай мурун
Could Susan and the red-head girl (forget her name) be gay? Possibly? Iwouldlovethat,itdbeadorable
Dalton Bishop
Dalton Bishop Ай мурун
I never even thought about not using planes to get there XD. So that’s more of a nitpick on your part.
Antony Alamilla
Antony Alamilla Ай мурун
i love both islands and stakes and even elements on a equal level but the only reason i love stakes more than the other s is becuase of the song everything stays. i didn’t find any song in islands or elements in that level of emotional music
Ollie Kim
Ollie Kim Ай мурун
personally, the red hair was a replacement of blood, because of how red it was. it symbolizes a dark violent moment between them
Beta_2209 Ай мурун
1:35 ele falou how do you like my pinto?
Max Milliken
Max Milliken Ай мурун
UMMmMmMmMmMmMmbrella of emotions with a lot of ELEMENTS
434444334 Ай мурун
weak miniseries the whole island was just posted in the last 3 episodes
Tea King
Tea King Ай мурун
hey good morning its because marcy is lesbian 😂
Jake Ferrari
Jake Ferrari Ай мурун
The hair scene was to represent blood spray.
Gold Osburn
Gold Osburn Ай мурун
Now I will have to say Martin might have lost his memory when he was fighting the robot creature because a blast like that and not only that the cold water and other things would cause some medical issues
skeletalmixer101 Ай мурун
Unpopular opinion: the VR bit should have been shorter, or just a small segment
comrade zed
comrade zed Ай мурун
I like to think that if a robot does have pain or physical feeling functions it's a way for the robot to detect where it got attacked from or if something feelings off around it
Ace The Disgrace
Ace The Disgrace Ай мурун
It’s terrifying that Adventure Time overshadowed a pandemic, quarantine, and frontliners within a few sentences. “We tried to consolidate and quarantine everyone on Founder’s Island. The fatality rate for citizens rose to 62%, but the fatality rate of Helpers, those who faced the virus daily, was 100%.”
Ana Venn
Ana Venn Ай мурун
19:30 ...ᵒʰ ⁿᵒ
Sadlad Charles
Sadlad Charles Ай мурун
Min and Marty might be my favorite AT episode, it’s just... perfect to me
Overseer Games
Overseer Games Ай мурун
Susan and (what’s her face) in the thumbnail looks kinda gay
Marc Ай мурун
i love how your reviews always gives me chills when you point out stuff that I didn't notice
Charles Moreland
Charles Moreland Ай мурун
You forgot to mention this line of dialogue: Finn: “Thanks for seeing us off guys” PB: “Yeah of course. It’s my boat” Marcy: “And we care about him you dingus! Come on!” 😂I loved that
Sun Bro
Sun Bro Ай мурун
I feel like the Guardian was just hyped up so less people would try to leave
Fitz - Videos
Fitz - Videos Ай мурун
I feel like we'll see what happened to his dad in the 4th part of the new mini series
Rose Child
Rose Child Ай мурун
“Is there a new ship on the island” nah marcie is just a lesbian
AMadRipZ Ай мурун
She's bi
TheInfamous CheddarCheesePizza
TheInfamous CheddarCheesePizza Ай мурун
BR Island when someone dies: "Bro i gtg" *last seen 7 years ago"
Joseph Mavero
Joseph Mavero Ай мурун
its funny that Finn's 1st crush is incredibly similar to his mom
Mikey Day
Mikey Day Ай мурун
No the reason Marcin said good morning is because Susan block the sun out for that moment
karda009 Ай мурун
This is a general thing, but was in a clip in the video, but I find it really interesting that Finn has completely accepted his father’s last name. I don’t know what that says about Finn’s self identity, but I imagine he’s been searching for something to fill this hole in his life, as the ‘last human on ooo’
Merlin Shmerlin
Merlin Shmerlin Ай мурун
Fridas hair stands for wildness. A mane of a lion, a creature which is un-domesticable , which wichers away in a cage. And the red colour stans for passion. All hidden under her near derpi looking fasade. Her inside screams for freedom. Thats why it is the right moment to show this. The crushing of a wild animals freedom.
Matheus Barbantti Galhardo
Matheus Barbantti Galhardo Ай мурун
About Frieda's hair. I see it as a simbol ponting to two signifcants: 1) For a woman whose desire was to be seen as a tough seeker, having her intimacy exposed, in the image of her femine hair let loose, exposed to everyone, seems like a simbol that points to the idea of ​​violation. 2) The movement in the hair is aso very expressive: from a glorious luxious hair in the momement when she was in the verge of breaking free, fastly moving downwards, becoming a very thin and weak mass.
Reiss Spangenberg
Reiss Spangenberg 2 ай мурун
5:19 you forgot to say its the same boat that the og human came on
Katie 2 ай мурун
I think the guardian was nerfed down just incase the people needed to go, like it could karate chop people that use boats and stuff since it's pretty simplistic but if it's flying that would mean the whole island was ok bout it since you wouldn't expect a hider using something flashy flighty things for escaping secretly and the dudes permitted to use it were loyal
Paige Elizabeth
Paige Elizabeth 2 ай мурун
Imma just say this so you can learn from it but calling Susan kara isn't the right way because she used to be called kara but now is susan so when referring to her past still use her name because thats susan not kara get it ? If not I can try another way to explain
Paige Elizabeth
Paige Elizabeth 2 ай мурун
Love all your videos though ♡
Bionic System5
Bionic System5 2 ай мурун
1:14 The face that does not exist
Mr BigH
Mr BigH 2 ай мурун
To be fair, with a physique like hers, I think anyone would appreciate Susan Strong
Joanna 2 ай мурун
I loved this show. I really wanted more. But what we got was enough too.
crying UwU
crying UwU 2 ай мурун
Founder island had me thinking. Theyve gotta have videogames right? And then that made me think, if they do have videogames, do they have apocalypse games like the fallout series or monster fighting games like the elder scrolls?
Jacktdgm the diamond generated minecart
Jacktdgm the diamond generated minecart 2 ай мурун
Actually, its confirmed that he got brain damaged
Phiro 3 ай мурун
In stakes the dark cloud it was made out of pure vampirism, I've always wondered what happened to the lion though, like was he killed in the explosion? He kind of just disappears
Shayn Hacker
Shayn Hacker 23 күн мурун
They showed him for a quick moment laying on the ground
Rocket Bomb 9000
Rocket Bomb 9000 3 ай мурун
11:46 we must never talk or remember that ever again!!!
Ape King
Ape King 3 ай мурун
It's painful watching these old videos now that the show is over knowing that most of these questions will never get answered;(
Raphael simas
Raphael simas 3 ай мурун
cloudie world
cloudie world 3 ай мурун
Who else feels like islands is like a weird dream. dunno that's how it feels I KNOW THIS VIDEO WAS 3 YEARS AGO (rn it is at least)
Shayn Hacker
Shayn Hacker 3 ай мурун
The islands really hit me emotionally especially Fin's mom and dad situation.
Alex Ibrahim
Alex Ibrahim 3 ай мурун
Lol virus ha 2020
Shanana Johnson
Shanana Johnson 3 ай мурун
There should have been a scene where Frida got mad at Kara (Susan) and threw his hat down out of anger and went off on how she crushed her dream and how she always wanted to leave but Kara (Susan) destroyed any hope of that happening. I don't know why but I think that would fit. I mean it's her main thing as a character
Macongula 3 ай мурун
I believe sailing instead of flying was a wink to how the humans fled ooo by ship, though i could be wrong.
Norm Al_
Norm Al_ 3 ай мурун
I didn’t think much about the robot-have-feelings part, cuz there’s literally a lot of anime/cartoon where robots can feel pain
CasualDork 4 ай мурун
everyone gangsta until eternal VR chat
BillyJDonut 4 ай мурун
their final moments would be a final word they can summon...friends after that the friends they would have created would have lived on, in there own lives unknowing that they are not real
Maniacal Murderer
Maniacal Murderer 4 ай мурун
It’s a creation of Moe, all his creations have emotions and can feel pain.
CIAPATY1995 4 ай мурун
4:54 Which episode is that? I remember the scene but not the situation its in. I think Jake got hit unconscious and he's still loopy when Finn says something along the lines of "Let's fly" or "Fly over here" and Jake is like "Let's fly!".
Jason 4 ай мурун
7:22 oh-no error the bottom of Finn's is blue.
Coal Varner
Coal Varner 4 ай мурун
That freight ship is the one the human race left in during stakes! Thats why they didn't fly, for sentiments sake.
DustWalker1 4 ай мурун
I have a big question that has bothered me from a long time. Did Finn ever married someone because it turns out that PB i in love with MA (Marcy) and that's making me sad fo him because Jake is a regular dog and if he hasn't that means he was alone maybe sad. R.I.P. 2010 - 2018 adventure time. You were one of the good old movies with witch i grow up thanks for the great series and story line. Goodbye O O ' ' /------------------------------------------\
Mitchell Cox
Mitchell Cox 4 ай мурун
I think the reason Martin became a bad person was because of the blast after he hurt the guardians eye, and either forgot or maybe thought Finn died and had major brain damage
Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid 4 ай мурун
You are not a Christian and now I hate!!!!!!!
Bob Shoe
Bob Shoe 4 ай мурун
Min and Marty is the only adventure time episode to get me to cry.
ALPH ARIUS 4 ай мурун
Feels like communist
bryce hensley
bryce hensley 4 ай мурун
26:48 * insert dragon ball z abridged joke here*
karl johan
karl johan 4 ай мурун
this surprised me so much when alva suddenly begun speaking swedish i had to replay those part a few times
Jeremiah Hamil
Jeremiah Hamil 4 ай мурун
Omg I'm actually crying I miss adventure time so much (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)
A Guy
A Guy 4 ай мурун
2:57 Boy, if you only knew.
D YellowMadness
D YellowMadness 5 ай мурун
The guardian of the island reminds me a lot of Songbird from Bioshock Infinite.
burple vids
burple vids 5 ай мурун
oh no Susan is really named Cara undertale fans will go crazy
Marshall 5 ай мурун
I just noticed Frieda sounds AWFULLY like "Freedom". Funny, since it's the thing that she dreamed of, that was in her grasp, but was ultimately stripped away from her by her best friend.
ASM Kalrizion
ASM Kalrizion 5 ай мурун
My guess to the planes thing is that it was too technological. yes, they could probably build a plane just fine, but I doubt the plane would be available for leisure uses such as searching for long lost relatives.
Kyle White
Kyle White 5 ай мурун
I’ve always wondered why some human in Adventure Time have noses & others don’t....who nose? 🤷‍♂️ see what I did there? ;)
Sater Gaming
Sater Gaming 5 ай мурун
at this point the gumball guardians show up for about 5 minutes then get immediately bodied
AKH - TNTTDG 5 ай мурун
Umm have you realized that non of three know how to fly a plane right?
Michael W
Michael W 5 ай мурун
It’s odd, for a long time I clearly preferred Stakes to Islands. But over the last year I’ve been more drawn to islands.
charlee cioffi
charlee cioffi 5 ай мурун
marcy checking out susan >>> she’s so gay
I comment and stuff
I comment and stuff 5 ай мурун
Uncivilized elk: actually on the topic of shipping Me: It's bubbline Uncivilized elk: Susan and marceline Me: WHAT! HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE IT! YOU EVEN SAID TO THEIR AWESOME OUTFITS! 2:49 - 3:40 if you want you can find IT yourself
Avery Buffington
Avery Buffington 5 ай мурун
I had never noticed the MoCo and the Two-Bread Tom references before! They significantly expanded my thoughts on these episodes! Thanks for pointing these little details out
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