iPhone 12 - What were Apple thinking?

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12 күн мурун

Full review of the iPhone 12 launch event, including my brutally honest opinion on price, specs. and cameras, vs Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei. Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: kgpost.info/will/video/k37a1Z993oN6ntE
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Mrwhosetheboss 11 күн мурун
Did an all-nighter working on this one - hope you found it interesting! Also...I've got a second video dropping later today, any guesses? 😈 Edit: Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: kgpost.info/will/video/k37a1Z993oN6ntE
Alojado, Jon Mark D.
Alojado, Jon Mark D. 5 күн мурун
Can i get phone? I needed it for online class cause my phone cant keep up with low ram and processor thank you im you number 1 fan i did watched every video you uploaded😁
suma prakash
suma prakash 6 күн мурун
Yes really good
Swapna Mattevada
Swapna Mattevada 10 күн мурун
arun pls tell that we shoud ban 5G becuse it ma kill us or birdsss
Binita Karna
Binita Karna 10 күн мурун
Can I please get a iPhone 12 or 11
Srinivas Prasad
Srinivas Prasad 11 күн мурун
Mi 10t pro review/apple isnt running a charity to give us a charger in box
Joe 11 мүнөт мурун
Iphone 13 doesn't come with a phone. It just had a box. You need to buy the phone separately
Meatba11 Саат мурун
Well most people buy new phones because they are severely outdated like the only reason I’m getting the 12 is because I have an 8
Sweet Sugar94
Sweet Sugar94 2 саат мурун
Half the people who buy iPhones can’t even use 5g so I find 5g just a pointless feature
Brickski 2 саат мурун
3:00 yeah, they didn’t really do much but add new chips and 5G
Rafah Ahamed
Rafah Ahamed 3 саат мурун
ape inthe battery enne mari nalleme????
S Tiber
S Tiber 4 саат мурун
Watching this video on my 6s plus which still a beast 👍
mr. cheese
mr. cheese 4 саат мурун
I like how you put among us in the clickbait
TheHotDogGuy 5 саат мурун
aight i would try to get another apple product had the past 2 apple phones i've had not been slowed and almost unusable at times after the most recent update for them sick apple ad tho
Ultimate Boss Gamer
Ultimate Boss Gamer 5 саат мурун
11:41 I feel attacked
George Laxton
George Laxton 7 саат мурун
I was going to get the pro until I saw how little there was between the 12 pro and the 12
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 8 саат мурун
right there.
Rdskinsfan27 9 саат мурун
0:30 ;)
Procreate Magic
Procreate Magic 10 саат мурун
Who came here from buttering their nice and fat rotisserie chicken then admired it for about 1 hour, just me, oh, ok
Regnum defende
Regnum defende 10 саат мурун
That notch thought ah ha ha ha... Horrible.. Apple shit..
Robbie Nelson
Robbie Nelson 10 саат мурун
"It's an iPhone with a nice camera"! 😂🤣
AchillesNYC 11 саат мурун
They weren't thinking
ProteinShakes 11 саат мурун
Title should read: "What **was** Apple thinking"
Onkar Sidhu
Onkar Sidhu 12 саат мурун
I have s10+ and whenever someone shines or boasts there iphone.I just turn on wireless power share and show them how I can charge other phones 😂😂😂
Jim Nunya
Jim Nunya 13 саат мурун
iPhone 12 - What was Apple thinking? iPhone 12 - What were they thinking? Not: iPhone 12 - What were Apple thinking?
ZzmistzZ 14 саат мурун
Me watching in a 10 r
Don Thursby
Don Thursby 16 саат мурун
Buy Apple and support China exporting weaponized viruses around the world.
Miguel V.
Miguel V. 16 саат мурун
Apple has become a necessary evil. I'm tied in and I hate it. As soon as I can, I'm out.
GTA 123
GTA 123 17 саат мурун
I have a s10 with 8 g of ram like
jokie 21 саат мурун
1059 for a smartphone and u get the bare minimum.... theyre just some dickheads trying to get ur money
Lov6d Xbox
Lov6d Xbox 23 саат мурун
iPhone is like 2k every year😹
Frederick Malouf
Frederick Malouf Күн мурун
Come on, dude, they bullshit all the time. Like everyone else.
Frederick Malouf
Frederick Malouf Күн мурун
So happy I use Android.
Clarence Anoba
Clarence Anoba Күн мурун
IPhone 12 Giveaway!
John J. De Bellis
John J. De Bellis Күн мурун
There is so much more to Apple’s strategy that was not mentioned. Android phones lack quality as does the OS itself. And yet makers continually raise their prices because they are trying to wow people based on tech specs. The world is littered with failed companies who competed on tech and could not connect with the customer and keep them engaged . Apple provides customers with a user experience, not just a phone. The phone is just one device that creates loyalty... every other component of their ecosystem does as well. Its almost pointless to compare any android phone to an iPhone. And even more pointless to compare products that are mere facsimiles of a produc
reaction pods
reaction pods Күн мурун
Iphone 12 is trash
Kabo777 Sumi
Kabo777 Sumi Күн мурун
Eco friendly? Lol.. and the world believe them..
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Күн мурун
amazing. Well done video.
Smol Can
Smol Can Күн мурун
No 120hz No good battery 5G not sure if it will work well Don’t forget No charge I’ll skip this one out
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Күн мурун
I can’t believe Apple isn’t including a charging brick with their phones... It’s like they are actively trying to piss of their customers.
David Braid
David Braid Күн мурун
2:47 .... That is what revolutionary means...
Zachary Kew-Denniss
Zachary Kew-Denniss Күн мурун
Yeah but if you own Apples old usb a brick, you’ll probably still own the cable from it too
Dinesh Pokala
Dinesh Pokala Күн мурун
I guess i will stick with my XR... it is a great phone 😁😁😁
João Renz
João Renz Күн мурун
Apple: releases iphone 13 with spikes in it. Mrwhosetheboss: it's good because then you practice your grip and feel less inclined to use a phone that much.
Brett Hobson
Brett Hobson Күн мурун
IPhone is still trash. Samsung Galaxy S20 Note Ultra is the way to go
Moonlight spark
Moonlight spark Күн мурун
After 5 years you will only get a empty Apple box. And will ask you to use the previous phone you have . And that way it will save a ton of carbon footprint .
Your wise cousin Joe
Your wise cousin Joe Күн мурун
Apple is a shetty greedy company. 🤮
chrisonherion 15
chrisonherion 15 Күн мурун
That’s just your opinion.it’s great if u have the ecoysystem
Hurricane Carter
Hurricane Carter Күн мурун
All I know is that I’m never getting another Samsung.
Sulaiman Abouabdah
Sulaiman Abouabdah Күн мурун
Iphone 13. Cameras are sold seperately
Sulaiman Abouabdah
Sulaiman Abouabdah Күн мурун
I'll tell you what they were thinking. Absolutely nothing
BITS2 Күн мурун
I do really like the design and 5/s and / were also my fav phone designs, I only had 5S and no other iphone and I really wished there will be any phone looking that good that those did, but I've a feeling that apple is just pulling the numbers from their asses.. 4x more drop resistant??
Chinzahau Guite
Chinzahau Guite Күн мурун
🍎 phone is too overrated
Nolan Morris
Nolan Morris Күн мурун
Everyone forgets that the ipads come with a 20w charger too!
Hey matey
Hey matey Күн мурун
They have brain diarrhea
Instagram Live-streams
Instagram Live-streams Күн мурун
To be honest here he is correct on a lot more people switching to Apple because my whole family but 1 person has iPhones my first iPhone was the iPhone 6s so I have been here for awhile but my cousins and my aunts and uncles they used to have Samsung’s but now they all have the iPhone.
Patton 28
Patton 28 Күн мурун
I can’t believe Apple isn’t including a charging brick with their phones... It’s like they are actively trying to piss of their customers.
S_vH Күн мурун
4x more drop resistant 4x0 still stays 0
Shady Character
Shady Character Күн мурун
A magnet to hold your phone in place on a charger..... because gravity doesn't work for free ......gtfoh
Shady Character
Shady Character Күн мурун
11%thinner, 15% smaller, 16% lighter. Sounds like we got fucked out of 40% more battery.
Cameron Ray
Cameron Ray Күн мурун
bro i like your videos and this one too but danng apple got some BS 4 phones!!!?? really.. what is your personal phone? i use a Samsung
dj neural interface dj neural interface
dj neural interface dj neural interface Күн мурун
It's sad cause anybody who watches this and thinks the iPhone is a good phone or better than any other phone out there has just been brainwashed This guy is a cut and paste parrot
Jared San999
Jared San999 Күн мурун
So samsung is way better lol
RaZib Ok
RaZib Ok Күн мурун
IPhone's notch looks like nose of apple it looks so dammy 😡😡😡
Sam Mattress
Sam Mattress Күн мурун
These kinda vids always have the best comment section ❌🧢
Shizuku Күн мурун
I'm sorry but not including the charger and then putting in cables for USB C was the killer for me and using envionmentalism as a marketing strategy is absurd, though I guess it works for the gullible. If they don't change their mind next gen, I'm moving to Samsung.
Chief3916 Күн мурун
Disagree 👎
Azad Farroq
Azad Farroq Күн мурун
The people who bought non max love their kidneys
Azad Farroq
Azad Farroq Күн мурун
2:48 repeat 5:04 ? Memes
princess adora
princess adora Күн мурун
I can buy 2 MacBook airs for the price of their latest iPhones and they don’t even give a charger ($2500 in my country)
princess adora
princess adora Күн мурун
I’m not buying a max this time cos it’s too heavy on my wrists
Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb
Yasin mahmud mirza Zoheb Күн мурун
Imagine a world where... Apple removes the notch.
April 2089
April 2089 Күн мурун
So everybody missed the subtle wink @0:29 when he said about Apple ripping people off
M2M ...
M2M ... Күн мурун
Apple is not miss leading their customers !!! But they rip them off 🤔 how can this make sense
Cassie Күн мурун
Rudra Naik
Rudra Naik 2 күн мурун
Only dumb people can buy Iphone at $1099 with out any charger and earphone . Its like Buying a Bugatti without any wheels and steering wheel .
Rudra Naik
Rudra Naik Күн мурун
@Cassie At this point Apple is just a luxury brand nothing else.
Cassie Күн мурун
what was*** apple thinking?💀💀
Amp 2 күн мурун
that intro music makes me feel like I'm watching a John Carpenter movie!
zack campbell
zack campbell 2 күн мурун
Is it just me or is this new iPhone very similar to the Essential phone? The cameras are not alike but from the front, it looks almost identical to my Essential. The square, boxiness look, the notch... I've moved on to Oneplus devices, but I still have my old Essential phone, too bad they closed their doors, wasn't an awesome product but dependable for me.
The holy plank
The holy plank 2 күн мурун
They're evolving, just backwards
Andreas Holzer
Andreas Holzer 2 күн мурун
This "Apple Advertising Video" (thats how I call it) was extremely cleverly presented with really thoughtful wording. You have to hire this guy if you want to sell shit as gold. Apple iPhone12 "the same crap as always", but the "loyal" Apple fan (the cash cow that you can cup at will) still has to have it :)
Kabsuss_ 2 күн мурун
can it still have a charger port??? pls
robert_ c
robert_ c 2 күн мурун
Damn dude I've never seen such a kiss as person jajajaja you're ducking apples eggs jajaja
Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw
Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw 2 күн мурун
What was apple thinking
Rukia 300
Rukia 300 2 күн мурун
I have a iPad 8th gen and it has that usb cable and it was cheaper haha this calls for a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
L Ortiz Lebron
L Ortiz Lebron 2 күн мурун
"Entry" "Done" I never use apple! Let's try it! Size 6" up!
Diego Yevenes Roullett
Diego Yevenes Roullett 2 күн мурун
So biased
Ftrctyvreycertcewtcwrgcwefvetrvery 2 күн мурун
He uses an android phone and prefers it. But either it's a sneaky sponsor or it's to avoid losing subs from apple fanboys, which is a big part of his fanbase.
Dylan Adrian
Dylan Adrian 2 күн мурун
4x stronger is not 400% stronger. It’s 300%
D Santi
D Santi 2 күн мурун
Apple : " Sorry no charger, need to save the environment" ....at the same time introduces a brand new Mag safe accessory that will hurt the environment 10X .
Black Lotus 95
Black Lotus 95 6 саат мурун
if they really cared about the enviorment they would include wireless chargers and removing the plug in cable which removes the need for cords
LeicaM11 2 күн мурун
SE is NOT an entry model! It is for men‘s pockets! An innovative idea would be a long power model, three times the thickness, but allday accu cell integrated.
Riad Badrane
Riad Badrane 2 күн мурун
No I like having good features, my hands are just tiny.
Daniel 2 күн мурун
what was*** apple thinking?💀💀
Ftrctyvreycertcewtcwrgcwefvetrvery 2 күн мурун
It depends on the context. It really depends on if you refer to it as a company or a group.
Swagermuffin92 2 күн мурун
Finally they are going back to the 4 and 5 design I still use my SE and its amazing, ive been waiting for this for so long
Rey Banz
Rey Banz 2 күн мурун
I really cannot stand your reviews of Apple...
PootisDispenserHere 2 күн мурун
in thumbnail why does apple have among us in that
1859ddd 2 күн мурун
Eh Ill still be picking up a Note 20 Ultra at the end of the month.
ItzDogo YT
ItzDogo YT 2 күн мурун
the only difference from an iPhone to the next is the side, it changed from circular to a box phone. seriously, Apple? your phones are so expensive and they’re worthless compared to the previous model, slap a case on the iPhone 11 and call it a 12. Everyone will believe you. Seriously Apple? Seriously?
Vishesh Medade
Vishesh Medade 2 күн мурун
Apple is so crucial in earning money! They think we probably got a [Idiot] tattoo on our face. Like seriously apple? You haven’t even changed the Iphone design yet! In a world full of fast chargers you think we are fools?? Ultimate Disappointed.
Pierre Ashton
Pierre Ashton 2 күн мурун
You gonna get a bunch of iPhone users with wiped out credit cards cuz their phones messed them up🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
infinity Bullion
infinity Bullion 2 күн мурун
I hate iphones i allways have they are way overpriced I dont see the point in carrying around a phone that cost over $1000 just be worthless in couple of years time
Fat man on campus
Fat man on campus 2 күн мурун
nice video
Iridium 2 күн мурун
"Apple is doing everything they can to take people away from Android" Apple: removes headphone jack, removes removable battery, removes charger, charges more than a decent desktop computer costs Also Apple: attacks independent repair shops, glues their phones to prevent users from DIY fixing Yeah, everything they can... can't think of a single reason why I still use Android. Nope, not a single one
Iridium Күн мурун
@eric well, yeah, but Apple has been the one to set these standards. Despite that, there is decent number of new Android phones which have 3.5mm audio jack, as well as a charger. And I know I can take my android to any independent service and have my phone fixed for 20e or less in 1 day.
eric Күн мурун
But most of that is just a general problem in the smartphone marked. Apple might be exceptional bad on this but basically all phones don’t have a headphone jack, the removable battery is on no flagship I am aware of and the prices are just as awful at Samsung for example. Glued phones is the industry standard as well. And I believe a battery replacement on an iPhone is actually easier/cheaper than on Samsung’s flagships. I don’t know about the costs on other companies battery replacements.
Willie Turner
Willie Turner 2 күн мурун
Gogu Gogu
Gogu Gogu 2 күн мурун
2815 battery in the iphone...no charger (fast or basic 5A) but you praise them..good stuff! what an youtuber will do just to get a free something..shameless
crema depruta
crema depruta 2 күн мурун
the notch killed this phone
ISURU THIWANKA 2 күн мурун
Apple thinking traditionally..So outcome nothing but traditional phone like previously has..
Dalton Broderson
Dalton Broderson 2 күн мурун
Environmently Friendly = More money for Apple; Don't buy the iPhone 12 and don't support this greedy business tactic. Apple doesn't care about the environment.
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