iPhone 12 Anti Repair Design - Teardown and Repair Assessment

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Hugh Jeffreys

2 ай мурун

Apple says they are aiming for zero climate impact by 2030.
So to me that says a device should be able to be repaired when the time comes to, preventing it from becoming e-waste. But is that true?
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Hugh Jeffreys
Hugh Jeffreys 2 ай мурун
I believe this is something everyone needs to know about. If you have the time sharing this video would be appreciated. Have a nice day everyone, keep fighting for our right to repair!
Jora 9 күн мурун
What rights too repair 😂 u have no rights ..... the product is not yours lmao.
Carbon Proksi
Carbon Proksi 23 күн мурун
"keep fighting for our right to repir." Simple, don't buy from companies that think they own the product after someone else becomes the legal owner. Of course, this will be difficult for folks who are addicted to material posessions. I theorise companies will no longer sell their products, but will rent them out for a monthly fee, like many software companies are doing.
Mario Coleman
Mario Coleman Ай мурун
Sounds exactly like the, John Deere, repair ban to me.
The Doctor
The Doctor Ай мурун
@Marco De Amos Stop trying to justify the actions of a corrupt company that only wants money. Also when they make it so the phones can't be repaired they are able to charge people unbelievable amounts of money for the company to fix it or they can charge the customer for buying a new phone. WHile it is their phone and their company, what they are doing is borderline monopoly, which is actually illegal in many countries especially their biggest buyer America.
4B Ramcharan Venai
4B Ramcharan Venai Ай мурун
The amount of times he disassembled the phones I salute you sir
Spacefurry Саат мурун
My I phone outlasted my android for 5 years now, meanwhile my android backup device breaks down at 1 and a half years, battery bulged and ruined the electronics... I phones generally outlast generic android brands, it makes sense for them to not allow repair and extension of life the thing could last for decades if repaired. Profit margin my friend...
Tarzan YT
Tarzan YT 3 саат мурун
Believe me when I say , I was THE most diehard apple fanboy up until recently... currently I own the iPhone 11 . I purchased it one of the first days it came out from a version store . since the first day I got the phone, the camera flash for taking pictures simply does not work 😂 but if I record video the flash will work , or if I used a 3rd party app like Instagram to take a picture , only then will the flash work 🤦‍♂️ on a phone I paid over 1000 dollars for and is notorious for having excellent camera quality ...needless to say I was very disappointed. Ive always adored iphones for there simplicity , and genius straight forward interface , let’s not mention the absolutely stunning sleek look and design of the phone. One thing that never fails is the noticeable decline in battery proficiency on all the models I’ve owned , the battery never fails to get really hot after Playing a single cod mobile match . paired with the (often) occasional glitchy Face ID 🙄 What really puts cherry on this whip cream ,is that I’m still paying off my iPhone 11 and the 12 is already out 🤯 I want to switch phones I wouldn’t feel right without my iMessage or FaceTime and of course the exclusive emojis🤷‍♂️... That’s my iPhone rant take what you want from it idk Im just a guy with an crappy iPhone 📲
Loïc Plandé
Loïc Plandé 11 саат мурун
Thanks a lot for your work and videos. This nevertheless crazy...
Hey Hugh Try Buying a Cheapo Display For Iphone 12 And Use ICopy And See What The Iphone Say
ochoacris56 14 саат мурун
Android here I come
Mike Geasland
Mike Geasland 15 саат мурун
the automotive world has been like this for some time. what they have done is at the software level, the components are tied together most likely by serial number. the serial numbers in all the the components must match or it thinks its not genuine. once they install a new part, they marry the components by flashing the new component with the serial number though the charge port with special software. in the automotive world its called component protection or trp (theft relevant parts).
John KS
John KS 15 саат мурун
This video confirms my attitude to apple, The only apple products I will buy come from Abbey Rd
Jake Whitwell
Jake Whitwell 23 саат мурун
Classic apple, Honestly the whole company should be legally dissolved and disbanded.
victor girouard
victor girouard Күн мурун
yes i want to pay to much for apple junk that they go out of there way to make it so you cant fix it without spending a ton of money. not i am not that stupid to spend my money on apple junk!!!!
victor girouard
victor girouard Күн мурун
i am glad i was smart enough to stick with andriod and samsung products i dont have those problems!!
Emma Montgomery
Emma Montgomery Күн мурун
Greediest company in the world
-*KGB*- Күн мурун
why do people still buy apple? cmon i was an apple dude back in 2000s never again, to many limitations and lockdowns. the sheet apple pulls when u try to swap parts is the reason why repairing your devices from apple will never be a go, apple makes you pay for everything, even repairs, never will i buy any apple products after watching this
Mewroz Channel
Mewroz Channel Күн мурун
Android users don't like being told how to live their lifes. Unlike Apple slaves. They won't even let you fix your own phone without going through Apple first.
Why Tho
Why Tho Күн мурун
The year is 2030... Ceo: "Alright we haven't reached 0%, the new date will be by 2050 alright. We will be extending the date if we don't reach 0%."
Turbomar Күн мурун
I never owned an IPhone. I will never own an IPhone 👎
Mega Mike
Mega Mike Күн мурун
Androids are always better than IOS
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Күн мурун
I mean at least they still include a cable right? That's a $20 value! Wheeeee...
Pau Mang
Pau Mang Күн мурун
We gonna have to stop using iPhone apple products
J Joule Kelvin
J Joule Kelvin Күн мурун
6.1k dislikes apple fan boy stomach burning 😂😂😂
meliten Күн мурун
Oh, you wanna have your sh*t repaired? *fck you*
Milos Birovic
Milos Birovic Күн мурун
I think you'll nees a software tool to code in parta
Ace Buster
Ace Buster Күн мурун
Yup..im going to stick with my rog 3
davidhunternyc 2 күн мурун
Right to Repair is important. If the headlight in your car breaks you can take your car to a third party repair shop to have the headlight fixed. If your hard drive in your MacBook Pro breaks you can take you computer to a third party repair shop to have you hard drive replaced. Instead of spending $3,000 on a new computer you spend $300 to fix your old computer. It's better for the environment too as there's less trash in the landfill. If people want to buy a new computer every few years then that's their prerogative. For many of us, we are on a budget and we want our computers to last beyond the warranty period. It's our computer. We bought it. We own it. We should be able to have it fixed when it breaks.
Mr Dross
Mr Dross 2 күн мурун
what about countries that dont have an apple store
Nald Lang
Nald Lang 2 күн мурун
F**k Apple. Not buying anymore Apple products. Steve Jobs revolutionized it, Cook politicized it.
Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma 2 күн мурун
Seriously brother iPhone is expensive and you have killed it. Rather killing both you can give one it to someone like me who is really want to enjoy an iPhone 12 as it is out of my pocket because of its cost. You have just broken feeling of enjoying an iPhone 12.
Why Tho
Why Tho Күн мурун
No stfu apple fanboy
robopat2000 2 күн мурун
Fixez.com has a copy device for repairs
robopat2000 2 күн мурун
Fixez.com has a copy device for repairs
UntamedVoid 2 күн мурун
Pro tip: To avoid this just don't by iPhones.
Donald Katchusky
Donald Katchusky 2 күн мурун
Simple Solution "DON"T BUY THEM PERIOD"!!!!
Jo Johnson
Jo Johnson 3 күн мурун
How about you all get rid of this crap and go outside and live like a human being!
Martin Phillips
Martin Phillips 3 күн мурун
Apple was the best when they first created the iPhone. The company is outdated and they aren't adapting very well.
Aoi River
Aoi River 3 күн мурун
God Apple just keeps getting worse and worse
S Rasul
S Rasul 3 күн мурун
This is why people shouldn't buy apple
itsmeyuuchan 「jesrael」
itsmeyuuchan 「jesrael」 3 күн мурун
apple is still the most expensive trash existing in the world! damn!
Steven 3 күн мурун
definitely switching to android in the future...
Cristian N
Cristian N 3 күн мурун
let's make this video viral so people stop buying apple products from now on
F M 3 күн мурун
Alex 3 күн мурун
I'm a diehard apple fanboy, but apple REALLY PISSES ME OFF!😡👎frikkin frikks
Alex 3 күн мурун
If Appoe really wanted to "help the envirement" they would make them fixable so people don't need to buy new iPhones. 😂💩👎. No excuses for that.
Rod Fleming
Rod Fleming 3 күн мурун
Don't buy Apple. You know it makes sense
T 3 күн мурун
I'll never buy an apple..so glad I'm a Samsung fan
Fonzy Gaming
Fonzy Gaming 3 күн мурун
Only reason Face ID and camera doesn’t work when you do that is because of the flood sensor that controls them it is encrypted data that only responds to its original logic bored so when doing any screen replacement on the iPhone from the iphone x and up you have to remove the front camera and flood sensor from the original screen you are replacing and transfer them to the new screen and it will work I’ve done that with the iPhone XR and the 11
Warrior Tech
Warrior Tech 3 күн мурун
It all boils down to greed. One thing comes from their publicity and another thing happens in the background. They just want to keep selling new phones and hope people blindly keep buying them. This move will probably break the iphone cult belief.
Meekaeel Martin
Meekaeel Martin 3 күн мурун
Wait can Apple even repair these devices 🙈🙈😂
DistroHopper39B 3 күн мурун
yes because they can reprogram them
BoDuke2 the original
BoDuke2 the original 3 күн мурун
I love restoring the older ones. This mess is too complicated for me at the moment. Yea I know of that thing you can buy to sync the parts up but I’m not buying that for a while
Bradleystill Plays
Bradleystill Plays 3 күн мурун
Rob 3 күн мурун
Goodbye Apple
J0nni3 3 күн мурун
Apple just made stealing iphones useless... Most stolen iphones were sold in pieces as spare parts, cause the activation lock wont let them sell the whole phone.
J0nni3 3 күн мурун
To be fair to apple... most people have not only multiple Power Adapters at home but also much cables... I have like 6 Apple power adapters that are still in the original packaging (Plus 8 from Anker that i use) and the same with the cables, all original packages. I have some Anker USB to Lightning Cables i use since 5 years... they just dont break... So the power adapter and the cable are not needet, and if you need one they are about 20 bucks in total...
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas 4 күн мурун
if steve jobs was still alive Apple would be better then Android.
Mitzu 4 күн мурун
It s anti thief design :)))
DATWAYZACK 4 күн мурун
Delete the video Bru im having to do a whole project on it🤦🏽‍♂️ #FUCKSCHOOL🤣
Silver Elgrand Low
Silver Elgrand Low 4 күн мурун
It's amazing to see how they can sell this with people who are so diehard and would not hesitate to put anyone down who doesn't agree with an Apple. It's all about what SUITS you as a consumer. I have a laptop for my work, an iPad for my law books, presentation stuff, an Android phone and a Sony wireless headphone. If one chooses to only focus on the brand, you're missing out too much and putting money down the drain. There's no reason for example, for me to get the AirPods aa I can get better headphones for the price.
lombragoo 4 күн мурун
Not only apple does this, im in catering repairs, Hobart dishwashers are similarly becoming more clever. They used to have built in self diagnosis, accessible from the menu, now the new ones have usb port where only a genuine technician can access these from their laptop software which is of course encrypted and cannot be copied to other laptop... 3rd party repair on those became a nightmare, so a lot of people are just scrapping it and buying a new one when a bigger repair is needed. This should be illegal.
abhi kumar
abhi kumar 4 күн мурун
They should made repairable ..
Zeto 4 күн мурун
So in a way or another we dont buy the iphones but we rent them?
Luka AirGirl
Luka AirGirl 4 күн мурун
Myself and Lucy Heart Filia: Let’s buy iPhone 12! Apple: pairs camera’s and some parts! Hehehe Okay we’re home. Luka: let’s switch parts to my phone to other phone and your parts to my phone Lucy: okay. Let’s do that. iPhone is not happy. Lucy and Luka tries to turn on her phone with power button. It failed Plugs charger. Turns on along with Luka. Bombarded with important messages about battery Face ID and display. Luka and Lucy opens camera. Unstable Turns off phone and tries Face ID. Failed. Battery reading disabled True Tone disabled. Lucy and Luka: ugh. Why Apple. Why! Both girls switch parts to original parts. It finally works! They both said. The girls: good everything works.
Hans Murris
Hans Murris 4 күн мурун
I think you forgot to register the product! Mine can be repaired like that!
DistroHopper39B 3 күн мурун
Everything You Need
Everything You Need 5 күн мурун
What about the screen & Battery swap ?
Sarp Ersoy
Sarp Ersoy 5 күн мурун
It's like my old Xperia XA. When one of the cameras fail, ot will refuse to boot up the camera app. My front camera was broken and the only way I could use the camera was with another camera app
Binongskie Quitalig
Binongskie Quitalig 5 күн мурун
How about swapping the lcd panel?
Heshan De Silva
Heshan De Silva 5 күн мурун
I buy iPhones no more
Daniel Solares
Daniel Solares 5 күн мурун
Just ran into this video on youtube. Loved it! And yey I wonder, why people buy iPhones? 😆
Ziggy Blu Waters
Ziggy Blu Waters 5 күн мурун
When did they begin pairing the different parts of the phone? I fixed my iPhone 5s with another one a few years ago.
DistroHopper39B 3 күн мурун
iphone 7 they started pairing more things, on the 5s the only thing paired was the touch id sensor
Andy Abreu
Andy Abreu 5 күн мурун
can't wait for apple car
MegaBlackburn 5 күн мурун
well apple is bullshit like always, u dont use apple products, apple uses u
CJay Abad
CJay Abad 5 күн мурун
is there a chance you can give one iphone to me😂...
Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey 5 күн мурун
Imagine owning an Iphone in 2021 Like bruh why bother?
hasin oltabar
hasin oltabar 5 күн мурун
dont get angry with apple....is not their fault that people waste their money on apple products
Kevin 5 күн мурун
Awesome content, where do you buy iphone parts?
hasin oltabar
hasin oltabar 6 күн мурун
just dont buy apple if you care for your money, buy apple only if you want to be taken as a stupid sheep
M C 6 күн мурун
Android Gangs 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jack Smithey
Jack Smithey 6 күн мурун
Could an iCopy help solve this issue?
James Kwendo
James Kwendo 6 күн мурун
Anyone who can donate an iPhone to me? 😉
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 6 күн мурун
Apple: We're going to zero waste. Yes you heard it right, zero coin wasted
mark reed
mark reed 6 күн мурун
considering it's been proven that Apple intentionally slows down their phones forcing you to get a newer model cuz they're older ones they have screwed up so bad it forces you to get a new one. well if you enjoyed being used and throwing money away for no reason get an Apple they will screw you all the way to the poor house. Or just get yourself a Droid platform and have a phone that can last you 20 years. Or buy an apple that I guarantee after 5 years will work a quarter as fast as it did originally because of excuses and lies, I completely understand I don't know how I could live with myself knowing that companies can't use racing fuel in their vehicles and can only use premium. I feel so sorry for those that can only afford a $50 million house and not a $300 million house because they didn't screw you as good as they wanted that is so upsetting.
A Big Guy
A Big Guy 6 күн мурун
Disgusting apple doesn’t care about customers just wants your money
Sies Sess
Sies Sess 6 күн мурун
I always get a Samsung Ad before Apple's Video 😂
Luchena 6 күн мурун
2:38 could of waited three minutes to get that iconic 9.41 on the clock
Tik tok Is word
Tik tok Is word 6 күн мурун
So bad
doritojesus 6 күн мурун
sorry for my language but thats fucked you literally bought two apple phones and swapped two apple parts god i hate apple i say, using an apple product to type this comment
Admiral Jetro
Admiral Jetro 6 күн мурун
Apple is such dicks about their warranties
jensen wise
jensen wise 6 күн мурун
An Apple, that you just can't swallow!
NewzDaily 6 күн мурун
Sorry... apple products are useless to me.. can't program my BMW DME with it.... can't program my $5000 hobby helicopter with it.... or program my drones.... I get a ton more apps with Android... and way more uses... you can have your commie phone
James Fitzgerald Abad
James Fitzgerald Abad 6 күн мурун
Last good phone was like the iphone 6
LT 6 күн мурун
Going green as in money
Elvid Srebric
Elvid Srebric 7 күн мурун
I just listened to the first 2 Minutes and don't know what to say. All People from older iPhone Models, still have their lighting cables and their usb-plugs. So where is the problem with charging? Why do iPhone 12 users have to buy a usbc-plug if they sit on lighting cables and usb-power-plugs?! Your video is not objective enough...You should add an info on your first two minutes. Cheers
Kachi .X
Kachi .X 7 күн мурун
Goodluck buying an Apple car. 😂
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson 7 күн мурун
as an apple user this is pretty fucked up and likely to make me upgrade to android when i do
haider Safi
haider Safi 6 күн мурун
im sad too because my work is coming from fixing phones and a lot of people in my country has apple, so my future is fucked
Abumar Abumar
Abumar Abumar 7 күн мурун
I never considered apple a property of an intelligent
Shepherd Wolf
Shepherd Wolf 7 күн мурун
Planned Obsolescence: Apple is known to make great products, but they realized they can annually make their products old fashioned, outdated, obsolete, so they can make more money. And now, it got to where their products are no longer DIY friendly, no longer include essentials and accessories, and have a shorter lifespan than before, so they can make EVEN MORE money.
Shepherd Wolf
Shepherd Wolf 7 күн мурун
Fraden 7 күн мурун
Allowing third party to repair Apple products IS eliminating e-waste. How many times you've walked into the Apple store only to be told they have to change the whole motherboard for a problem that only requires a new wire?!
Trainsmash Scott
Trainsmash Scott 7 күн мурун
Did you test if swapping screens has issues. Most likely repair would be a broken screen?
Trainsmash Scott
Trainsmash Scott 6 күн мурун
I am an Apple hater, but do help friends when they need and this info is good to know. Cheers
Atharr Umar
Atharr Umar 6 күн мурун
Yes but these phones use oled the reason most screen repairs happen is glass, i don’t think that oled uses glass for superior quality..? but Apple claims sapphire glass for their cameras and that’s a lie, also even if the oled is actually in apple would somehow put glass in for this reason. Not an Apple hater, I’m typing this on apple
Blalack77 7 күн мурун
I was thinking it would be cool if there was a phone company that made phones specifically tailored to tech DIY people. As in, make the parts a lot more modular and straightforward to replace and sell upgraded parts and modules. Like where you could just buy all the parts/modules/accessories and whatnot and build your own phone if you wanted to - and then be able to upgrade things like the camera, speakers, battery, RAM, storage, CPU, etc... I know you can already do a lot of that but I mean, make it a lot simpler, more straightforward, more upgradeable, etc. Sort of like open source or whatever. I don't particularly care for Apple. I've always been tech savvy, but I've only had a smartphone since about 2016 and they've all been Samsung Galaxies - 5, 7 and Note 9 I think... I tried to talk my wife out of going with Apple but she was sold on the rose gold. And maybe it's just because I'm used to Samsung, but iphones seem counter-intuitive to use and repair and Apple's obsession with proprietary parts and software is very frustrating. Like where the charging adapter wasn't in the box - my wife just bought our nephew a basic iphone and it didn't have one either - just that weird, useless lightning-to-C thing. And like how their batteries are always a weird, non-standard voltage. Also, like with their weird headphone jack situation. It seems like Apple has historically always stood in the way of various USBs, chargers and cable types becoming universal standards - like they always go against the grain and go their own way when other companies have accepted the new standard. Yet people continue flocking to their products, waiting in line for days to buy them, paying exorbitant amounts, buying their weird proprietary parts, etc... To each their own, I guess. I'm rapidly becoming a grouchy old man lol...
Faceless Mask
Faceless Mask 7 күн мурун
Rather than competing in the repair industry, apple just removes it from the equation entirely! That should be illegal...
wschmitty1 7 күн мурун
ctfbffsby 7 күн мурун
Apple has been fucking dirty. As I’m holding a iPhone XR.. smh the iPhone gaming is better tho
Jeison Triana
Jeison Triana 7 күн мурун
your awesome thank you the explanation
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