iPhone 12: All Colors In-Depth Comparison! Which is Best?

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Daniel Romero

2 ай мурун

Should you get an Apple iPhone 12 in White, Blue, Black, Red, or Green? We go in-depth on all the iPhone 12 colors and show you how they look in different lighting conditions! This is an iPhone 12 all colors comparison of the Black vs White vs Blue vs Red vs Green! Comment what iPhone 12 Color you like the best!
iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Cases From Video:
Matte Black Torras Case: amzn.to/2IXM89D
Mujjo Leather Cases: amzn.to/2IMLufi
Pitaka Aramid Fiber Case: amzn.to/3jrHvB8
Totallee Transparent Finish: amzn.to/3mgQ0AQ
Totallee Frosted Clear: amzn.to/31Guk9G
iBlason Black Ares Case: amzn.to/31HANRy
i-Blason Pink Cosmo Case: amzn.to/3ktJqXp
Apple's iPhone 12 MagSafe Clear Case: amzn.to/37Dldu4
Apple's iPhone 12 MagSafe Silicone Case: amzn.to/3dVTKFh
0:00 - Silver, Black, Green, Blue, and Red iPhone 12 Colors
0:12 - The Boxes They Each Come In
0:39 - All Colors Stacked Outside (B-Roll)
0:37 - All Colors Outside (B-Roll)
0:49 - The Aluminum Sides
1:11 - Outside Shots, Yellow/Dark Lighting (B-Roll)
1:55 - Let's See Them from The Front!
2:40 - Let's Talk About The "Red"
2:47 - Yellow/Dark Lighting (B-Roll)
3:08 - Daylight Indoors (B-Roll)
3:16 - Let's Talk About The "White"
3:28 - White iPhone 12 Next to Gold 12 Pro
3:35 - White iPhone 12 vs Silver 12 Pro, Silver 11 Pro, and Silver X
4:20 - Aluminum Bottom of White 12 (B-Roll)
4:50 - Aluminum Bottom of Green 12 (B-Roll)
4:52 - Let's Talk About The "Green"
5:05 - Bunch of Cases on All Colors (B-Roll)
5:11 - Bunch of Cases on All Colors #2 (B-Roll)
5:16 - Bunch of Cases on All Colors #3 (B-Roll)
5:21 - The Bottom of All Colors on Cases (B-Roll)
5:24 - Green 12 With Apple Clear Case
5:29 - More Outdoor Shots (B-Roll)
5:52 - The Blue 12 With a Case Looks Great
6:09 - The Red 12 With a Case Looks Great
6:35 - Apple's Silicone Case on The Red 12
7:12 - The Pacific Blue 12 Pro vs Blue 12
7:48 - The Graphite 12 Pro vs Black 12
8:42 - Black iPhone 12 Looks Great Black Cases
8:55 - More 12 Footage Outside (B-Roll)
9:09 - Aluminum Bottom of Red 12 (B-Roll)
9:14 - Aluminum Bottom of Blue 12 (B-Roll)
9:20 - Aluminum Bottom of Black 12 (B-Roll)
9:25 - All Colors Together Outside and Ending Remarks
All iPhone 12 Colors Unboxing Playlist: kgpost.info/local/PL7blq1gDauPv2YrBkrf4Ueblb19lmzWl2
Blue iPhone 12: kgpost.info/will/video/0XzN2Whmn4KHop4
Red iPhone 12: kgpost.info/will/video/rKXPpaWyp6iWdac
White iPhone 12: kgpost.info/will/video/1Z630nWYsXp2p78
Black iPhone 12: kgpost.info/will/video/w4aou4l_1nSBYck
Green iPhone 12: kgpost.info/will/video/j5m4x4aO2JSahNE
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Intro Song: Marble Tea - Shawn Wasabi
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J R Күн мурун
I love the way they made red and blue for the crips and bloods in LA
Aditya Rahangdale
Aditya Rahangdale 2 күн мурун
Finally some one who appreciate the pain of choosing a phone colour , thanks for this video mann helped me a ton
Hong Nguyen
Hong Nguyen 2 күн мурун
I bought the red by today. Love it.
Sourabh Nandwana
Sourabh Nandwana 3 күн мурун
Which color should I buy? It is going to be my first iphone
Patricia Adelle Flores
Patricia Adelle Flores 3 күн мурун
Can't decide between blue, black and whiteeee😖😖😖 helpppp
Sara 6385
Sara 6385 4 күн мурун
I got the white one and it’s absolutely gorgeous
Kian Koh
Kian Koh 4 күн мурун
Colors r so ugly...
Michael LaRocca
Michael LaRocca 4 күн мурун
Tasteful colors
Hads 4 күн мурун
The white along with the flat edges gives me so much nostalgia about my old iPhone 4s, so I’d go with the white if I was upgrading.
Luke O'Callaghan
Luke O'Callaghan 6 күн мурун
Perfect video, exactly what I was looking for!!!
No Name
No Name 6 күн мурун
Color red is the gays
Good Life
Good Life 9 күн мурун
(PRODUCT) R E D ♥️🔥🩸
tjenare B
tjenare B 10 күн мурун
should i get the blue of the red one?
MissRobynWatson 11 күн мурун
I really love the red one, if could buy it, i would def choose this one!
tyree bracey
tyree bracey 11 күн мурун
Is this phone the same size as the xr?
tyree bracey
tyree bracey 11 күн мурун
I don’t know what color to get and I’m treating my self to the iPhone 12 for my 20th birthday in April and I’m thinking about blue just because it’s my favorite color but I don’t want to get it and then change my mind about the color
Ej Gonzales
Ej Gonzales 11 күн мурун
I got the blue. I was attracted to it first time. But now I feel like I should have gotten the white so I can rock all sorts of cases.
Lucas. Y. Channel
Lucas. Y. Channel 12 күн мурун
Blue is the best
Mymm2gameplayisthis 12 күн мурун
Idc I’m thinking white or blue or gold
Geneviève Noël
Geneviève Noël 13 күн мурун
I was thinking about getting the blue one, but seing it besides the pacific blue 12 pro was a deal breaker for me: I don't really like it, it looked better on Apple's website! I'm gonna get the black one! Very helpful, thank you very much!!
Reza Lambat Cox
Reza Lambat Cox 14 күн мурун
great video, PRODUCT red was showcased very well. just wanted to ask what product am I looking for to protect my glass back of the iPhone, is it a skin or screen guard ?
Akshat Jindal
Akshat Jindal 14 күн мурун
Red is the ugliest
Angelo Gonzalez
Angelo Gonzalez 14 күн мурун
The red don’t look good aw. But the pacific blue is 🥴
Dumbopedia 15 күн мурун
8:40 - 8:41 you said eleven
Chrome 16 күн мурун
I'm glad u have small hands because it helps me see how big it will look to me. Everyone who reviews it has eggagerated hulk hands
Nele 16 күн мурун
Man idk what to do! As someone who's very much a fan of the iphone 4/5/SE1 model, I was so excited about the 12 and 12 pro, but I literally cannot decide which of the two to get. Because I LOVE the aluminium sides on the 12 but don't really like the glossy back, and at the same time I love the matte back of the pro but hate the glossy sides :/ I wish there was one with both matte sides and back lol
FOr Now
FOr Now 16 күн мурун
I actually really like the blue.
eggo 16 күн мурун
should i get white or green?
The BJ Channel
The BJ Channel 16 күн мурун
Blue and black Confused
momo soph
momo soph 16 күн мурун
Oooh. Thanks for this video. The green looks ugly and weird on at&t site. After watching the video i now kinda like the green, but I wish there was a side by side comparison with the green 11. I liked that color. Actually I like the 11 colors a lot better. I almost got the 11 and I kept going back and forth between the green purple and yellow and finally settled on yellow only to then decide to wait for the 12. lol. I had thought i was going to pick blue but now it's between green and red!
Aesthetics With Ella
Aesthetics With Ella 16 күн мурун
Ngl but iPhone 11 have more pretty colour lol
Win Mtwn
Win Mtwn 16 күн мурун
Team white is pure 🤍
Georgia Gabilo
Georgia Gabilo 16 күн мурун
im really excited to get my iphone 12 and just by seeing this video i already know i want probably white, but im fine with any other colour as well!
Abbey Steffen
Abbey Steffen 17 күн мурун
Team blue 💙
Ashyarriahad Mauliddiah
Ashyarriahad Mauliddiah 18 күн мурун
IceyyVortex 19 күн мурун
I already got the blue but idk why I’m watching this
V7 19 күн мурун
Apple fucked up w the colours i think this whole yr was just testing to see if its good
V7 19 күн мурун
Am i the only guy who thinks red is actually kinda nice
Ali Raza
Ali Raza 20 күн мурун
Black 🖤
demon6937 20 күн мурун
but i do prefer the deep red color, the light red or salmon color looks feminine to me
Shirley Whirley
Shirley Whirley 20 күн мурун
8:40 iphone 12*
Alfateh Yusof
Alfateh Yusof 20 күн мурун
The glossy effect on the blue really ruins the color. Tha's why the blue on the camera area looks good
Palaché Harak
Palaché Harak 21 күн мурун
You are best in presentation! 😘 😍 Following you channel! 👍🏻
Ask Fatima
Ask Fatima 21 күн мурун
Good job👍
John Lowan
John Lowan 21 күн мурун
I love a good cobalt blue
LuKa 23 күн мурун
Green or black? Someone help
Jordan Hamzee
Jordan Hamzee 12 күн мурун
Dwayne Tavier
Dwayne Tavier 24 күн мурун
I have the blue and it’s honestly gorgeous and perfect.
silver 24 күн мурун
great video
Lucas Wild
Lucas Wild 24 күн мурун
I’m down to the white
I Eat Your Head
I Eat Your Head 25 күн мурун
White rocks with the cases,green is just no, blue looks 🔥 and the reds just a ok kinda colour and black matches the boarders and is for business men lmfaoo
Britney Fearing
Britney Fearing 25 күн мурун
Team blue💙
Givenchy Homme
Givenchy Homme 27 күн мурун
01:30 The wise kitty has chosen blue. All hail blue!
850 Jojo
850 Jojo 28 күн мурун
It was no yellow and the red looked trash so i got black
mork lee
mork lee 29 күн мурун
ngl i didn’t like the red at first but it kinda grew on me
Alba Fdez
Alba Fdez 29 күн мурун
I had to get a black one bc it was the only one left and if not I would have been left without any phone but I still think black can be useful, no?
Shrikanth Bannigolkar
Shrikanth Bannigolkar 29 күн мурун
White is always Premium 👍🔥❤️
Eloren Games
Eloren Games 29 күн мурун
*I'm going to this video:* I like green. *I'm at the beginning of the video:* I like red. *I'm in the middle of the video:* I like white...
Metal Head
Metal Head 29 күн мурун
Nirmala Pareek
Nirmala Pareek 29 күн мурун
Team green.we aesthetic let's goooo
Nirmala Pareek
Nirmala Pareek 16 күн мурун
Does no one like green ok it's only me😐
Jake Myers
Jake Myers 29 күн мурун
TEAM WHITE! I had a red iPhone XR and the red gets old.
Vibhav Chandhok
Vibhav Chandhok Ай мурун
Team Red ♥️
Olivia Hanson
Olivia Hanson Ай мурун
can they please make a green that looks more green instead of mint??
YouTube Google
YouTube Google Ай мурун
Team Black 🖤🖤🖤
Naseeha Mohideen
Naseeha Mohideen Ай мурун
Red or green 🤔 gonna get my first phone 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Mike D
Mike D Ай мурун
Tough call 😳😄! Team Green, Team blue and Team white decision for me!! Blue & green are a nice change. (Light Green doesn't make a fella look girly) I've owned many black, grey and a couple white phones!
Watermelon Ай мурун
Navy blue 😘
Efraim and Sam
Efraim and Sam Ай мурун
My favourite colour is yellow. Any advice on which colour I should get because I’m thinking of getting an iPhone 12 Mini. (Yes I know I could just get the sick and awesome looking gold on the iPhone 12 Pro but I want the iPhone 12 Mini, mainly because of the size and price tag. Does anyone think I should get an iPhone 12 Pro though?)
V N Ай мурун
These look amazing. I’m so annoyed they didn’t do pro in the same colors
Butters Ай мурун
first i was thinking blue for a while but today when i got money i ordered a red as i think it's the most beautiful color for me
Zafar Mehdi
Zafar Mehdi Ай мурун
love your clean videos
austin Ай мурун
I think black IPhone 12 and red leather case with cali poppy magsafe wallet might be a good combo
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma Ай мурун
Black one and put any colored case
Ashani Thelwell
Ashani Thelwell Ай мурун
red defintely
Ryback Invented That
Ryback Invented That Ай мурун
ii can see pink hues only
more of less
more of less Ай мурун
Team red rocks
Lazymoviesta Ай мурун
I saw all of them up close and nothing beats the black. Happy with my decision.
Dylan D
Dylan D Ай мурун
I'm torn between green and white.
Olivia Ай мурун
gonna love minty green😍😍😍
Swaraj Avianne
Swaraj Avianne Ай мурун
I just recently bought iPhone 11 Should I go for iPhone 12? Help please
Chris Ай мурун
Brilliant idea holding up two phone showing off white isn't real white 3:37
Anmol Pasricha
Anmol Pasricha Ай мурун
Amazing Video..!! True Blue Is not Nice.. I’ll Go For Mint😍
Classic1337 Ай мурун
im stuck, i cant decide which to get, the iphone 11 or iphone 12, what would everyone recommend? its mostly gonna be used for listening to music for like 8 hours a day (spotify) and the occational phone call, so hard to decideeee
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma Ай мурун
Blue is the main theme this year. And also it stands out for me. 💙
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma 24 күн мурун
Parisha Mittal i just got mine too. So you live in Canada or you just bought it from there? Also we can continue this on Instagram, right?
Parisha Mittal
Parisha Mittal 24 күн мурун
@Sarthak Sharma Yeah!..I bought from Canada
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma 25 күн мурун
@Parisha Mittal and you literally replied😂 you passed the vibe check. Also, congratulations for the phone and 6k cash back if i am not wrong😛
Parisha Mittal
Parisha Mittal 25 күн мурун
@Sarthak Sharma Hey! I got my iphone 12
Parisha Mittal
Parisha Mittal Ай мурун
@Sarthak Sharma oh it's okay😂
Tony Zakaria
Tony Zakaria Ай мурун
Can you send me one
Saransh Tandon
Saransh Tandon Ай мурун
Green green
Rajinder Singh
Rajinder Singh Ай мурун
Anyone else Looking for Comment saying Team Red
Amaan K
Amaan K Ай мурун
Only WHITE has got the silver sides. Rest all I think have similar colors.
Aavirbhav Singh
Aavirbhav Singh Ай мурун
I ain’t a very big fan of black but this time I don’t in the 12 series the black turns out to be looking the best one since it’s simple and does not give any different colour hues
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Ай мурун
I need it 😭
Sam Ай мурун
Who got blue but now kinda wants white😂😅
Jay Ronn Felipe
Jay Ronn Felipe Ай мурун
Hello Daniel!! I am an android user ever since but am planning to buy iphone 12 soon. Since this will be quite a move, may I humbly ask for your opinion on which color is a better choice? Black or white? Hoping for your honest feedback and appreciate if you can share your inputs in the comment box as well. Thanks in advance! 🙂
Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh Ай мурун
First choice black,second white
orin oreo
orin oreo Ай мурун
im in love with the green one
secret star crust
secret star crust Ай мурун
I love red
Unzila Khan
Unzila Khan Ай мурун
I usually always get black and love it but something bout the white one this year is sooo nice 👀
Swoog3G Ай мурун
Just got the blue iPhone 12. Upgrading from my Pixel 2 XL back to team apple. I will miss the potential to root my phone. That's about it. Hacking phone apps was pretty fun. I can always get a cheap android to do that I guess.
Wordsfromthewise 1
Wordsfromthewise 1 Ай мурун
Fr I’m so tired of this white phone that I’m upgrading just for a different color smh any suggestions
Maryam Mustafa
Maryam Mustafa Ай мурун
Noooo! The lavender was my favvv 😭
Chris R
Chris R Ай мурун
I agree there should be a full matte version. I don't like the shiny edge of the 12 Pros, and I don't like the shiny back of the 12s. 😒
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