Infinity Train Review: Book 1 - The Perennial Child (Part 2)

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Uncivilized Elk

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The 2nd part of my Infinity Train Book 1 review, covering episodes 6 through 10.
If you haven't seen Part 1, do so at the following link:
The Unfinished Car establishes pieces for the finale and Tulip’s ability to see herself in others.
The Chrome Car had Mirror Tulip on the run from the Flecs. Eager to see more Mirror Police and Mirror Tulip in Book Two: Cracked Reflection.
The Ball Pit Car served up some childhood relaxation followed by severe trauma.
The Past Car had Tulip learn the backstory of the Conductor.
The Engine had Tulip confront Amelia to save Atticus, while One-One finally finds their mom. Tulip finally returns home, capable of adapting to life's changes, and ready for anything.
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Pegasus Puff
Pegasus Puff Күн мурун
8:04 especially for infinity train
Really Lazy name
Really Lazy name Ай мурун
If you think about it saw and infinity train are not so apart
Katie Lewis
Katie Lewis 4 күн мурун
Or even Polar Express.
CheesyJam Productions
CheesyJam Productions Ай мурун
yeah, the cat really does want to help tulip a lot. almost like shes trying to redeem herself for something :D
Gear_Storm Ай мурун
I feel like the bad feelings Tulip struggles with about the divorce not "being her fault" is not feeling like theyre fighting because of her, but feeling like shes responsible for fixing it.
SorcererXIII Ай мурун
Gwen Tennyson, is that you?
PickYourPoison Ай мурун
My mom was like *gasp* What The F*ck When she saw the dog died and became a thing. I don’t know how to spell his name but I know what it is. I was just laughing cause I already saw it and she was like This show is focked up. Misspelled on purpose.
nate Leuthner
nate Leuthner Ай мурун
This episode reminds me of my life though trophy shit man
nate Leuthner
nate Leuthner Ай мурун
Woah, I did not continously switch videos. Trippy shit man definitely not time to start working with machines yet.
ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ
ឃួន សុវណ្ណអធិភូ 3 ай мурун
Life can be messy sometimes Me: well look at that the tower and the other structure are floating without ground.
P9 4 ай мурун
I found a few of parallels between Mirror Tulip and Fern; like, especially when Fern was Finn Sword. They are both alternate versions of the main character that can't go into the main world and can't really do anything to affect the main character until, for Finn Sword, merging with the Grass Sword and for Mirror Tulip, Prime Tulip having to pull her out via a mirror. Both of them try to do their own thing after they are brought out of where they were stuck in.
Ryan Blaz
Ryan Blaz 4 ай мурун
Season 1 feels like Portal 2, or at least the first half, going through chamber after chamber being controlled by a misguided robot voice, with a funny orb shaped robot helping, until in the end, she is replaced.
JerusalemStrayCat 4 ай мурун
The bit about the Conductor prioritizing passengers' lives over denizens hits different now that Book 3 is out
João P. Santos
João P. Santos 4 ай мурун
22:25 I'm from the future, if you haven't seen Book 3 yet don't read further... Yes
Rhys Lee
Rhys Lee 4 ай мурун
nobody: Me at lake: their pronouns are not you
Tomas Tur
Tomas Tur 4 ай мурун
The mech size couldve also been easily solved with different versions of the mech, it was just a different one.
Phoebe Espeon
Phoebe Espeon 4 ай мурун
she cut her hair to be as short as lakes in chrome car ending
ThePackingPanda 5 ай мурун
I was watching this and when your were in the past car episode when you said the sires for the Stewart for some reason my Siri turned on lol
iara 5 ай мурун
Good review! i love watching these videos i always end up noticing things that i failed to notice even after watching the series twice. I work as a storyboard artist and every so often im crushed by the feeling that no one is ever gonna even notice if i put in effort, work on details, do background gags and all that, but these videos never fail to make me feel better. I'll most likely never work on anything as big as infinity train but if 40k people care and now know this much about it, theres probably at least one person out there that will notice the effort i put into the cartoons i work on.
Selena Grandville
Selena Grandville 5 ай мурун
I feel like with the Steward in episode corgi, it was less an inadvertent use of "the frequency" as there was no tone response from the Steward, which was common for the Conductor's beeps. It was probably just "oh shit that orb dude, better go and report this right now byeeeeEEEEE"
Bruno the Existor
Bruno the Existor 5 ай мурун
I honestly find it kind of weird that they chose not to give her a reflection. Yeah, it makes sense with Mirror Tulip, but she's gonna have to explain that to everyone she meets, no? And if the train can alter the real world like this, and you're allowed to tell anyone about it (Jesse and his brother), then why don't more people know about it and it hasn't had a bigger impact on the real world?
Melono Melon
Melono Melon 5 ай мурун
6:25 😳
Jack Briggs
Jack Briggs 6 ай мурун
8:25 the tone in his voice changed so much lmao
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 8 ай мурун
i just realized tulips are perennial flowers... sooo shes coming back eventually? 🤔
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 8 ай мурун
i forgot fast food playplaces have all been gone for a minuteee now do kids even know about them!?
Josh Elderkin
Josh Elderkin 8 ай мурун
why are your videos makeing me cry as much as the show did
Anemone 8 ай мурун
The infinity train book 1 dvd was released recently so I was finally able to watch it and your elaborate review of it. I would like to add another possible meaning to the turtles, the phrase "it's turtles all the way down" is usually used to describe an obsession and Amelia is very much obsessed with trying to bring Alric back. I think her seeing the train as a tool for her fantasies instead of for her growth really points to it, because she KNOWS if her number hits 0 she'll be free, but she just keeps trying to build this fantasy. She thinks she's spent so much time already she might as well keep going in the same direction even though her desired outcome might never happen instead of the opposite direction where there is a measurable progress bar with a definite and clear outcome but that seems daunting and too long a process. Great video as always, hope you're doing well
Rahel Kranl
Rahel Kranl 8 ай мурун
Could somebody tell me where I can watch this in europe? Ive searched for a long time today but I cant watch it on amazon, i dont have netflix, its not on cartoon network etc. whats the best option?
Alyssa Clarke
Alyssa Clarke 4 ай мурун
Bur Nut
Bur Nut 9 ай мурун
does anyone know how can i watch book 1 pls
Bur Nut
Bur Nut 8 ай мурун
@Mr.Greg it said "Sorry this video is unavailable: DMCA Takedown"
Mr.Greg 8 ай мурун
i watched through the whole series here / episode/infinity-train-series-episode-1/?server=drive4 just make sure to remove the spaces
Josip Kefer
Josip Kefer 11 ай мурун
Me:sees duck painting Also me:EPIC quack
Audrey mew
Audrey mew 11 ай мурун
My last post being the ranting ravings of a lone basement dwelling cartoonist, focused on their own thoughts and wants of expression, I'd like to just say here that this video was fantastic. I enjoyed it almost as thoroughly as I did the mini-series of its focus. It made me contemplative, introspective, and critical, all in uncommon (for me) and even new ways that gave rise to original ideas and revelations that the series didn't even accomplish inspiring in me.
Audrey mew
Audrey mew 11 ай мурун
Brainfoodstuffs for your evermore-&-more thoughtful consideration, my wapiti
Briqt Wemmde
Briqt Wemmde 11 ай мурун
amelia heads the apex, I'm callin it
Grant H
Grant H 11 ай мурун
I wish you would do some adventure time season 5 reviews. I really love your videos keep up the great work
Finkster5 11 ай мурун
Book 2 started a day before my birthday (apparently I'm not the only one as I saw down in the comments), so I had a nice birthday week with Book 2 and AGDQ both running through it. Pretty awesome stuff. And then of course the Owl House on the 10th, even if I forgot about it at the time and had to go back to it later.
Cooe 11 ай мурун
15:35 Gotta disagree with you COMPLETELY here. Amelia's reveal was great.
Cannabis Hornliu
Cannabis Hornliu Жыл мурун
The thing that I really love about Infinity Train that is all about Character Development and growing packed in a mysterious and magical setting thanks to the train. Also the whole possiblities in character growth. Tulip: Acceptance Lake: Finding yourself Amelia? (Future season): Redemption/Moving on
NANCOK Жыл мурун
I feel like the moral of the story wasn't about self reflection alone, because finding a solution to a mental obstacle can be easy, but sometimes the hardest part is finding out WHAT is the obstacle to begin with During the whole show she shows many issues wich in the end wheren't really issues (at first she shows signs of bottling her feelings, wich she doesn't. Blaming herself, wich she doesn't. And at the end, sticking too much to logic) all things she already learnt to surpass in the past but the viewers did not know, distracting from the real issue wich was already there but was like an elephant in the room
Ryan Long
Ryan Long Жыл мурун
6:28 oh boy your wrong (talking about season 2)
Chicory Blue
Chicory Blue Жыл мурун
Elk, you never fail to make my days better by taking the things I love and showing me how to love them even more. I'm so glad somebody as astute and thoughtful as you would turn his talents to cartoons of all things- that you do such an incredible job of bringing to light just how deep and beautiful these stories can be is a credit to animation itself. I hope you understand just what a difference you make to people, you amazing beautiful weirdo. Stay awesome.
Cannabis Hornliu
Cannabis Hornliu Жыл мурун
Season 3 or 4 with Amelia? Could be possible! :-)
SD Goliath
SD Goliath Жыл мурун
Am I the only one who wants that mech it's so cool
Azalea Adair
Azalea Adair Жыл мурун
When he didn't address the pretty men of the world. I felt that
Confused NinjaX
Confused NinjaX Жыл мурун
You sound like you're feeling much better. I'm really glad for that =) Good video!
Confused NinjaX
Confused NinjaX Жыл мурун
Well, crap! It's impressive that you're pushing through then!
Uncivilized Elk
Uncivilized Elk Жыл мурун
I'm not feeling any better whatsoever, haha, but thanks!
Just Potato
Just Potato Жыл мурун
You have to make a video about Book 2! Book 1 wasent bad but Book 2 is just so much better in my opinion.
theflashgirl18 Жыл мурун
Omg. What if tulip gets back on the train bc she is bullied in book 3
Omnimegas Жыл мурун
fun fact: Amelia is also arbitrarily named after a particular kind of flower! Tulip really is The Cat's favorite :P [slight book 2 spoiler] it does also show later on that The Cat really DOES have a modicum of care for Tulip, since her reaction to seeing MT made it almost sound like she had desperate concern in her voice for a hot second. if/when we get book 3, I'm hoping to god we get as much of Kate Mulgrowl as physically possible
hsua v
hsua v 4 ай мурун
After seeing what i can if book 3 (I'm not getting HBO max ) but it seems the cat sees tulip as a second chance at what she had with Simon.
dangerislander 6 ай мурун
Do you think the Cat was really going to help Tulip in book 1 when she first took One-One? I have theory The Cat was going to put One-One back as the the conductor and help Tulip deplete her numbers.
Mike ZAMORA Жыл мурун
Can't wait for Book 2!
Mike ZAMORA 5 ай мурун
@Adam Kravetz Can't wait for Book 4 😏
MaxZaps Gaming ZepZeap
MaxZaps Gaming ZepZeap Жыл мурун
I rather think that the whole MT deal is different. Perhaps the Train is connected to alternate dimensions, which is why the technology is so advanced that it's strangely magical, that's how technology works in that dimension. I also feel like most cars are their own seperate universe simply attached to the train, a literal whole new world is created with almost every car. I feel like the Chrome Car actually does show a real Mirror Universe, which is obviously very much justified in book 2 but I won't spoil it. Basically what I'm saying is that places such as the Chrome Car just show alternate universes that are connected to others in ways such as reflections, the Chrome Car simply allowed MT and other reflections that walk in there to break the boundaries of their Mirror Universe
MaxZaps Gaming ZepZeap
MaxZaps Gaming ZepZeap Жыл мурун
@Ferd Ferd.D I mean it can most certainly travel to Earth, and perhaps Humans are just some of the few intelligent species out there who can be changed through the train's influence. And we can't be entirely sure, 1-1 is constantly making train cars with the help of his 'mom' so for all we know there could be some little green men passengers in the caboose or something
i cannot do any tricks sadly
i cannot do any tricks sadly Жыл мурун
thank you for using they pronouns for one-one!! not a lot of people realize this
squirrel dude
squirrel dude Жыл мурун
i mean it only makes sense when they are two entities that just travel as one
Random DJ
Random DJ Жыл мурун
Now that Book 2 ended, I realized something. In the cameo in the first episode of Book 1, we don’t see Amelia in her mech, we actually see the pod that drops her off
Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr)
Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr) Жыл мурун
Wyvernagon Жыл мурун
i just noticed at the end Tulip has a book named "The Sweet Life of Math and Coding" lmao
WhatSoWhat 2 ай мурун
T Knee
T Knee 6 ай мурун
That’s so funny 🤣
Erica Dossett
Erica Dossett Жыл мурун
Please review book 2!!!
Nikola Vranic
Nikola Vranic Жыл мурун
The ONLY review that I’ll watch 👏🏼👌🏼 Always such good thinking process. Thank you for this treat ❤️
Mikeageles Жыл мурун
It was actually revealed by one of the Flex cops that Mirror Tulip or Empty is a Train production to help Tulip grow, but later on she got her own personality and actually grew herself
J B Жыл мурун
Mikeageles MT not empty
Shaby 28
Shaby 28 Жыл мурун
I love your reviews so much! You deserve a lot more views and subs!
alexis castillo
alexis castillo Жыл мурун
When do you think you'll do a review on Book 2.
SpeedyMicherGD Жыл мурун
MT is now known as Lake. We have a name now
Sammy13Nation Жыл мурун
Infinity train is one of the best shows in the world. It's done so beautifully and its amazing
killaki l
killaki l 5 ай мурун
@Sammy13Nation yeah for sure dude
Sammy13Nation 5 ай мурун
@killaki l this is my opinion and that's your opinion. Neither is a fact. I enjoyed it alot, you didn't as much. It's good were not the same though, if everyone was the same that would get boring lol. Have a good one dude
killaki l
killaki l 5 ай мурун
Hm I wouldn't say it's one of the best shows in the world but to each their own I guess. I didn't enjoy it as much personally...
Amelia Lee
Amelia Lee Жыл мурун
I love his videos so much 🥰🥰 (Also, unrelated: Merch is...something I...need, I think.)
Melon Lord
Melon Lord Жыл мурун
Yes I know this is about book 1, but Spoiler warning When Jesse's brother asks MT what her name was and she said "I'm Lake" man that hit me hard bro
Kale Andrews
Kale Andrews Жыл мурун
I saw the lack of reflection and a day later realised what it meant. And I also thought Atikus would go back to normal because of the morphing.
Baby Жыл мурун
Can´t wait for your video about Book 2, I think it was a grateful surprise
Ignacio Landivar
Ignacio Landivar Жыл мурун
AvoSmash Жыл мурун
I read those black turtles were not understood even by Over The Garden Wall's creator himself!
absolute dumbass
absolute dumbass Жыл мурун
Great commentary! Can't wait for your analysis of book 2!
Casual Bird
Casual Bird Жыл мурун
I've certainly been loving book 2 as well, it has an interesting different tone to it
Aldrin Limos
Aldrin Limos Жыл мурун
Broke: Amelia's Conductor Mech not being consistent in size represents the difference in attitude Tulip had about her between the 2 episodes. Woke: Amelia made TWO MECHS.
Cannabis Hornliu
Cannabis Hornliu 11 ай мурун
You know the WOKE thing could be possible because Atticus clearly damaged her suit in Episode 8 by bitting out some of the cables. Maybe some of them were important and Amelia need to switch the mech. :-)
Matthew Palomino
Matthew Palomino Жыл мурун
Good to hear from you dude.
Chill Gaming15
Chill Gaming15 Жыл мурун
I just finished season 2 and there are more questions in the ending
Indigo Fire
Indigo Fire Жыл мурун
When you realize there was a actual infinity train in adventure time
Joshua Troy
Joshua Troy 2 ай мурун
Owen Dennis actually wrote that episode!
Smokey Blue
Smokey Blue Жыл мурун
Yep, all Adventure Time fans who hear about IT make that comparison
Kojin Жыл мурун
One critique of your critique. I appreciate your insight but i feel like you ask more of a "cartoon" than is resonable at times. Claiming that its weird that the king of corgis can fly out of his alien cockroach soul eater body and one shot the robotic tentacle machine gun steward; requires one to ignore the absurdity of the rest of the situation to focus on a single instance of absurdity. Just a thought but i don't think that kind of critique leads anywhere and can be chocked up to fun animation which is utilizing the art form for its intended purpose.
Kojin Жыл мурун
@Uncivilized Elk Very fair, Ill remove the comment. Thank you as always for a fantastic video. Its no exaggeration to say that this is the first thing I did after finishing it!
Uncivilized Elk
Uncivilized Elk Жыл мурун
That section was a comment, not a critique.
carla bo barla
carla bo barla Жыл мурун
Excuse me sir, I would just like to come here and mention that I love your videos. u r incredibly fine nd culd hit this any day
squirrel dude
squirrel dude Жыл мурун
well damn that's a bit.... _forward,_ to say the least lol
Kayla Silverstein
Kayla Silverstein Жыл мурун
First we had Tulip getting onto the train and spending the entire time trying frantically to get back off, and now here we have Jesse just casually strolling through the cars with his deer like it’s a vacation and I love it😂😂
Kayla Silverstein
Kayla Silverstein 11 ай мурун
jeremy smith true that
jeremy smith
jeremy smith 11 ай мурун
I think the overall question for the viewer in the first season is what is the train.
chile anyways-
chile anyways- Жыл мурун
hooray uncivilized elk uploaded nskdksjdksjdkabdksjdjs
심지호 Жыл мурун
subtitle pls...
심지호 8 ай мурун
@Harrison Haverly oh no no its ok there was no subtitle but now its fine
Harrison Haverly
Harrison Haverly 8 ай мурун
There are English subtitles, if you want another language you'll have to use a video translating website (, etc.)
Izzy Hall
Izzy Hall Жыл мурун
Sorry for the tangent (XD) but I once tried to shapeshift into the OTGW black turtle in a lucid dream. I didn't succeed :P
유성문 Жыл мурун
You really dig out the every point of this series. I love it thx
Guts Masterson
Guts Masterson Жыл мурун
Surprised you didn’t bring up the secret of Atticus and Aloysius and Alrick. If you read them together, Atticus and Aloysius are both failed attempts to create a new Alrick. Perhaps that is the reason Amelia ghomified Atticus.
Chesire Saxofone
Chesire Saxofone Жыл мурун
JamerTheGamer Жыл мурун
Your editing and words are so good!! KEEP IT THE HECK UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
under_score. yt
under_score. yt Жыл мурун
I missed your videos, glad you're back.
NoirRaven Жыл мурун
Good thing I watched it first because you did not hold back, sir. Seriously, where was the spoiler warning? That said... I am not satisfied with the ending because it raises _all_ the questions, which I suppose it should but I hate being left with unanswered questions. I also hate it when shows write themselves into corners so convoluted they then use time skips to literally skip passed the more difficult scenarios their show raises. Sure, they only had so much run time but I would've liked a return scene where she tries to explain all of this, _especially_ the lack of reflection. How has no one noticed she doesn't have one nearly a _year_ after the fact? (I mean, her mom noticed she needed glasses when she was like, five. How has she become this unobservant since then?) How real is this train anyway? How does it function? How does it come to our world? It's too real to be a metaphor so... _how?_ Also, what's the cats story? Who made her; how long has she been there; what's her purpose and why is she soooo conniving all the time? Oh Jesus Christ, it's Alice in Wonderland, modernized, isn't it? She's the Cheshire Cat. Okay, while that explains some of what went on, it doesn't cover everything, like how this train works. It's not like in Alice in Wonderland where Alice wakes up from a _dream_ she had under a tree; this train is supposedly real, picks up real people and has lasting effects on their personal beings (ie the missing reflection.) All of this makes me skeptical of my enjoyment for book 2 because the only thing I want to know (and the only mystery left) is about the train. Who built it? Why was it built? Why is it never ending? Why add more cars? What's with the arbitrary scoring system? Why is it designed to punish people and make them seek penance for what is, imo, rather benign "sins?" Are the beings it generates aware they're artificially generated and can disappear at a moment's notice? How does it come to earth? In Amelia's memory, the fucking university roof just disappears and boom, there's these tracks that come from no where and go no where. Is.... is this a visual metaphor for suicide? _Is this HELL?_ Was Amelia going to jump? If not, how did she know about the train? Why didn't she question it just appearing in front of her? AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH! This show is so delightfully frustrating. It's one of the better animated shows I've seen, the characters are all lovable, relatable, realistic, and I agree that the dialog is very organic, though when they got expository or literally had to say the lesson of the day, it did wear thinner with me than it did with you. Also, I'm surprised you never mentioned the differences between the Corgi Car episode and the pilot (which was basically the same episode but with some minor changes, such as: the shadow still being cast by a spider but it was illuminated by a stage/work light. Everything seemed more material/real too; being made of real world wires, lighting, piping, etc. It makes me wonder if there was a darker plot in mind, such as Amelia being an amoral doctor manipulating this girl she abducted via stage magic than the actual magic that seems to comprise the train and landscape around it.)
Champsr0ck2247 Жыл мурун
I mean the show is planned for at least 3 Seasons, so most of your questions are just questions that won't be answered yet. We don't know if people will notice Tulip's lack of reflection. Hell its easier to notice a kid needing glasses because they will squint to see things. You get answers to the Cat's existence and the Number system in Book 2. You can theorize that each passenger that boards the train is actually moments away from death. Tulip was in the freezing cold at night and exhausted, Amelia was on the roof of a school.... You can theorize that the train is just a 2nd chance at life.
AncientDarkness Жыл мурун
We missed you so much bro. Legit thought you died or something
Why Born
Why Born Жыл мурун
As a person who is still dealing with my own parents’ divorce, I needed this show.
Ordana's Inferno
Ordana's Inferno Жыл мурун
So glad you’re back! Amazing and intriguing thoughts as always!
Ser Smiles
Ser Smiles Жыл мурун
can we get a soundtrack analysis on this show? it does well to set the tone and feels of the moments and chrome canyon is incredible
Ser Smiles
Ser Smiles Жыл мурун
this half was incredible, loved it you're upload amount isnt many but I'm always pleased to hear your voice and content
King Treedede
King Treedede Жыл мурун
Epic sauce our favorite elk is temporarily back
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Жыл мурун
delariean Жыл мурун
Don't forget about the train documentaries that were released before book 2. I'd like to hear your take on them as I consider them to be book 1.5 or a bridge to book 2
Sprawlz Жыл мурун
It’s honestly so great to hear your voice again
Unorthodox Individual
Unorthodox Individual Жыл мурун
Like a Phoenix he rises, and just in time for Book 2 Glad to see you back again Elk
K'hari Jordan
K'hari Jordan Жыл мурун
I would have loved the ending if tulip didn't get what she wanted in her life. The trip to her game camp and still coped with her parents being away from each other. Something about her getting what she wants was off. It reminded me of magic girl from adventure Time and how she compared fin strife to get his brother back ,while her struggles to get who she wanted was met with failure after failure. Showing that yeah life can just be horrible for no real reason at all. You can do what others tell you or do what they did but there is no guarantee of happynese. Only a chance. And sometimes some things will way heavy on your Hart till your death.
K'hari Jordan
K'hari Jordan Жыл мурун
@Champsr0ck2247 true. She did need to wait. But was she impatient because she needed to accept change or was she impatient because she doesn't like relying on others for help like what her mirror side said? Oh wait....... maybe this is my OCD acting up. I guess the ending doesn't need to reflect the lesson.
Champsr0ck2247 Жыл мурун
It just didnt seem like the camp was a one-time thing. Her going the following year seems quite normal, Tulip was just too frustrated to wait, she's like 12. The whole lesson was about accepting change.
K'hari Jordan
K'hari Jordan Жыл мурун
@Champsr0ck2247 It completely up ends the lesson for me. Unless the lesson was get what you want exactly how you want just wait for it.
K'hari Jordan
K'hari Jordan Жыл мурун
@Champsr0ck2247 Getting it any time in her life is a bit of a problem I ment. The reason why her dad couldn't take her just doesn't exist anymore. His boss doesn't want him for overtime or her got a new job that leaves him open for more time for his kid. If she was ready for anything I would like to see her be ready to never really go to game camp. Actually that's unrealistic. At some point she could just go by her self. Finding a substitute for game camp would be acceptable. Just not get exactly how she wanted it is good enough for me. Not that how it ended was bad I'm just not into it.
Champsr0ck2247 Жыл мурун
She actually misses her game camp and goes the next year though. Time passes normally on the train, so Tulip was actually missing for months.
Sansibones Serif
Sansibones Serif Жыл мурун
I like how he calls her “bud“ because her name is Tulip. That’s just so adorable. She really is “budding” into a young woman.
Something Funny
Something Funny Жыл мурун
I love Ashley Johnsons work in infinity train
Imor's Trash
Imor's Trash Жыл мурун
Wow just yesterday I was watching again the review of the first half of Infinity Train and I swear to glob that I was wishing you upload the second part today! Guess my Christmas came true! Even though Chrismas is already over.
Imor's Trash
Imor's Trash Жыл мурун
Psych well I guess that makes sense, my Christmas spirit can still live waiting for the next Christmas and since time passes so fast I bet It won't feel that long
V P Жыл мурун
Loved the analysis, but after taking a look at some of the freeze frames... Oh man, so many animation and character design errors.
Soakaliz Жыл мурун
You're alive yay!
Yours Жыл мурун
Missed your reviews!
brandy :3
brandy :3 Жыл мурун
hello sir, i just started watching your videos but you’re a fucking genius dude
Infinity Train Review: S2E1 - The Black Market Car
Uncivilized Elk
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Infinity Train Review: S2E3 - The Map Car
Uncivilized Elk
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Cyberpunk 2077 - Our Commitment to Quality
Cyberpunk 2077
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Dax - Eminem "Rap God" Remix [One Take Video]
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I Asked Her to Be My Girlfriend...
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107 Infinity Train Facts You Should Know | Channel Frederator
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Elements Miniseries Megareview (Adventure Time S9E2-9)
Uncivilized Elk
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Infinity Train Review: S3E2 - The Jungle Car
Uncivilized Elk
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Bee and PuppyCat Full Series (Ep. 1-10) - Cartoon Hangover
Cartoon Hangover
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Adventure Time Review: S10E10 - Jake the Starchild
Uncivilized Elk
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Infinity Train Review: S3E3 - The Debutante Ball Car
Uncivilized Elk
Көрүүлөр 28 миӊ.
Cyberpunk 2077 - Our Commitment to Quality
Cyberpunk 2077
Көрүүлөр 2,1 млн
Dax - Eminem "Rap God" Remix [One Take Video]
Көрүүлөр 1,8 млн
I Asked Her to Be My Girlfriend...
Көрүүлөр 1,3 млн
GachaLife TikTok Compilation#53
Gacha Shiro
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Space Force Basic Training VS Angry Drill SGT
Angry Cops
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Who Does 22 Become? | Pixar Theory
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DECLARATION OF WAR!! | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Breakdown
Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High (Final Trailer)
Machine Gun Kelly
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Rioting: Only Ok When We Do It!
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