In a Zombie apocalypse...

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12 күн мурун

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Against actual zombies I'm scrapping 😤
Oddwin - 19

Zidstar 7 мүнөт мурун
Edith Dela Cruz
Edith Dela Cruz 24 мүнөт мурун
I just realized that caleb made the Pizza meme where He falls in The stairs
R͜͡ed๛٭Eye 27 мүнөт мурун
Caleb : Zombie Apocalypse Me: *Gamer Mode On*
Samar Malhotra
Samar Malhotra 38 мүнөт мурун
MrBeast should have commented on this video cause of the Beast hoodie
The_Savage Haitian
The_Savage Haitian Саат мурун
Tarumarugan Саат мурун
0:36 You not doing it? 😂
Evin Pangelinan
Evin Pangelinan 3 саат мурун
Oh shit that’s the bat that the rob -I - I ment burglar had in that one video
jay 4 саат мурун
ayo the pizza here
Nicholas Oldick
Nicholas Oldick 4 саат мурун
Boil water. You have drinkable water.
Xp is Sus
Xp is Sus 5 саат мурун
Overpowered protagonist vs overpowered Villain Must do please
You're Breathtaking!
You're Breathtaking! 5 саат мурун
yo that beast merch tho gg
Beetle juice
Beetle juice 5 саат мурун
I love your videos 📹 😍 ❤
Lexi Bonner
Lexi Bonner 5 саат мурун
Yo this is amazing
Mac Godwin
Mac Godwin 5 саат мурун
Seems kinda weird for the power to be on but the water to be gone
Pixel Wanderer
Pixel Wanderer 5 саат мурун
"Bro I'm listing off what we have at 6th grade camp." Damn. Never made the comparison before but, he got me convinced. _Proceeds to lay down onto the carpet and closes eyes as zombies bang on the front doors and windows_
OGK Breath
OGK Breath 6 саат мурун
every video i forget its a single guy
Sally Adams
Sally Adams 6 саат мурун
"shoulda led with that" 😂😂😂
Frost Spark
Frost Spark 6 саат мурун
"I just think it'd be cool to fight zombies bro" Bruh same
EVPOP 6 саат мурун
While they're arguing people are getting eaten outside! XD
Esteban 6 саат мурун
3:41 When you start rambling about your favorite video game, movie or tv show and they cut you halfway saying they don't know what you're talking about.
thumbs up
thumbs up 7 саат мурун
tbf if everyone stays inside the zombie virus can't spread effectively OH WAIT i forgot about COVID
Miranda Beasley
Miranda Beasley 7 саат мурун
That is a good point
SolarMoonGacha 8 саат мурун
This video had reignited my childhood trama
Jay Tee
Jay Tee 8 саат мурун
When you mentioned the water, I wanted you to say "doodoo water" so bad!
Samuel Miranda
Samuel Miranda 9 саат мурун
At first I was like whaaaaaat. But then I realized it was probably what I would have done too.
Dankest Weeb
Dankest Weeb 9 саат мурун
If this vpn helps me in a zombie apocalypse then you bet your sweet biffy I am
Mx1Bs 9 саат мурун
Haysales 9 саат мурун
0:40 he was sleeping to make sure the zombies despawn so he can go mining
JustForComments 9 саат мурун
highkey sounds like the Sweet Home universe- idk why anyone there would do anything other than wait for death lol
itsJeth _
itsJeth _ 10 саат мурун
this guy has the best military commander voice
Bubbly Wubbly
Bubbly Wubbly 11 саат мурун
Will there be a comfortable bed *He says as he's laying on the ground*
Foxyct idk why I make videos
Foxyct idk why I make videos 11 саат мурун
This is what we would probably all do
Rik Jones
Rik Jones 11 саат мурун
I mean or you could fight to make a less hard life for the ones who come after you??
75 EpiclyGrapes
75 EpiclyGrapes 12 саат мурун
Good thing he’s wearing beast merch
King J Aries
King J Aries 12 саат мурун
Only a matter of time before this actually happens, good things gamers been woke and preparing for this
Emzard 12 саат мурун
I'ma just read High School of the Dead and act like the MC of Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint I have a PhD in Zombie Apocalypse
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia 12 саат мурун
Man I just thought it’d be fun to kill some zombies !
David 13 саат мурун
Someone else noticed that thicc mrbeast huddy?
Eduardo Freitas
Eduardo Freitas 13 саат мурун
tbh it would be cool to box zombies
Crøwn Official
Crøwn Official 13 саат мурун
That ending tho
NFRMRY Media 14 саат мурун
Dino Dude Is Gonna Scream !
Dino Dude Is Gonna Scream ! 14 саат мурун
I like how he is just wearing mr beast merch
Reizo Hiromitsu
Reizo Hiromitsu 15 саат мурун
U still sell merch?
paranormal lazivity
paranormal lazivity 15 саат мурун
I feel like this is a metaphor of some sort...
cpk d
cpk d 15 саат мурун
02:28 the *DOO DOO WATER*
max hammer
max hammer 15 саат мурун
The "OH NO!" From the news guy when the zombies got in had me dead
Bruin Winters
Bruin Winters 16 саат мурун
Watching the Walking Dead and my friend sent this. I have never felt the word soap so heavily in my life until now.
A Human
A Human 17 саат мурун
Dat Beast hoodie tho
bertoj82 17 саат мурун
Android Playerz
Android Playerz 17 саат мурун
Mr beast hoodie lol
Patrick McCormack
Patrick McCormack 19 саат мурун
Look at that MrBeast merch support! 🔥💯
ッGovos 19 саат мурун
my friend said zombie apologize looool
MeME Lord
MeME Lord 19 саат мурун
Why am i not subed yet
Pop Poppers
Pop Poppers 19 саат мурун
Your Vids Are Always so funny man. Keep Up The Good Work
Aymen 20 саат мурун
The question is: are they gonna be Walking dead kinda zombies or Resident evil kinda zombies?
John Zhou
John Zhou 8 саат мурун
in general, most people consider zombies to be the slow type, or walking dead, since its the most common one.
Guy with walls
Guy with walls 20 саат мурун
You should make another zombie video like this
wusenrob 21 саат мурун
first thing I would take out of any type of apocalypse is that it could be cool
hayden holmstrom
hayden holmstrom 22 саат мурун
Im pretty sure plumimg isnt gonna stop, or the internet. Or like most other things
Phosphophyllite Springheart
Phosphophyllite Springheart 22 саат мурун
I mean so that's why there are so many people bitten early in a zombie movie, not because they're bitten by the zombies, but because they don't want the survive-today shit.
Gabbie 19
Gabbie 19 23 саат мурун
They better be drivin a pickup truck and have irish luck at looting 7-11 stores or else they ain't survivin the apocalypse
Aelliam Timothy Osman
Aelliam Timothy Osman 23 саат мурун
The mr.beast hoody thoXD
Mako 23 саат мурун
I click on the ads just so that you benefit, bro that's REAL SUPPORT
Silverback Wamahiu
Silverback Wamahiu 23 саат мурун
Faith FH
Faith FH Күн мурун
Lol. Yellow hoodie would be me.
Xdeadlyxphantom Күн мурун
What kind of zombies are we talking here Dawn of the Dead Resident Evil 28 Days Later Train to Brazil Left 4 Dead The Walking Dead
Luka Stojanović
Luka Stojanović Күн мурун
just break into ur closest museum and take a medieval armor, what are zombies gonna do with their rotten teeth to a plate of armor
Kimberly Brito
Kimberly Brito Күн мурун
Deadass how I've thought about it going down sometimes I sometimes think I'd just be like nah fam guess that's it
Boss nation_01
Boss nation_01 Күн мурун
Idk man I’ve been ask and told this question many times not only that but like I already know what I’m doing
Deathly Instance
Deathly Instance Күн мурун
O my goodness. That twist ending.
Alan Stanlin Aragon Nolasco
Alan Stanlin Aragon Nolasco Күн мурун
Thats true it will be cool to fight zombies
boi guy
boi guy Күн мурун
Bro the abilty to be unreasonably violent for not a reason is great ultimate stress relief
President C4
President C4 Күн мурун
If the zombies can run, I'm giving up from the jump
ApocalypseZer0 Күн мурун
All imma say is if I pull up and say we out on a zombie apocalypse and you saw nah you just signed up to be bait
TheJinx14 Күн мурун
Bruh that plot twist I just thought it’d be cool to fight zombies
TheJinx14 Күн мурун
Beast merch
Indigenous Black
Indigenous Black Күн мурун
IG : Truegodco Fresh Seamoss organic💪🏿🌳⚡ natural quality price👑
Jake Joker
Jake Joker Күн мурун
Trying to survive a zombie apocalypse does sound more entertaining than spending 40 or so years working a job you hate with the only thing to look forward to is a few years of retirement while your health goes to crap and you await your inevitable death.
Immanuel Blessing Bare
Immanuel Blessing Bare Күн мурун
The water bottle in the back ground lol
tireless Күн мурун
Nice beast merch
GalaxyOfReeses KIng
GalaxyOfReeses KIng Күн мурун
his next skit should be "Playing any realistic shooter for the first time" where his friend convinces him to play it, and he has to do all these ridiculous things, and when he fails _one_ thing his whole team starts yelling at him through voice chat
Brandon Borlaza
Brandon Borlaza Күн мурун
he made some valid points tho ngl
Tushar Rajeevan
Tushar Rajeevan Күн мурун
Well its a better idea to just stay inside🤣
Quick gamer
Quick gamer Күн мурун
A zombie apocalypse wouldn’t even get far cuz 1 the military and government already have a plan, and second the zombies would rot away too fast before they even bite someone
Ja ja the new king
Ja ja the new king Күн мурун
The hole reason zombie apocalypse suck.
caleb rucka
caleb rucka Күн мурун
Joey Rath
Joey Rath Күн мурун
Maybe, no no no no, yes.
Playboy Collins
Playboy Collins Күн мурун
I would kill myself
Sav F
Sav F Күн мурун
Don’t give 2021 any ideas
Dave Smurf
Dave Smurf Күн мурун
UwU Don't click pls
UwU Don't click pls Күн мурун
So no one's gonna mention he's literally wearing MrBeast merch.
UwU Don't click pls
UwU Don't click pls 5 саат мурун
@natalie portman fan bundle plan ?
natalie portman fan bundle plan
natalie portman fan bundle plan 6 саат мурун
pls pls heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stopppppp come on😭😭😭
UwU Don't click pls
UwU Don't click pls 6 саат мурун
@natalie portman fan bundle plan That's out of context. Really thought someone, ought to have done it already.
natalie portman fan bundle plan
natalie portman fan bundle plan Күн мурун
Well you did so someone did
Masked Player
Masked Player Күн мурун
Use the bat to knock out the teeth no take out nails not weapons= no wounds = friendly zombie
Sean-Edward Varner
Sean-Edward Varner Күн мурун
This is literally what 2020 felt like and what 2021 is feeling like. Except for the last part about fighting zombies being interesting nothing is interesting
Ajmccallum92 Күн мурун
Aaaaand the internet is out xD breeeeeeh, YES!
Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz Күн мурун
on my brothers yt acc but this video came out on my birthday
McYum In your girls mouth
McYum In your girls mouth Күн мурун
Side character(without plot armor):
Payto1x Күн мурун
RencaRnation Күн мурун
Hold up at the start someone coming im my house im BEATING there vital organs.
Karl Күн мурун
Caleb city have mrbeast jacket❤️
Tyiriel Күн мурун
This dude has coke as tapwater, can I move in please?
Jonathan The Fafnir fan
Jonathan The Fafnir fan Күн мурун
I Ik propose that you make a new take on me a cappella
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