I Will Make a Sniper Camera!

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Corridor Crew

3 ай мурун

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In his unending search for the most tactical of camera rigs, Niko asks Wren to make him a custom shoulder mount that he can use like a rifle - a sniper camera that will never miss the shot!
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Jack Attack 556
Jack Attack 556 6 саат мурун
Buy drill press
Nebula081 20 саат мурун
Make the trigger the shutter button by deconstructing and remodelling a pre existing one
Dan Goldbach
Dan Goldbach 3 күн мурун
Add weight to the buttstock, it will bring the CG back nicely.
BoxODoge 5 күн мурун
U should make it so that if u press the trigger, u take a picture or start recording
Adib sangat hensem
Adib sangat hensem 7 күн мурун
11:39 your dead...
jdraper12 8 күн мурун
Pretty sure I Did A Thing came up with this
Acw05 8 күн мурун
A gimbal would be cool to make shots even more stable
Shaolin master
Shaolin master 9 күн мурун
you just half ass committed a felony lol depending on what state you live in
caleb scogins
caleb scogins 9 күн мурун
No pilot hole 🤷‍♂️
Suspended Flame
Suspended Flame 9 күн мурун
Whats Wrong With Wrens Thumb? In 6:27
PastaBoinrich 11 күн мурун
11:43 that literally scared the heck out of me.
TheLapGods 11 күн мурун
Use harder wood. Drill needs full speed.
TheLapGods 11 күн мурун
I'm not sure why this isn't already a thing
SpartansLXIX 11 күн мурун
I’d recommend painting that “mag” orange or any other color than black
Khalid Mannan Tariq
Khalid Mannan Tariq 12 күн мурун
Hey @Corridor Crew check this sniper camera kgpost.info/will/video/1q3QkJSCx594ir8
TJ Nanda
TJ Nanda 12 күн мурун
11:40 Test your heart here!
Nigel Jan Tare
Nigel Jan Tare 12 күн мурун
Hmm.. call it Camerifle? Cameraifle?
Michal Kosakowski
Michal Kosakowski 12 күн мурун
Just found this. Looks like the soviets in the 70s had the same idea: kgpost.info/will/video/1q3QkJSCx594ir8
Ghost_Lama_Gaming 13 күн мурун
Make the trigger to take a pic or start video
Theo Winters
Theo Winters 13 күн мурун
Maybe contacted ArmaLite, see if they can put you in contact with one of their gun designers. They might be able to help really get it all balanced out.
Lucky 360
Lucky 360 14 күн мурун
Put the table clamp lower so you’re not holding the drill at head-level to drill downward, you’ll have much more control of the drill if you have it at chest height or lower
Brendan Matelan
Brendan Matelan 14 күн мурун
Things I would suggest to change on the camera, gun rig: -Add a rubber shoulder pad to the stock for comfort -Perhaps add hot shoe mounts to the receiver of the rifle for adding light rigs, audio rigs, etc. -Change the sling for one that is perhaps padded and mounts a little better the gun (I'm not sure how well those clips will hold up over time) -Polish the whole thing up so it looks pretty (optional)
Baekwun 15 күн мурун
one more thing they could've put a remote and slapp it on the trigger so you can actually "shoot" the camera
Gaming4G0 16 күн мурун
I have blown with my mask on all the time
ArrowSmith95 17 күн мурун
Please watch the exigency
TomtheMagician21 17 күн мурун
Tobias Josef
Tobias Josef 17 күн мурун
Well I guess now we at least know that masks work...
Kaden Karna
Kaden Karna 18 күн мурун
11:39 my Hart dropped when that happened
Michael Burling
Michael Burling 18 күн мурун
Today on “Shit Only White Folks Can Use”
Mason S
Mason S 18 күн мурун
He was drilling along the grain
YoRyuu Otonashi
YoRyuu Otonashi 18 күн мурун
Version 2 would have a gimbal to stabilize it while moving. How about a sniper version for that long range mission
我的興趣是觀察 18 күн мурун
And that's genius!
Chippy 19 күн мурун
Seeing that rusty gearbox hurt me
Yagami Light
Yagami Light 20 күн мурун
React to velocipastor. U can shoot it from ur camera but u can't catch it in ur camera coz velocipastor is big. OMG I'm going so low now.
jpk3lly 21 күн мурун
This is amazing, love the idea of making the trigger a record button. Think it would be really cool if it incorporated some sort of locking gimbal as well so you could have the static camera and then with the flick of a switch, (like the saftey) you could then move around quickly following action and keep a smooth film.
Alaric MTB
Alaric MTB 21 күн мурун
Wren, what CAD software are you using?
Dave 21 күн мурун
What if you put a photo camera on there and when you pull the trigger, it snaps a pic
uncappedcoin0 22 күн мурун
11:39 When Wren almost dropped the camera I have never felt so much fear for someone else in my life before. This is equivalent to seeing another man get kicked in the nuts then feeling his pain....
Rodrigo Tellez
Rodrigo Tellez 22 күн мурун
If he wants it more centered on weight why not try a Bullpup design, so the mag is behind the trigger.
Addmix 24 күн мурун
that is not california legal
Baumichkeit 24 күн мурун
The most american way to make some Shots
DrRamenoodle 24 күн мурун
11:40 a TSUNAMI of fear just flew through me
Itai 25 күн мурун
Make the reload sd cards
James 25 күн мурун
This video deserves more views because we absolutely need a part 2
Poker Group digital
Poker Group digital 25 күн мурун
And you should use a wood drillbit
Jordan Eyre
Jordan Eyre 25 күн мурун
I have never been more upset by a video, when Wren couldn't blow the dust off. Just pull off your mask for a second, wipe it off, or even tip it over and let the dust fall! Ah, I want the dust gone so bad
Riley Sumner
Riley Sumner 27 күн мурун
Rotate the wood grain so it sits flat when it's sitting upright on a table.
kishore ganesh
kishore ganesh 28 күн мурун
i just love , how happy they are doing what they love
Campbell Harris
Campbell Harris 29 күн мурун
For when you literally want to shoot a scene.
Joshua Luzzatto
Joshua Luzzatto 29 күн мурун
Wren is cringe at gunsmithing, it hurts watching him, I'm sorry
Brandon and Biffy
Brandon and Biffy 29 күн мурун
When your DSLR is a De-eScaLatoR
Paul Kyle
Paul Kyle Ай мурун
I GENUINELY believe this is THE BEST content there is on KGpost
aeton azniel
aeton azniel Ай мурун
A japanese photographer that went viral a long time ago already uses a camera gun like this
Gummydalf Ай мурун
Michael Tyers
Michael Tyers Ай мурун
That's why they say "measure twice, 3D print once"
GØĐ Deadpool
GØĐ Deadpool Ай мурун
Why not just move the handle more forward underneath the camera that way you don’t have to worry it about it being in front of your face and that way the the weight will already be above the handle
Rip for the APS gearbox
Azi Bros
Azi Bros Ай мурун
This title seems like a fiverr gig
M P Ай мурун
Pilot hole first! @wren
I DID A THING already did dis
Lungs Ай мурун
You guys should try using a bullpup airsoft rifle because the pistol grip is much further forward and the mag well is behind the grip. just a thought
Péter Tóth
Péter Tóth Ай мурун
This setup with a camera that has IBIS in it will be a beast 😁🎬
Cicolas Nage
Cicolas Nage Ай мурун
my god. my heart sank to the bottom of the Mariana trench when wren almost dropped the camera
ShuckleJuiceSalesman Ай мурун
It kinda reminds me of a scene from Pokemon indigo league, where Ash mistakes a photographer for somebody who wants to shoot him
Antonio Torres
Antonio Torres Ай мурун
It's the material. The type of wood will determine its strengths. Also slow and steady with proper sharpen tools ,bits etc. Will make a major difference
DittoMario Ай мурун
make a sniper sanitizer witch kills 10000000000% of germs
Nighthawk Ай мурун
11:39 such a missed opportunity to do a "To be continued...." meme.
Amiran Salakaya
Amiran Salakaya Ай мурун
In russian cartoon "Prostokvashino" there was a talking dog that had the same sniper camera;)
Tolle Sache
Tolle Sache Ай мурун
"I wish the weight was further back" one word... bullpup
FlipFlopTop Ай мурун
When the quiet kid is the photographer
mario herrera
mario herrera Ай мурун
11:42 my heart dropped 😂😂
Enforcement Droid Series 209
Enforcement Droid Series 209 Ай мурун
Seems like a good way to get shot by a by-stander walking by. Especially these days.
Enforcement Droid Series 209
Enforcement Droid Series 209 Ай мурун
or by the cops.
crowell5521 Ай мурун
If you guys ever mass produced this I’m getting one
Nicole Lambert
Nicole Lambert Ай мурун
So as an engineer, I really want to comment on the fact that this is a perfect example of the engineering process. Well done! I would say maybe put the safety in series with the trigger record, because then you don't accidentally start recording before you mean to
Jared Lind
Jared Lind Ай мурун
7:30 Wren, drill a pilot hole next time. And get a drill press. Niko, get a simple foregrip on that rig to give you more versatility in hand position.
Lavagreat The great
Lavagreat The great Ай мурун
How about the зенит фото снайпер?
Andrei Yablonski
Andrei Yablonski Ай мурун
You did pretty the same that KGB used in Soviet Union. The called it Photo Sniper FS-3 rifle. That was development for old film Zenit cameras and also had cool looking case for it Great job guys! KGB would like it
Mcgravier Ай мурун
First drill a small hole with a small drill, then widen it with the full sized one
Mantis Psychosis
Mantis Psychosis Ай мурун
You could spray paint the gun bright orange
SANG Ай мурун
Drill the holes first. That way if you break it you don't waste all your work.
Suban Ashfaq
Suban Ashfaq Ай мурун
But you still have to reach to actually take the picture.
N Sullivan
N Sullivan Ай мурун
Pretty sure Leica made something very similar to this based on a hunting rifle in the 50s or 60s. It was preferred by wildlife photographers.
CINEMA001 Ай мурун
I have 2 questions. First, what camera was that. And what lense did you use on the camera.
Caleb Nelson
Caleb Nelson Ай мурун
I want one!
Luke ArchAngel
Luke ArchAngel Ай мурун
Maybe next time use a L85A to use as your rig next time, “suggestion”
Luke ArchAngel
Luke ArchAngel Ай мурун
To drill through wood like that, you need to drill with a smaller bit first process called pre drilling, then slowly use the bigger bit to make your final hole.
Luke ArchAngel
Luke ArchAngel Ай мурун
The silvery thing is called a gearbox Mr. engineer lol
Luke ArchAngel
Luke ArchAngel Ай мурун
Do you guys still play Airsoft?
Jordan reed
Jordan reed Ай мурун
Oh god wren’s got power tools
Gavin Games
Gavin Games Ай мурун
Add a For gripSo you can have more stabilization
ScarCat bade
ScarCat bade Ай мурун
11:42 mini heart attack
Lord Syntax
Lord Syntax Ай мурун
trigger being a shutter button is a must, but would it be possible to make the magazine a memory card cartridge? would be even more awesome
I Q Ай мурун
7:06 bruh moment
AnAverageUser _
AnAverageUser _ Ай мурун
Make the fire select change preset zoom levels
Monster0075 Ай мурун
Should of painted the rim of the lense orange
Pigeon Ай мурун
I would love just one youtube channel with just wrens shenannigans.
Padmajan Ай мурун
Bro 11:41 my heart stopped 😂😱
Arto Piiparinen
Arto Piiparinen Ай мурун
LCD eyepiece + underbarrel mic. Maby extra battery.
SS hunter Gaming
SS hunter Gaming Ай мурун
Lost my Breath when Wren Almost dropped Camera
Tal Sadeh
Tal Sadeh Ай мурун
11:41 holy fuck had a heart attack!!
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