I Spent $2000 on iPhone 12/12 Pro Accessories. Which Ones Were Best?

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So the iPhone 12 is out! We've figured out what we think are the best accessories for the iPhone 12 out of the hundreds of products we've purchased over the last few weeks.
Like a product in the video? Use our affiliate links and codes to get your stuff!
Mous Limitless 3.0 - Get a discount! - mreh.ca/GetAMous
Casetify Ultra Impact - mreh.ca/2GOpsYn
Loopy - Save 5 bucks! use "MRE5" at www.Loopycases.com!
Apple Silicone - mreh.ca/3jL6xLR
Caudabe Sheath - mreh.ca/3oMaqUv
Check out our official Top 10: kgpost.info/will/video/2KKtm2Snn4WHfpo
FLOLAB NanoArmour - "MRE10" @ www.flolab.io (I think this code still works)
Belkin UltraGlass - mreh.ca/3edhBQS
Shellrus Sapphire X - "MREH10" @ www.shellrus.com/
Shellrus Sapphire X - "MREH10" @ www.shellrus.com/
ESR Nylon Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable - mreh.ca/3egPhgl
Apple 2M USB-C to Lightning Cable - mreh.ca/3oKRiGz
Moshi IonGo 5k - mreh.ca/3mH4gmJ
Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger - mreh.ca/3ef076B
Anker 15W PowerWave 2 - mreh.ca/2JsfFIX
Anker Powerline Atom Slim 3 - mreh.ca/34NJyLK
Apple 20W Charger - mreh.ca/34JyTSv
Northface Gordon E-tip Gloves - mreh.ca/368JLZN
*I do have codes for several manufacturers that I've accumulated over the years. Some people just assume that because I have codes, that I'm getting paid by them but that isn't the case. I have codes because I liked the product and approached them for a code that helps out everyone!
Check out the other videos I've done for the iPhone 12: kgpost.info/local/PLYmnlI-tycmEfFpFdQZ1PvK6LVeImPSi4
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In this video:
0:00 Intro
0:24 Best Cases
2:53 Best Screen Protectors
6:24 Best Camera Lens Protectors
8:00 Best Cables
9:35 Best Powerbanks
13:05 Best Wireless Chargers
15:33 Best Normal Chargers
18:12 Best Gloves
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raazan1128 18 саат мурун
I love your channel!
I Ghost141 I
I Ghost141 I 3 күн мурун
Can’t find the apple 2m usb c cable on amazon
Michael Amos
Michael Amos 4 күн мурун
Huh...the Apple finger...huh.
usy90 4 күн мурун
Brilliant job 👌🏽 will you ever review car vent mounts and etc?
Carl Canter
Carl Canter 5 күн мурун
Mad props @MobileReviewsEh for doing all this testing so we don't have to blindly choose! Saves us a ton of time! To everyone else, help the channel out and use the links!
Gordiewastaken 6 күн мурун
I love your dog It's so cute ❤️
Akram Aslam
Akram Aslam 7 күн мурун
Dude I have to say! Your doing a fantastic job! Hats of to you!
Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed 9 күн мурун
How did it take me so long to find this guy
Connor Lynch
Connor Lynch 11 күн мурун
All you videos are awesome man. Found you this morning and I’ve been watching all day! Thanks for the great content
Jarrett Richardson
Jarrett Richardson 12 күн мурун
Have you heard about MagFast? You should buy some of their stuff and review. Only problem, they are still in the production stage of things, meaning they are taking orders but in my opinion way behind in getting them to people. So get on the list now and review, I'd love to see what you think.
Lorenzo Jareño
Lorenzo Jareño 12 күн мурун
I don’t know if I’m watching your videos because it’s interesting or I’m just watching it because of Monty. 😂
Travis Deuson
Travis Deuson 13 күн мурун
Love your channel but couldn't find product links so used Patreon to support you. Conductive gloves suck so try "AnyGlove". I don't have any interest in the company but it worked to make all the gloves I own touchscreen compatible.
Marc Michael
Marc Michael 13 күн мурун
I got my wireless charger and its great. You can charger your phone, watch and airpods for 30-15 minutes. That is insane and my battery is great on phone to. I got it at ichargers.co. Or get it somewhere else. But i think this one is best.
Stefan Prole
Stefan Prole 13 күн мурун
Thank you bro. I need one so much.
I'm foreigner bitch
I'm foreigner bitch 15 күн мурун
Can u test ugreen cable
aBMWEnthusiast 15 күн мурун
I followed your link to the Shellrus website to order both the phone case and camera lens protector for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Unfortunately, the company does a horrible job at both showcasing and detailing their products. I was unable to find information about the security screen protector. Is it simply smoked sapphire, or does it have technology that obscures the view from angles except when viewing directly?
itachi18 16 күн мурун
Randy Cruz
Randy Cruz 16 күн мурун
Native union cables and Anker 20w nano charger if you haven’t done those already.
Demetrius McCullum
Demetrius McCullum 18 күн мурун
I’ve literally sat here and watched just about it every video you’ve made about the iPhone 12 and have taken so many mental notes! Lol One question... what do yo undo with all of the products you test? Like you spend a lot of money on so many things, do you save it all, give it away, or just toss it??? Aka, what would I have to do to get a iPhone 12 case and accessories from you!?!? 👀👌 COVID has made life hard and I’m finally able to upgrade from a 7 but still am nervous about not having enough to get the stuff I need to keep it safe...
Nimrod Rodriguez
Nimrod Rodriguez 18 күн мурун
I highly recommend Tech21 cases.
Gabriele Fusto
Gabriele Fusto 18 күн мурун
Check the 20W powerarch charger, it’s my favorite
Riley Scott
Riley Scott 18 күн мурун
This video is the best Accessories review online hands down! Thank you sooo much!!!
Dana Dana
Dana Dana 19 күн мурун
I like the case from Zizo the model Bolt
Alan Marie Nones
Alan Marie Nones 19 күн мурун
i was wondering about anker powerline 3 nano a2633 if its good.. all the other "reviewers" are stating its good or even better than the apple 20 charger.. and by "reviewers" i mean influencers..
victor ayala
victor ayala 20 күн мурун
Wait so what is best charger for I phone 12max for fastest charge ?
Dodgy Malaka
Dodgy Malaka 20 күн мурун
Throwback to when I paid 35 dollars for the Apple employee to mess up the application and not apply the screen protector. I didn’t fucking realize till two days later
Doron Dsilva
Doron Dsilva 21 күн мурун
i have changed a lot of screen protectors on my iphone x the past three years. i am not a big fan of tempered glass. because of my work , usually tools and phone end up in the same pocket. much prefer matte flexible screen protectors
Doron Dsilva
Doron Dsilva 21 күн мурун
thanks for all the hard work you put into this video. helps us stay away from certain products/brands
Emmanuel Mota
Emmanuel Mota 21 күн мурун
The guy is serious! Love your testing methodology and attention to detail. Keep it real. ✌🏽
Pop Danish
Pop Danish 22 күн мурун
Would u recommend screen protectors with a matte finish? I had one years ago and it was cheap, barely scratched, never smudged(huge plus imo), didn’t crack, and protected my screen perfectly. Every case I’ve had since has been a glass like material, like the ones in this video, and they all had cracks (especially around the corners), smudges, and scratches.
The Rainbow Info
The Rainbow Info 22 күн мурун
Good product connected
The Rainbow Info
The Rainbow Info 22 күн мурун
Full w t with adds and bell frnd
tim rosa
tim rosa 22 күн мурун
Can you start testing how easy it is to break the edge of the screen protectors as that’s where I am finding most of the flaws.
Travis G
Travis G 23 күн мурун
Just curious, have you tried the Spigen Mag armor? I was considering it as I've had good luck with Spigen in the past. I'll be getting a 12 pro max here shortly and am buying the accessories ahead of time.
Dylan White
Dylan White 24 күн мурун
I really want to see the ravpower MagSafe.
Dylan White
Dylan White 24 күн мурун
Howd you do the math on the Mophie battery bank? Cause the batteries are rated must be calculated at 3.7v unless they’re doing some series things.
karen Angelie
karen Angelie 26 күн мурун
The quality of your video is amazing!
Jer Wei Low
Jer Wei Low 26 күн мурун
Will you do a review of dji om4 with iPhone 12 Pro Max?
slim617 29 күн мурун
You forgot car charger!!
Wes P
Wes P 29 күн мурун
Awesome job bro !! Love your posts Thanks for the info
RookieBoy Ай мурун
Spee-gen? I thought it's spee-jin lol
Ametis Ай мурун
How about anker nano 20w for charger?
Boss Tycoon
Boss Tycoon Ай мурун
Love your review. Thorough, and Monty is an awesome wingman.
FIGNAS83 Ай мурун
Thanks for the reviews Monty 👍
ohhellothere25 Ай мурун
hey youre anker link doesn't work, can you retype? I want to buy it and would love to support you through commissions
mrblackalchemist Ай мурун
Are the Belkin invisiglass products for Iphone 11 Pro Max usable for Iphone 12 Pro Max?
Christopher Kaehny
Christopher Kaehny Ай мурун
Thank you for your efforts, guys! Came to share my experience with Flolab. Really wanted to try the screen protector based on the review, but they shipped me the wrong product and wanted me pay to ship it back and ship the right one out (which would have basically doubled my purchase price). Hopefully you get the right thing on the first go, because Flolab support will NOT help (unless you don’t mind just buying the thing you wanted again; that was the response from customer service!).
TamTam632 Ай мурун
Hi, If you want a wired charger for an apple watch + ipad + iphone 12, which solution do you propose ? Anker 4 ports ? Congratulations for your reviews
ben schneider
ben schneider Ай мурун
Test native union cable
Marsya Azzahra
Marsya Azzahra Ай мурун
Zen Fadra
Zen Fadra Ай мурун
The best about this video is the dog. I love as to how calm he sits there wearing a tie and focusing on what you have to say. PS: He seems to understand everything 😂
TheAddyV Ай мурун
My first video of yours and, I must say, so much info was crammed and presented at such a pace, I couldn't follow the names of the products mentioned. In addition, I found it hard to find them on Amazon. It is best to take time to add text in post. For example, what was the name of the case you recommended? Moss, Mouse, Moff? Then you started talking about Belkin UltraGlass but immediately showed that Nano Armour was better. Why even include Belkin then? Also, I just realized Flolab is the name of the company that makes Nano and not Inspire (or something of that sort). It probably was the speed of presentation. Add text in your videos and keep it on screen as you are reviewing a product. Cheers...
Leah Ettinger
Leah Ettinger Ай мурун
I’d love to see a press test on blue light screen protectors for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro/pro Max
Luckie Murillo
Luckie Murillo Ай мурун
Monty is so cool!!!
Owaiz Khalife
Owaiz Khalife Ай мурун
Yo gained my respect sir..!! A small request would you review odessey case and raptic case for iPhone 12pro max..
Rodney Choice
Rodney Choice Ай мурун
Do a video on Anker Nano
Mime Ай мурун
I hate those fker putting camera lens protector.
Shaggy has Cancer
Shaggy has Cancer Ай мурун
You know which accessory is the best? The goddamn charger, because it’s the only one you actually need to use the phone! And it doesn’t even COME with it, even though it’s required!
Daisy Botero
Daisy Botero Ай мурун
The wireless charger. Would Charge my phone if i keep my otterbox case on my phone?
Jess S
Jess S Ай мурун
Correction at 10:07 you’re holding 2 anker banks but then at 10:09 the smaller green port bank is ravpower 29w 20kmAh battery pack that does charge input and output usb C. It also has pass through charging so you can charge the power bank and output at the same time at 12w
croc pot
croc pot Ай мурун
Jonathan Tan
Jonathan Tan Ай мурун
- Powerbanks of more than 10K mAh is ridiculous . FINALLY a reviewer who has the same thoughts about it !
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Ай мурун
First time here, great video! But to be honest the reason why I subscribed is because your channel name has "eh" in it!. #canadianbacon
Abhi Jayant
Abhi Jayant Ай мурун
Jay Nelson
Jay Nelson Ай мурун
Yo.... helpful is helpful. Maybe time for you to run the camera bro. Keep it coming, we need this type of review's
kryptoniteee Ай мурун
This guy is a good guy. I’ve been a sub since day 1.
P S Ай мурун
You are a pro applying the tempered glass screen protector. I’ve had a Qi charger since iPhone 8.
Jennybear86 Ай мурун
There were phones in those cases 😂
Owen’s random videos
Owen’s random videos Ай мурун
You should test the belkin braided cables
mahe Ай мурун
Bought the Northface gloves after I saw your review. You're right! Awesome, thanks :)
Elizabeth Barton
Elizabeth Barton Ай мурун
Thank you for all your reviews! I will be buying my case and screen protector through you once I get my IPhone 12 max. A question for you. How much are the Shellrus Sapphire screen protectors? Went to the site and there was no price list.....which tells me it is expensive.
Presley Jenkins
Presley Jenkins Ай мурун
that was one quality vid. thx for buying/reviewing a variety of products all unsponsored
JunkionMarnot2005 Ай мурун
Man, I have the Mujjo gloves, suggested by Lori Gil @iMore. Worked as you said....75% of the time. Weren’t nearly as warm as I’d expected, and some of the rubber stitching has eroded. But they still work (sometimes). Surprised to see the North Face ones perform the same way. Guess money doesn’t buy precision.
Bryan Acosta
Bryan Acosta Ай мурун
Hey I saw on Amazon there is a new model for the Anker wall charger that is 45w, would you recommend getting that one instead?
Delete All Oppressions
Delete All Oppressions Ай мурун
Awesome - EH! :P love this video.
imhomerjay1 Ай мурун
Great reviews. I have tried to use your links for amazon on your website but they take me to the american site. Is there a link to the ghostek 4 12pro case you can direct me to on the canadian amazon? Cheers. Scritch for monte.
Wes Nichol
Wes Nichol Ай мурун
that dog is so chill. he's just like "yea man, mhm, yep, for sure,..." lol
Kogulan Ай мурун
Thank you, 100 for the effort.
ken ellis
ken ellis Ай мурун
Hi Val !!
Marlina Jamal
Marlina Jamal Ай мурун
Follow his recommendation and get FloLab Nano Amour. The ease of installation, the tools provided, the quality just as he mentioned. So happy. For those who are worried about sizing, i use this with Otterbox symmetry and it fits wonderfully. Thank you Aaron
Jah-Leah Ай мурун
Privacy one work okay? I’m always around kids so I figure why not. Just can’t find his discount
shar Ай мурун
I have a Samsung Qi charger and it’s charges my phone fairly fast
Garrett Ай мурун
samsung makes a 15w wireless charge. works with my 12 pro max
Zoltán Cserényi
Zoltán Cserényi Ай мурун
Any thoughts about Real graphene power bank? realgrapheneusa.com/
Brian Ай мурун
Love Monty!
SinkOrSwim Ай мурун
Monty: I am glad my dad is going by the script I wrote for this video.
An RN Ай мурун
awesome review, always! thank you!
Just B
Just B Ай мурун
Hi, will you be doing a review like this for iPhone 12 pro max? Thank u!
Just B
Just B Ай мурун
I’m here for Monty. Omg he’s wearing a tie. I love it
FlyingFilmsHD Ай мурун
Get this guy to 1 million subs
Richard Gunther
Richard Gunther Ай мурун
Should check out the ESR bumper case, love the fact you still feel the phone
Alex Lesyk
Alex Lesyk Ай мурун
MobileReviewsEh has quickly become my favorite tech review channel. Great work! And Monte is the BEST!
Elias Ай мурун
im amazed how much effort he invests in his videos...appreciate it a lot
Jen Nero
Jen Nero Ай мурун
Amazing review!!
Karen Quintana
Karen Quintana Ай мурун
The way Monty looks at you is adorable ❤️
Alexander Do
Alexander Do Ай мурун
Thank you for everything that you do
Chris Campanelli
Chris Campanelli Ай мурун
As an engineer, I really appreciate the level of detail you go into with these videos, and the painstaking effort you take to review things completely. Great job, eh
Bush Guy
Bush Guy Ай мурун
hey I know this comment is a bit late but I was wondering where you got the rear camera screen protectors from? They look sick
SONNY Ай мурун
Thank you❤️
steFPS Ай мурун
This is the best tech channel on KGpost. I love the whole "reviewer, not influencer thing." You guys seriously give every product a fair shake and give your thoughts on them. Love it!
pauliphone Ай мурун
What watch band are you using?
Keetchigan Ай мурун
I like the shift to “Monty’s links. “ there’s so much good info in this video! it could even be split into separate videos and I’d watch all of them.
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