I Spent 100 Days on a Deserted Island in Minecraft and Here's What Happened

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Minecraft Hardcore Mode is tough, and if you've watched my RLCraft series you'll know I'm not the best at Minecraft. But... I Spent 100 Days on a Deserted Island in Minecraft and Here's What Happened ! The original idea for this video came from Luke TheNotable, who graciously gave me permission to do this. So check him out!
Mods Used (1.12.2):
AI Improvements
Aquaculture 2
Better Animal Models
Better Animals Plus
Biomes O'Plenty
CraftStudio API
Custom Mob Spawner
Dynamic Surroundings
Dynamic Trees
Familiar Fauna
Just Enough Items
Macaw's Bridges
No Tree Punching
Rikmulds Core Mod
Spartan Compatibility
Spartan Shields
Spartan Weaponry
Tough As Nails
Weather, Storms & Tornados
Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt
(You can get all of these on the Twitch Launcher)
Original Idea STOLEN from Luke TheNotable:
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#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft VR Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Guide
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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Edited By WiseFish:

Forge Labs
Forge Labs 6 күн мурун
Watch this video if you're not afraid, my mans: kgpost.info/will/video/mai3pZNusHaAft0
ØBPLAYZ 6 саат мурун
Alvin Palm S
Alvin Palm S 10 саат мурун
kan you help
Katie Mcalexander
Katie Mcalexander 10 саат мурун
I’m not afraid
IZUKU 11 саат мурун
That island name is perfect 😌👌🏽
Peyton Simpson
Peyton Simpson 12 саат мурун
Anyone know where i can get some good jungle/palm tree schematics that look similar to his trees??
Good Panda_EG
Good Panda_EG 25 секунд мурун
20:35 hurahura hura
Matthew Parmley
Matthew Parmley Мүнөт мурун
Kay Miles
Kay Miles 7 мүнөт мурун
azamra 49 мүнөт мурун
the suspense in this video is immaculate
Crowsley animates
Crowsley animates 59 мүнөт мурун
my first time waching 1:05:26 video no breaks just stait up wached it.for that long and it was a good vid i need to wach more of these
matt .S
matt .S Саат мурун
What microphone do you use?
BayouCity INC
BayouCity INC Саат мурун
East layman ungava idk what I just said
Kenneth Redaj
Kenneth Redaj Саат мурун
Anyone have the mods he has in one working pack that's easy to download and run?
Timothy James Raichle
Timothy James Raichle Саат мурун
you went from the hunted to the hunter
Derek Hu
Derek Hu 2 саат мурун
Let’s do a Q&A: 1. Where did you get those names? 2. Question 1 3. Question 2
Kevin 2 саат мурун
Logan Neal
Logan Neal 2 саат мурун
Lowkey_.Grace 2 саат мурун
all he had to say was "unga bunga" and i subcribed.
Gravemind 2 саат мурун
joel Cazares
joel Cazares 2 саат мурун
Only the people that watched the whole video with no stops can like this comment
Anthony van daalen
Anthony van daalen 2 саат мурун
Ákos Kispál
Ákos Kispál 2 саат мурун
The T-Rex at the end... Your next video is demon summoning, not surviving on Isla Nublar
Lorrie Cooper
Lorrie Cooper 2 саат мурун
Omg this is crazy
amanda reid
amanda reid 2 саат мурун
I can't believe he survived that poacher he barely survived
Rudolf Von Stroheim
Rudolf Von Stroheim 2 саат мурун
Yo that poacher almost got you. Close one
TUNDER BOLT YT 2 саат мурун
Day 100 to 200 please
I don’t care Productions
I don’t care Productions 2 саат мурун
New far cry looking good tho 😌😂
JaWood 3 саат мурун
This isn't right
Eevee’s Adventure
Eevee’s Adventure 3 саат мурун
It wasn’t your fault on day 62.
Emerald JOHNSON 3 саат мурун
This is my secound time watching this and ive been locking all over the place to find this.
piccd 3 саат мурун
Good job avoiding that creeper!
That Random Fox
That Random Fox 3 саат мурун
I support your decision on day 8 and it was nt your fault on day 62
Vinicius_13 Dihsantoss
Vinicius_13 Dihsantoss 3 саат мурун
Cam Someone please Tell me what is this shaderpack?
TKLZ Winslow
TKLZ Winslow 3 саат мурун
What type of minecraft is this?
David Vatamanu
David Vatamanu 3 саат мурун
꧁yo mommaシ꧂ yup
꧁yo mommaシ꧂ yup 3 саат мурун
This is how many times he said "im a very thirsty man"➡️
Eevee’s Adventure
Eevee’s Adventure 3 саат мурун
You didn’t die you survived you got hit in the butt with a sleeping dart and you survived the 100 days
Itme Juice
Itme Juice 3 саат мурун
53:42 Time to become a book 🤣🤣🤣
Fran Hernandez
Fran Hernandez 3 саат мурун
Iratitile 3 саат мурун
Day 98 FAV DAY!
Samuel Peraza Quevedo
Samuel Peraza Quevedo 3 саат мурун
I feel bad for you at the end
KessuPutte 3 саат мурун
Wow this video has a lot of views! Wish I could get same too someday on my Minecraft videos :D
Ákos Kispál
Ákos Kispál 4 саат мурун
Isla... Nublar
Corbin Brandenberger
Corbin Brandenberger 4 саат мурун
F on day 62
Cheyenne Pearce
Cheyenne Pearce 4 саат мурун
This is the first video I've watched from his channel and I've realized how much he says man
the meowfather
the meowfather 4 саат мурун
I don't mind you coming back after that death i like naratives also they could have still been regular bullets and he shot you to where you were in a comma
Casey Freeces
Casey Freeces 4 саат мурун
I stopped trying to yell into my phone, dis man is cursed.
Emre Zengin
Emre Zengin 4 саат мурун
Wow! Good thing the Poacher didnt kill you! You got outta that one barely!
Corbin Brandenberger
Corbin Brandenberger 4 саат мурун
Yay u live
kali Lahn
kali Lahn 4 саат мурун
Watch this video if you're not afraid, my mans: kgpost.info/will/video/mai3pZNusHaAft0
The4everpedro 4 саат мурун
I completely support your decision on day 8, and it wasn’t your fault on day 62.
ThatAbrosexualGamer 4 саат мурун
This man is the reason that tigers are extinct😔 Jk dude love ur content
AssassinZ and kingZ
AssassinZ and kingZ 5 саат мурун
You should have a chest room underground so the tornado won’t hit it
Karo 5 саат мурун
"but then, something happened"... *creeper noise for like .5 of a second* gets an ad about free bacon socks. thanks KGpost
Luke Wrathall
Luke Wrathall 5 саат мурун
You died, play hardcore
Ivan Sanchez
Ivan Sanchez 5 саат мурун
You wach river monsters
dà4kñ75 76
dà4kñ75 76 5 саат мурун
You know you're fucked if you got sharknados on your island lmao 5:08
radiated cockroach
radiated cockroach 5 саат мурун
me love i do
Samuel Peraza Quevedo
Samuel Peraza Quevedo 5 саат мурун
In spanish to english it means island unga bunga
Ad Fletch
Ad Fletch 5 саат мурун
Can I get this on Xbox one ??
Ivan Sanchez
Ivan Sanchez 5 саат мурун
Isla of umgamunga
Caris Gg
Caris Gg 5 саат мурун
Everything is so pretty!
Eloise Graham
Eloise Graham 5 саат мурун
Silenc3 5 саат мурун
Great video, loved the commentary :)
ILikeCake 5 саат мурун
What shaders is he using
Salty Nickels
Salty Nickels 5 саат мурун
The poacher almost killed you
Mystery Killer
Mystery Killer 6 саат мурун
This isn't right
Sal T
Sal T 6 саат мурун
“No man wants to get sucked out of his own house”😂😂😂
Roxana Esteban
Roxana Esteban 6 саат мурун
Forge labs: seeing creeper after closing inventory creeper:hehe yeah boi forge labs:oh no oh no onononono
Ákos Kispál
Ákos Kispál 2 саат мурун
ØBPLAYZ 6 саат мурун
Wow good time the . Man didn't kill you
leena whitfield
leena whitfield 6 саат мурун
And im going to east-la unga bunga -famous -last -words
ØBPLAYZ 6 саат мурун
ØBPLAYZ 6 саат мурун
Nice Island name
CristianD10 6 саат мурун
ØBPLAYZ 6 саат мурун
Ming Ming
Ming Ming 6 саат мурун
Lukethenotable was here...
Julio flores
Julio flores 6 саат мурун
We need more days do 200 plz
Dondiablo9 6 саат мурун
How to get his island map
The four Night gaurds
The four Night gaurds 6 саат мурун
I’m still waiting for him to go to the end
The Pickle
The Pickle 7 саат мурун
Oml I made it 12mil views
Jordan Smart
Jordan Smart 7 саат мурун
Jordan Smart
Jordan Smart 7 саат мурун
Cory Loquidis
Cory Loquidis 7 саат мурун
Wow!. love your shows
Your FBI agent
Your FBI agent 7 саат мурун
the island was called after my great great great great great great great great grandpa from the stone age.
Your FBI agent
Your FBI agent 6 саат мурун
Zackery Asher
Zackery Asher 7 саат мурун
Who else left when he cheated on day 8 it just defeated the purpose ruined it😬
Ákos Kispál
Ákos Kispál 2 саат мурун
Im Gucci
Im Gucci 7 саат мурун
"estela unga bunga" Like the name 😂 no seriously I do
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez 7 саат мурун
Yo day 94 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sophia Emma.
Sophia Emma. 7 саат мурун
Who is the most underrated genius? (Besides Dream of course)
Ákos Kispál
Ákos Kispál 2 саат мурун
Well not you
Finn Baikie
Finn Baikie 8 саат мурун
Who else when they saw the sloth said in David Attenborough's voice: The majestic three toed slothe
Bo Edal
Bo Edal 8 саат мурун
F at Day 62
Rudy V
Rudy V 8 саат мурун
Lello Me
Lello Me 8 саат мурун
WOOOW! good thing the guy didnt kill you you got out off that one barely. Loved this video! HAVE A GOOD LIFE! weird comment y3a im weird :D
Kerry Hollender
Kerry Hollender 8 саат мурун
34 mods…
Kerry Hollender
Kerry Hollender 8 саат мурун
wow :l
Hagler Ray
Hagler Ray 8 саат мурун
Alessandra Jensen
Alessandra Jensen 8 саат мурун
wow. he went from not wanting to kill to wanting to kill i was ridiculously upset when he killed the poor innocent elephant, and that elephant had a damn right to attack him.
Scorpion Army
Scorpion Army 8 саат мурун
Wow this is so good video :)
Shadow 8 саат мурун
Can you have a lin- oh
wizerd kat
wizerd kat 8 саат мурун
He said hell yeah too many times WAY to many
Philippe Martineau
Philippe Martineau 8 саат мурун
it was your fault on day 62
Yvng Riot
Yvng Riot 8 саат мурун
Woah im subbed to a poacher if u go on that killing streak bring me with u
Aiden vr
Aiden vr 8 саат мурун
Fimy32 8 саат мурун
Olympian_ Mystery
Olympian_ Mystery 8 саат мурун
I know this is a old video but how do I get the map
James Booney
James Booney 8 саат мурун
Dont play minecraft dont think I well ever play stumble across this vid dude Imao the whole time some funny shit keep it up
Khalil Ibrahim
Khalil Ibrahim 9 саат мурун
some of the mods sound like they come from rl craft
Hardcore RLCraft is Impossible.
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