I Pushed Tesla's FSD Beta To The Limit | Repeatable Test Route Run #1 | Beta 5 Update 2020.44.15.3

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Dirty Tesla

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**Please Read**
This is my pre-planned, repeatable route. I will repeat this route with differing versions to watch the progress of FSDBeta!
Tesla FSD Beta is an improving product. It is not available to the public yet, only to a set of beta testers that are using the system to help improve it. I will be as honest as possible with my experiences. I will be painting FSD Beta in a positive light. FSD Beta is an amazing step forward that is still being worked on. The media is terrible and will pick up any possible negative to spin it. I will not support that.
This software version is already old, and the system has already been updated and is better than what you are seeing here. Please see the latest videos for the most up to date information! This is version 2020.44.15.3
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0:00 - Teasers
0:17 - Intro
0:44 - Start of drive, how I am routing
1:32 - Don't worry about the report button :)
2:12 - Sketch left turn on dirt road
2:52 - Moves over for car, right turn onto fast road
3:51 - Guy going off the road?
4:32 - 3 way stop, bad job
5:14 - Left turns, right turns, construction, 3 way stop
6:49 - Waits for car to turn left
7:45 - Nice job waiting for left turn, but misses green
8:55 - Curb dive because I change nav
9:35 - Left turn, onto neighborhood streets
10:08 - Right turn at out light
10:45 - Left across traffic into neighborhood
11:35 - Left turn at out light
12:21 - Blinking yellow
12:32 - Roundabout
13:11 - AP crashes because route change? Merge onto highway
14:18 - Exit, doesn't want to stop at red
15:51 - Parking lot
16:50 - IMPRESSIVE move across multiple lanes for a left turn
17:52 - Stopping for person
18:22 - Roundabout
19:10 - Curvy roads
19:37 - Conclusion
Filming Equipment
Sony a6100: amzn.to/2BuqYwc
Rode videomicro: amzn.to/30bbZ4m
GoPro (films screen/road): amzn.to/2C035d1
Camera mount for GoPro: amzn.to/2ZcBtMm with amzn.to/2XVv1w5
Mic: amzn.to/383CuJO or amzn.to/2NjYSXu
Face/vlog style camera: amzn.to/30KXKTH
Mount for face camera: amzn.to/34lEfjP
Tripod: amzn.to/335vV7D and amzn.to/2N6CiC1
My Sentry Mode Flash Drive: www.puretesla.com/dirtytesla

Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Yes there is already a NEW version! Just installed within the last 10 hours. The videos will keep coming :)
Fanes Ferdinand
Fanes Ferdinand Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla During the red light under the bridge, I'm thinking about the Sun confusing the car, try it at night next time.... i'm just curious
Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla Same version but I can guarantee different branch. They will send different AI to different people and see which does better, it's like growing the perfect tomato. It's an amazing process and their generations are going so quickly now! I would be interested to see what your router is picking up each time you park the car! It could be two-way data (outside of updates) which inform the AI in your car. It would also be interesting to know how much data is going to Tesla after each of these drives...
JJ Ай мурун
@The Coolest Brothers Sorry. You can’t.
JJ Ай мурун
I saw. New public release today but not a beta. Crazy! Both are moving quickly.
Michael Bray
Michael Bray Ай мурун
Not advancing forward on a green to turn in my city means you never turn. I hope FSD can learn the unwritten rules of the road in all the different cities. Progress is amazing so far!
Birendra Kathariya
Birendra Kathariya Ай мурун
no other companies can beat Tesla as long as these generous people continue to contribute them
not my opinion
not my opinion Ай мурун
I hope with self driving cars becoming mainstream, we will build our streets for our cars to understand, not for us.
I am from Punjab india . Farmers are not being given their rights here. Please help everyone , my English little weak
I am from Punjab india . Farmers are not being given their rights here. Please help everyone , my English little weak
Christopher Pfeifer
Christopher Pfeifer Ай мурун
I don't think you can pull into intersections like that in every state. Perhaps Telsa just defaulted to waiting at the line.
Bolerophon Ай мурун
Still amazes me that people are dropping thousands of dollars on the basically unfinished product - that's advertised and sold as a production-ready - and keep ignoring all the critics. In 2-3 years, yes, it might be ready for the US roads.
Slow Mo MMA
Slow Mo MMA Ай мурун
It's not sold as production ready, the highway autopilot is what everyone gets, and that's solid. But only a select few have this FSD beta. People pay for this now because it ensures you get todays price and not whatever price it will be when these features are finished and available to everybody.
Adam A
Adam A Ай мурун
I would want nothing to do with writing that software! But, it appears the software is coming hard, and heavy! Great job, for everybody involved!
jason john
jason john Ай мурун
The last breath collectively wail because stock finallly lock an a separate land. faded, hungry protocol
Dieter Zerressen
Dieter Zerressen Ай мурун
I wish Elon would have the programmers make that black oval warning on the screen much, much bigger - and black with white lettering is not cool. I can never read that warning before it disappears. In fact the whole icon and font settings on the display screen needs to be user-adjustable - I need everything in bigger larger, darker font and more readable in various day and night situations. If you really want to get safe there should be a setting for the oval warning that allows me to need to touch or confirm the oval warning before it disappears.
gold gold
gold gold Ай мурун
Try to use toy cars like hot wheels on the road and see if it confuses the fsd
gold gold
gold gold Ай мурун
@Dirty Teslaalso try to use remote controlled toy cars and drones to see if fsd dodges them..
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
😂 That's a great idea
Hector Villa
Hector Villa Ай мурун
Ese auto maneja mejor que yo
MotoRen Ай мурун
The way your tesla rolls those stop signs, I can tell it was built in cali.
Diogo Souza
Diogo Souza Ай мурун
can it search for parking and park??
adammuc Ай мурун
At 8:56 he did not try to go to the curb (because you changed navigation), he want to drive to your destination (driveway to the property).
Rick Mason
Rick Mason Ай мурун
Do we know when our cars will be updated with heated cameras and radar please?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
@Rick Mason Cameras are heated. Radar is not on most models. If your radar gets covered in even a thin sheet of snow or ice, nothing is going to work. Tesla suggests you put neverwet step 2 on it. I have a video about it kgpost.info/will/video/rn--zZWu2qZ2cdE check the time stamps for that part specifically.
Rick Mason
Rick Mason Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla so why did mine get covered in snow today? Got message saying radar wasn’t working.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Cameras are heated
Nathan V
Nathan V Ай мурун
Is there a way to fully disable the cars automatic driving incase of a glich in the software or if application is acting very strange?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Hit the brake or up on the drive stalk
Cryptostreet bets
Cryptostreet bets Ай мурун
Facebook ads make me want to kill
Danny Czech
Danny Czech Ай мурун
Is it normal in US to have crossings with traffic lights without road signs? In Europe it is normal to have both traffic lights and road signs. If lights are on, road signs are not in use. If lights are out, you use road signs. I'm asking because in video there were two crossings with traffic lights out and there were no road signs at all, so I'm interested if there are all crossings in USA like this or if it is exception.
meismehaha Ай мурун
No that's not a thing here. There's either lights or a stop sign. Sometimes there's a light with a slip turn lane with a yield sign.
Bobby Morris
Bobby Morris Ай мурун
One thing about waiting to turn left...Humans are impatient....computers are not. In the future we won’t care because we won’t even be looking at the road or notice.
Curt Devine
Curt Devine Ай мурун
You don’t have enough data to conclude anything. In what world is observing something 2-3 enough to conclude anything for or against these fsd behaviors?
BIll Ligon
BIll Ligon Ай мурун
Do you need to do a HARD REBOOT of the system to get updates to work?? Any update?
Karl Gruner
Karl Gruner Ай мурун
Pretty cool, but man, still a looong way to go to real FSD. Personally, I do not think it can happen for a few more years. But it will at some point.
Jim Ай мурун
Light out is a great edge case. Hit a stretch a few weeks back where 4 or 5 lights were out in a 1/2 mile stretch. Even humans are clueless how to handle a situation like this. FSD cars will eventually handle this better.
Casey Spain
Casey Spain Ай мурун
thanks for all the videos!
mark hall
mark hall Ай мурун
I would like to know if you are starting up on a light that turns green and if there is a red light runner will the car stop, will it see it coming??? Too bad you can not test this out some how
brian lenoir
brian lenoir Ай мурун
Another well done video.
Rogue Æmpire
Rogue Æmpire Ай мурун
19:30 I think it asked for help cause the dust cloud kicked up by the truck occluded it's view to the left. You can see on the screen the curb distorts and flickers a bit.
Moki Boki
Moki Boki Ай мурун
Every time I watch your videos I can't believe how many american cars vs foreign cars in michigan, in california most cars are german or japanese
Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott Ай мурун
Wow! Imagine that! A beta version is not perfect! Hate this click bait type of title!
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
It's not click bait if it's true.
Relaxunwind Ай мурун
I can't tell from the vantage point of the camera, but is it slightly hugging the middle lane a lot of the time? I love Tesla, own stock, and will have a model 3 sooner than later, but I def. hug the right side as a driver. I am not a fan of the former. Curious what you see from the drivers seat.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
AP prefers to stay perfectly centered even in the public build. This is hard to get used to at first but it's fine. Most humans do stay more to the right, so this can be strange. Especially the first time you turn it on and it starts moving to the left :)
Brian Overman
Brian Overman Ай мурун
Great vid... but changes in destination is huge. The car needs to adapt ...
David Roth
David Roth Ай мурун
What is the time stamp for broken traffic light?
SRapids Ай мурун
Appreciate the video but your narration is not accurately describing the many close calls and illegal turns the car is doing. You seem to explain away many of the issues but it clearly went through a red light without stopping yet you said light could’ve been green. The car also clearly would’ve crashed into curb without intervention but you said it was likely because changing nav directions (happened before then). The list goes on. It would great if just state how dangerous and illegal some of those issues were instead of trying to explain them away or sugar coating them. It will make things much safer in the end.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
The reason I sId it might be green is because a couple videos ago I commented saying "wow it turned right through a red!" but when I watched the video back the light had turned green lol For the curb dive, these weird things often happen when changing Nav. It happens twice in this video alone. As k said in the beginning, it's not done and it's not public. So it's not like anyone will just buy this for their car thinking it does more than it can. It's not available yet.
Glitched Tesla
Glitched Tesla Ай мурун
Good videos and commentary. Keep it up. I'm still waiting here to the south.
dubs Ай мурун
Random update on my model Y. VIN 71k. Has auto dimming side mirrors, And double pane’d glass. No silver scroll wheels or usb in glove though.
swiftxknight Ай мурун
Great vid! Loved the scenarios. One question... why is your selfie video mirrored lately? It’s messing with my brain lol
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Because I got a new phone and don't realize. Fixed now :)
dave white
dave white Ай мурун
Enjoy this because it will outlawed before too much longer...
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Naaa they have been saying that for every autopilot update. Especially when smart summon came out
sierraQuester Ай мурун
You: "I'm trying to find routes to make it go through these different scenarios." Your Tesla: "I'm trying to avoid your routes because they have led to embarrassing videos of my driving."
PalimpsestProd Ай мурун
I find it odd that my model Y is quicker than almost every car on the road and has 4WD but it's an unsafe coward on auto pilot. There's a local toll road where everyone goes 120kmh or more and getting AP to safely merge into 130kmh traffic doesn't seem to be possible. Hit the left signal and the car (in road warrior mode) lollygags it's way sort of into the next lane no matter how fast the left lane traffic is moving, I always have to take over.
Not 2 busy
Not 2 busy Ай мурун
With the low sun creating long shadows on the road, is that impacting the system somehow?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Could be
Cam Mitchell
Cam Mitchell Ай мурун
Good edit n commentary
Lucas Stabio
Lucas Stabio Ай мурун
I would be curious to see how it handles an emergency vehicle trying to get through! Would it move out of the way?
Glen Ай мурун
8:20 surprised no honk. Extremely patient person.
Glen Ай мурун
8:00 wish the car would creep out into the intersection preparing for the left turn like a human would. Cars behind may think you’re not going to go.
Craig Holloway
Craig Holloway Ай мурун
At the 9:40 left turn the monitor did not show that the oncoming car was detected.
Tech guy
Tech guy Ай мурун
The problem for the developers at Tesla is they have people tested the bata that want their car to drive differently
Xanthopteryx Ай мурун
15:00 - not strange that it goes through those red lights. Why? It can not even 'see' the lights! It shows them as red and yellow and then as not even turned on, and thus, if the light is off, then it drives because it is not red.
Michael Bechard
Michael Bechard Ай мурун
Dude, I've watched a bunch of FSD analysis videos, but I keep coming back to yours. This channel deserves way more subs and views. Keep up the great work!
Wide World of Trains
Wide World of Trains Ай мурун
That Michigan terrain looks just like it does here in Western New york
Wide World of Trains
Wide World of Trains Ай мурун
Thats exactly where I am at w Subs and non subs--25% to 75% Im wishing for that 100K subs also
Jeanette Doe
Jeanette Doe Ай мурун
Why the oncoming cars were not displayed on the visualization panel? It happened more times, for example at 3:40...
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
They're yellow so hard to see. They're there
Bitcoin Yoda
Bitcoin Yoda Ай мурун
One of the best Tesla FSD Videos in this Channel (u should keep your hands on the wheel, don´t listen to the morons)
SG Klee
SG Klee Ай мурун
Do you get paid from Tesla for the drives and reporting? I mean you have to to do quite some work e.g. writing reports if I understand you right.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
No it's just fun
MI Tesla Guy
MI Tesla Guy Ай мурун
Loved it! Thank you. I like how you design routes that you know will challenge it 👍
Bill Collins
Bill Collins Ай мурун
I’m so glad you have the FSD Beta. Where you drive is quite similar to where I live in WNC. It shows me more what my experiences would be than driving in LA or SF. Thanks. One question, my first drive starting at my house is a 2.5 mile private road. Is your dirt/gravel road public? Just wondering about mapping private roads.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
It works fine on the private dirt roads
Dan Burkland
Dan Burkland Ай мурун
Looking forward to the future updates to see how it handles the torture test intersection at 15:17.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Yes same... That will be a huge improvement
Shepherds Knoll
Shepherds Knoll Ай мурун
Has there been a video in mud and snow yet ?
DJRaffa1000 Ай мурун
9:53 did the car blow a red light ? or the there a special "if you turn right you can drive despite red light" there ?
DJRaffa1000 Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla that's an interesting difference in traffic laws if I've ever seen one .. good to know if I end up driving in the US / michigan (unlikely at the moment but may be handy in the future)
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
@DJRaffa1000 if there's no green arrow you can stop and then go. I'd there's a green arrow you can sail through
DJRaffa1000 Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla yeah .. thats the same here in germany, but we have a specialy "green arrow" thats beside the traffic light to indicate that. If its not there its a regular red light and you cant turn there when red.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
You can turn right on red but it should be treated as a stop sign. Most people don't.
DJRaffa1000 Ай мурун
7:55 is it just me / the camera or was that light actually blue-ish instead of the normal green ? reminds me of the japanese lights that are actually this kind of "blue" instead of our normal green.
Espen Urkedal
Espen Urkedal Ай мурун
I see that going through the roundabout the turn signals were switching between right and left, which looked really strange to me. What's the correct way of doing it in the US? Here in Norway you would only use the right turn signal when leaving the roundabout since you were going straight ahead. The left turn signal would only when going further around than straight ahead.
clebo99 Ай мурун
Are you going 60mph on that one road around the 3:40 timeframe?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Yes. The limit is 55
Delta Johnny
Delta Johnny Ай мурун
Thank you very much for the very interesting videos, the explanations that you offer us, and for all the reports that you are sending to Tesla to improve the system for all of us! I can't wait for the final system to be released, and I don't even own a Tesla 😂😂😂😂😂 Congratulations for your work, and I have just subscribed, so one more to get to 100000 subscribers 😉😉😉😉
Brian Joslyn
Brian Joslyn Ай мурун
It's gettin' funkier and funkier!
Robert Woodruff
Robert Woodruff Ай мурун
Try to keep your right hand out of the video.
Xander's Simulation Channel
Xander's Simulation Channel Ай мурун
Why did you drive with your dipped headlights on and fog lights on?
Ben Grant
Ben Grant Ай мурун
keep changing nav, push the system to its limits to uncover the "quirks"
Charlie Kopp
Charlie Kopp Ай мурун
Really appreciated this video. You made great decisions about which parts to skip through. I liked your commentary, helped to clarify what was happening. Excellent approach and execution. Forgive me if someone has already mentioned this but that red light it was disobeying appeared to be mounted sideways. Seemed like that was the edge case it needs to learn. Thank you!
Amethyst Rose
Amethyst Rose Ай мурун
Watching Tesla FSD videos always impresses me how far it's come, but I still have some doubts about us seeing Level 5 any time soon (Or being allowed anyway) as I see it I have no doubts it will get close to absolute perfection someday (Definitely between a high level 3 to level 4?) but the main problem at that point I think won't be the software but vehicles without FSD creating hard to predict edge cases. I'd love to see Tesla prove me wrong about that but I don't know how they will be able to account for all situations involving vehicles not using FSD enough to go to full Level 5 unless all non-FSD cars become banned, but that's my take on it.
MICHGO1 Ай мурун
JJ Ай мурун
I’d say the reason it doesn’t edge up on a green left turn is not (entirely) because AP is driving more passively but (perhaps also) because edging past the limit line before you fully complete a left turn is technically illegal in many areas; though usually not enforced.
Tactical Tesla
Tactical Tesla Ай мурун
Awesome job! I'm retired with an FSD Model Y. If Tesla would let me I'd spend every day in it to just feed them data here in 'Central Indiana. I've had my Y since July 27 and I use FSD constantly. It drives my wife nuts because of the phantom braking but I think the data is worth the hassle to help Tesla. If you know of a way for me to volunteer, let me know.
Matt Chinander Music
Matt Chinander Music Ай мурун
That traffic light situation at 8:20 is really bad.
Ryan DeVoll
Ryan DeVoll Ай мурун
I would love to know how it handles emergency vehicles! Does it pull over for them or does it just keep driving?! 🤔
Daniel Todd
Daniel Todd Ай мурун
I really appreciate the time and attention you put into these videos. Thank you.
Cullen Murphy
Cullen Murphy Ай мурун
Does it handle rail road crossings yet? The current pubic version doesn't recognize the crossing lights at all
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
I don't know. I assume it will stop if the crossing guards are down
_BRCooper Ай мурун
Will it help train AP better if you use the accelerator more? Like when the car stopped for yield sign towards the end, I think it would provide better feedback if you didn't let it stop. Or when it's taking a left turn but being really cautious and slow, can you allow the car to continue steering, but press the gas pedal to let it know the correct timing and speed for the turn?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
I hear they log all interventions but I dunno
_BRCooper Ай мурун
Another scenario is creeping out into the intersection when making a left turn. Can you use the accelerator to force the car out a little without it trying to fully complete the turn or disengaging?
Frank Bulk
Frank Bulk Ай мурун
Seeing the unique driving scenarios in the rural Midwest is so refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, the California FSDBeta testers are doing great work, but a lot of it is very similar.
Chase Chick
Chase Chick Ай мурун
how is summon coming along?
Chase Chick
Chase Chick Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla same as in still most of the time embarrassing but sometimes does a good job and people want to take your picture?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Same. I'll try to get a summon video soon but won't be very exciting
Ergzay Ай мурун
Please don't keep your hands off the wheel. Don't tolerate sycophants that want you to behave unsafely. All drivers should keep at least a hand resting on the wheel.
BBKing1977 Ай мурун
This is interesting, it struggles with less common situations (like the traffic light that was out). For full unaccompanied drive, it’ll eventually need to handle all sorts of rare situations (e.g. funeral processions, roadkill, extreme potholes, etc.)
Unkn0wn C0mmand
Unkn0wn C0mmand Ай мурун
Can you check out 20:13 in this video: kgpost.info/will/video/2pydu5OkqGSonZ4 He edits the nav destination during FSD driving and no freak outs occur. Do your FSD freak outs occur only if you enter a new destination on top of one already being navigated to or does it still freak out if you cancel your current destination and enter a new one?
Casey Donahue
Casey Donahue Ай мурун
Well good to see it handled the out light well.
Daniel Stapler
Daniel Stapler Ай мурун
15:22 I didn't realize those red lights were for you either, they looked like red lights for the cross traffic. 20:00 You're not sure about the glitch when you change the destination??? Are you kidding me ?????
Unkn0wn C0mmand
Unkn0wn C0mmand Ай мурун
It never visualized the car that you pulled in front of at 9:40. I think that was a FSD vision fail and should not have gone then. If that car was 1 mph faster, that’s a t-bone. If you keep watching after the 9:40 mark, no vehicles are visualized on your left on the roadway for awhile. Bug? Hardware? EDIT: they’re there. Couldn’t see yellow. Great video, thnx.
Unkn0wn C0mmand
Unkn0wn C0mmand Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla no problemo! Hope yellow is altered in future updates. I've always had a hard time seeing yellow on white when shown on LCDs.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
@Unkn0wn C0mmand yeah sry I tried night mode but can't see it during the day on camera even at max brightness :(
Unkn0wn C0mmand
Unkn0wn C0mmand Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla seriously had to turn screen brightness above 60% to see the yellow. Thnx.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
They're there. They are yellow so hard to see
jugosever Ай мурун
Does the autopilot see and read stop signs or does it use the gps to detect them?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Trading With Will
Trading With Will Ай мурун
If light is green it should pull into intersection For left turn I would think. Why does it need help turning right?
Brian Bull
Brian Bull Ай мурун
If you are navigating to a parking lot, lets say a Walmart or something can you tell it to navigate and park?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Not yet but it's coming
JS JS Ай мурун
Good idea with the systematic tests. You could go even further: Make the tests no longer than what's needed to recreate the problem, and then compare each new software version with the older doing the same? Maybe slow down the video and explain what's happening narratively. So find new problems on your daily drives - and let old ones go when Tesla fixes them.
sleeknub Ай мурун
It’s not at all abnormal to change destinations while you are driving. I wouldn’t call it common, but it also isn’t that rare.
Hans Milling
Hans Milling Ай мурун
How long can you drive before you have to touch the steering wheel?
leonardusdesign leonardusdesign
leonardusdesign leonardusdesign Ай мурун
Repeat this under rainy snowy conditions with howling winds to make me a believer
MrSpuzzz Ай мурун
Wind, no big deal. Rain .. ok so long as not torrential to block cameras. Snow, eesh I think it struggles without lane markings.
leonardusdesign leonardusdesign
leonardusdesign leonardusdesign Ай мурун
This is noways ready for deployment!!
Clayton Hauck
Clayton Hauck Ай мурун
Testing the Tesla fsd right next to the GM Proving Grounds... nice :)
dubs Ай мурун
My autopilot is acting weird. Even when “off” (disengaged) it will accelerate after I brake. Also autopilot doesn’t handle stoplights the best. It’s kind of annoying. Also side notes; -Seems that the more regen dots I have the less it regen brakes. Is that normal? -smart summon getting any better? Works great sometimes and other I can’t even get it to say summon is avail. Keep up the vids. Can’t wait until this is Public and not beta.
dubs Ай мурун
@Dirty Tesla ah, user error. I didn’t realize when you come out of autopilot the cruise control is still on. You can’t just nudge wheel to come out. Haven’t quite figured it out, but seems as you have to do two actions to disable completely. I wonder if I have a setting that’s doing that or if that’s how it is. It’s def not perfect. I wonder when they will get rid of permission on every light. I have to press stick or hit accelerator each light. Still getting used to daily driving with it. One last question. What you recommend for sentry mode device? Brand? Size? Jeda hub that hides it? Thanks DT!
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
Seems to work well for me. Definitely not perfect tho
dubs Ай мурун
What you say about autopilot and stop signs?
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla Ай мурун
As far as the regen, yes it's normal
Nick Baker
Nick Baker Ай мурун
No... really...the Beta software isn’t perfect! Who would have thought...
Boyko Yordanov
Boyko Yordanov Ай мурун
I watch videos from various beta testers but I find yours to be one of the better content overall. Keep up the good work! :)
Ben Kolb
Ben Kolb Ай мурун
At 17:30 max speed was set to 20 so it went 20☺️ Roundabouts doing much better, now add traffic!!
Joe M
Joe M Ай мурун
I’m curious and want to see how this beta interacts with a stopped school bus picking up/dropping off kids in the opposite lane of traffic on a back country road.
Harshil Mehta
Harshil Mehta Ай мурун
1:18 look at GRAPH
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