I’m impressed so far!! - Apple M1 MacBook Air

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The Apple Macbook Air is one of their most popular line of laptops or rather Macbooks. Does the M1 processor make it even better?
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ShortCircuit Ай мурун
Correction Note: Whoops, Linus meant Mac Mini, not Macbook Mini at 0:57
Tóth Márkó
Tóth Márkó 26 күн мурун
I laughed at it.
Osh Ick
Osh Ick Ай мурун
SERIOUS QUESTION....Why does your link to the Amazon MacBook Air have an item number that’s for a MacBook Pro? Does this mean their item numbers are screwed up or should we just not trust buying anything from Amazon?
Hamoody Tech
Hamoody Tech Ай мурун
That’s what she said
St S
St S Ай мурун
The title should have been, "It's not that bad!"
Beats_Boosted_420 Ай мурун
mb i missed this lol
50_LASER Күн мурун
After you got that beard your voice became 89% deeper
Andrei Popescu
Andrei Popescu 2 күн мурун
Does it actually help -- limiting battery charge to 60% or 80% to prolong its life?
Ahmed M.S
Ahmed M.S 3 күн мурун
07:35 you can use homebrew in terminal like apt get in linux . Way easier
Rocky Boo
Rocky Boo 4 күн мурун
Be forewarned, i bought a new MacBook with Final Cut Pro. When setting up the device, the MacBook apparently didn’t recognize me as the owner. Could not update FCP or any applications as none of the applications were assigned to my Apple ID. I was told by apple support to delete, than reinstall. Did not work because apple stated it could not assign FCP that was preinstalled. After waiting a week, I decided to returned the device. It took me two days and multiple tries after being transferred from department to department to return. It’s sad but if I cannot use it for what I purchased it for, than I will return it.
Aksshay Sharma 265-19
Aksshay Sharma 265-19 6 күн мурун
Environmentally friendly packaging..😄 🤣 😂
Unknown 9 күн мурун
fanless. 100% chance of CPU dying from THERMAL SHOCK after 6-7 month of heavy use. save some money and buy Macbook m1 pro..
Unknown 3 күн мурун
@LL my homie literally comparing phone CPU usage and laptops LOL what a a joke. then why did they include fan in PRO version ?
LL 3 күн мурун
No. You don’t really understand how amazing and efficient the M1 is, do you? Phones also don’t die after 6-7 months from tHeRmAl ShOcK
Kenny Andrew
Kenny Andrew 10 күн мурун
This made me wonder why dosent linus use a ipad pro Touchscreen, desktop browsing, screen recording, 12 inch screen, new keyboard great battery life
Dominic Hudson
Dominic Hudson 12 күн мурун
The reason you need to drag the application to the Applications Folder Shortcut in that small window is because on a Mac the program is contained inside a file that acts like a virtual drive. The application is then copied from the virtual drive to the Applications Folder and is then installed. If it was to be made simpler by having it install on click then the file would have to be executable from the get-go, which I believe is against the Macintosh Operating System. Even so, some applications you can download as a package and the package runs a setup wizard just like Windows where you have to select the installation location and agree to all the steps and keep on clicking Next, Next, Next, etc. which is more tedious than that drag and drop feature. At the end of the day its a small ask to drag the application to the Applications Folder Shortcut. Hope this helps Linus, and anyone else who read it.
woofit 12 күн мурун
Genuinely disappointed in Linus trying to whine about anything for 12 minutes. Horrendous
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 12 күн мурун
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 12 күн мурун
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 12 күн мурун
Carroty Carrot
Carroty Carrot 13 күн мурун
What is apple silicon
flymovies 13 күн мурун
I've sent my Mac mini M1 back to Apple - too many issues in the network stack: SMB super faulty, AFP works, but not reliably. It got neither the job as a Plex server nor as a FTP client done. Jumping from 1G to 10G connectivity with the OWC TB3 adapter did not help. Last but not least I hoped for a 5k image on my display, but with my LG 49" 32:10 monitor I only get 4k (issue acknowledged but not solved by Apple). Sorry - I need this machine to do more than FCPX....
Eric Pilon
Eric Pilon 15 күн мурун
Linus should just stop reviewing Apple devices.
Ben Szabó
Ben Szabó 17 күн мурун
"Personal discomfort not being able to se the dock." - I'm so with you on that" I use the free app, Rectangle and keyboard shortcuts.
Joel Thomson
Joel Thomson 17 күн мурун
Low cost Jesus Christ
MykeyyMoneyzz 20 күн мурун
i just bought the i5 air, so should i return it for the m1?
LL 3 күн мурун
If you can, yes.
Grey 21 күн мурун
Where is anthonies full on review of the M1 Macbook Air?
Vamshi Krishna
Vamshi Krishna 22 күн мурун
Who needs a touch screen in their mac? I am not
Nicefisher 26 күн мурун
Can it run Linux?
Tucker Loftus
Tucker Loftus 27 күн мурун
wouldn't it be funny if all of a sudden, now that there making their own chips, all the basic upgradeable hardware wasn't soldered to the board all of sudden and make all the proprietary bullshit Apple is famous for, look like Intel's fault? lol
Luciano DC
Luciano DC 27 күн мурун
The amount of Apple fan boys in this video is just unbelievable 😆🤦‍♂️. Go back to your Apple fan boys channels guys this channel only talks the truth about the Apple Products.
Julien Lindauer
Julien Lindauer 8 күн мурун
No, you're just hurt in your comfort by seeing an Apple product that is shaking the industry.
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya 17 күн мурун
True linus recommended both of them
Lars Wadefalk
Lars Wadefalk 28 күн мурун
Well that was a pretty worthless cast, if I absolutely hate everything with an i in front of it (which I do) , why would I need Linus to bash the user interfaces and install shit most of the video instead of hearing antony to give me the low down of the actual performance of the m1 in these new things. Not that I'm gonna buy one, just interested to know how meaningful it is for everyone else to reverse engineer it and use if for better purpose than put it in and Apple machine.
T Pf
T Pf Ай мурун
I hate the idea of having a touch screen on laptop
かじも Ай мурун
5:40 Instead of doing that, you can just double click on the area on top of the window (where you can drag the entire application window) and it does the exactly same thing.
C.E S Ай мурун
The Macbook Air is nice, but I've bought an M1 Macbook Pro, I like the touch bar, and the longer battery life. I've used a mid 2012 11" Macbook Air for yeeears, and then it stopped working. I'm so glad I was able to get the M1 version, and it was sooo damn hard to find one, I just love it.
vivek sharma
vivek sharma Ай мурун
There's a Reason Linus Hates Apple , it sucks & has Dumb Fanboys .
Slibby Ай мурун
Apple: *Achieves world peace* Linus: But it was so unnecessary!!!
Chris Moore
Chris Moore Ай мурун
he sounds so sleepy in this video compared to how he usually was before the beard! and the voice is deeper
Chris Moore
Chris Moore Ай мурун
hehe he sounds like when my parents ask for help with electronics "what is this? why have this at all? i already clicked that, can you help me?" lol
popadom palace
popadom palace Ай мурун
Nice beard
Real reviewer
Real reviewer Ай мурун
annoying non sense review. wasted 12 minutes of my life
Hey Guys ! Windows user here. Planning to buy Macbook. Need some advise on the MS office.Can we install free version of MS office on Mac?
Ben Driscoll
Ben Driscoll Ай мурун
Picked up one of these (the base model) last night and initial impressions are good... The battery truly does last forever. First time back on Mac in nearly a decade and man it feels like it hasn't changed a bit haha Got it for $900 since I had to wait an hour for Best Buy's curbside pickup. Still love you BB
Mateusz Michniewski
Mateusz Michniewski Ай мурун
Linus is such a fanny
Heck Yea
Heck Yea Ай мурун
Linus - im a pc fanboy 😭 Apple - Apology accepted
A E Ай мурун
Except hombrew exists. You quote a third party windows tool that makes installs easier but ignore any other Mac app that does the same thing or better.
Jimmy Design
Jimmy Design Ай мурун
You da man!
selim faggal
selim faggal Ай мурун
by the time he makes a video about this on the main channel the new macbook will come out
Kicks of Football
Kicks of Football Ай мурун
Am I the only one who misses the the glowing apple logo
ale T
ale T Ай мурун
What is so awesome about using paper instead of plastic? To make paper you need wood. To get wood, you chop down trees. There is a saying: you run away from wolf just to stumble on a bear. Even if its made out of used paper. Just think about it, what happens when everybody tries to use "used" paper? There will be not enough of it, which means you need fresh new paper. Again choppin down those trees. Super markets in our country started doing exactly the same. They ditched the plastic bags for paper bags and call themselves environment savers. They have to reduce packing materials, not to swap around.
p3rsona Ай мурун
I just want a surface pro like device but can run procreate on it and draw with the apple pencil.
George4All Ай мурун
Jay Ай мурун
i went to JB hi fi and used new M1 for few minutes, if apple just adds 120hz pro motion and make bezel thin,trust me a lot of people going to switch from windows to mac. The fact macOS comes with iWork apps like pages, numbers which i find sometimes better than Microsoft office and privacy like inbuilt filecault, encrypting folders and all make them cheaper than other manufacturers. Apple is future.
MonsterHunterLancer Ай мурун
Privacy and Apple funny. Apple collects more telemetry than Microsoft with Windows which is saying a lot. VPN's don't even do anything on Big Sur because Apple apps bypass the VPN.
Satanic Cultist
Satanic Cultist Ай мурун
When your boss makes bad jokes, but you're too scared to tell him.
kenzo yam
kenzo yam Ай мурун
AMD: *beats Intel Intel: "At least we still have Apple, right guys?" Apple: "HaHa you sure about that"
Keanooo Ай мурун
Wow so original
Charlie Abrams
Charlie Abrams Ай мурун
Mousepad/deck pad when?
kyansitther Ай мурун
Why would one hate True Tone ?
Matthew W
Matthew W Ай мурун
Why would they even offer 8 gig of ram in 2020 🙄
bizzarebanana 28 күн мурун
because their competition does as well i guess
Josh Gregory
Josh Gregory Ай мурун
Apparently it's the perfect laptop for basically everybody.
Francisco Ай мурун
When is the review dropping
corsa uhh
corsa uhh Ай мурун
I was wondering why my battery was dying quickly during this video, then I realized I was watching in 4k lol
Music Easel Cat
Music Easel Cat Ай мурун
Ewww this guy has another channel
Mehebubul Husain
Mehebubul Husain Ай мурун
It just Complaining not reviewing, unsubscribed.
Gaming York
Gaming York Ай мурун
Linus, Mac Os has integrated screen recorder in quick time
Mohammad Amin
Mohammad Amin Ай мурун
0:58 MacBook Mini? I need to see that
Jotjotzzz S
Jotjotzzz S Ай мурун
I can sense the Apple 🍎 hate. Sigh, this is why I can’t stand his vids.
Joseph Arthur
Joseph Arthur Ай мурун
ok, so i will make linus his own "ringing endorsement" of the m1 "so yea, most women just want a man. and yea, if you just want a man, there is no reason linus wouldn't be totally fine. I mean I am not blown away, but yea he is fine.
Key1595 Ай мурун
Renvis Ай мурун
Alpal64 Ай мурун
You never use the apple sticker
José Teixeira
José Teixeira Ай мурун
Why some people (including Linus) are insisting on merging ipad with macbook like macbook with touchscreen. Thats not the point and thats why Apple divide the categories. It would be extremely tirefull using touch on MacOS user interface, because guess what...the macOS always has been design for mouse, not fingers or pens. Adding that, its extremely important how far (arm lenght) should be in order to design that interface which is ok for iPadOS...
Marlon Sasman
Marlon Sasman Ай мурун
How is this a review if Linus has mainly complained about things?
Make Money Now
Make Money Now Ай мурун
Cool! Thanks for this video! You can also check my channel to see my latest video!
Natraj Patil
Natraj Patil Ай мурун
Why so long face Linus? Are you butt hurt?
Mihai - Cristian Olteanu
Mihai - Cristian Olteanu Ай мурун
Was linux drunk while making this video??
Micquan Dawson
Micquan Dawson Ай мурун
Don’t buy it from apple takes 2-3 weeks for them just to ship the shit I literally said fk apple and went Amazon got it in 3 days lmao
Garry Burgess
Garry Burgess Ай мурун
Would I be able to use my late 2015 27" 5K iMac with thunderbolt 2 as a target display powered by my Macbook Air M1 using sidecar?
mehedi hasan
mehedi hasan Ай мурун
Everyone is so much hyped about this M1 chip!so am I.This hype is legit cuz everyone knows how smooth user experience can get on Arm based processors used in the smartphones. This is a new revolution in pc processor.
Chris Ай мурун
You know times are grim when comments about a bundled charger are necessary.
Kent Pham
Kent Pham Ай мурун
But can it run Crysis?
WatchReport.com Ай мурун
I still don’t understand wanting a touchscreen laptop. Unless the screen detaches, why would you want to constantly reach over a large keyboard to use the touchscreen when you have a trackpad and shortcut keys?
Sprii Ай мурун
Sometimes when Im helping my mom I lean over and scroll with the touch screen
94LastRide Ай мурун
Hey guys, Do you know if there's anyone working on bringing M1 macOS to iPads? I think the A14 ARM chips are powerful enough. let me know if you heard anything
Si Tacos
Si Tacos Ай мурун
Does anyone know when Csgo will be optimised for m1 macs
Vasilis Roumeliotis
Vasilis Roumeliotis Ай мурун
touch screen laptop?? more useless than a touch bar ..iguess touchscreen is good for ppl who like their stuff dirty
screenPhiles Ай мурун
"…it's seamless." Now was that so hard?
Matthew Stott
Matthew Stott Ай мурун
Not only can IT administrators skip the setup wizard almost entirely. But they can configure zero-touch deployment. Meaning they can register with Apple as a business customer and buy Mac's, ship them still in the factory shrink wrap to the users home. The user unboxes, it puts it on the Internet and the rest of the enterprise setup can be completely automated. Essentially that serial number and GUID are known by Apple to be owned by your company. During the initial startup it phones home to Apple who says, hey this is ABC companies Mac and we are going to forward it to ABC Inc's cloud hosted MDM (Mobile Device Management) server. It will auto-enroll because Apple trusts ABC Inc. Now imagine one of your employees had a MacBook Pro stolen or lost or damaged. Well no problem, procurement orders a Mac and makes it available for pickup at the employee's nearest Apple Store. They drive over there and pick it up. It will auto-configure itself in about an hour. Automagically locking things down via Configuration Profiles, running policy based scripts, installing software such as the company VPN software, etc. It can even finish and dump the user into a company App store with all the optional things they might wish to install. All that without the user even requiring local admin rights. Wipe out the Mac and restore via Internet Recovery and the whole zero-touch auto-enrollment occurs again. If stolen you can direct that particular Mac to another MDM server where it will also auto-enroll but with different settings. Think covert law enforcement data collection for authorities such as any connected networks plus nearby networks and any connected devices, etc.
David T
David T Ай мурун
Can’t imagine working with this kind of boss. Always think he’s right and when he’s wrong he just can’t accept. Have to check whether he’s same horoscope with Trump
tipoomaster Ай мурун
I believe the previous Air already had a 400 nit display after a curious software update unlocked it: www.theverge.com/2019/4/16/18410721/apple-macos-10-14-4-update-macbook-air-new-brighter-software
rawdez Ай мурун
closed ecosystems suck, Apple computers are useless until Apple controls everything from appstore to your ability to use apps. they literally log EVERY app you open on their devices and their servers choose to allow or deny everything you do. even Little Snitch is useless now because no longer gets access to all network traffic and Apple renders useless all and any VPNs. now with Apple you have no privacy. plus a complete lack of upgradeability and repairability. you are their isheep and you essentially aren't owner of device you pay them for because you aren't in control of its use. for all these reasons ARM or not Apple products at this point are a trash for technically illiterate and nothing to be excited about.
Ratel Ай мурун
You can tell it's a PC user when using two hands on the trackpad :)
Pyare DebBarma
Pyare DebBarma Ай мурун
rubbish video... just to announce their sponsor they have come with this video
darkflux Ай мурун
6:05 why is there ANY amount of "chug" coming from a computer with an 8-core CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an SSD???
Angelo Portugal
Angelo Portugal Ай мурун
their macbook air doesn't even have fans for airflows, which is pretty ironic lol
Steve V
Steve V Ай мурун
Why would you need a sticker when the Apple symbol is already on there? I have iPads and Macbooks and have never used the stickers.
R K Ай мурун
Best Battery Life (Laptopmag.com) 1. Dell Latitude 9510 (18:17) 2. Dell Latitude 9410 2-in-1 (16:54) 3. Asus ExpertBook B9450 (16:42) 4. Apple MacBook Pro, 13-inch, M1, 2020 (16:32) 5. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15 (15:44) 6. MacBook Air with M1 (14:41) 7. LG Gram 14 2-in-1 (2020) (14:00) 8. Dell Latitude 7400 (13:23) 9. HP Spectre x360, 13-inch, Late 2019 (13:20) 10. Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1, (13:08) Good to see Apple finally catch up...lol
Alex Tabata
Alex Tabata Ай мурун
Emulator of one emulator while you are waiting for developers to make dedicated versions in arm (similar to chromebook machines software [mobile systems]) .. Per sure is greatly better performance similar to dedicated apps in iPad or iPhone ... now it will be limited for really pro users but for normal average laptop use should be good enough. And even impressive... If you look in to future so now we make products oriented to average consumers who are guided in to it by social media but in the past we used to create products to exceed consumers needs in terms of quality , materials, durability , innovation and design... Are we following the right path? ...
Lorion Ravindradasan
Lorion Ravindradasan Ай мурун
Ok boomer!
Reserved 86
Reserved 86 Ай мурун
Stop whining about MacOS, Linus. It’s embarrassing.
SleeikDha2012 Ай мурун
The webcam sucks!!
j sip
j sip Ай мурун
Linus is giving me amityville horror vibes
USB C man
USB C man Ай мурун
He complained on app installation process on macOS, saying it's unnecessary. Yes, it is unnecessary. You don't need to move app icon to application folder; you can dismiss it. It is same as Windows you can still use the app in a directory where the original app package is in (some people prefer that). That's not fair Linus! It's an option and it helps people not confuse.
Doug Chan
Doug Chan Ай мурун
Cinebench score?
Stanley Tran
Stanley Tran Ай мурун
Whine and whine and whine. Cannot stand it after 5 min. so thumb down and close.
Tim Almond
Tim Almond Ай мурун
If people want to just use a Chromebook, why not just buy a Chromebook, though? I meet so many Mac users who could just dumpster dive a laptop instead of spending £900 on a Mac.
Sprii Ай мурун
Chromebook sucks
Kevin Xin
Kevin Xin Ай мурун
The installation has this process because sometimes there are other files and/or instructions seperated from the app itself. In that case, you will see 2, 3, 4 icons, maybe one of them is a README, maybe one of them is a supplementary piece of software or extension software that you may/may not necessarily need. Lots of times there is only this one icon for the entire .app package for you to drag to the applications folder, so if you haven't been using it for a while you will not be able to understand why this is the case. This provides the users with a chance to select software that you need.
Milan Pintar
Milan Pintar Ай мурун
you can tell he just wants to hate it
belizarius_99 Ай мурун
A bit confused - is this "behind the scenes" content or the actual review?
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